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Friday, August 29, 2003

12:10AM - New Guy!

Hey! Today was an interesting day...well actually it was an interesting night! Today I went to my Dad's and we had lunch and then later on me and Stephen went out. We went to some stores and Downtown and did some stuff in my car, Eventhough i told myself I wasn't going to this time! but he made sense when he was saying, why not do it? lol...I mean, he's right...Why not? He says he won't think im a slut and we're just having fun...So I'm a little mad that I did it, but we had fun, so w/e. lol...Ok...But here's the really interesting part! I needed to get gas really bad and I went to a gas station by Stephen's house and I was getting gas (lol)...and this HOTTT guy came up to me and asked me which way i was going...cuz he needed a ride home..>So I gave him a ride...but i held his wallet, just in case. But if you think about it, what's that gonna do? lol...but yeah, I gave him my number and he's gonna call me tomorrow!!! He looks like this guy that I've liked since 11th grade named Tess. Oh yeah, I never told you about Tess! Well he went to the same school as me and then this summer he ended up working at Islands Of Adventure too! So I actually talked to him! I never talked to him at school...but WOW...I love him, lol...He's so hot! and nice...and *Sigh*...But yeah this guy looks A LOT like him! I told him that he looks like a guy i liked in highschool, lol...So, he's supposed to call me tomorrow...He's Domincan Republic and P.R. I think...and his name is Elvis, lol...OK, I gotta go to bed! Cya L8R!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

11:56AM - First entry!

Hey! Ok...This is my first entry! It was Lisa's idea for me to do this...But it sounds like fun! Where do i start? I just graduated from Timber Creek highschool in May 2003 and now I work @ Islands of Adventure in a restaurant called Burger Digs. I've worked there for almost 3 months and It's an OK job. I like most of the people I work with. Me and my best friend Nicole tried to get jobs there but she didn't get the job. :-\ But she didn't seem to mind too much. I've known Nicole since 7th grade and our old friend Sarra introduced us, and we've been best friends since! I'm not sure what college I'm gonna go too, but I'll figure it out later. Today is my sister Michelle's 14th brthday! She's at school right now, but I called in sick @ work so i could be home for her birthday when she gets home. She just won for freshman vice president, which is very cool! I got her a cd and some make up and candy (Bowling for Soup CD). My Dad is flying down fom Atlanta today for a couple of days. (I live in Orlando if you didnt know that). He's only been there for a couple of days though. See what happened was he lost his job a year and a half ago and he's been un smployed for a while and on and off w/ other jobs. But he's in debt a lot and depressed so he went to go live w/ my grandparents while he figures everything out. Which is a good idea but we'll miss him! But we could always visit and call and all that stuff. He said I've been surprising him everyday since I turned 18, which was on June 16! Because before I turned 18, I never even kissed a guy. And lately...I've been doin some stuff with some guys...i mean he doesnt know exactly what I did but he knows I'm not as good as i used to be. I really dont know how I waited so long to do stuff w/ I waited 18 years and now I guess I wanna have fun! but I'm still looking for a good relationship. I definetley beieve in True Love and Soul Mates, which is why I'm not sure why I'm doing stuff with guys I'm not even going out with, but it is fun! Nicole says that I'm a white picket fence girl which is true because I want to have the perfect family in the perfect house and all that! Something else that my parents don't like is that the guys I've been with have and I'm...white. I mean it doesn't bother me, but they don't really like it. I don't think my Mom minds as much as my Dad. My Mom knows everything I've done and she doesn't like it, but I'm glad she doesnt try to stop me from going out so i dcant do anything. By the parents are divorced and my Mom has remarried this year. but my Mom and Dad are still good friends. Ok...The first guy that I did stuff with is this guy that i work with...Let's call him...screw it, let's just call him by his name...Trevor. When I started working Trevor was nie to me and asked me for my number and called me a couple times and talked about us maybe going out...and one night he called me and i guess he was really horny cuz he ended up jacking off on the phone. And I was sleeping at my other friend Nicole's house that night and a couple days later I took him home from work and we ended up doing some stuff...i dunno if I should write what we did, but let's just say we didnt have sex and we did more than kissing. and he said he wouldnt tell anyone...but 2 weeks later guess what everyone was talking about? You guessed it! Everyone i didnt talk to him for a while...and then like a week ago I met this guy Stephen that i've talked to online for a bout 3 years but I never met untill now...and I think he seems sweet and cute! On our first date we played pool and went to the mall. and our second one we went to the movies and made out and did a little more...and the third day...I ended up at his house with no one else home. We basically had sex w/ our clothes on, lol. I know it was too soon, but like i said it's fun. Ok, now here's the horrible thing. That night I did the same thing w/ Trevor. I was with 2 guys in one day! One in the morning and one at night...And they both dont know about it really...but now I know that I like Stephen sooo much more! I mean Trevor is such an ass...After we were done...well after he got off, he was like ok let's go. Ughhh...he's such a jerk but he's hot, lol...I know that he's only after one thing. I'm hoping that Stephen isnt like that...He doesnt seem like he is. Cuz I mean he asks me to go on dates...but lately he hasnt been calling me as much and I think he's keeping something from me. We have a date planned for tomorrow. I'm surprised he didnt say he was busy like he said the past few days. He says that he likes me a lot...I hope it's not all a game, and he really does like me. Oh yeah...He has a son. He doesnt seem to like to talk about it, so I dont bring it up much, but he still hangs out w/ him. He's 8 months old and Stephen and Trevor are both 18. Wow...I've typed a lot kid of...What else should I tell you today? Oh yeah...Nicole and Aileen (My 2nd best friend) are both at their Dad's and they both live an hour away, so I can't hang out with them as much which sucks! I've known Aileen since 6th grade. I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I have mean a lot to me. Like I said in my bio, I have a lot more to experience in life and it's all just starting! And now I have a journal to write it all in...Yay! lol...K...I'm gonna go! Cya L8r! :-p

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