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Sunday, August 14th, 2011

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    Charge Blackberry Playbook in the Car
    You are a mobile person and you do not have time to charge your tablet PC in your home but you can still charge your tablet PC in your car. Blackberry playbook vs iPad 2, those tablet PCs support to charge battery in the car, all you need is to buy accessories to charge in the car. If you have blackberry playbook, you need to buy USB converter so you can plug in to your car and use USB cable from blackberry playbook to connect with it. So you can charge your battery in the car. If you are not a mobil person maybe you still need it because when you use wireless from blackberry playbook it will consume more power from battery. Maybe you forget to charge your blackberry playbook before go to your office, it is good if you have charger in the car you so while you are driving you can charge your playbook and when you arrive your tablet PC ready to use again.

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