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Date:2003-09-09 16:37

yeah im a blurty deadbeat...sorry...i have an lj now i post in it more often than not. for all two of you that actually looked at this thing and posted shit heres the link.

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Date:2003-08-17 19:02

lizzie mcguire is hot.

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Date:2003-08-17 19:00
Mood: bored
Music:die trying like im sitting in a fucking empty ass apartment no furniture.since i moved out of my last place in like 2 seconds and it was already furnished...i didnt exactly think about furniture. it sucks. dustin, one of my new roomates is coming tuesday and he is moving out from home for good. he said he will buy some by the end of the week we should have something a little respectable. having no plates or silverware sucks. my bestfriend/exroomate/landlord isnt mad at me anymore about moving out so im happy about that. im gonna go to myrtle beach with dianna to see 311 this week...hella excited about that.
ive been getting along with my father lately for some reason. i dont know why. i know it wont last long. im happy its here though.
school starts in a couple of weeks i think....back to glad b/c im bored...but it means i wont have a life for the next 8 months though which will suck. but oh well. i love it and i hate it. ill atleast have something interesting to talk about.
i know i just wrote all of this in vain b/c no one looks at it...but oh felt good to get off my chest.

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Date:2003-08-05 20:21
Subject:this is gonna be a rawk star!!!
Mood: okay
Music:further seems forever cover of nsync's bye bye bye

mkay...i have semi funny story to tell here. last night at band practice...there was a typical lighting/thunderstorm going on in the uncc area of charlotte.ok...keep in mind that our rehersal space is a freaking morningstar storage unit(a big ass metal box). ok so we are playing music in a big ass metal box..lots of electricity too.All of this when its lightning.ok so now the story...we had just finished playing one of our songs and my drummer jaime is like.DUDE...i just had this really profound realization that our band is gonna be famous....we were all like ok..why? and he just says...well during the song, i look up and see that everyone is bobbing their heads to the song and all into it like you just dont give a fuck...then i see outside and its just pouring down rain and theres a massive lightning one looks up or even cares that they could be killed at any moment. it just seemed like that it was something that only someone who wanted to be famous wouldnt care about or it looked like something that would go on in a video or festival....we were all like haha..thats great. it seemed like a good realization being that we were in a metal box with thousands of electrical volts at our feet in a lightning storm.

but oh well...its rather ridiculous that we did that to begin with.hopefully something comes of this band thing.

that was my somewhat funny that i look at it...its pretty stupid..oh well


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Date:2003-08-02 17:32
Subject:life is boring...but im posting anyways cause its been awhile

yeah so the reason i havent posted in awhile is cause there is nothing to post about...haha. i finally moved back to charlotte...which is basically like home cause i have nothing to do....some of my friends constantly bother me though b/c they are bored and live in charlotte...its something to do but i dont like it when i talk to the same person more than once a day...especially if they ask the same questions, like whats up?...dude i talked to your ass an hour ago....everything is still the same. well...being in charlotte has given me a chance to refresh my drinking skills. went to my friend holly's bday party last nite...she charged for saw a whole bunch of her frat and sorority friends that i didnt know so that was weird. some super hot seriously she was BAD...started hitting on me and told me i looked like some dude off of a movie called swimfan...i was like ok...never seen it but youre hot...and all that was fun. my friend tony got so drunk last nite it wasnt even throwing up while he was passed out...not cool at all...but hes ok now. after last nite i actually think that i have a drinking problem...i had 15 beers and i was told by my alcoholic(who wasnt drinking at the roomate that i didnt look drunk and didnt act it at all.
and i think it was friday nite that i got hit in the face with a guitar...not band rehersal i was spinning around sorta and one of the guitar players was doin some thing and i kinda just ran into his guitar...that was good for the face.blood everywhere on my shirt and shit.
and yeah...this girl that i liked and who i thought liked me for some while has decided not to talk to me at totally thats fucked up...and now i talk to her and shes like i just wanna be friends and...GODDAMNIT...i hate that shes a bitch to me and all that good stuff...i swear sometimes i dont even know why i waste my time with girls.
yeah...and i went to warped tour was many people that didnt belong there....which cancelled out all of the good bands because they were so hard to get to. all of these 12-14 year old girls were there that decided that punk was cool like a week ago and that they like punk boys with piercings and tats. then there were the preppy people there that like that song "boys of summer" covered by the ataris... and "sing the sorrow" by afi...and davy havok is "oh so hot" dont know how many girls i heard say that..that pisses me off. i had somewhat of a good time for the most part because i got to hang out with tsunami bomb for a their autographs and stuff...along with calico sytem and poison the well's autographs. when i was in the pit at the tsunami bomb show i saw this crazy girl that i went out with not even two times when she told me she loved that was not welcomed on my front...then i saw this totally hot/cool girl named ally that i used to talk to online...atleast i think it was her...but i was too chicken to go say hi...bad josh.anyways the shows that i saw were really good...too bad i didnt appreciate them as much as i should have due to the amount of people there...bad me...hopefully someone will agree with me that went there. i dont know...i just get tired of posers and wish everybody would be themselves.

shows coming to tremont that i want to go see:
aug. 12th: SHAI HULUD/Rise Against/Open Hand/Avenged Sevenfold
aug. 14th: Adema(blah)/PM5K(blah)/Spineshank(YAY!!)/Fingertight(?)
aug. 27th: hoobastank
sept. 2nd: atreyu, god forbid/underoath/darkest hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sept. 10th: The Juliana Theory, hopesfall, count the stars, celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!
sept. 22th: Plea for Peace Take Action tour w... POISON THE WELL/DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN/18 VISIONS/FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER/AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sept. 26th: Cursive/ the blood brothers/ eastern youth/ fin fang foom
sept. 28th: Rufio/motion city soundtrack/northstar/over it!!!!!!!!!!!

if anyone wants to go see those shows please let me know...not too many of my friends like this kind of music

well i guess i do have stuff goin on in my edit that(my life)

peace out my home skillets,

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Date:2003-07-23 02:46
Subject:i wish i lived at the beach
Mood: calm
Music:my band linus'-everyword

so this past weekend was great. my friends from architecture and i got together and went down to topsail beach to stay at another architecture girl's house. it was great down gaudy theme parks or stupid hotels, just locals and a few small shops. talk about relaxation. my friends rachel, matt and liza...all went kayacking in the waterway(this beach is on an island), boogie boarding...just the typical beach stuff. it was so great especially since ive been down lately. i sooooo cant help thinking about all of this stuff that is futile and sometimes out of my hands.ive also been plagued with the whole "what am i gonna do with my life" question lately...this really sucks...i know what i want to do...get a design degree and be a fucking architect. but why is that so hard to imagine? and of course the neverending stuggle with girls is going on too....this shit freaking sucks...why do women have to be so damn confusing? of course that makes my ruthless self examination even worse...and makes me feel ten times worse. sometimes i wish i had like a neverending i.v. of morphine or something so i couldnt feel a damn thing. it would make life so much easier...

peace out my homeskillets

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Date:2003-07-11 22:37
Subject:charlotte is so cool
Mood: chipper

so i was in hot topic saturday at concord mills, buying a norma jean tshirt b/c i never get to go to their shows due to architecture school. anyways, i was there, and the dude that was checking me out was like...dude you like norma jean...that rocks...he then goes on to say that his band opened for them a couple of times. i was like cool. then i asked him what band he plays in...he said he plays bass for A STAINED GLASS ROMANCE....HOLY SHIT!!!!
HOLY SHIT!!!i met the bass player from a stained glass romance.HOLY SHIT!!!!

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Date:2003-07-07 01:01
Mood: contemplative
Music:poison the well- nerdy

so this girl that i like told me that i was perfect the other day. i really didnt know what to think or how to respond to such a comment. it was definitly awkward to say the least...most appreciated though. i mean ive never ever had someone tell me that before. im confused. on a more normal note i guess...i went to my future apartment and this saturday and started cleaning and painting it with my bestfriend/future roomate tony. it was cool. i got to see my friend matt from architecture. we hung out for awhile and got to catch up on life. good times i must say. i saw TWO movies this weekend- Terminator 3 and The HULK, both were pretty good. T3 was suprisingly funny. i kinda decided to skip the band practice today because driving to charlotte every other day gets a little old- two and a half hours each way gets a little tiring, im glad ill be back there in a week or so for good.
Ive been listening to this comedian singer named stephen lynch lately... he is HILARIOUS. The first time i heard his stuff i almost died laughing. Anyways its like 1:15AM or whatever- i think im addicted to this computer, but i im gonna go to bed soon. not really tired...i just figure that its late.

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Date:2003-07-06 00:34
Subject:i mades me a journal

ive been tryin to get one of these things forever. my friend wowen helped a brotha out and found this site. i figured id share stuff. ill write when something interesting happens or whatever.

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