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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

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    Last night there was a Godsmack concert at the Memorial Auditorium and boy did it KICK ASS. Ill Nino opened first. For those of you with shitty musical taste that never venture away from what you hear on the radio you may have heard them on the Resident Evil or Freddy vs. Jason soundtracks. Probably not. Anyway they are a fucking sweet metal group that can really tear it up, and that's exactly what they did. The doors opened at 7:30, they were probably on stage around 8 for about 20 to 30 minutes. That's all it took for my neck to already be sore. In between I ran down to fuel myself with a little more overly priced alcohol, then got set to watch the next band, Adema. Adema's singer is the half brother of Jonathan Davis from Korn. They were pretty good. Their set actually started kinda weak compared to Ill Nino, but then they tore it up with some of their more kick ass songs. A few more beers and it was time for Godsmack. Pussies packed the bleacher seating above while the crazy ass motherfucks of Vermont packed the floor. When the lights went out, shit loads of people started lighting up joints and shit. Then a few seconds later, Godsmack cut into their first song and the entire floor became a giant mosh pit. I lost everyone except Duce and Randi in the madness. It was bad as fuck. 3 songs in and I was dripping with sweat from head banging and moshing so much. It was hot as hell but we kept going. The show was fucking great and even included a cover of that old shitty song "Cat Scratch Fever" which they made a lot better. Near the end they wanted everyone on their feet even the wimps in the seats above so they took a bit getting everyone on their feet. One bad ass decided he was gonna sit anyways so the singer was like, "Hey pal, if you're too old to stand up you should fucking get out right now, you can go eat your fried dough and Budweiser after the show but I wanna see your ass stand up right now!" Man it was ownsauce. Afterwards a guy came up to Duce, Randi and I and asked if we wanted to meet Adema. We got some back stage passes and waited for a bit, but eventually they told us the band decided to leave. Probably due to the fact that Vermont sucks and is full of shitty rednecks, they most likely assumed there was no one worth meeting here. They wouldn't really be that wrong. Even so the night was insane!

    Current Mood: Sore but still pumped!
    Current Music: Adema - Freaking Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)

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