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[22 Jan 2004|03:34pm]
Moved to LJ.
Username: Nevermindthen

Read me there.
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[22 Jan 2004|03:34pm]
Moved to LJ.
Username: Nevermindthen

Read me there.
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[15 Jan 2004|10:46pm]
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At one point I had my eyes shut & was dancing and I lost track of everything but the music. [15 Jan 2004|10:09pm]
TenCountFall rocked!!! I have to tell you about it while it's still fresh in my mind.

I got there with Angi and Katie and we wandered around for a bit. I met Mike's friend Alex. Mmm. He ha the same shirt on as Tom (watson) did. Alex was...nice. I like him. lol. Another crush. Couri was said to him "you know Katey doesnt have a boyfriend." rofl.
I ran over to Pat and showed him my first TCF CD & he was like "whoa! I cant believe you still have this and the napkin with my screen name!!" which i also showed him. Then I said somethig like "did you bring me a new demo?" And he slapped him forhead, smiled really big and said "I'll bring one to your house & we can watch a movie too." (oh-lala) So I was excited about that. Then he hugged me. And we went different ways. The first band (ALB or whatever it is now) sounded as always. AJ sang milkshake for us. But Katie and I didnt hear it. Then HalfScrewd was alright. But...well alright. Better then I expected. Then Ten Count Fall played. It was awesome. There new stuff was really good! And everyone was pumped up. It was wild. Pat and his bass were awesome. Angi said he almost wacked her with it three times. She also said she got "drenched" in Chris' sweat. (I would have traded places with her to be in the front for anything.) They played my favorite "Empty" and Chris was like "if anyone knows it come sing it!" and all of the sudden Couri is swishing my hand in the air and Im shoved forward. I fucking freaked out & for got the words at the last minute. lol. I was so embarassed. Then they played Victory which I got Chris' microphone shoved in my face at that point too, but I certainly sang that one as loud as possible!!!!. (Which was great because I remebered the words at that point.) During a few songs before I walked out of the crowded front and dragged Alex back up front with me & told him to dance. Then me, him, steve, couri, jen and katie all held hands. Steve on my left, then couri, jen, katie and ALEX HELD MY RIGHT HAND!!! And we jumped up & down like mad. Twice. I danced like crazy. At one point I had my eyes shut & was dancing and I lost track of everything but the music. I seriously felt it, for the first time in my life. It was amazing. I even danced with Justin a few times. He was like sad and stuck to me. It's actually really really nice. Jay's hair...is a mohawk type thing that was awesome. He played without his shoes & socks which was funny. Pat's hair was pretty as always. Jason is a killer guitar player. Chris' hair was great. He let me touch it again. lol. Afterwards I got them all to sign my old CD, they thought it was awesome. (I think. lol) Pat whipped off his bowtie and GIVE IT TO ME! (Thanks alot!) Maddog was there with his girlfriend. Ray was there, I talked to him alot and hugged him at the end. Couri, Steve, and Alex left without saying goodbye. =( But yeah. Everyone from TCF is really cool. And I had a wild night. Me & Angi went up to GH after TCF & all my signing stuff and no one was there. Went back & SKG was finished. Katie said all of their songs sounded the same. Came back as they were finishing. SAid goodbye to everyone. Then i came home and took a shower. The shampoo bottle fell off of the ledge and wacked my in the eye. So I'll probably end up with a black eye. Oh well. Chris said he'd give a CD to Ray to give to me. Thanks for the great night guys. You kicked ass. Love & luck to you all if you happen to read this. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GOTO THE CLEVELAND SHOW. BUT I CANT DRIVE & NO ONE WILL TAKE ME. Which fucking sucks. FUCKING SUCKS.
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you can have the purple one. [15 Jan 2004|04:12pm]
Tonight is the show @ EE. I'm excited. (TCF>>SKG>>HS>>TSA)
What happens will be told tomorrow.
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news [14 Jan 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | kmfdm song on MS CD ]

1.Kenshin. I adore it. Thanks to ...well myself.

2. Million projects due next wednesday.

3. New pen pal!!!! Libby, whos name is not Libby. But that's cool. She's from Mass. and says she wont wait forver to reply. Yay. <3

4. TCF show tomorrow. Chris remembered that last time I touched his hair and he told me, with out me asking him, that I could touch it again. Deny your truths [7:09 PM]: yeah. last time. you let me touch your hair. lol.
Chris [7:10 PM]: lol
Chris [7:10 PM]: yep
Chris [7:10 PM]: u can do it again
Deny your truths [7:10 PM]: you remember?
Deny your truths [7:10 PM]: AH! yay!
Chris [7:11 PM]: hell ya
Then he told me a secret and Angi got mad because I wouldnt tell her. It was grand. (Nothing on you ang. you're still my besty friendy) (woot throwing in a BESTER FRIENDER TO KATIE) Handed out some flyers. Collected some too.)
5. Conversation with Mike:
Deny your truths [10:12 PM]: WOW. if he looks liek katie id go out with him.
jetite2001 [10:12 PM]: lol
Deny your truths [10:12 PM]: NOT SAYING ID GO OUT WITH KATIE
Deny your truths [10:12 PM]: *blushes*
jetite2001 [10:12 PM]: or whould you?
jetite2001 [10:12 PM]: i probably whould!
Deny your truths [10:13 PM]: .........no comment
jetite2001 [10:13 PM]: mwahahahaha
(note: i wouldnt go out with katie. lol)

Katie got me sucked into kmfdm. -thinks about billy- OH CHRIST! -billy thoughts taken over by ones of ray- *faints*

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yeah. here's the way it goes [12 Jan 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | milkshake ]

{dec. 29 ;10ish..pm}
1.Angela came over & we hung around for a while (yay)& we talked about...everything. Then after i ate I walked to her house & she burnt me alll of the AFI CDs & Tsunami Bomb. But i left them @ her house...so I havent heard them yet. & She gave me 11 Jones bottle caps (making 122 for me) & her dad took us to EE. People from TCF showed up. -faints- I know. Annie's Downfall was the same as ALB. rofl. I talked to Shea & she said that she quit because she hates them. Some 7th graders played & they were so much better then AD, which is sad on Brandon's part. Later on we discovered the 7th graders outside smoking. rofl. Sick. @ EE the people who hugged me were estatic for some reason or another. But Tim had a "tight" pink shirt on & i nearly died. He hugged me. Then he asked how my Xmas was & I returned the question. Then he procceded to be taken down by Eric. Eric high fived me. & Cory told me that he "owed" me a hug. So we hugged & Angi & I went back to look for Jones, all that was left was the sugarfree kind, so we didn't get one. Walked to McDonalds: just me & her. Saw some wicked tall cute guy inside (with a skateboard). & I talked to the big plastic Ronald McDonald for a bit. Walked over to GH. Angela talked to Derek. He had dyed and cut his hair. It looks so much better!!! It's brown again. Wait. This is the first time I've seen him with a NORMAL color hair. We went back to EE. Cory had a drumstick from somewhere & hit me with it. (he's really nice) then we (Cory, Me & Angi) all managed to make it to GH.
Gravity House:
1.Had my shoes stolen. Found one under Eric's butt. And the other one someone had put on the...ramp? spine? whatever the hell it was. And I paid Tim a dollar to get it for me. lol
2. I tried to fling pixie stick sugar stuff @ Cory & it ended up in my hair again. For the SECOND time.
3. Eric runs up to me and says "you should go out with Cory." And runs away.
4. Shea comes in a hugs me. Lacey waved to me like mad & asked me if I was still going out with Joe. lmao. Scary.
5. Cory hugged me like 6 times. Sat on me twice. I gave him a dollar to buy pop. He had a sticker in his pocket & he wouldn't show it to me, so I reached in (his pocket) & got it out. It had a thing you could mail, which was a questioneer (sp?) & the last question said "why are you so ugly?" Oh yes. That is what happened. That is like all the main things..... While AD was playing cory was sitting on a chair & shane (name?. lol) jumped on his lap..and I couldnt pass up the opperrtunity, so I jumped on his lap. It was amusing. We broke a vase.
{dec. 30 }
1.Got up @ 3, my mom was mad.
2. Cleaned the house.
3. Cleaned own room
4. showered.
5. Ate.
6. Watched TV.
7. Played the Sims.
9. Ate more..(dinner)
10. Mother came home.
11. Father came home.
12. Went to Kmart. (purchased more minutes.)
13. Went to the library. Got online..talked to Katie. Left Cory a message. Checked email. Activated minutes. Got books. Got CD.
14. Home.
15. Sims.
16. Burned CD.
17. Listened to & wrote this.
18. This morning when I got up, sadly the first thing on my mind was "fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer, place your hand in mine, i'll leave when i wanna" but that was because i fell asleep listening to it. & Cory..probably because I was with him for 3 hours, like straight last night.
{dec. 31; 11:42pm}
Just stopped playing FFX. 13 hours into the game, baby! And I am currently watching Hillary Duff (-gag-) "perform" some song of hers and she has a load of black eyeliner & shadow on. Her nails are painted black too. Scary. But she has a really cool shirt on. Happy New Year. 2004. That makes.....3ish more years until I'm done with school. Wicked, I know. I went over Katie's house today, for a few hours. We sang like crazy for BSB & Christina. Yay. Well. It is now OFFICALLY 2004. Odd, isn't it? I just wish I could have BEEN somewhere. Not at my house. I think I'll go visit Angi tomorrow. Which is really today. If you know what I mean.
{jan. 4, 2004 ; 2:39pm}
Last night I watched Wayne's World 1 & 2. I must say that 1 is better then 2. They cut out some of the funniest parts from 1, especially the ones with Garth in them. He is the best. I should dress like him for Halloween....which is in a really long time. But oh well. For some reason I thought about Tom yesterday. Strange, I think. The last time I really hung out with him was when he was going out with Angi -snicker-. Which was...mid-Aug.? He was in my lunch period one day last month & he said hi & stuff. Then me & Katie asked him why he never came around. He said that he was always with his friend. I think he ment the kid who wears the blue tinted prescription glasses. (I remember when I ran into them one night @ GH. I was there with...oh yeah, Angi met me there. Wicked good news! My dad (whom is acting strange lately) called the phone company & we're getting our phone back on within days!!! Plus we're getting call waiting, caller ID & long distance. He is thinking of getting a second phone line, so we can be online all the time. Anyway. He has been...attentative lately. Meaning... the other day, he offered to cook for me. Which was wayy out of line for him. And he's actually talking to me & not saying "do the dishes before your mother comes home." He's been going to work alot lately too. Even today, Saturday, he works. It's getting a bit scary. lol. Well.
Winter Vacation is over
Good- 1. back to school. 2. get to wear new clothes. 3. get to hear what people did. 4. get to hang out with friends all day..sort of. 5. Gym is only until the 23. Which makes only 2 fitness days!!!!!
bad- 1. Mazzucco speach. 2. Cardillo "newspaper". 3. early to sleep & wake up. 4. No more 4AM cartoons. 5. Probably forgot most french.
Grandma just took my mom to the store for something. Maybe they'll bring me something good. Probably not. lol.
As I said before my dad was acting differently. Well, it has offically affected his brain...he brought home a stray dog. It reminds me of that dog...Wishbone, the one that could read. They look alike. We bathed & fed him & my mom just left to get some food, a leash, a bowl and a collar. I hope this means we are keeping him. I'll let you know what goes...or doesnt.
{jan. 7, 2004; 5:41pm}
I was obsessed with naming the dog Edward ScissorHands,I thought it was a great idea but got and ended with Eddie. Eddie was a cute doggie. Nice and slept alot, ALOT. I was starting to love him. Today as I walked in the door, no hopeful pup came to greet me. He ran outside earlier this morning to never return. And i highly doubt. New subject please, I'm getting sad. I didnt go to school Tuesday, because I had wicked mad cramps and I swear I nearly broke my back. My telephone STILL doesnt work. They changed it to 6 to 7 WORKING days. Which means not until Monday. "We're really busy." Psst.
{jan. 8, 2004; 9:09p,}
****Mean what you say cuz no one will take the blame. Mean those words: The responsibility's yours.****
¤Listened to TB since Angi brought it over the other day. Obsession worthy..oh yes. Girl singer. o0o. Mysterious!! lol. her voice reminds me of some Japanese cartoon beginning. Most likely the song "obsession" by see~saw.
¤ Eddie has been comming around. I guess he must just really likes to be a "neighborhood dog."
¤Wrote spech for mazzucco yesterday. Didn't have to give it today. Most likely tomorrow. -gasp- I'll fail for sure. I always get excited & talk really fast.
¤I believe I am failing history. I get like F's on every test. I can't ever remember the stuff. I can sit there & "cram" right before & know everything, but when I go to take it..I can't remember it. -must study for monday quiz- We've been watching that movie with Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman. Their Irish & go to America to get some free land. Blah blah.
¤Well me & angi were supposed to go to GH today but ended up not going because her parents wont let her go anywhere during the weekdays because of the 'D' she got in algebra. And my mom wont let me go alone. She probably thinks I'm going to have sex with everyone. rofl. Probably. -shakes head- Yeah. I do weird things...(ask anyone) but I'm not going to fuck the world. Or anyone soon for that matter....-ponders- unless they are super famous like...well super famous guys. muhahaha.
¤ i've been working on stuff for DA & I've done 6 things so far. yeah yeah. And one poem (out of all the other one's I've written lately this one stands out for some reason. maybe I'll post it here. no one reads this anyway. I think I do it for my own benefit.) -sigh- Must make new "layout" & keep it that way forever.
¤What else to say? What else is there? Ahh. I'll talk about school today.
School today:
1st- watched tiffany, katie, & ashley give their speeches. lame. Mazzucco had a freaky Elvis tie one & had to mention that it was Elvis's birthday & he would have been 69. Big deal. Elvis is shit. Do a double take? I repeat: Elvis is shit. Not "THE SHIT," here I'm saying he sucks.
2nd- watched TC & NK movie
3rd- Took wicked amount of notes & stared @ our scary new student teacher guy. rofl. Everyone was like "is he cute?!!" then we see him & we're like "oh. oops." It was grand.
4th- turns out I didnt forget everything french. I still remember it. we learned how to correctly say the date & our birth days & stuff among that.
lunch- fucking kirsten threatened me with that red stuff. -gag- I hate it & i wish people would leave me alone about it & not tease me with it. I swear to god (whom I dont even believe in) that I will hit the next person who does that. Why does this keep happening?
PE- weightroom. parterned with katrina. who is black, may I add. But she is awesome & her & ashley are like my gym class pals. Always partners & stuff. talked about the norm. stuff.
8th- have to do interview on mazzucco about teh speech team. Which i dont care to do. im scared of mazzucco & his ...critical-ness. I dont like directly talking to him. He always asks me why i didnt join speech team. Maybe next year I will. After I write this article on it I might actually understand why he wants me on there so badly. When ever he asks me it's goes something like this: "katey... tell me again why you didnt join speech team" -he stuffs hands in owns pockets & rocks back & forth on his heals- -me: plays dumb- "because....I...-enter lame excuse here- And that is how it works.
¤ I need a new desktop. I am beginning to get tired of looking @ Bert. I never thought I would say that. But it happened. Maybe I'll do something with arrows. Muhahaha. Yes.
{jan. 10 ; 2:51pm}
I got a cool red fuzzy "cashmaire" scarf. I'm wearing it with my pajamas now as I type. Warm. I want one like katie's but I didnt bother to look for one. So our internet is said to be back on on Monday. The guy said Monday for sure. So you'll get to read this, which is from dec. 29 to today & maybe a few days later if i feel like writting. I 'm obsessed with the Tsunami Bomb song "Say it if you mean it" and i dont know why. My desktop now reads "mean what you say cuz no one will take the blame. mean those words; the responsibility's yours." The lyrics keep comming back to my head. My hair lately has been really staticy. And driving me crazy. I wore it down for 3 days in a row so far. Which is a miracle on my part. I'll probably wear it down on Thursday. (and i'll try to the whole week..it keeps my ears warm) Which reminds me..I got some earmuffs for the bus stop because they are always cold. So yeah. Thursday, is another one of those dorky shows @ the EE that I tend to love. rofl. This time it's one of the much, much better local bands: Ten Count Fall. Along with AJ's band (Another Sophomore Attempt)...which I'll have to see some of because AJ is MDHP and he's a cool person. He also told me & katie that he would break out with Spice Girls in the middle of a dong for us. Hopefully he does. Yes yes. And SKG too. I'm going with Katie & Angi (if her parents will let her..see last date ¤ # 5.). We'll probably do one of those "your mom/dad picks up & mine drops off" like usual. I think it's best that way because you dont feel like you are putting it all on the other persons parents or whatever. Well. Beth & Cory are going out again. Since New Years, yes I knew. Tim was telling me just yesterday how they had video taped Cory saying how ugly/whatever Beth was & alot of bad stuff. Then he told me not to go out with Cory. (I wasnt going to anyway. he goes to ursaline. what sense does that make?) Then Tim whippes out his wallet & shoves like 15 "free skate passes from GH" at me. LMOA. He gets them from sweeping the floor there... ha i love that. That reminds me. Thursday after we see TCF & part of AJ's we're leaving for nss8 (well me & ang. deicded this & katie will come too because who wants to stay by themselves? lol) and staying until like 9:30 or something of that sort. One thing I hate is that like if you want to hang out with a certain person & im with ang & katie I really cant because I came there with them & i feel really guilty and all. You know? ((NOTE: I SWEAR TO WHOEVER YOU BELIEVE IN. IF YOU FUCKING COME AND FOLLOW ME AROUND AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN I WILL BE PISSED. ))
Recap of yesterday school-ly-ness:
1- i didnt have to do my speech. i just had to listen to almost an hours worth about gun control. 2-almost finished movie with TC & NK in it. Good good. Quiz on mon over something else. 3- took more alot of notes; lab on monday. 4-french stuff. must bring picture on monday. lunch- ate skittles & sour patch kid things. If i heard correctly 1990 said I was "hott". Scary. Then Kirsten was eating some of Katie's sour patch things (wait. am i gettting these mixed up with cabbage patch kids? roflmao) and there was a yellow one with a red top so she's like "look james! it's you!" It was funny. PE- Kimmel & fender had these gate things set up in a circle and i swaer they were going to put us in it. But they didnt. We played vollyball. For the record: I served 5 points in a row & won the game for us. Pretty good for the girl who just stands there, huh? I was so proud of myself I went around telling everyone in all my classes afterwards. 8th-typed out paper for brandy & looked for picture of a soup can for the paper. 9th-math stuff. getting a 93% in the class. yay. On the bus ride Tim asked me & angi of we had every kissed someone before. and we're both like "well...duh" rofl. It was great because as you know, it was a total lie for both of us. Then i came home cleaned everything because my dad neglected to do nothing. (his friend Berry blew his own brains out over the weekend. i remember I went to a party in their backyard like a million years ago. The thing i remember most is how me & this one boy who was like a year older than me kept sneaking sugar cubes. And they had a giant pool but we couldnt swim becuase it was too cold) So i forgave him. And my parental units are home. Until next time. =)

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[29 Dec 2003|12:53am]
Cory is meeting me @ EE which will be hella tight because i have a crush on him. rofl. Then together we are going to nss8. -faints-
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[28 Dec 2003|10:08pm]
Now, now.

What's new you ask?
1. I havent talked to Katie since before Xmas. Wonder what's going on there. Should I call her? -EDIT- she's still alive loo.
2. Went with my grandma today. We went to my uncle's house. They have a really cool cat named

Dexter...it's orange! Then a really fat one named Chelsea..who tends to hurt people. We left & ate @ the

new-ish Popeye's Chicken (o0o chicken!!). 1990 was working. He was so cute running around like mad in a

purple shirt, a yellow-ish hat & rubber golves. lol. You should have seen him. Watched Trading Spaces for

an hour @ her house. Then my mom came & got me.
3. I came home & my cousin Jonnie was here. Made us some pretzels (yay) and now here I sit.
4. Tomorrow I'll be home alone...come over! Everyone will be gone...YES!
5. Became obsessed with Blink 182. Muhaha. (i heart "Down")
6. Tomorrow is also Annie's Downfall @ EE (see before posts) & I'm meeting Sami there...hopefully Mike &

Couri will show up. Much fun there. It's supposed to be short so afterwards I hope to go to nss8 (or some

stupid skaters joint as someone -coughcough- would call it.) & check out all the skater kids.
7. -mental note: buy leash- -mental note: wear coat- -mental note: burn blink CD for 2 people- AHH.
-mental note: think about alex & how dorky he is..and how i still want him. rofl. sick, i know-
8. I've been upseting people..unintentionally(!! I swear) @ Dontbiteme.deviantart.com
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wee! [27 Dec 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | OO. ]

1. ran into mike @ HT
Blink 182 CD
Shirt with cool bear on it.
2. Saw 2 guys with mohawks. Angela had to stop me from touching the first guy.

Today I:
went to the mall with Kyle & my mom.
1. Bought:
AFI shirt.
2. Ate chicken (because i love it & im almost a vegitarian) @ Chick-fil-a



much love to da readers.
...welll..mostly mike. because he reads ...and cares.........i think.
-hugs alot like mad!!-

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Save me from the nothing I've become. [26 Dec 2003|01:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Rated T for Teen ]

I stole a few minutes for you.

1. LOTR was the best. Sorry I havent said anything about it. It was amazing to see Angela's reactions on things. The greatest part was hearing everyone gasp @ the same time & stuff.
2. Today we are going to the Southern Park Mall @ 4. I got alot of money for xmas...so I'll probably buy some good stuff. lol. (I'll let you know what I buy. muhaha.)
3. xmas went xmas-y. yeah yeah yeah.

well. im off. again. until.next.time.whenever.that.will.be.

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[21 Dec 2003|11:20pm]
Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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YES! [21 Dec 2003|12:35pm]
I'm going to see Lord of The Rings: Return of the King with Ang.!! SCORE! IM PAST EXCITED. I hope i dont cry like mad in the end. =) YAY! Review to come after 6 sometime. (3 hour movie) yay.
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YES! [21 Dec 2003|12:35pm]
I'm going to see Lord of The Rings: Return of the King with Ang.!! SCORE! IM PAST EXCITED. I hope i dont cry like mad in the end. =) YAY! Review to come after 6 sometime. (3 hour movie) yay.
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Strange Moment. You see, it [21 Dec 2003|12:28pm]
1.Are you aloud to be in love with cartoon characters? Because you see, I (rofl) have developed an obsession for Rurouni Kenshin. Maybe it's just because he carries around a sword or kicks ass. Or maybe it's his purple eyes. Yeah. It's the purple eyes.
2. TSUKASA LIVES! He lives!...well..in the computer world.
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Strange Moment. You see, it [21 Dec 2003|12:28pm]
1.Are you aloud to be in love with cartoon characters? Because you see, I (rofl) have developed an obsession for Rurouni Kenshin. Maybe it's just because he carries around a sword or kicks ass. Or maybe it's his purple eyes. Yeah. It's the purple eyes.
2. TSUKASA LIVES! He lives!...well..in the computer world.
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Strange Moment. You see, it [21 Dec 2003|12:28pm]
1.Are you aloud to be in love with cartoon characters? Because you see, I (rofl) have developed an obsession for Rurouni Kenshin. Maybe it's just because he carries around a sword or kicks ass. Or maybe it's his purple eyes. Yeah. It's the purple eyes.
2. TSUKASA LIVES! He lives!...well..in the computer world.
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Dont read this [16 Dec 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | My Own Song, Yeah. I wrote that. ]

1.School was very school-ish. I roamed the halls during 8th because Cardillo thougth I was in the

library. But i like Cardillo, so it was bad. Tim claimed my right hand. (not for what you're thinking.)

And insisted that Thursday I meet him at NSS8. Which, if I do decide to go, is what I am looking

forward too. I want a sparkly bracelet from the man that works there. What's his name? Derek stole my cookie that i bought for Heather for her birthday and he ate it.
2.My grandma in NC sent me welll....when I opened it (a christmas gift, you see?) I was in tears. It

was worse then the tennis racket she got me last year. (Yeah. She bought me a tennis racket.)

You don't want to know what she gave me. This Christmas is seriously going to be the worst ever

in my life. How come it was much better when you actually believed in Santa? I swear if I

dont get something even relating to The Used. I will be mad. I just want my mom to give me money and drive me + Katie to the mall (why would i go without her?) and leave me there for a few hours. I would be soo happy. But will she? Highly doubtable. -sigh- Just....don't give me anything. I'm a bit depressed already. Imagine when xmas is finally here. I always feel guilty that I cannot buy anyone anything. Sorry. Just please don't give me anything, I insist. I cry at the fact that I canmot give my favorite people anything.
4. I cry after everything now. Looks like I've busted out in full emo-ness. -sigh- I must invest in everything emo now. And wear a scarf. Then I can bee very, very emo. Oh yes, I must never, ever forget to go completely vegan and "straight-edge." Tomorrow I'll have the "black X" across the back of my right hand. I wonder how many people will ask what it stands for. Maybe, possibly I can pass for paritally emo. Or a quarter. You know. The kind that are not "stright-edge" or vegans. Yeah. I'm getting depressed writting this. Forgive if I ruined your evening. Please don't hurt me.

Nothing again.
Everything lost.
We're losing grip.
I'm feeling this.

My heart is torn.
Between myself.
I'm sick of this life.
What am I living for?

I've lost connection.
And you ask 'what's wrong'?
I want to reach out
and hurt everyone.

Let me hurt longer.
Let me live what I deserve.

I watch myself
in the mirror.
And cry away
all that I fear.

Is this an awesome song or what?!

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In the middle-ish of the cafeteria? [15 Dec 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | take that ]

I'm supposed to mention something here because someone -cough cough- demanded me too. I'm going out with Bill. Muhaha. Happy now?!

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[14 Dec 2003|07:15pm]
Last night was exhilarating. Me, Katie and Heather wandered around alot. Made our way to Gravity House, "stalking" 2 boys we didn't know. That place was loud and the band member's were older + fat. lol. Mike followed us around with some wierd kid. Freaked me out. SKG should have gone second. Reasons: 1. No one had showed up yet. 2. Everyone would have been way more excited. Some people that I wanted to see didnt show up. So i was disapointed. I got a live journal. Only i forgot the User Name and they never emailed me. Again, I collected Jones' Bottle caps. I have a total of 108. That's alot. I was suprised not to see DSD there. Had fun anyway. Didnt goto me Lyric's meeting today. My mom said it was too snowy. So I didnt get to see 1990 or MD. Went to KMart + IGA and then came home + watched alot of TV. And here I am...-alive at last. And i savor every moment of this- oh sorry. I didnt mean to bust out The Used like that.
1|crashing down

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