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Another New Journal [29 Mar 2003|07:22am]
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haha yeah, I started another journal. I was bored.. and I got myself a new screen name. new screen name + new journal = no Alex. wee =D

yup so today was stupid. mom and I had a little war, then we went to the mall and lunch which was nice. I wanted to get new shoes but I didnt so yeah. oh well. next time.

tomorrow Stephieluv is coming over. wee. my house is boring though, wtf will we do? maybe walk around or something.

Boker and I didnt go to the thrift store bc I was out all day. either that or she forgot.

Im so bored. I didnt get to talk to Danluv today =( oh well, theres always tomorrow.

Monday I gotta go to the doctors. my back has been killing me lately, so theyre gonna look at it and shtuff. and my mom is having a parent-teacher confrence with my Spanish teacher. hahaha, I cant wait. itll be funny shiz.

well kiddies. Im gonna go watch TV and be bored. later masturbater

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