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'morning. [26 May 2003@02:46pm]
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ok, so some people have added this name to their friends list & that's cool. but this is my community maintaining/posting journal.

i can be located over ar nancynegative

so if you add me here - i'll add you there. get it? cool :)


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hahahaahaa [27 Mar 2003@10:08pm]
VisualAssassin84: cause back in the day, i was up in that bitch like once a week
VisualAssassin84: like, late november
girl cant speak: yeeeah i know
VisualAssassin84: remember that one time? when you like did that thing? and i was like "Whaaa?"
VisualAssassin84: god there was so much blood
VisualAssassin84: goodtimes
girl cant speak: hah, yeah, i remember that. it was cool.
VisualAssassin84: yea, we totally had to burn those clothes
girl cant speak: yeah. fucking... who'd a thought a spleen would splatter like that?
VisualAssassin84: yea i know
VisualAssassin84: the don't call him "pretty" no more
VisualAssassin84: thats what happens though
VisualAssassin84: you don't say that the Dallas Cowboys suck and get away with it
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bad, goth wannabe poetry :D [27 Mar 2003@09:18pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | candlebox | far behind ]

system malfunction
failing to recognize my heart
the feelings i once thought i had
are slowly crumbling apart.

and on the floor the pieces lay
covered in blood and glass
i'm having trouble with reason
someone has to clean this mess.

my circuitry isn't working
i feel my metal insides rust
still don't know what i feel for you
could be hate, spite or trust.

i'll only tell you this once more
because i'm afraid you'll soon run out of time
you know i've always had your love
it makes me hurt to think that you can't accept mine

that was my little industrial love poem. woo. have you guys ever been so numb to everything that you just push needles into yourself until you cease to feel anything? yeah. i found out today that my tits have an amazing pain threashold. good god. i need help...

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