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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
3:59 pm - in love with you
sigh. brent says he still likes me. i know i should get over it, because he tells me over and over that he is not looking for a girlfriend right now. but i can't help it. he's the greatest! <3 oh well. he's still like my best friend so its all good. david is being so annoying lately. like on valentine's day, he bought me chocolates, which i guess is sweet, but he knows i dont like him. he still insists on carrying my books whenever he gets a chance. i mean, he's a nice guy but -- he's not brent ;) good thing david never asked me out, though. im too nice, i wouldn't know what to say.

anyway, me, alissa, and mandy have officially started a band! we're the punk-ass chicks. it's gonna rock hardcore. i am the lead singer, mandy's on drums, and alissa plays bass and sings a little. its crazyy. we are in the process of writing our first song, it's called 'boys smell.' its gonna be hilarious! ;) i guess all boys do smell, except for brent.

val says i need to get over him. i say go screw a tree. she is getting so pissy lately. ever since i told her that i need just a little space to see how i want to stand with all her bi-ness. i have nothing against it, i just really don't want her thinking of me in any other way than a friend. the reason i am giving myself a little space is because galia told me that val told her that she thinks i am hot .. galia said that i was NOT supposed to find out, so i can't say anything about it. i know val can't help the way she feels. it just sicks me out, thinking of my friend thinking of me in that way, sorry. so i just want some time to think about how i will deal with this .. because i definitely do not want to lose val as one of my best friends. my life is so complicated lately. i wish everything was the way it used to be.

lots of homework tonight. gotta finish it early so i can watch american idol and bachelor ;) i saw pictures of andrew, the new bachelor, he is hot. sigh. ok, well i should go do my homework now. bye!


current mood: grumpy

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
7:53 pm - mmm
brent + gwen = <33

he says he still likes me



current mood: flirty

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7:19 pm - hey yall
hey ;) this is my first entryy woopee! bwak this is fun. anyway, im just gonna like tell my life to this journal but these are my friends and people in my life <3 :

brent-the love of my life! we went out for a month, broke up mutually, but i still love him.

the spice girls-sexy spice [val-bi, funny, sometimes uncomfortable to be around], bootaylicious spice [alissa-a million boyfriends, "popular", on the drill team], abercrombie spice [galia-rich, but so much fun to be with], and klutzy spice [mandy-hilarious!! dweeby in a funny kinda way.. <3 her], and im ditzy spice, if you couldn't have guessed.

david- my next door neighbor, madd crush on me, can't stand him.

tami-my old best friend, we're still close, but we got into a fight. so now we're so-so.

the "crew" [my guysss]-brad [one of my best friends], max [hot, funnyyy], danny [freak. obsessed with humping trees! lmao danny!]

those be my main people. oh yeah and there's aaron and jake, my brothers. ;( annoying brother. yall know how they are. anyway, ill talk to you later. im going now. <3


current mood: ditzy
current music: misunderstood by pink

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