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&;*_ATTENTiON PLEASE. [14 Dec 2002|10:13am]
[ mood | chillen. ;D ]
[ music | the way i am .. eminem<33 ]

ATTENTION: friends only!!!

01 __ i wanna know whos reading this.

02 __ comment me, then add me. don't just add me, and add me first. ill probably add you back within a week. if i comment and add you and you dont add me back within a week or two, im taking you off. you can be added back if youd like, though

03 __ you gotta like eminem for me to add you. if not, chances are i don't like you. :]

04 __ i'm very opinionated and outspoken. i'll express my opinions without second thought, so if you can't handle it, don't bother. if you're gonna run your mouth or start shit, i dont need that. [ basically ; if your gonna talk, front or hate; better get your facts straight. cause whoever you think you are, you aint ]

05 __ you're gonna read my blurty / comment. and not comments that are just kissing my ass... comments that let me know you're reading this. :)

06 __ though this entry makes me seem it, i'm not a bitch. i'm actual very sweet .. just capable of being a bitch :]. i like everyone unless given a reason not to. thus i suggest you don't start shit with me. i've never lost a fight and i don't intend on it.

07 __ if you're the 100th person to leave a comment on this entry, do a screen shot and send it to me for a custom icon ... just because. :]

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