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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

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    yes im still alive
    haha sorrrryyyyyyyy for this very outdated entry; ive just been so bombarded by school and work; i took my last final last night so spring break officially starts today yay! not really gonna do much though haha defly not going to end up on girls gone wild but yeah prolly just work and relax; i cant wait to go home on saturday night after work and have a nice home cooked meal from mom; mmm i think thats the thing i miss most about going away to college: all my family and friends and having someone take care of you ie have dinner always ready for you; i mean i can cook for myself and i do and it was a good feeling at first but ive been craving a lot of things that i cant make and no one makes it like mom; except dad but thats not a possibility so nm; yeah but i get to spend easter down in colton im so excited! i cant wait...i really do miss everyone; ill get to see vicky and alex and their families;
    im glad this qtr ended; it was so long and gruesome; haha still gotta pray about those final grades though
    everything with jason is going really well; ill prolly fill everyone up on that during spring break when i have more time; i think im going to take a nap now just cause i can and have time to do it;

    Current Mood: excited

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