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[11 Sep 2003|03:34pm]
so i've done alot of thinkingand morgan is quite pregnant now and we still have yet to have a wedding i really think we should do it before the baby is born what do you think babe?
Bloody Hell.

[22 Aug 2003|02:01pm]
*sleepily he looked to the computer* I love morgan so very much....but next time she wakes up twice in one night wanting foodkalus can go get it! *yawns* nah really its ok i love her so much and i couldn't ask for a better fiance but i have to change that soon....make things final *nods*
Bloody Hell.

[17 Aug 2003|03:28am]
So i've been working alot more lately and morgan baby i'm sorry i promise you soon i'll stay home and baby you some before the baby i love you so very much
Bloody Hell.

[13 Aug 2003|10:36pm]
Whitecastle at 2am *groans* i love morgan and the baby so much but we need a whitecastle drive in in our house *nods* 6 month so 3 more? god if you make it two i'll be your best friend!
Bloody Hell.

[07 Aug 2003|05:25pm]
so not much to report morgan and i are doing well klaus is home and back at work my ex is gone back to hell er london and yeah more later...
Bloody Hell.

[29 Jul 2003|11:15am]
Between Work and trying to take care of morgan even though she doesn't let me much, i've been so stretched out... *sighs and runs a hand through his golden hair* The dreaded ex went home after meeting Klaus 8laughs* i owe you one mate. Other than that not too much to report..Morgan and i are expecting, we should get married soon too, and i'm stressed out so theres an update...
Wanker, Bloody Hell.

[22 Jul 2003|11:46am]
Well not much to update on morgan is doing a bit better, Klaus is home, and jen went back to bloody england...ex's should not come stalk life is ok again...time for trouble right?
Bloody Hell.

[17 Jul 2003|12:26pm]
So lets see...Morgan was overdoing it being pregnant and all and passed out and i took her to the ER and they put her on vitmans and told her to rest. Then out of no where an ex from home appears and of course tries to screw things up for us. Morgan was so great, she held her ground and told her to leave and i love morgan so very much she impresses me more each day. I've got such a strong fiance *grins*
Bloody Hell.

[13 Jul 2003|11:28am]
*he sighs tiredly and wipes sleep form his eyes as he types along* Well Morgan scared the hell out of me the other night. Seems she's been trying to do too much being 6 months pregnant and she passed out from exhaustion and it scared the bloody hell out of me! Morgan baby i'm glad you're ok but i was so scared....*yawns* time for a nap more later
Bloody Hell.

[10 Jul 2003|08:14am]
Well it appears as though morgan has decided we stay here in the states *smiles* thats a bit of a nice surprise seeing as how a month ago i'd have pegged us as living in germany again by now. I love her with everything in me and i'd go anywhere for her but i can't help it i love it here in the states....Morgan i know you'll miss Klaus but it gives us somewhere to visit right? i'll never let you go babe...things will be ok you'll see
Bloody Hell.

[03 Jul 2003|02:06pm]
*sighs* nothing big to report, haven't heard from morgan whether she wants to go home to germany or not but if she says yes i will be following her. She owns my heart and i have to follow it right?
Bloody Hell.

[29 Jun 2003|12:57am]
So morgan and i are home but not yet married as planned, things get in our way well that changes baby i say you me, the private jet and germany what do you say?
Bloody Hell.

[23 Jun 2003|12:07pm]
well if it isn't one thing or another to postpone our wedding 8sighs* so i had a few family emergencies and the wedding hasn't happened yet. Morgan i'm sorry i know how much you wanted it in germany perhaps we can still do it there? *sighs* i need some aspirin bloody hell....
Wanker, Bloody Hell.

[11 Jun 2003|09:49pm]
wow the wedding it tomorrow...then morgan and i are staying here for a few days and london for a few days on our honey moon so i guess we'll see you all when we get back as a married couple *smiles*

(another reason so i can go on VACATION! woo)
Bloody Hell.

[09 Jun 2003|01:25pm]
So we're here...Germany...the wedding is so close now....and i'm happy just so scared. *laughs* of all the things to be scared of why this? i know i love morgan with all of me. I know i want to be with her forever so why scared? things will work out i love you morgan!

(morgan-shape we should do this before sat i'll be gone 9 days!)
Bloody Hell.

[05 Jun 2003|12:16pm]
*yawns looking over his shoulder at morgan* so we made it to dane and jorry's wedding. She was afraid we wouldn't but i swore to her i would get her here and i did. It was really nice and they seem so happy together..good luck with your future guys. *smiles* so in a week i'll be standing there waiting on morgan to come say i do *nervous* marriage is great but so scary!
Bloody Hell.

[02 Jun 2003|09:10am]
So in a few more days Morgan,klaus,ayu, and I should be heading for germany for the wedding *smiles* I let Morgan pick the place for the wedding because i knew she'd want alice and lars there and i'd like to see them again. She misses her best friend so much and who can blame her? i almost half expected her to turn up and want to move home to be closer but no word on that yet. I would folow her anywhere ihad to but i have to admit i like it here in the states. ok i'm nervous and rambling as i think about the wedding but after all i KNOW i want to spend now and forever with morgan so why should i be nervous?
Bloody Hell.

[28 May 2003|01:06pm]
well as the days grow closer to the wedding i get more and more nervous *laughs* i love morgan with all my heart but i dunno i'm a little scared *laughs* i love you morgan never forget that *smiles*
Bloody Hell.

[24 May 2003|04:48pm]
so a majority of my time has been spent with morgan the future mother of my child and my future its almost time for us to get married *smiles* only sad thing was to see Camui go and i hope he keeps in touch. He should know by now but i i secretly mailed him an xbox and every game i've ever beat him at so he can get practice for the next timei see him *smiles* My kitten has taken to chasing Udo around trying to be like him its kinda yeah theres my update...MORGAN I MISS YOU!!!
Bloody Hell.

[18 May 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so i surprised Morgan with a new kitten today. His name is Salem he's a black cat with green eyes *smiles* and he tried to swim inthe pond in the backyard and morgan jumped in and saved him. So yeah she's been trying to keep nusy i think to keep her mind off things but we should be getting married soon *grins* i can't wait...

Bloody Hell.

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