07:43pm 03/10/2004
mood: sick
music: The song from the McDonalds commercial
OK, So saturday I'm an idiot and thought that teh band thingy was sat. but it was really sunday so I dragged Mimi and Lauren there 4 no reason. Then went 2 the Halloween store which was soo awesome and I loved this guy who was letting us try on all the hats but we didn't buy anything b/c everything was like 25 bucks and we had no money so haha, went 2 the Deli where Laurens was gettin' attacked by bees so we walked 2 Mimi's (very far walk btw) then umm.. watched Hardball, with annoying mimi looking like Mother Theresa, omg she's soo funny when she's had no sleep. Then got a call from Brian, todl him we were goin' 2 teh game. He sumhow got invited 2 Timmy's house and then invited me and mim and Lauren? i dno. Went 2 the night soccer game, We wo WTG Jen, Michelle, and everyone of y'all WTG Bulldawgs. umm.. Then went 2 Timmy's which was fun. ppl beat each other up, kinda. Sat w/ mimi, overall fun fun fun day b/c I love mimi and lauren haha. so glad I didn't get annoyed of mimi b/c if I did, I'd have a bad weekend considering all of it was involving her. 143. umm...Sunday (2day) wasn't gonna go 2 the band thingy b/c I woke up and I couldn't stop coughing, odd, but then Lauren called me and convinced me 2 go. so went w/ Lauren, mimi, and met Robyn there. Saw Chris and Bridget play, fun fun. Got a free soda from Margrette?i just realized I have no clue how 2 spell that name? Margret? wutever, too tired, kinda sad considering it's only like 8. wutever. Then had 2 go collecting 2 get sum cash b/c I'm flat broke as of the moment. haha, sad sad. OK,umm ok that's it. Had a great weekend w/ Mimi and Lauren. Wow, It really was a fun weekend. I'm soo incredibly dumb. Falling in the car, mesing up dates, wutever gotta love me neways. Post one if u read it b/c then I'll be forced to hunt you down and sell ur kidneys on the black market haha I'm way 2 tired rite Mi haha love-y'all
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