04:12pm 21/01/2005
mood: ecstatic
music: The Best @ Being Last - The Getaway Drive
OK..So monday - off, did nothing
Tuesday - ? no clue
Wednesday - umm.... still no clue
Thrusday - 1st period me and Michelle made our intire class hate us b/c we're annoying as all hell
3rd - went 2 guidence w/ Michelle, Michelle, and KT! haha I love KT!!! omg I could never be a guidence couslenor b/c I laugh @ ppl w/ problems. This kid was pouring his heart out 2 KT, not 2 her, about Angelika, and omg I started hysterical laughing b/c he said "She liked me b/c of my rapping skills." and he was this like geeky philipeano OMG!! hysterical. Couldn't hold it in haha
Friday - goin' 2 the movies 2 see coach Carter. Gotta call Brian, which won't be awkard, even though I am a complete bitch @ times. First, Mike, now Brian. Damn watch out Michelle and Kristin b/c u guys are totally next. WTF is wrong w/ me now. ugh, stupid stupid. Gotta stop fliping out. ugh!!!! o yea I SAW MICHEAL'S PICTURE IN TARGET!!! haha I love Micheal. He's my cuz and I was sooo freaking excited. I called my aunt haha. 143 Mikey!!!
05:11pm 10/01/2005
mood: crushed
music: "I don't wanna know" - New Found Glory
OK so I was gonna rite this big long post but I don't feel like it so here's the short story. Car stalled, sat w/ Kyle, got picked up by Heather & Sean, drove back 2 hotel, stalled again, went back 2 hotel, slept, got picked up by parents, went home. ok done no skiing!!! wutever, bye
05:28pm 05/01/2005
mood: sleepy
music: Jesse McCartney
OK so haven't updated in like 3 years but I don't do anything excting but I will have a hot new post next week b/c I'm gonna go skiin' so YAY!!!! 143 u
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09:13pm 13/12/2004
mood: anxious
music: "I Don't Wanna Know" - New Found Glory
ok so I don't wanna recap this week b/c it was prolly boring, i don't remember. ummm....this weekend

Friday: Went 2 the GAD show @ the Glen Cove Bowling Alley w/ Heather, Sheryl, and Erin. Met up w/ like a whole bunch of ppl. It was cool. I bowled a 106!!!!! excited for me.haha. On the way home played love songs and sang them 2 the ppl next 2 us. 143 everyone in the car haha. yea so I was freakin' b/c Kyle was drivin pretty close 2 these 2 major big rigs and I felt scared but wutever. umm...then Pete drove me home

Saturday: got a tree w/ Chris ansd met Sean @ teh place and we surprised my parents by him coming home. then o b4 that had homemade pizza yum yum, and then after we had cake for mi padres b-day. Then went 2 Kris' house and hung out w/ her for a lil while. Sung and danced fun fun. umm..then sat in my room w/ Sean for like 2 hours talking, nice convo. Got some things off our chests

Sunday: OK I don't feel like writing a novel like Michelle so I'm just gonn say. Went 2 my dad's Children's Christmas Party. Michelle helped out, unlike another person who shall remain nameless who totally owes me, but I owe him so are we even? I don't think so, umm....got food w/ Michelle and we were jumping up and down 2 see the menu and the guy asked us if we were 13 b/c He thought we reminded him of the girl from 13 going on 30. umm...then made up plates and handed out gifts. OK dinner had 2 be just about the funniest thing I've ever seen. umm mimi called the ADDish waitor he was a dirtbag and he had a tail and he waved it for us and if u want details about the funniest night in the history of the world, go on mimi's journal or ask me b/c it is toolong 2 type.

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Past days   
01:18pm 04/12/2004
mood: bitchy
music: "On the DL" - Caviar
The week went by and yea it was fun, i don't remember doing anything that fun or interesting. O no, yes no yes no yes no yes no. hahaha. ok, umm, yesa last night. Was suppose 2 hang out w/ ppl but it fell through. Hung w/ Kristin Leigh for a lil while but then she had 2 go babysitting so I just hung out w/ Brett, Bryan, and Garrett. Fun fun, then went home by myself, damn. Then Brian called me and I invited him over. Ate dinner, Brian came over. It's weird now, my family doesn't consider him company anymore. wutever, umm....then tried 2 go 2 the Jones Beach Light so but Brian didn't wanna so I was a good friend and didn't. Heather confused me and yea if we don't have a hotel room in hunter my mom's dead haha. umm....wutelse. yea then kinda got in a bad mood when I found out sumthin that I could have gone w/o hearing but I'm ok w/ it now, It just reminds me of other things so I got upset and took it out on Brian, sorry buddy. yea so had an akward moment in my house until Heather told me 2 come 3 McDonalds. Met up w/ Mikey, Heather, Sheryl, Erin, Bryan, and his girl Adrian who seems nice. ended up goin' 2 her house and watching a cool music video mikey made. Awesome haha. Dob and Dave and Lauren were in it so that was cool. Then watched spiderman, actually got a brief summary of the Spiderman one from Bryan, Brian, and Mike. Kinda understood it. Then watched most of the second one and Brian asked when I wanted 2 go and I was tired so we left. umm...that girl lived by Brian, kinda, but he drove me home anyway, so nice, and then we cleared sumthings up. umm...then we came back2 my house and we were on teh couch and my sister walked in and wow that sounded so much worse after I read it. umm...we were cuddling on the couch and Christie Jo walked in and later on she thought sumthin was goin' on between Brian and me but I cleared it haha. It was funny. Then Brian left, o yea I forgot, i punched Brian in his dislocated shoulder, sorry again. Damn I gotta stop being such a bitch to ppl. I'm sorry Brian for flipping out on u and punching u. I can't say I won't do it again, bc knowing me, I will but I'm sorry for last night. yea ok so I'm goin', bye. POST ONE OR I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND STALK UR FAMILY
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01:57pm 28/11/2004
mood: groggy
music: Dashboard Confessional - "Vindicated"
OK, Sat (of last week): the play. my entire family and like a whole buncha my friends went which was awesome. kinda sucked from friday b/c we were all like omg last night we can do wutever we want but yea it was OK. umm...went 2 Friendly's then went home don't remember the rest.

Sunday: i have no clue @ all o wait I had off the next day rite I went 2 John Jay w/ Brian and his mom which was a really nice school and I got a whole buncha free stuff, walked around the city looking 4 the Mariott and finally found it but found out the resturant we wanted 2 go 2 was closed so then we ate @ another one and tehn we went shopping 4 a CD that we didn't even knew existed and then we went home and we had porkchops and mac & cheese and then I went home.

Monday: no school!!! umm but i don't think I did anything haha.

Tuesday: school blah

Wednesday: school blah ahh but then we had off teh next day so I don't remember? hung w/ Kris prolly b/c she slept over but i really don't remember sorry if I hung out w/ u and ur reading this haha maybe Brian i dno

Thursday: umm..turkey day!! cleaned up a lot, then my Gran, Uncle Tommy, and cuz Alicia came over and we ate turkey and stuff. It was fun w/ Alicia haha. umm...then hung out w/ Kris and her cuz's and it was fun then I realized I left coconut soda in the freezer so I had 2 go home and clean it up and it was late so I just didn't go back. "Ur breathe smells like feet" "brush those damn teeth"

Friday: umm...what did I do what did I do. ooo duh mommy's b-day I hung w/ Kris for a lil while then came home and ate food then had cake for teh b-day. Gave her and my dad a joint gift. There goin'2 see the Producers and eat dinner and go in a limo on us w/ sum other ppl. It'll be fun fun. Then went 2 Brian's house well Kris' first then she went in w/ Alise and me and Brian watched TV w/ teh family haha. Then we had a nice talk about crazy ppl, well not exactly. Problems

Saturday: oh lord. ok so what did I do. umm set up christmas lights w/ the family. then ate dinner, leftovers ugh, and then Brian came over. Not interesting until we went 2 Pete's. Yea that was fun. Jen's a freak and apparently likes Roast Beef and Pirates haha. My friends are crazy and way to over-protective of me. I can't believe how many older brothers I have within my group of friends haha. oh well, they love me, YAY! damn being the youngest out of all of them haha. I'm Mike's non-alcholic cuddle buddy! first omg Brian was more of an older brother then Sean sat. and wouldn't leave w/o walking me home. I thought he woulda walked me all the way 2 my bed if Sean didn't grab me. I'd say more but i dno, I'm tired

Sunday: Sean went back 2 college but not before we had brunch, umm then I talked w/ ppl about last night and it was fun. umm...yea now I'm gonna go do homework so I dont' fail SS.
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12:32pm 20/11/2004
mood: chipper
music: Akon - "Locked up"
OK, so yea weekend blah I have a lot 2 talk about don't I, and I have time so hey what the heck!

umm...friday...I went 2 Mimi's w/ Michelle and tehn we met up w/ Krys, Balvin, Schulman, Clarke, and Timmy @ Applebees. Saw the Getaway Drive crew. that was cool b/c I haven't seen come of them in forever. Yea, so then drove everyone from Applebees home minus Timmy Krys and Clarke b/c Tim and Krys got a ride and Clarke stormed out when he was forced 2 order water? ok and my mom is a lazy but and won't learn 2 pump her own damn gas so I had 2 and everyone made fun of me but hey kiss my @$$!

umm..then saturday. Hung w/ Kristin for awhile and baked brownies then Brian came over. Dob texted me and told me 2 go 2 his house. Kris left 2 check on the brownies and never came back? so me and Brian went 2 Dob's house where Erin and Jen were bobbing for caramel in the candy dish. Saw Fred, Dob, Erin, Jen, Bryan, Sheryl, Santo, ? i can't remember. Had Domino's, which was good, o rite I owe Brian 5 dollars. Gotta pay him back for that one. umm...then what, Brian drove me home and I was exhausted. haha.

Sunday? what did I do oooo wait was this the weekend I went 2 teh soccer game? i tihnk so..yea maybe no.that was last weekend. um what did I do, went collecting and did homework probably.

umm...yea so then the week o had a field trip tues and went 2 go play games and we fooled Brian and it was fun. Katie - "Why exactly are we holding hands, Gina?" scary naturalist guy. He was kinda mean. umm...then didnt' go 2 any classes

wed- found out I had an in-school field trip w/ this cool Broadway guy for Jazz Choir. He was awesome! He made us sound awesome and awww..Kevin beat-boxed. He's so cute.

thurs- dress rehersal - We ROCK!!!

friday- play was nervous all day. haha, umm...It was amazing, we only skipped a lil bit of dialogue but it wasn't obvious. "ALex, don't u need 2 open the curtain?" haha, duh. We rock and we are amazing and I can't wait till 2night b/c we should be amazing again, and if not wut the hey we're never gonna hafta 2 do it ever again! haha. I love this cast, no drama in drama finally!!! yea ok so I'm done. Prolly hangin' w/ Brian now if Sean comes home, and I wanna get out of my house b/c my mom's goin'2 pick up my aunt. oh yea whole family goin' 2night so it'll be awesome, gotta go over more of my lines so I dont look like an @$$ but wutever. KK, gotta go POST ONE IF U LOVE ME!!!
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03:43pm 12/11/2004
music: "Slide Along Side" - Shifty
SWEET TEEN!!! Yes you are a teenager mmmm from 13
- 19 quite a little rebel haha just kidding...
You think as a teenager, you see everything
quite simple, soon you will realize it is not
that simple. In my opinion you look at things
in a very beautiful way. =)

. What is you inner age?
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Hey! Yea so I'm perfect it tune when it comes 2 me. What about you?

Yea so wed. slept over Kristin's house w/ Alise and Kris. Fun Fun, went 2 Friendly's saw Muccio and Brent, awww. yay then watched Kris and Alise dance, freaks. woke up and called Brian bc he said 2. Played Spiderman w/ Brett and Bryan b/c Kris didn't get up till after I left haha. Kelli took me home.

then Brian came over after I did most my homework. Then, he cooked 4 me b/c apparently he's good at it? It was good, steak and mushrooms, he left them for me haha yay! I love mushrooms. thanx. umm yea then watched recruit, kinda. I don't get guns and stuff. Bri, u gotta update me on drugs and guns. yay, ur totally my bad influence haha. umm...then he left and later I had 2 go 2 band, ok I guess. I was actually pretty good. I've come 2 the conclusion that I'm actually gonna try 2 practice b/c I actually like it and it's challenging, yay so ok. umm...then 2day. fun in gym, lost but OK, umm....wut else? KT dropped physics? and beat me by 13 points in SS. umm ... ok that's it

05:19pm 08/11/2004
mood: chipper
music: "Take a Bow" - Madonna
OK yea so umm...i dno where 2 begin? this weekend b/c nothin' interesting happens during the week...haha, umm...

Friday: had ppl over. Brian, mimi, Jen, Matt, Shaun, and Schulman. yea so umm we talked then the boys went 2 get a movie and me, mimi, and Jen decided we were hot and we struck poses on the couch and I burnt the popcorn haha. 143 girls night. umm boys came back w/ Fahreheit 9/11 which I really didn't wanna see and neither did anyone else, except Schulman, so we turned it off. then umm everyone scooted outof my house, I think, yea umm yea ok

Saturday: went 2 teh football game, hung w/ Lori, Lauren, Mimi, Jen Mac, and me haha. sat in the hallway and listened 2 Lori's funny stories, it was a riot. ye yea then we had 2 go outside and stayed there, decided 2 go 2 Mi's house w/ Matt, Michelle, and Mimi. Called Brian, he came 2. Ate sum tasty pizza, then migrated into the living room where we danced and threw pumpkins @ each other, then watched Ferris Buler?Bueler? Bewler? i dno umm then went 4 awalk and saw Lori and umm intersting haha. yea then went back 2 finish the movie, and then we watched sum TV and i told ppl 2 start leavin' b/c it was 12:00 and i figured mimi wouldn't wanna kick ppl out but she was falling asleep

Sunday: yea so went the boys soccer game which was incredibly awesome! Good job boys!!! umm, yea so then went 2 ALise's b-day party which was fun fun and saw a gay movie but it was OK, umm...went back 2 Kris' house, Bryan had a bloody nose for like 1/2 an hour but Dr. Brian came 2 teh rescue haha. It was bad, blood everywhere, scary! umm yea then I had 2 go home and found out sum interesting news which I can't really discuss, i dno. It made me mad, and scared, and nervous. i dno. then wrote my SS essay and fell asleep. yea, so good active weekend

02:57pm 03/11/2004
mood: blah
music: "Somebody Told Me" - the killers (?)
I'm worth $2,160,350.12! How much are you worth?

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10:14am 02/11/2004
mood: crazy
music: "The Boy Is Mine" - Monica and Brandy
You are Sarah! Sure your the main character, BUT
you do have David Bowie as your creepy pedifile
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OK, so what did I do for Halloween?!?!I had an awesome time. Well first of all sat. I babysat for Kara, Matt, and Trevor. They're awesome and me and Kris had a strange political debate after the kids went to sleep. Karen came home a tad tipsy haha. "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" It was soo funny. Then me and Kris attempted to hang out but her nana called downstairs so I went home, granted it was like 2 AM so I had 2 go home neways but haha. umm..ok so then Halloween

yea I woke up @ like 11. One of the first tricker treaters was Stephen. aww he was spiderman. He's such a cutie haha. umm..then I called Kristin and she said I should come over, well I basically invited myself but it's Kristin and the only way you get invite overthere is if u say "hey Kris I'm not doin' anything at all so I am happy 2 spend the day w/ u." yea so then I went over there around 2ish I guess. hung out w/ Kris, took a walk for a while. Saw scary Paul w/ his chainsaw. then met up w/ Brian, Alise, the Brown's, the twins, umm...Brett? i think. haha. umm...then went walking around the block. OMG i totally forgot! Kris was an angel, Alise was a french ho, I mean maid, and I was a doctor b/c it was the easiest thing to pull out of my mom's closet. haha. umm..then got some candy. Then went back 2 Kris' house where I again saw teh cuties Kara, Trevor and Matt. Kara was Cinderella, and Matt and Trevor were army men. I love them haha. We went trick or treating w/ them for a lil while but then we went back 2 get food, pizza. ummm yea so then it was getting dark and Paulie was annoying Brian to watch teh movie "Dawn of the Dead." so Brian was gonna go watch it but Kris didn't wanna leave Bryan by himself so it ended up being this huge drama and I almost went home but I'm really really glad I stayed. so after a whole i dno dramaness we went 2 Brian's to watch the movie with Kris, Brian, Alise, Micheal, Paulie, Emily, and Kristen. It was good and Lynn made us popcorn so I was all good haha. Funny - Paul started banging on the windows during the movie so Alise started screaming which sent off a scream fest. The dog went crazy haha, i love that town. umm yea so then we went back 2 get shaving cream. Kris, me, Brian, Kristen, Alise, Daniel, Micheal, Paulie, and i think that's it. omg we almost got stopped by the cops but the parents came out from the backyard and they were like "They're on our property and we don't care" so we were cool. yea so it was awesome and we were slidding in the streets and flinging shaving cream @ each other and we were all covered. I think that was my first actually fight. I mean I dno if I ever was in one b4. i think not, so YAY for me. um..yea so then we took like 100 pics b/c Alise is a freak and she can't count. haha. omg I hit Brian in the lip. I felt like such a schmuk. If he was hurt @ all I def. woulda cried, prolly more then him b/c he's gotta be all macho and not cry. neways, so yea it was overall a fun night and I'm sorry I didn't come back home but ppl said it was a bore @ home so I'm actually glad I stayed out. yea so Brian drove me home b/c apparently ppl in my house couldn't? i dno wutever. cool cool. yea so then I fell asleep haha.

School on monday was OK. I don't think I did anything exciting. Found out about a fight which kinda sux. I feel bad b/c it's kinda like I've been talking behind my friends back for a couple weeks but I didn't think it was my place 2 say anything b/c I've never been in that situation b4 and maybe in the future it'll be me that everyone talks about, i dno, maybe they already do but I'm gonna apologize b/c I feel like shit. OK nuff said

2day:off so I slept till 9, wow I'm a rebel. haha. gonna go 2 drama @ 3 maybe keep my rebel streak and show up @ 3:05? haha. I'm crazy. ok gonna go Post one if u love me, hey I love you 2!!
Mimi's Sweet 16   
11:09am 30/10/2004
mood: tired
music: "When It Comes" - Tyler Hilton
OK!So mimi's sweet 16 was yesterday and I had an awesome time. Brian picked me up and we drove over to Huntington Townhouse, and we were kinda late but mimi didn't care so I was OK haha. umm...then I met up w/ Jen, KT, Michelle, Krys, Ciara, Lauren, Jen, Ingrid and other ppl. We were sitting rite next 2 each others, table wise. yea so then me, KT, michelle, and Ciara(?) danced b/c we wanted 2 get other ppl 2 dance. Me and KT danced on the stage to the YMCA. I got food w/ Jen Mac and she kept dropping food on the floor. haha. OK so then after dancing for a while and listenin' 2 teh gay "Push it" song from like b4 we were born, we ate like actual dinner food. Chicken Franchese was sooo good but they friggin' ran out so I was pissed so I was forced 2 eat salad. ugh. OK so then mimi did her candle lighting ceremony. I got a candle w/ KT and Michelle. Me and Michelle sang the "It's my birthday so happy birthday to me!" song that originated when we wanted Charlie Truelson to say happy birthday 2 mimi. haha neways I appreciate what u said mimi and the apple story was b/c sumone interupted me when I was saying it! haha, I'm sooo dumb @ times but we hang out w / Topel and KT so we balance each other out. ok so yea then after cake whcih I just remember I didn't eat, but looked good. I had ice cream. OK so then me, KT, Mimi, and Jen sand "I will Survive" actually we got schulman and michelle and mimi's mom 2 sing. OMG I made mimi's dad laugh b/c he said I only clapped b/c I want chips so later I asked him for chips and he started laughing. hehe. ok neways umm yea then mi and me did the Build me up Buttercup dance but i think it needs some work. haha. yea so I had a ton of fun and I really need 2 sign that sign-in book and I need 2 give mimi the other half of her gift. ok so I had soo much fun except for when Jerez forgot 2 find a ride home and asked Brian for a ride. Brian really didn't wanna drive him home so after like 1/2 and hour we figuredout the we could drive clarke home and tom could drive jerez home b/c we were goin' towards matt's house and tom was goin' otwards jerez's house. yea so then Brian came back 2 my house and we went online for a lil, and then talked about Halloween and stuff umm then he left and I fell asleep.
11:43pm 23/10/2004
mood: contemplative
music: "Freak-A-Leek"
umm yea I always forget what the last thing I wrote is!

Tuesday - Thurs: Fun ppl dressed up as construction workers for twin day. It was hysterical. Almost got in an accident thursday night and then felt loved by teh guy b/c he actualy cared when i flipped out over nothing. umm yea other things 2 write but I'm not quite in the mood.

Friday: umm pep rally, gay as usual. Then went 2 KT's house well first went 2 Fireside and then Target and then 2 KT's house. Played 90's trivial pursuit. Fun Fun, girl'swon. Then went 2 Kristin Leigh's house. damn, my little Brett is getting soo tall and old. I fell so old. I'm so glad Bryan's still lil! fun fun. Had Chinese food then went 2 CVS 2 get gum, then walked 2 go c a movie but turned around @ the movie theater. Then we listened 2 music, then we played smack teh monkey on the computer, hahaha, then we almost fell asleep but Sean came so w/e. umm... yea fun fun, Oh yea and I gotg paid so YAY!

Saturday: Went 2 sing @ the school naming thingy. Got home and found out Brian spent the night in the hospital. So after freaking out I called him 2 c if he was OK. Turns out he got beatr up by three random kids for no reason and know he has 11 stiches in his lip. Yea so I was kinda upset over that and ended up flippin' @ my mom. felt bad but I mean I was upset so w/e. umm..Then went 2 teh game, got my new sweatshirt which I am soooo proud of. Went 2 Michelle's house 2 play scatagories and then watched teh Goonies. Brian came. He looked so pitiful and I felt so bad for him. I just wanted 2 like run and give him a hug. Yea, so then me and Brian went back 2 my house where we ate left-over chinese food and my whole family decided 2 pick on me. ugh! umm...Then my mom gave Brian stuff for his lip and we went 2 a homecoming party which we stayed at for all of 10 seconds. Me, mimi, and Ciara waited in Brian's car for ppl. umm..then went 2 Wendy's w/ Brian and got frosty's. Brian looked so pitiful trying 2 eat it, aww. umm...then he dropped me off @ Mimi's house where Ciara, Meghan Macauley and Mi were waiting. We eventually walked 2 Friendly's after we talked about boys, that was actually a really fun convo. Then saw Marshall and this weird man who was stalking us. haha then Sean picked me up and now I'm here. So yea, that's fun

2morrow goin' shopping 4 a dress? i think I hope b/c I need one. yea ok

Post one cuz u love me, love u Cakie
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05:54pm 21/10/2004
mood: aggravated
music: "I Don't Wanna Be"
I scored a 65% on the "How Island Trees Are You" Quizie! What about you?

WTF! I go 2 Island Trees, I guess I spend to much time in other towns
Don't remember   
09:21pm 18/10/2004
mood: sleepy
music: "Last Train Home" - The Last Prophets
OK so this is for umm thurs. fri. sat. and sun. oh and 2day but i didn't really do much 2day but wutever.

Thrusday: Went 2 school, haha, can't remember, went 2 drama, went 2 the Jazz All-County Auditions. Hung out w/ this lil boy from Hewlitt who got his time wrong so I gave him pizza and stuff. There was some hotties there!!! Oh yes, and I screamed 2 help them all so Steph Anderson wouldn't haha. Yay!

Friday: School...again. Home then umm back 2 school 2 get PSAT review stuff. Did the PSAT thingy then Kristin called cuz she was across the street and her and Brian wanted 2 go 2 teh Bellmore Street Fair but it was rainign so me and Kris went 2 pizza but couldn't walk home b/c of the scary ppl on the corner so my mom picked us up and then Brian came over. hmm...we listened 2 music, me and Kris did the secretive crip walk, haha fun fun. Went outside b/c Kris is weird like that. um..Kris left and tehn Brian left a lil later. And my mom the weirdo said
Mom - "Y did they leave so early"
Me - "b/c u said i had 2 be in @ 11:30"
Mom - "U were in, that was if u went out"
She's soo odd @ times.

Saturday - PSAT's were OK. Christie Jo packed me a lunch, soo cute, and then I went straight 2 the fair. Worked teh sand art booth w/ Alise and occasionally sumone else. Gotta love teh ppl who come up and ask what to do. umm...hmm u fill up the bottle w/ sand u freakin' idiot. haha. It's ok, I had fun even though I nearly froze my ass off b/c of the rain and freezingness. Saw Marc every couples hours, saw my cuz's 2. umm...tryi'n2 think Paulie won a lil bike thingy and he tried 2 ride it and it was pretty funny. I broke sum girls witch sand art and I thought I was gonna cry btu the grandpa made me feel better. then went back 2 Brian's house for pizza even though Brian didn't want any b/c I was hungry. Then went 2 meet Kris, Alise, and Jillian @ teh fair. Went on the zipper, got sick (not literally just like felt sick), went on more rides. Kris' nana called @ said she had 2 be home @ 10 so we got zeppoles, and she came and picked her up so we went back 2 Brian's house. umm..talked w/ Lynn for awhile. Was soo incredibly tired but Brian told me 2 call Christie and have her pick me up @ 12, kinda late,eh. then my mom calls and tells me she's in Brooklyn so she can pick me up in 1/2 an hour. OK, if anyone knows it doesn't take a 1/2 an hour 2 get there but wutever. I woulda fell asleep had Brian not been talkin' 2 me b/c seriously I was snoozing on teh couch but every once in awhile Brian would say "U fallin' asleep on me, buddy" and I'd wake up a lil b/c he's a weirdo. yea fun night overall. Watch A Man Apart, which was a good movie, prolly even better when u get 2 see the end and actually open ur eyes, haha. Almost fell asleep on Brian but yet again my parents called me just in teh nick of time and I had 2 go home. Watched SNL till I fell asleep

Sunday: Went 2 teh fair @ 11, went 2 go see the Corvettes, which I think are a tad ugly, but wutever that's just me. Then saw Lisa working @ the horse thingy, which I totally didn't notice sat. umm saw Marc again. Got 2 watch Brian do karate which was pretty cool except for the fact that I really thought he was gonna get hurt which woulda been pretty scary considering he's like invincible haha. tehn went back 2 the sand art booth w/ Alise and told the lady which sand was red and that teh sand wasn't edible. umm...tehn went back 2 Brian's house for KFC. Shaun's nephew is one of teh cutest lil boys minus Trevor and Liam and all my cuz's. Who's on ur shoes James? SPIDERMAN!! He's so cute, he makes pig noises and aww I just wanna kiss him, he's soo cute w/ his lil accents and stuff. then Alise had her first KFC after Brian nearly got excited over Britney's Spears' new video haha. fun fun. Paul made fun of me yet again for ordering the "wrong" food. Lynn, omg I forgot Lyn tryied 2 ride the lil bike and I'm not joking when I say teh whole fair turned 2 look @ her hahaha. ok neways. Lynn calls me "mini-me" apparently. haha. Then Brian drove me home and I nearly flipped when I figured out how much homework I accumulated. So I did a crappy job on my homework cuz I was soo incredibly tired.

Monday:School fun CW - presented my life map, "Excuse me, Ms. Jimenez," Physics Kait got into a fight and proved Dr. Sass wrong, OMG I love her not. Someone actually shut him up, thanx. ok that and Jesse quit the play so we got this new kid who sounds really nasily and like can't read, maybe b/c he just got the script but wutever. yea so that's it

Couple Days   
03:28pm 13/10/2004
mood: blah
music: "Eyes Closed So Tight" - Vi3
OK, so umm...I guess I shoudl start w/ Sunday? Did I do Saturday?umm well if I didn't my cuz's came over from Arizona. There cool, I didn't even recognize my cuz who lost like 200 lbs. umm yea then I went 2 Kristin's house and ate Chinese food w/ her and then learned how 2 crip walk w/ Paulie. Kinda still suc but @ least I can a lil haha. umm...

Then Sunday went 2 Brian's house and then went like pumkin picking and stuff. Saw my neighbors. It was pretty cool, went through a corn field thingy, but we suc and ended up goin' out the entrance. haha, Paulie made it through. umm...what else what else, the goats were humping each other. then went 2 the docks i thin..yea, that was cool. Brian got ice cream and didn't get any for anyone else, ugh now I want ice cream. umm then went 2 the north fork like all the way out and went 2 the beach/playground. Skipped rocks, or watched ppl cuz i dno how. It was fun. um then drove 2 Outback Steakhouse where the waiter 4got about us. haha, but i got a good meal so i don't care. umm..then went 2 the hanuted house where I was lime freaking out w/ Alise. Paulie was yelling in ppl's faces and Paul was like tapping me so I started screaming. umm then went 2 my house just 2 go back out 2 mimi's, interesting

yea when I got ther MIchelle was sleeping but KT woke her up. Then we decided 2 play Cranium, OH YES!!! Viva La Beaver, Gone..Wind..........................,haha very funny KT. Then we like talked about a lot of stuff, KT's a whore, "Who did u think KT? me!!" hahha i love u girl. umm..then we umm...watched 16 candles? maybe i think haha. and Mimi stayed up b/c she thought we were up but we really weren't so shewent 2 sleep @ 5. Then next day we woke up @ like 12 and watched the movie we all missed. Then we decided 2 go 2 Friendly's w/ our PJ's and looking like scrubs, I mean seriously. haha. The waitress Tianna thinks we're hungover. and the lil girl w/ the antena's. c'mon u'd laugh 2 haha.

Then went home and went collecting, Yay for money.

umm....tuesday, Mederios hates us for getting rings, Kermit's a freak, and umm, yea Dr. Sass is a freak.

Oh yea full run through of the play. Ian laughed @ the wet dream part and Kevin cursing is like teh funniest thing ever. Yes! Steph's my daughter and we get 2 fight on stage haha!!!

Wed: Cole was like "I think Physics is made up" I start laughing and covered for him haha. He;s a frikin' idiot. ugh, i h=wish I was in the other class. umm...that's about it i think. yea ok so i'm gonna go do hw b/c I cool like that

Friday night/Sat.   
05:25pm 09/10/2004
mood: pissed off
music: "We are Family"
Yea so I'm kinda pissed b/c Sean got home @ 10:30 and then left 2 go see his friends like 5 secs after. Yea I love u 2 Sean. ugh! OK, so then I hung out w/ my grandma who slept over and then 2day I um...hung out w/ My cuz's from Arizona came up b/c they were going to a cruise and tehy came over for lunch. umm yea so now I'm waiting for Christie to drive me 2 see my love Kristin. ugh Sean go back 2 school!!!UGH! ok, umm yea I lvoe ur mom steph and it's ok It's known that I dislike Kayla. Yea I beat her naninanipoopoo. haha love ya. Post one! o sry I stole ur word mi, I think i read urs right b4 mine and I liked it. I idolize u haha.
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09:07pm 08/10/2004
mood: happy
music: "Falls On Me" - Fuel
So I'm sitting @ home waiting for Sean to come home w/ my mom and g-ma. Kinda bummed b/c I expected him like an hour ago but hey wutever, he's comin' home rite. yea so yesterday I got outta band really late and I was sooo tired and I just wanted 2 go 2 sleep. I think I kinda ticked off Greg but he IMed me 2day and made sure I was OK so I guess we're cool. umm...I don't remember the week oh duh. Play try-outs were wed. I was kinda pysched b/c me and mimi watched teh movie 2gether and we were like totally fun fun on tuesday. We went 2 the library, rented it, and then sat around her house like screaming while watching the movie. I love u mimi!!!!Then umm Ms.Siegal called my house and asked me 2 come after school thrusday for call-backs. Then on well 2day she saw me in teh hallway and was like, "The cast list is up." Now if she said that and I didn't get a part, I mite have had 2 smack her upside the head but I was like, "Is that a good sign?" so she was like, "I guess you'll have to go check." So I went 2 the sheet and found my name along w/ Stephanie's, Rae's, Jesse's, Emily's, Ian's, and Kevin's. To my surprise, no mimi. I was kinda bummed for her but I guess it is balanced now. I was like gonna avoid the topic but I wrote her a note to make sure we were cool. If we weren't I would totally be bummed. Ugh I dno how fun itg's gonna be w/o Mi but I got Steph and Jesse so I'm sure I will be laughing....a lot!umm.. I'm waiting for Sean..lalalala. Yay for Sean. umm...I love him....Kris is across the street and G-ma's sleeping over. YAY!Cuz's comin' over 2morrow and then sunday I'm goin'out east w/ Brian and his family and neighbors 2 go 2 a Hunated House near Buddy's house. haha I was talkin' 2 his dad and he was like Oh yes Come over for Tea and Cookies. haha I love the band! YAY! OK so I'm happy now, tired but happy, and clean, and waiting 2 go out haha, kk luv-ya post cuz u love me!
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07:43pm 03/10/2004
mood: sick
music: The song from the McDonalds commercial
OK, So saturday I'm an idiot and thought that teh band thingy was sat. but it was really sunday so I dragged Mimi and Lauren there 4 no reason. Then went 2 the Halloween store which was soo awesome and I loved this guy who was letting us try on all the hats but we didn't buy anything b/c everything was like 25 bucks and we had no money so haha, went 2 the Deli where Laurens was gettin' attacked by bees so we walked 2 Mimi's (very far walk btw) then umm.. watched Hardball, with annoying mimi looking like Mother Theresa, omg she's soo funny when she's had no sleep. Then got a call from Brian, todl him we were goin' 2 teh game. He sumhow got invited 2 Timmy's house and then invited me and mim and Lauren? i dno. Went 2 the night soccer game, We wo WTG Jen, Michelle, and everyone of y'all WTG Bulldawgs. umm.. Then went 2 Timmy's which was fun. ppl beat each other up, kinda. Sat w/ mimi, overall fun fun fun day b/c I love mimi and lauren haha. so glad I didn't get annoyed of mimi b/c if I did, I'd have a bad weekend considering all of it was involving her. 143. umm...Sunday (2day) wasn't gonna go 2 the band thingy b/c I woke up and I couldn't stop coughing, odd, but then Lauren called me and convinced me 2 go. so went w/ Lauren, mimi, and met Robyn there. Saw Chris and Bridget play, fun fun. Got a free soda from Margrette?i just realized I have no clue how 2 spell that name? Margret? wutever, too tired, kinda sad considering it's only like 8. wutever. Then had 2 go collecting 2 get sum cash b/c I'm flat broke as of the moment. haha, sad sad. OK,umm ok that's it. Had a great weekend w/ Mimi and Lauren. Wow, It really was a fun weekend. I'm soo incredibly dumb. Falling in the car, mesing up dates, wutever gotta love me neways. Post one if u read it b/c then I'll be forced to hunt you down and sell ur kidneys on the black market haha I'm way 2 tired rite Mi haha love-y'all
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12:24am 02/10/2004
mood: energetic
music: "Good Morning Balitmore" - Rent
OK umm...haven't written in sooo long, OK so Saturday had a BBQ and saw all my coolio neighbors, Had tons of fun w/ my Leigh Leigh and her family. Ugh, love them sooo much. A lil hectic but me and Chris pulled it together. YES YES!!! umm...didn't go swimming, basically hung out w/ Kristin all night b/c we're anti-social. haha. umm...

Sunday: Went Jet-skiing, last for this year I think. Scratched my elbows pretty bad haha. umm...what else Paulie threw a stuffed animal @ me and I thought it was Jake. I'm def. workin' w/ Lynn @ the Street Fair.

Monday: i don't remember

Tuesday: same

Wed: umm...yea same here

Thrus: meetings I'm hopin' Scott doesn't take control of our class

Fri: ahh yes Crazy Friday: first of all I hate Hate HATE ppl who talk behind my back. no pun intended. I hurt my back from years of straining it carrying the drum which means I'm really not suppose 2 carry it anymore. I went 2 the bandroom after school and was like OMG I can't march all the way 2 Stop and Shop w/o meds MY back will collaspe. F'in' @$$0!!!ugh told Band director that I was complaining. AHHH!! U know what screw you, Don't judge me when u don't even know the circumstances around why I can't carry it. Did U know I got 2 therapy, have a brace, and have 2 take meds, which I have2 re-new b/c of that damn drum. NO I didn't think so. The nerve of you 2 come up 2 me later in a poor attempt 2 make things rite and ask if I was alright, DON'T TALK 2 ME ANYMORE!!!! I can't stand you AHH!!! stupid stupid!!!ugh!damn ppl!!!GO stick a flute up ur @$$!

On another note: (same day)

I was w/ Brian, Balvin, Timmy, Krys, Dreyfus. Tom, schulman, his lil bro, Mimi, Michelle, and KT
We went 2 Taco Bel but it was like us and like 50 kids from the other football team who we lost to 41-7?
so we went 2 Gino's b/c we didn't wanna stay there
We left Gino's and walked back 2 Taco Bell where we heard Plaia, and umm Mike Librizzi got in a fight and the Mike made one kid go 2 the hospital. Then the cops came 2 Taco Bell so we had 2 leave but Brian had his car. I didn't fit so I ran ahead 2 meet Krys and Timmy and I yelled @ Brian, "Meet me @ the High School"
The cop yelled back, "He won't meet you @ the high school." I ran 2 walk w/ Krys and then the cop appartently came up 2 Brian in his face and said If I find this car anywhere near the high school I'll give you a ticket
So Brian calls me and I decide 2 walk 2 St. James and then they met me there
umm...Then Sculman his lil bro and Balv walk 2 KT's house b/c mimi told us that's where they were goin' and me and Brian drive tehre but we had 2 park on teh other end of her block and walk down b/c she lives right there.

Finally a good night: me, KT, Michelle, and Chelle are like the coolest ppl ever. WE had so much fun doing absolutely nothing I mean seriously I didn't stop laughing all night!!! love you, gotta go 2 bed post one
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