09:01pm 30/12/2003
  today was good. i hung out with micaela and chloe. i miss being able to skateboard. i slept at chloe's last night and today me and micaela made her walk around. we stopped at vandembooom and smoked and then we went to ground zero. i decided that im just going to get new bearings and wheels and trucks and i will just give micaela my old skate so that she can learn how or whatever. i like my new lib tech its pretty sweet. ive been skatin around my house lately hahaha. i really want this damn snow to melt. maybe i should start snowboarding again or something i need something to do in the winter. well i start drivers training in a week and im going to get a tanning package also for afterward. im sort of nervous/excited. it'll be fun. well that's about all .  

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wow i never knew people could be so lame   
02:52pm 28/12/2003
  okay so yeah me and sarah were getting along great and we were friends and everything. well this morning i sign online and learn differently. zack ims me and is like "yeah well i will win" and im like "What the fuck i just woke up what are yout alking about" and then we start talking and he tells me someone has been on my name and shows me the convo. and first of all it was all wrong anyway becuase i never use complete sentances or capitolize names and shit. so then i call sarah becuase she is the only person who has my password on hercomputer and she denies it all , well then zack tells me about how he read the profile and it said "At sarahs" which is my profile at her house. so i finally get her to admit it. wow i dindt even know people did such asslike things after 5th grade. that's so fucking gay. well anyway it doesnt really matter becuase zack isnt mad at me and he knows it wasnt me and sarah finally admitted it. im just pissed becuase that's rerrrrr. micaela was right all along .  

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07:55pm 27/12/2003
  ohhhh i had alot of fun these past few days. i slept at sarahs and smoked ciggys hahahahaha. it was great. i have only smoked like three times so i would get wicked buzzes and not be able to walk strait. but it goes away fast. i bought a pack so that i can do that like once a week. for a little while but im not going to keep doing it. im sooo happy im not addicted and have cravings and shit. that would blow. well then today i had some errr fun in a bag and we smoked that too and that was good fun. except i didnt have barely any so like nothing happedn adn we shared it among three people haha. hope was there too and on friday steff came . i got to ride on the hood of toms car hahaha. it was nuts. ohhhhhh i think im going to go. does anyone read this? does anyone even know that i have this? if you read it tel lme becuase im curious haha  

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i like the way you move. ba da da   
11:45pm 17/12/2003
  oh i love outkast. fucking kick ass

today was great. like all the other days and the days before that and the days after that. i dont know why nothing bothers me i just feel good always and forever. life is good. i hate blurty. blurty sucks. fuck you blurty dead journal is better.!!!!!!! muhahahahahahahah. im taking bucks code and making a new dead journal or a community. im not sure what. i have not decided yet but i will have good fun . adios!

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i'll fuck you up worse than tequilla   
06:19pm 12/12/2003
  today was great. great great great great great great great. like the bestday . except i think i o.d.ed on chicken nuggets hahahahahaahha. i bet i will jinx myself now that i said today wasgreat but it was. i had such a good day. was in such a good mood and just got along with everyone and had fun and laughed at everything... although i usually do laugh at everything. it was fun. good_sobre_fun :-) :-) :-) :-) ;-P YAAYYYYYY do you got mail? ive got mail YAYYYYYYYYYYY. do you know any disabled or special people? YAYYYYYYYY. me wuvs spesal ed  

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fuck you you fucking fuck   
07:42pm 10/12/2003
  i havnt been to school on monday or todya. i went on tuesday because my mom made me but i have been fucking sick and it fucking sucks well its not that horrible. at least i get to miss school. not much has been going on i got a letter from arlyn it basically said "blah blah blah i'm an overreactive drama queen who needs a life" yeah that's about it. other than that not much has happend. i did all of my makeup work today for engilsh because that is the one class that i hvae to do work in or i am screwed. i think im going to fail math again which sort of sucks but i cant help it. i just cant do work in that calss its too annoying. that class is so gay. it would suck to have to have it for a third year though hahahaha. well anyway that is about all. ummmmmm im bored. i dont know. im watching direct effect . im not black . change clothes! pharrell is sexy and nerd is good . this video reminds me of that night at chloes becuase they show a nipple in it and i pointed it out to tony and we were talking about how funny it was that they didnt blur it out. the girl looks like a guy though. its kind of weird. well anyway yeah for like the 10th time that is about it. peace mother fucker  

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i wish i was special you're so fucking special   
09:35pm 04/12/2003
  so today was pretty fucking good. not bad if i do declare. i am fantastically well if i do say so myself. wahoo. well anyway yeah. so here was my day

science- was so fucking out of hand, our sub cannot handel our class and the guys in our class are just douche bags. there are only like three girls and the other two are seniors one of which is pregnant and the other of which always smells like a whore. ugh. the guys the whole time were like "sexual intercourse" "I'm gay!" "seman!" "vagina" oh god just grow the fuck up.

art- i worked on my batik, the fish is lookin splendidly fantastable

english- oh shit we have soooooo much crap due on monday

math- took two quizzes and chatted it up with the freshmen boys

history- worked on our worksheet thing and omg i finished it! yes its true, caitlin did work!

learning center- as usually i chatted it with good ol j. w. and h. d. and d.k. and a little bit of a.b. oh and c.k as alwyas it was enjoyable. that class is prettydamn good. damn fine damn fine if i do declare

well tonight i have to get my dance shit together so my mom can drop it off at my sisters. this is what im doing for the weekend

friday im sleeping at kierstens house and we are gonna hang out and chat

saturday her dad is driving us to my sisters at noon so we can get all perdied up and fancy and all that good stuff, we are gonna call micaela so she can get perdied up too and then chloe is also stoping by becuase she would also like to do that. it will be much good fun. then jake nad our other like 8 people are stopping by to eat and all that good shit and then off to the dance. hmm im excited about everything except the dance part. damn. im not going to dance with jake probably but im dancing with teddy no doubt and scott m. because scotty too hotty is just too good to pass up hahaha. lisa gave me permission to dance with teddy too. im going to just try and have fun. it'll be good. im gonna get jakes 25 dollars worth (not my own since i didnt pay haha) peace out

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pimpilicious. caitilicious, maddilicious. and the list goes on   
07:25pm 30/11/2003
mood: good
music: tv
wooo this weekend has been alright. im still grounded from getting smashed and my parents are still "talking about" me getting ungrounded. but that is alright becuase i dont mind sleeping alot. fiona had her mom go in and talk to my mom and her mom was like "omg fiona is seeing a councelor becuase of caitlin" but i never did anything to her. she is the one who spead rumors about me in the beginning and im not going to forget it so whatever. people are retarded check out this convo that jessica vanoverloop and i had. she is such a dumbass. she should just fuck off and mind her own buisness. hmmmm so yeah let me think... what is new with me. oh i talked to whittni last night and that was good. i miss her alot. we might convince kiersten and micaela to get along for the time that we get ready. they hate each other but i want to get ready with them both at chloe's. i wnat them to be friends again but im not going to preach at them because its not my buisness. i dont like very many people. people suck. im not even sure why i dislike everyone. its just the way i am. people should just learn to deal with it. i dont want to change. im fine just like this. i used to be friendly and it got me nowhere. at least this way i can accomplish something... im not sure what that is though but oh well hahaha. i want to make this journal private but im not sure how too. i dont know how people found out about this . i guess people just love reading about me. hahaha i cant help it if people caer that much. its just sad. i dont evne read other peopls journals. i read fionas that one time becuase micaela showed me the comment that ashley put in there and i usually read my friends page on dead journal but i dont like take into the whole searching for people and shit. that's just lame. well anyway yeah that is it. i was looking back at that entry about arlyn. haha that was so long ago. we arent even friends anymore. we got in a big fight becuase of some shit that happend at a party. oh well not a big deal. there isnt a thing i can do or will do so whatever. well i could do something but im too lazy. im fine with the way things are. its easier to not be friends with people then to put up with them. hmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know what else to say. this journal is pointless i never write in it and now that peopple read it i cant even write what i really feel which is gay. well whatever. peace out

WonderWoman060: hate a strong word you culd say you disslike her
Caitlin Belt 37: im not the one who asks me why i hate her. you and others are. and so i just explain
Caitlin Belt 37: its not like i lose sleep over it
Caitlin Belt 37: HATE
Caitlin Belt 37: HATE HATE HATWE
Caitlin Belt 37: hate is a strong word youre right
Caitlin Belt 37: and it is how i express my feelings towards her
WonderWoman060: i mean i dis like people but i dont proclamie it to the world.....
Caitlin Belt 37: hmm i hate people
Caitlin Belt 37: and i state how i feel quite boldy
Caitlin Belt 37: becuase that is how i am
Caitlin Belt 37: i cant help it
WonderWoman060: wow how olf are you?
WonderWoman060: w/e
WonderWoman060: im dont with you
Caitlin Belt 37: haha whatever
Caitlin Belt 37: i was done with you from the beginning
Caitlin Belt 37: get a life
WonderWoman060: no hun thats you
WonderWoman060 signed off at 6:50:40 PM.

haha i blocked that bitch

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im so weak and powerless over you   
10:57pm 25/11/2003
mood: good
music: apc

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first entry   
09:59pm 27/07/2003
  so this is my first entry. i have a dead journal that i have had for a few years but everyone reads it so i thought it would be nice to have a personal diary that no one can read. well its not private but no one can read it unless i tell them they can. but anyway... nothing much happend today. i woke up at 5:00 pm haha im so lazy. then i made pizza. i called lisa and talked to her. she thinks that i should tell arlyn about what happend at the party and shit and i think she is right. the only reason i hadnt told him was because whittni asked me not to. but i want to be honest with him and i like him and i dont know what the future holds but im sure it will be alot different when he gets out of jail. if we both like each other then the future is quite obvious but hopefully what happend wont make him hate me. well anyway whittni called me from georgia. she is gone for good now and im so sad about it. i miss her so much allyread. we had such a great summer and so much fun and i wish that it didnt have to end. :-( its really sad when someone your such great friendswith leaves. what is it with the summerlee's leaving me? haha my dad and mom are taking a vacation in the miata up to the top of the mitten and my dad wants me to stay out at our cabin un-supervised and watch my dog. well he said i could have lisa out too if i want but whittni said she gave mike my number so if he calls me i will perhaps plan a party. that would be so awesome. i wish whittni was still here because i could of just had her plan it all out for me and make the phone calls. i hate calling people. i miss whittni. i miss arlyn too. i am going to send him a letter tonight. it sucks that i cant get my letters from him right away and now it will be even longer since buck has to forward them to me but he is going to be in georgia for a week or two so i dont know when i can get my next letter. oh well i will still write to him. my dad is such an asshole. i want to get amancipated. well hmm thats all i will write more tomorrow. love ya!  

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