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Saturday, October 29th, 2005
3:32 am - goodbye starbs!
good thing i graduated na from all that school shit pare. by the way, i made lipat na nga pala to a new site. this one is crowded na kasi by comments made by some losers. fuck you all no! its like you people are just inggit lang dahil i am good at this. the hell!

i'm not going to tell my new address na no baka kasi you will make some bobo comments na naman there eh.

current mood: creative

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
4:41 pm - i'm like a writer na pare.
next time na lang, my posts about bora and my grades and my mom. i'm too busy na kasi. school made simula na and i did fail nga my accounting. i'm still making tago my grades from my mom and i still don't want to tell her about my plano to make lipat into creative writing.

pero tama na muna that, i have much better balita kasi. some person made me email and asked me to write for them. shit pare. i want to hear what that loser edgar allan poser thinks about this. yeah. tangina niya right? he's such a poser. i'm more creative kaya than him. buti nga i don't see him na in starbs. sana he got sagasa by some stupid jeepney or like he gets hit head-on by a kia pride while he's making sakay in a tricycle on esteban abada. sana he's like patay na diba so he'll stop irritating my aura.

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Saturday, October 16th, 2004
9:02 pm - it's sembreak na dude.
shit i think i made bagsak my accounting na naman. i don't know if i should tell my mom because i'm afraid she might call me bobo again. she's like so bad vibes when she does that e. she's sobrang panira ng aura talaga. i'm like thinking of shifting away from my course na. it's not bagay anymore. i can't deny my true calling e. i don't care na what my mom says. i'm a writer naman talaga e. i should be making sulat. that's my true calling naman talaga e. i'm a lot better naman than most people who call themselves writers no. i bet i'm so much more galeng than edgar allan poser no. i don't care if my mom doesn't understand anymore. i have to put my foot down na. i have to tell her "mom, I'm not stupid, i'm just an artist!" na. i don't like this pressure anymore na.

pero i can't tell her yet. kasi if she knows na i flunked she might not let me go to bora. badvibes yung chicks that i invited. they didn't reply ha. except for one. she said "hus this?" pa. how kapal naman diba. fine then. i'll go to bora alone if i have to. i don't need the baggage naman e. they'll just cramp my style.

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
6:02 pm - kadiri kaya yung fete
haha. all those losers in eastwood. grabe it's so funny how they got all basa. they were so baho na kasi e. lord knows naman that those jologs and katutubos don't dance. and what's with that cynthia alexander person ba. she sounds so pangit ha. i wish she would just shut up. her and all of her katutubo friends like that girl from pinikpikan. they all make tambol it's so senseless naman. i don't understand pa why there was no paolo santos. he's so cool kaya. i guess you have to be smart to understand him no. i mean the songs that he sings naman siguro aren't known by all these crazy igorot katutubos and those smelly metal kids no. i went to the rock stage nga e but grabe it was like mordor no. especially when it rained. i was chilling pa naman near mc cafe scoping out the chicks who were making baba from their cars. god hates them siguro that's why they got pelted by the bagyo no. i got wet din though. it's so annoying pare. shit pare i had to leave na mcdo because it was all badvibes and BO pa. not good for my aura kaya pare. oh yeah, i saw pa that salvador da loser guy he had like a headset on. i made him bato with some paper while i was parking but i missed. next time i'll make my driver do it. he should be better siguro at making tama people with stones. pero annoying siya ha. kunwari pa siya that he's important.

so ayon nga diba... it was like so smelly and kadiri na in mccafe. so i left na cause i couldn't stand it. i had no jacket pa naman. so i got really basa which really sucked pare kasi my hair got all wet. i made it ayos pa naman so it would stay up. my outfit got sira pa. it was so annying nga e. i saw pa some chicks from school. i like wanted to say hi and stuff but i was really basa na talaga. i couldn't make silong naman in mc cafe anymore because it was so full of orc-like jologs no. so i went na lang to my car and then made my driver bring me home na lang. he got so mad pa cause i was so wet. he has no right no, he's just the driver kaya.

my mom got mad at me pa cause my new phone got sira because it got wet. i have no cellphone again. i have to settle for using my old school 3310. i don't like it kaya. what will people think no. it's such an ancient phone na e. it doesn't even have MMS. it's so squatter. i'm so embarassed when i have that phone around kaya. but my mom says she won't buy me a new one because i'm so bobo daw. why did i not make silong daw...i explained to her what happened nga that i had to leave mc cafe cause it was full of orcs na kasi. so i went out into the rain na lang to avoid them. she didn't understand. she said i was so much more bobo than she thought i was. then she didn't talk to me na. until now nga she hasn't talked to me pa e. bahala kaya siya it's not my fault no. she's always calling me stupid kaya. what's wrong with her no? but sana she'll talk to me na so i can get a new phone na diba. how can i make porma naman to all the freshmen cuties if all i have is a 3310.

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
5:20 pm - back to school
so there's school again no. i was grounded for like the whole of summer because i failed accounting. and i had no internet or anything kasi my mom said i was online too much that's why i failed. i didn't know what to do nga e. sometimes i got to make takas when i'm out so i could make friendster sandali but after that nothing na. i wasn't even able to post anything on my blog.

so there's so many coffeeshops na in katipunan. like seattle's best and mocha blends and stuffs. i don't know nga where i'm going to hang out na e. oh yeah. i saw edgar allan poser. he's fucking kalbo na dude. what a loser. he's like a waiter na ata kasi i saw him in encomium on the second floor of that place that used to have a lot of jolog rockers hanging out. that was the day of reg pa nga e. i just wanted to make steady right and have some coffee where no one could bother me. tapos he was there pala. he was so yabang pa. tangina mo you're so yabang and you're just a fucking waiter. he asked me to leave kasi i wasn't ordering anything after an hour na. so i ordered a cup of chino. he couldn't understand it pa. he's so bobo no. so i said never mind and i looked at him sama and then i just left. sayang i was making porma pa naman to some of the chicks that were buying sa octopus. anyway i went na lang to starbs.

i see him everywhere nga e. i like saw him in greenbelt with that dorky looking senior girl from school with kulot hair that's always in the library and at the quad. i saw them sa labas ng coffee bean kasi during the evening. and they didn't make bili anything. i was looking at them sama nga e. i bet he didn't want to make me pansin cause i looked so angas in my shades diba? si mild seven lights was also there. tangina why were they in greenbelt? that's my haunt kaya. i went to grappa's na lang after they left so i could make myself lunod in my sorrows. i get so badtrip kasi when i see them. he's such a feeling poser kasi. i went to makati pa naman so i could make sulat. buti na lang he didn't make labas his tarot cards. i would've gotten so badtrip. i bet i'm better than him na even though i haven't made bili a deck yet. my mom said they're satanic kasi e. now i can't make it charge na. she'll see that on the bill diba? she knows naman that i don't buy books e.

but i'm happy that there's school na ulit. at least i can make internet for free. fuck my mom no... she can't catch me making internet naman when i'm in school diba? there's like so many new freshman chicks a. i always make papansin when i see groups of them. they probably think i'm so cute cause i'm third year na. with my shades pa and everything. i looked in the mirror nga before i left for school and thought "shit i'm the bomb talaga". i bet each one of those freshman chicks thinks na i'm making tingin at them because they can't see my mata through my uber cool shades. it's good to keep them guessing pare.

so anyway i watched linkin park nga pala the other day. of course i had no kasama diba? but nevermind that... i'm not like a rakista pare but i thought linkin park was really cool. i just bought their cds nga a week before the concert so i could make memorya all their songs diba. i bought pa the old ones. so when they played paper cut i was singing along pa. some of my katabis did not know the songs... they're like such posers pare. i shook my head na lang and made tawa to myself cause they had no pambili ng cds siguro. ay. my phone got stolen nga pala there... my mom got mad at me nga about it e. i should have left the phone with my yaya daw in the car cause there were many jologs. it's ok cause i just got myself a new phone kahapon. dudes it's the same number so you guys don't have to change my number na i'm naka-line naman e pero you guys might have to text me kasi i don't have your numbers anymore. and text me a kasi sometimes i get bored kasi and i have no one to talk to sa starbs or sa seattle's best when i'm having my cup of chino.

so that's all for now... ang hirap na now kasi there's so many options na where to go. i don't know where to make kape after this. oh yeah i'm going nga pala to that thing sa eastwood tomorrow. whatever that is. i'll pass by just to make fun of all the jolog rockers and hiphoppers. haha. i don't get this world music thing din... they all look like katutubos i bet they're all mabaho no. why is it so uso now? so basta i'll go na... off to get some coffee na. i'll make lipat muna to seattle's best kasi i know that those losers never go there naman. ciao dudes and dudettes.

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Saturday, March 6th, 2004
2:17 pm - bad trip friday night pare
puta pare! i wanted to fucking kick ass nanaman last night!
i went to starbs to relax and make-linis my aura, but i saw the two fucking pa-cute losers again!
i noticed salvador daloser and edgar allan poser were a bit darker, malamang they went swimming or if any resort would let them in noh! tangina! if i owned my own beach pare, i'd put a big sign sa harap "like, no loser-punks allowed to make-swimming" ha!

im so like heartbroken pa. my EX-CRUSH has a boyfriend na : (
she's probably in denial lang pare... she's missing out.

im looking for a bagong object of my affection na nga now eh... i've been searching nga sa gallery sa friendster, pero it's so nakakapagod to screen these women.

tonight, i don't know where to make-gimik... i heard the loser-punks in starbs talking about this freedom bar place, pero i don't want to make them pahiya in their homecourt advantage. i have awa din naman noh.

well, i hope more of you like make me dagdag sa friendsters nyo... i have wala pang testimonials eh.

current mood: depression, and repression
current music: incubus-megalomaniac (my song to my ex-crush's boyfriend)

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
12:24 am - uber bilis lang
im so fucking annoyed pare! im still uber busy with my studies, and like minsan lang ako may money so i made daan sa cybercafe para to update.

yes i friendster noh! im gonna make-iwan my e-mail so the SERIOUS PEOPLE out there can like friend me.


just make dagdag me sa friendsters nyo so my number of friends will beat salvador daloser's in no time!

all those LOSER comments can just like fucking pakamatay na lang noh! im just making-buhos my everday feelings, so wala kayong say! thanks to the cool friendly posts in my journal pare! ingat sila sa inyo!

current mood: hurried
current music: clockstoppers soundtrack

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
2:49 am - shit pare.
sorry to all the people who like read my blog and stuff. super busy kasi ako with school. can't update din in school kasi i had to like study so much dude. my ex makes tambay pa around the computer areas so i don't make tambay in school anymore. i like go straight to starbs na lang all of the time. it's nice nga now because there aren't too many people when i go to starbs. i can enjoy my cup of chino in peace now. grabe like last two weeks of exams minsan i couldn't find an upuan because too many the people... i mean that's so unfair. i'm like a regular kaya. dapat they should set aside a seat for me because i'm like there all of the time naman. couldn't make tambay properly tuloy.

i'm like so depressed right now though dude. you know my crush who i like don't see any more. shet i finally saw her yesterday. pero she was with that edgar allan poser dude sa kanto ng starbucks. you know what makes it more irritating pa? pucha he was reading her tarot cards pa. that's like not right pare. he's like so fake naman. like shit pare, tsong his aura's not right kaya? he's reading my crush pa. fuck him pare.... i had to leave tuloy agad because i couldn't take it cause i was like super naiiyak na. tapos i was there again kanina and who does she walk in with? shet pare, dude he was with that dungis dreadlock salvador daloser guy. tapos edgar allan poser makes sunod pa with this long-haired drunk with a tattoo on his forearm. yuck pare, they're all such feeling artists talaga. shet of course i had to leave na diba because i was getting super lungkot. that's all muna. shet it's so hassle lang because i think i failed a subject. my mommy like won't bring back the internet pa sa house. i have no money pa for internet because i'm always at starbs waiting for my crush to come... i'm like so depressed pare... when she comes naman kasi, she's friends pala with those feeling losers. maybe i can make chamba na i get there before those losers and she's there... or maybe i can like hang out in eliazo i found out kasi that she's a dormer because i was like making kinig to their conversations before i left.

current mood: annoyed to the max
current music: moonlight over paris by paolo santos

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
7:30 pm - hrmph.
my mom went into the room while i was trying to make bura all of those annoying pictures that everybody put on my comments page. she grounded me from using the internet sa bahay. she made sure pa nga because she like hid the modem pa. what a bitch no?! grabe. now i have to update na in a cybercafe. at least i was able to make bura na all those ugly pictures that everyone's putting on my journal. if they don't like me they can just say so no. i can just ignore them naman and because they're all just jealous of me. i just hope that they stop na with the picture from kasi they're so kadiri. my mom got mad pa tuloy. now she thinks i'm some kind of sicko na. i'll update na lang on everything else next time. i have to make-ipon pa kasi for my after dinner cup-of-chino later at starbs. and to all of you people who post those pictures on my blog, fuck you all no. you're all such losers kaya. don't you have lives?

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
12:52 am - back in the game
grabe pare! so tagal na ko nawala sa net! i broke up with my girlfriend kasi eh, and i had to beg my mom to start giving me baon ulit. i am now back in the game! no more annoying girlfriend! now i can concentrate on my crush :)
whats up with all these losers posting comments?! the others who like make me lait are stupid liars! the pictures are sooooooo gross. he's just walang magawa. loser talaga! he probably fantasizes about those pics... YUCK! and i am NOT gay. sobrang judgemental yung mga yon. theyre just jealous na i can play guitar and im popular in starbs.

speaking of starbs, i saw mild seven lights and salvador daloser kanina. they were drawing pa, so feeling as usual. my crush hasnt been going to starbs, so now im depressed. parang i have to fight the urge to make pakamatay every 5 minutes. maybe when i see her again, ill be ok na. salvador daloser and mild seven lights were with the spanish girl, and this other feeling artist nanaman! theyre like crawling out of the woodwork! ang loser talaga nila! i wanted to steal their ashtray while they werent looking para ma-bad trip sila. sayang! they were looking eh.

about the tarot deck, i dont have money yet eh. il try to save up since may baon na rin ako.

i better go to bed na so sad eh. il probably write some sad poetry or compose a lethargic song.

current mood: super sad
current music: silence

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
4:08 am - yucky sa starbs today
thank you all who commented to my entry dudes! you guys are so galing na you recognize true talent :) that is soooooo true na everyone is just making selos! they are just loser-posers and attention-grabbers.

grabe in starbs kanina mga pare! it was crawling with unwanteds. salvador daloser was there nanaman, also mild seven lights. the other feeling cool runnings dude, and a bunch of their stupid ka-uri losers. can't they just leave me and my starbucks katipunan alone?! i fucking hate them all! pag napikon ako, i'll tell all their parents that they smoke! ha! sinong in the red ngayon?!

salvador daloser and mild seven lights were near my table, and a big fat guy was with them. they were so noisy playing baraha grabe! nakakainis pa yung mataba (i'll call him FATawa coz he was always making jokes the idiot) coz he was soooo noisy. they just stayed there pretending to have so much fun. and guess what? i even overheard the stupid feeling-artist-fucker salvador daloser tell this other regular na he had an exhibit! fuck, i bet his paintings look like shit! i am sooooooo staying away from the tomas morato area till his stupid exhibit ends...baka ma-off pa yung aura ko if i see his panget artworks by mistake.

god, i hope that they all transfer to another bansa. ang feeling nilang lahat. they spread out pa kanina! it spoiled my coffee jelly frap nanaman, fuck!

anyway, ill like go na muna... i'm gonna play sims lang. i made a world kasi na me and my crush are living together, and i just went online to get the nude code.

current mood: yucky
current music: me (i almost sound like paolo santos pare)

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
2:09 pm - i saw her yesterday (fate is on my side)
i was in starbs mga 1:30 pm yesterday, and i saw her! she is totally so ganda pare! i couldnt believe she was there! i also saw salvador daloser and his friend si mild seven lights. dude, panira talaga ng day! those fuckers like totally suck pare.

the good news is that i caught my crush looking at me. i know she wants to talk to me, i guess ill have to play hard to get na muna para to see if she's worthy.

i read the comments posted, and those people are totally stupid. my poetry like flowed out na lang eh. they are just jealous na i have instant access to my kaluluwa. theyre probably all mababaw and moronic. at least one knows that im in the zone diba dude? hey maybe you can see me in starbs, and ill make you pakilala to all the baristas :)

im off to starbs, i might buy a tarot deck pauwi.

current mood: buggered/delirious
current music: gregorian chants

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
11:34 pm - kala ko perfect na
so today, i went to starbs as usual, and the stupid freaks weren't there! sobrang fun pare! i just hung around all day texting my girlfriend para di sya makulit. i also came up with some poetry na will kick that edgar alan poser's ass!

here it is:

i'm an alone entity
always alone
feeling the sadness
always sad

maybe one day
she'll hear me say
"you're mine"

3:24 pm
my starbucks katipunan
quezon city

grabe, that totally flowed out! i'm going to copyright all my poetry from now on! baka i-steal ni edgar alan poser. il also try to leave some of my poetry on the table when i leave, bka makita ng crush ko :)

anyway, my girlfriend is totally making me sakal na! she like wants me to make her pansin in school pare. can you believe that? bka makita kami together, and my crush might find out! how will i explain to my crush that she's only panandalian pare? labo talaga niya. it really fucking gets me dude.

during the later part of my day starbsing, guess who fucking walked in around 8:30 pm? fucking salvador daloser! he was with one of his stupid long-haired-feeling-artist-feeling-stud-asshole friends. apparently, this one also draws to attract attention! putangina! he was just sitting there smoking his mild seven lights like he was soooooo cool. man, if i weren't so at peace with the world, i'd KICK HIS ASS! im way cooler than that stupid kupal. he even has the cellphone i'm asking my girlfriend to save up for so i can borrow it! god i want a 6610 so bad!

i'll make it iwan here muna, im back to my poetry people!

current mood: artsy
current music: josh groban

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Saturday, August 16th, 2003
12:35 am - coffee naging bitter bigla
Maaaaaan! my coffee fucking turned bitter kanina pare!
i fucking got back to starbs (that's what we TRUE regulars call starbucks katipunan) around 8:30pm, and salvador daloser was there nanaman! (s good that edgar alan poser was like, not there) he was hanging out with this spanish girl, and this other feeling cool runnings dude. i mean whats up with the hair thing?! are they trying to grab attention? there's no bobsledding kaya in the pinas! stupid jerks! windsurfing meron! like, i got that shit down in a day back in bora.

anyway can i just share? my girlfriend is such a weirdo! its like she wants me to take her out pa tonight! what the fuck? i told her "hey, im doing stuff nga eh! why do you want to know ba?!" then she fucking used the same reason she used last week "its friday kaya! we never see each other on weekdays as it is!" fuck i hate this! nobody fucking gets me pare. actually as soon as i can buy my own internet cards and yosi, im gonna tell her that she's making me sakal. why can't she be like my crush?

my crush didn't show up in starbs today. i cut all my classes pa for her, and wala! i was sending her psychic messages all day! grabe, maybe my aura's off.

its all that stupid salvador daloser's fault! he was fucking pushing it kanina ha! kala ko, he was getting up to leave na, yun pala he was getting another cup of chino (thats starbs slang for capuccino) that loser fucker! i had no table eh, and the baristas said that i sit inside muna while there was no table outside. shit pare! i was soooo itching for a coffee jelly frap and my new pack of strawberry dj mix.

i'll end here muna for the meantime, i'll just go fix my aura... i'll probably watch some of my recorded angel episodes...he's so cool :)

current mood: unstable
current music: starbucks cd (PERSONALLY given to me by the manager)

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
5:21 am - another day at the bucks
ok here's the real deal pare, my stupid ermats told me to stop using the pc coz i was getting too white na daw. what the fuck? i said "ma! pano na yung blogger ko?!" after that, she stopped giving me baon and i wasn't able to make bili internet card anymore. buti na lang my new girlfriend's kinda borderline class A and B, so she makes me pautang.

now, im like webmaster ulit...major.

so i went starbsing again last night, and i saw my arch-nemesises nanaman! fuck dude, they are so kakaiba na! they're even MORE feeling cool and groovy! the one long hair, yung feeling artist, (lets call him "salvador daLOSER), and the feeling writer-poet-panget, (lets call this one "edgar alan poser" ) were sitting like parang they were mga 'bosing' when i walked in. putangina pare, ano ba problema nila? this was my territory! and ang labo coz salvador daloser was like in dredlocks na! so hindi lang siya feeling artist, feeling cool runnings pa!

edgar alan poser on the other hand, didn't change much except for the fact that he IS MORE FEELING THAN BEFORE! they were looking at me like they didn't know that i was the number one regular kaya! grabe noh, some baristas even took my pic and had me answer a survey...who's da man?! i am.

anyway, back to the loser-punks...

salvador daloser was 'drawing' nanaman. grabe dude, he's so feeling. he was kunwari drawing para girls would look at him. loser talaga for real.

well, i guess that's it muna for now, i can't wait to get to my starbucks again and maybe my crush woke up early and decided to make bili some coffee...or she's looking for me... i'm too good at this :)

current mood: zenish
current music: paolo santos, hootie (my man!), and air supply

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4:49 am - testing testing.
hi everyone. i'm a junior from one of the bst universities in the Philippines dude. i really dig paolo santos pare. i want to learn to play guitar like him. i also hang out a lot in starbucks.

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