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Saturday, February 7th, 2004

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    Ravings of a caffeine addict 2
    Today was pretty uneventful. Spent most of it watching FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING again. It's practically a saturday afternoon ritual for me seeing it's one of the few movies I have that I'll allow the kids to watch. I also spent the afternoon cooking up a batch of crawfish bread. Yes that's right I can cook and I am a man!!! I can also sew but I am quite secure in my masculanity!! Anyways, not a whole lot going on here. The children are getting ready to rack out, my wifes out at the gym with a neighbor lady and I get to just sit around and chill.

    Does anyone really read these things other than me? Leave some kind of reply if you take a look at this.

    Can't think of much more to write so I'll leave you with this:

    Pain is weakness leaving the body!

    semper fi and good night Chesty wherever you are!

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