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[04 Mar 2003|04:00am]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | dashboard confessional - the brilliant dance ]


*tilts his head, chewing on his bottom lip* well Whats to tell?

Im Chris Kirkpatrick. Im 31 years old and Im usually more well known as one of the 'backup singers' of Nsync. *chuckles* oh dear that sounded pretty fuckin' bitter, didnt it.

I like being where I am if you want me to be honest.

I love them 4 guys. They are seriously my family and THEN some...I know alot of people make assumptions about us all....

*trails off, biting on his bottom lip, thinking*....Its funny though because I guess we all do put up masks...

Ive been putting the masks up since I was a child.

Laugh now, Cry later.

*taps his fingers on his desk lightly*...I wonder when my "Later" will come?

Its hard playing the 'funny man' all the time, you know? always having to be the "strong one"...

theres stuff that Ill take to my grave that nobody in this world can and will know...But see, Im not so sad about that...

*Shrugs*..I mean I have it made. I live in a million-something dollar home, motorcycles and cars out the yin yang, more clothes and useless crap than I know what to deal with....

More than I think Im frankly worth...*blinks*

*looks down at his hands*....It gets hard to be the funny man all the time. When all You wanna do is break down and cry, scream, flip out....

But instead, you smile.

Still waiting for my "later" to come...

*blinks slowly*...*says quietly* doubt it will...


I guess thats a good enough insight into my mind. Its got cobwebs and dust but...its still rather interesting....*chuckles*

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