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Monday, December 1st, 2003

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    day 1
    its about time. i don't have a scale for now cos i'm not at home and won't be until dec 23rd BUT i really don't care much anymore. i know i've gained. i can see it/feel it in my body. i've also been eating way too much good food of late and sort of slacked off restricting.

    i miss the feeling of being empty. on surviving on the bare minimal. on being on a caffeine high. i can't escape dinner but usually dinner is a light affair cos everyone here is on a low-carb diet so i'll have no food till dinner and a light dinner with NO CARBS. and that will be all. Hopefully stay below the 500 cal range.

    It's 2.45pm and i haven't had anything but water and diet coke and i'm feeling floaty already. yay! i love it.

    Current Mood: cold
    5.32pm. i had an apple. 60cals. i'm hungry but not really. i feel that slight lighty feeling and i feel in control. i fear for dinner but i think i'll do ok.

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