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Broke and pooped :( [01 Nov 2003|02:06am]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | T.I.- 24's ]

OK, It's like every end of the month I update this. But anyways. I'm so annoyed right now. I don't know why people I think are my friends would treat me like they do. I am so sick of people saying they will call and want me to put all my things to the side for them and make it seem like I'm the "young 1 and I don't know how to be mature" I HATE Carlos, if that asshole says anything to me Monday, imma flip him off. I'm so sick of him acting like imma bow down to him like he's my master. He aint nobody! Fuck him. I swear if he says anything to me and i'm nice, I want Melissa to stab me when I get home..LOL..I just don't have time for old azz men telling me that i'm not mature, when he acts more immature than me. Tellin me he calls me but I just don't answer omfg..my phone is on 24/7 unless i don't get a signal, and anyone that knows me personally knows that! Moving on now..everyone's just about had enuff of Rich at work. He just doesn't do his job and puts everything on Eric. I admit, Eric gets on my damn nerves sometimes, but overall he's a good ass guy that works his ass off for his fam. I got mad respect for the dude to put up with Rich's shit. I haven't been thinkin lately about Parris, I'm so damn tired of chasing after men it aint funny. No dick is worth the pain and stress. Believe dat. My moving date is 1/1/04 hopefully.Might just end up buying NEW furniture, cuz I dont wanna go thru the hassle of going house to house outta the trading post lookin for suttin that might even be stain and bug infested lol..Anyways, this damn computer chair is so uncomfortable and it sux when u arent wearing pants lol..I wish mom would get me and Melissa's workin...YEA RIGHT! I'm thirsty.. You should have seen all the lil angels and stuff at the hospital, it was caos. OMG, I never seen so many people trick or treating in a hospital, it was cute tho..This janitor that works in the hospital and me have been flirting lol..he's not the type of person i'd like physically, but when we flooded it, he was helping push the water out and when I took a lil break, he was chillin wit me and we talked for awhile about wha was goin on, nothin personal..lol.. now everytime he sees me he just you know *does the lil head lift* lol and I do it back and we laugh. When I went to wash my hands before I left, he was like, "Wha u doin?" I was like uhhh...Washing my hands before I leave and he and about 5 other janitors were like huh? LOL..we all madd cool and I made friends @ work! So neat, but I will be goin to days and another job site 3rd week in DEC :(( After a month, we will probably go back out to the PNMC (damn dudes there are FINEEEE)..I just hate seeing Carlos now, SHIT! Especially sux when he works at the damn gate and he's SECURITY too. I was tellin him today, if I knew he only wanted butt and thats what I was willing to give, believe me I would have givin it to Wiggins(the skinny SG) instead of him, but I thought he was about more, apparently not and he will never see wha I got (HAHA)..Night hoez..Meg

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wow! [11 Oct 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Afroman- Because I got high(Hate this song) lol ]

OMG, it's been like a month since I updated this so I thought I'd do it..I got my hair chopped recently..I will put more pics up, but if you havent seen it in person you can go to my yahoo profile and its there..kinda ugly tho..http://profiles.yahoo.com/thyk_whytegyrl anyways. nothing/well alotta new stuff..dont go with chris anymore, single again, and lovin it. Just gettin to know Parris a lil more, when I get time from him it will be all gravy. I hope to see Vita again soon. OMG, hopefully I will have my own crib and she'll be like DAYUMMM!! haha..anyways..Melissa is talkin to some homiez now lol..Funny, she doesnt want other people to talk about bobby but she's still talkin bout him in her journal, dumb hoe..lol..anyways..i'm gettin a futon tomorrow with mom..then just need tables or whatever..maybe just a coffee table will do....oh yeah!!!!!!!!! my dad's got those black ones he might let me have! ill pay him 50 for them! lol...then i'm gonna schedule an appt. for apollo apts. and see if i can get the next vacancy. woohoo!! maybe mom will help me out at first, then i wont need her moolah anymore! lol..i hate typing in these things cuz i always have to backspace and i got so much that is goin on but i dont wanna TYPE! Oh yeah, we flooded the P-town naval hospital thursday night..worked till 1am..2 nights in a row..we had to push all the water (4inches in the main hall) down and out the ER double doors..WHAT A FUCKIN MESS!! OMG..Now someone's gotta be there 24/7..Superintendents..Cuz of the fans and subs and etc workin there.. they got about 500 fans blowing on almost the whole 1st floor. they started running out of power! lol and the damn circuit's kept trippin..monday will just be more cleaning.. thought i would be leaving the hospital soon, I GUESS NOT!! lol..whoops.. there goes our bonus! j/k probably not..ok this is enough oh yea and i got my license renewed for 5 years!!woohoo 100 percent on the test. studying pays off..actually, DMV shouldnt ask the same questions!! latez..meg

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[17 Sep 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

ok, so ive been updating my blackplanet page..so if u wanna check it out and you got the updated IE, then it's wont be all fukked up..heres the link.. click it or copy n paste..

let me know if you like so far..

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HURRICANE TIME.. [17 Sep 2003|07:30pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Jagged Edge- Walked outta heaven.. ]

OK, so everyone's makin a big azz deal bout this hurricane..i dunno what its gonna do what im gettin a headache lol...still havent heard from chris yet, and really, i dont care. everyone is telling me to get rid of him, because if he really cared about me he would have at least called me once since hes been gone.. i feel really torn in a way because I really like Parris and I wanna be with him *so* bad and get to know him so much more. but i dont know if giving chris up is the right thing to do because if i drop him for Parris, how do I know Parris will actually make time for me? Will I ever get to spend time with him? And if I do drop Chris and Parris doesnt work out, I dont wanna be alone.. I like them both. I just dont know what to do, so I guess Ill just play it day by day until I realize who is really right for me and who will give me the attention and love that I need and deserve. Alright yall, momz is pissin me off askin me these damn questions. so ill write again later tonight probably...meg

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[13 Sep 2003|11:55pm]
[ mood | high ]

oh yeah, you can go to www.jadatoys.com or www.dubsmagazine.com to peep what kinda escalade i'm talkin bout lol..

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lol.. [13 Sep 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | LiL Jon & Eastside Boyz (got the new CD 2day) ]

omg, today me and melissa went to pembroke. there were stands like in the middle of the mall, with people selling stuff. i bought this cadillac escalade toy truck with 24in spinners on it lol..chromed out windshield wipers and engine..bomb azz lil car..was 40$ but who cares! shit it tight, chris is gonna want it lol..I miss him, love him to death & cant wait for him to get back. 22nd is coming!! and my bday is coming!!!!! yay...no more 19..melissa went to DMV today and took her permit test and failed it. over dumb questions like i missed..she can go back in 15 dayz and re-take it. no biggie. but anyways..forgot to call parris like he wanted me to, now i wont hear from him for like 3 months again lol...people in my past are all of the sudden re-appearing..why do they think i dropped them in the 1st place? LEAVE ME ALONE! (he knows who he is) Yes, I gotta man and I'm happy with him...by the way, this isnt for you Parris lol...a**hole that i went out with before chris..ok, i got some things to do so ill update tomorrow...meg..

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[12 Sep 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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Good day today.. [12 Sep 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Linkin Park- Faint.. ]

It's crappy outside so I think i'm gonna watch that movie ive been puttin off for 2 nights...Texas Chainsaw Massacre...the 1st (never saw it) Im really hoping Parris will call me. I would really really really love to go out somewhere with him this weekend. I would feel so good :-D Anyways. work today wasnt bad, just did mostly cleaning and got on the jackhammer for a lil bit. My foot really hurts now, I think I gotta get it checked out eventually. Think its from my old boots. Cheap thingz. OK, nuthin but watchin a good ole scary movie in the rain..adios! meg..

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[12 Sep 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | loved ]

Right now you can say i'm kinda in a happy mood. I just got off the celly with Parris. I havent talked to him in a while. He told me hes kinda like a tutor now in college. Helps like 20 kids with work n shyt. But anyways, hes all sayin he wants to make up for what hes done to me, pushing me to the side and shit. but he knows the whole chris situation and now he says he feels bad because im a really smart and cool person and when i was trying to get with him he had all these problems and now im stuck with someone i really dont like. but i mean im not saying i dont like chris, i love him, but there are just things about him that i cant change. i have tried so hard to make people like me or love me that i forgot all bout how i felt. and got to know myself. when i was trying to get with parris, i kept getting pushed to the side and after a while it just hit me like, maybe he just doesnt want me, i mean he even had a relationship with another broad and i was still trying to make things between us happen. Thats probably why when he told me he was busy I stopped believing him, I just felt like if he can make time for her, whats wrong with me? Anyways, i do hope we stay friends and if things dont work out with me and chris, i will still have him by my side. ok let me stop trippin..oh yeah melissa! i saw u n bobby come round the corner today. haha u didnt think i saw u huh trick lol..oh yeah bobboz car is kinda sweet! rims n shyt all g'd up. lol whatever, i hope mom recorded MALIBUU!! im bout to watch texas chainsaw massacre..so holla! gnite..meg

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terrible ass day at work.. [09 Sep 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Tupac ]

OK, time to vent. At work me and Travis like to fuck around while we're workin (it makes the day go by faster) and we are takin out these big ass cement blocks that are bout 400lbs a block...we had bout 15 of em..He had the easy job of just liftin em outta the hole by the hoist we made..So Travis says something to him like "well damn, lets trade jobs then"so his ass grabs the cart and goes outside with it, and runs back in with it like 5 mins later...Later on Travis said to Eric "Dont take this personal, but why are you so pissed?" And OMGGG Eric goes "Man you see what I just did? I took those out and it took me half the amount of time it takes you and her, you talk more than you work and i'm not used to that shit, so when i tell you to do something, i mean do it NOW and get the shit outta my way. FUCK." Rich is standin there the whole time and dont say a god damn thing. So I got pissed and I walked out and slammed the door ( Had 2 go to the bathroom, ladies issue lol) So whatever, the whole night I just fuckin ignored his retarted, ugly, monkey lookin, asshole thinkin, always in a rush, break yourself for eric, GOD wannabee ass..Damn I FUCKIN HATE HIM!! Melissa let mom read this...OMG I even think imma call mom tomorrow.. Damn he's such a kiss ass wanna be spt. but who aint at Tesoro? Damn Im gettin a headache thinkin bout his wife and his kids OMG I feel for you! LMao, damn melissa you thought dad was bad, damn we got it good compared to his kids. I'd end up being one of those serial psychotic parent killers lol..haha..damn but anyways, still havent heard from Chris. Havent seen the security guards either. THANKGOD. damn lastnight at work I left my badges, but I just used my license and got in the gate, woohoo..damn my fingers hurt and i'm so bored. i wish someone would IM me. It feels so good outside! damn 70 is nice. Love it. Oh yeah! I blew like a 2003 BMW out today lmao a**hole thought he was gonna get in front of me gettin off the interstate but I blew him out lmao left him in my dust..he ended up coming beside me and laughed lmao so if you know me, you know what i did. lol..damn flips..sorry..got a lil racial...but who gives a flying fuck its my journal lol..if u dont wanna read then leave bitchez. anyways.. melissa whos this burgerz guy lmao or whatever his name is..are you having 3somes? Ew you nasty broad. Bitch, you better be doin good in school, make sure of shit before you do it, might end up all fucked up come June when your retarted ass is gonna graduate (HOLY SHIT) lol..whatever, i'm gettin off, these damn chiken fingers suckk, i think imma make some french toast finally we bought some! woohoo..melissa, hands off! alright yall. holla atcha tomorrow..meg

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[09 Sep 2003|02:16am]
[ mood | artistic ]

damn, i finally got it lookin DECENT, still not how i want it to look. trying new things.. how u like it now melissa?!! haha...slut..

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god a bad azz headache dayumm... [09 Sep 2003|12:10am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Ashanti - Baby, Baby ]

ok, just got done eatin my wendy's and damn i've had a headache for like 3 hours. at work, had to move these damn concrete blocks and got my pants all shitty. still havent heard form chris. its all good, i just miss him tho. i actually cant wait till he gets back so i can tell him whats on my mind and just be with him :(( whatever. blah blah. i feel like killin myself sometimes. i hate my life. its so goddamn boring. well this weekend was pretty fun. me and melissa went shoppin a lil bit and saw dickie roberts. was pretty funny. other than that, just been buyin shit off ebay alot for my new apt. damn i cant wait to move out..well, enuff of this crap, i gotta organize my cd's...nitey nite...meg

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..pissed at the world... [07 Sep 2003|02:14am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | 98 Degrees (I Do) that right? lol ]

ok, me and chris have only been goin out for like 4 months, doesnt seem like alot, but it is. anyways, hes in nevada right now and i'm so lonely. i dunno what to think, i havent talked to the a**hole in like 3 weeks..but whatever, he better be here for my b-day oct 4th!! only a lil time left to get me presents! haha...ok..my celly hasnt rang in like 4 weeks, other than my mom n stuff callin me lol...hey, saves me money, but in the same way, blows my minutes na mean?!! lol...damn i dont know what the hell to write in these things..its my 1st time! man it felt good to leave work friday night at 4..woohoo...feels like sunday but its only sat night! ha..anyways..damn i'm cravin some long john's, whatever. they aint even open! i think 1 day, imma own 1...nah, we might go outta business cuz i'd be eatin all tha chiken! lol..anyways..i gotta brush my hair and my damn feet are asleep so holla my fellow bytches!!

i want peanut butter n jelly..

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lol, got these from melissa's journal..

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