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+__disclaimer [children, children. Listen up, this is a blurty, this is used for an rp(role play) hint hint… it means that this is fake. I am not a poser, or saying I look anything like this. I am not really a playboy model. I do not really look like the pb: eliza dushku, and no, I don’t have a life. Don’t go runnin to momma when you see this journal, and have a heartattack. Please don’t IM me either asking if I really am anything like that. I made it all up. THIS IS FAKE. ]

id do anything
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[01 Apr 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | zoinks - problems ]

hm. the names byler. you can call me by, or byler.. whichever floats yer boat. im 19, almost 20.

so my mom was a playmate... i guess i followed in her footsteps.

when i came to visit my mom here, i got to stay and chill, for weeks. it was fucking awesome. though i am from manhattan. my parents were divorced, and i mostly lived with my dad, for obvious reasons... heh. but i moved in the mansion at 16, because my dad had died in a plane crash, even though my mom wasnt a playmate, she had asked hef to look after me... because she had gotten lung cancer... and i reluctantly moved in, because i loved the house, and all the girls were so nice, and the celebrity parties werent so bad either. ;-)

so thats basically my life story in a nut shell... intresting, eh?

oh yeah... my aim is - bylers got boobs, and you can reach me there.

i'd do anything