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[29 Jun 2004|07:29am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | i d0nt wanna kn0w *' mario winnans / p diDdy ]

» yeSteRdAy :: i weNt tO GA wit nic0le .. cuz jeSs' baCk waS buRnt fr0m the beAch m0n. s0 she didNt want it t0 get w0rse at HH .. wE haD fuN .. afteR thAt i juS chylleD arOund the hOuse.. + chRis + hiz friend came to my house n got me in truble !! thnx alot CHRIS ....

» TODAY :: i am gettin my bbutton done wit nicole - lol i keep sayin a diff day but today for ssure lmao .. good luck wit ur finals nicole !!!!

» i`m sO tired. . my ma woke me ^ .. n i think imma go back to bed.. gOod nite / m0rnin

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[27 Jun 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | hyperrrr like alwayz lol brandon ]
[ music | talk about Our lOve *' kanye west // brAnDy ]

YESTERDAY:: ii only went tO get mii cell .. i`m gettin mii b'buttOn dOne tOmOrro !! i juSz chilleD arOund the hOuse .. n yeahH .. nicOle came hOme - i miSt ya gerl !!

T0DAY:: i went t0 manasquan wiit jeSs + michaeL .. it wuz fuNn .. me + jeSs put 0ur t0welz 0n 0ur heaDz anD mii ma was takin a piC; and all theSe guyz wer laughin at uS lmaO .. me + jeSs wer craCkin up. . n wen we weR in the ocean this slimy shit kept tOuchin me lmaO .. n like every wave knOcked me Over :o[ lmaO .. and sOme girl swimmin by us .. was like LOOK AT THE BIG BLUE FISH me + jess lOoked at each other n RAN so fast outta tha ocean .. lmaO it wus hilarious. . after tha beach we went bak tO jeSs' n riCh came oveR. . so we all chilled in the baCk roOm . . On the way hOme i gOt bKing lol .. i saw zed wOrkin there lOl .. n yeaHhHh

TOMMORROW:: gOin tO huRricAne haRbOr wiit jeSs .. n idk whaa ??

updAte lAteR * xOx

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[26 Jun 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | what u want *' mase ]

damn .. i'm so tired - i jus woke up :o[ ..

YESTERDAY :: i was suppozd to goto belmar with nikki, but her fam was goin so her ma wanted her to go with them .. so i ended up goin to LBi with jaimie + colin.. omg right wen we got there wuz a HUGE guy .. n his shorts wer kinda low - and hiz buttcrack wuz stickin out. . it wus the nastiest thing i eveer saw lmao .. we had alotta fun .. i got a lil burnt tho .. after i got home from the beach i took a shower then i chilled around .. hopin it wuld rain - but ali jinxd it and of course it didnt rain so i had sball practice.. n i almost passed out - it wus so much shit; and this was my first day back since surgery .. n it wasnt good lol .. after that i stopped at my gpa's n gave him his bday card.. then i picked up nikki - and went home n got ready .. then me + nikki went to the m0viez at 950 .. n saw white chicks. . its the funniest movie ever .. lmao my new fav. ;] and some chick ran riight into me n gave me a dirty look - LMAO and shes the one that went into me.. stupid ass.. i HATE girls lmaoo .. after the movie i dropped nikki off; i got home around 12:30 .. n i wus jus layin there n ali called me.. n i wuz on the fone wit him til 2? i didnt get to bed til 3 ... im so tired :o[

T0DAY:: goin to get my new cell phone !! FINALLY lmao .. mine right now has no attenna, and no screen lmao n no numberz.. its a piece of shit lmao .. hahaaaa then im gettin my belly button pierced [[ AGAiN ]] - it closed when i was in the hospital ..

now im gonna go eat.. so peeeeeeeeeeace lol xOx

let me kn0 if this right here, is s0methin y0u can have f0r years
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[24 Jun 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | bLaHhHhH ]
[ music | freek a leeek *' petey pablO ]

oooo .. haven't updated in mad l0ng .. lma0 .. well imma keep thiz sh0rt cuz i hate writin l0ng entriez lma0 .. well yesterday was tha laz day 0f sk0ol .. t0day im pr0lly d0in nun - nD t0m0rr0w im g0in t0 tha beach in tha AM; den mall / m0viez 'r0und 5 ??? i dun0 yet .. well im 0ut . . i think imma eat s0me m0re cake f0r bfaSt haha .. peeeeace xOx

wantin him s0o0o baddd ;]
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[14 Jun 2004|04:54pm]
[ mood | pist, angry, mad, b0ut 2 bl0w !! ]
[ music | g0 t0 sLeEp bitCh *' eMiNeM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

--» damn . . s0 much shit happenin . . thiz iz t0day s0 far . .

1ST PERi0D :: slept - whut else is new ?? lma0
2ND PERi0D :: lma0 0n the way t0 2nd per. nikki f0rg0t she wuz disectin t0day; n they get in truble if they wear sandles.. n 0f c0urse nikki iz wearin sandles - n i had t0 wear sh0ez tha day lma0 jp s0 we switched in tha hallway . . lma0 it wuz s0 fuckin funni .. ppl wer pr0lly lyk wtf .. haha .. ge0m. waz b0ring - i think i slept ?? im still failing it t0 !! damnit !! >:o[
3RD PERi0D :: read "night" - b0ringgggg .. lalala w0ulda slept but she wuz yellin at ppl wit their headz d0wn . . o0 well
4TH PERi0D :: waz s0 funni .. it t0ok mrs g. til 1 t0 xplain a stupid pic. pr0mpt we havfta d0 f0r hist0ry - - n shez tellin us tha itz n0t a st0ry - - then wdf iz it stupid. . ugh she ann0yz me . . well newaiz. . jen wuz feelin sick + it wuz 0n tha rite side n they kept seyin appendicitis .. n lucky me - having that just recently lma0 wuz tellin her wha happened + shit - shez like did it hurt i wuz like they put me t0 sleep lma0 it wuz funni .. n every1 waz like n0o itz just gas !! lma0 n mrs. glick waz sittin in a reg. student chair n jen wuz standin nexta her waitin f0r her t0 fill 0ut da pass n she handz jen tha pass.. n sum1 wuz like JUST LET iT 0UT JEN . . n jen turnz her ass rite int0 mrz g'z face 0mg it wuz s0 hilari0us .. we all died.. lma0 shez s0 fuckin funny lma0 ..

ppl are sO fuCkin gAy; nD neEda uNdAstaND
to keep their mouthz shut if they dnt want tha
sHit thEy sAy tO cOme baCk tO theM.. uH huH
aLsO :: peOple shOuldnt taLk shit bOut OthAz
wheN whAt thEy sAy deScRibez theM mORe'
theN the fuCkin persOn in tha 1st pLaCe..fuCk
alL Of yOu'z . . niKki - dNt wRy if thEy dOn`t *'
beLieve yOu cuz thAtz theyr Own prOb. ! ! ! !

^ 0kay that iz t0 j0e s. + steve s. y0u guyz may think nikki iz lyin t0 u ab0ut u guyz n0t likin each 0tha but u kn0 wut dEep d0wn u kn0 itz tru cuz u guyz kn0 u b0th fuckin sed it .. j0e seyd shit b0ut stec t0 nikki - n i've heard stec sey shit b0ut j0e t0 me . . if y0u guyz ann0y each 0tha s0 fuckin much then y the hell r u still friendz . . n an0tha thing j0e u have n0 fuckin right t0 call nikki geek-fat-jealous-nasty n w.e else u fuckin seyd . . that shit d0nt even fuckin describe her - if u really think that nikki iz jeal0us 0f y0u .. u 0bvi0usly d0nt fuckin kn0w her - she has n0thin t0 be fuckin jeal0uz 0f - u think ur fuckin all that - did y0u ever fuckin take a min t0 l0ok in the fuckin mirr0r at urself - sayin shit ab0ut 0ther ppl aint g0nna make u l0ok betta - it may make u feel betta ab0ut urself . . but s0rry t0 break it hunni ur g0nna be disgusting n0 matta what . . s0o next time u g0 t0 say shit b0ut s0me0ne .. think again - cuz the shit u said describez u - n0one else. . .


[[ n0 matta h0w many gerlz tell y0u they l0ve y0u n0ne 0f dem will eva mean it lyk i d0 ]]
[1 ] Title/DescriptionwaN my G0ODiiEZ

[13 Jun 2004|09:46am]
[ mood | dr0wsy, tired, liteheaded, bLah ]
[ music | danger0usly in l0ve *' bey0nce ! ! ! ! ! <333 ]

cus i am in love with you, you set me free.. i can't do this thing called life without you here with me.. cus i am [[ dangerously in love ]] with you - ill never leave.. just keep lovin me the way i love you lovin me*

YESTERDAY - went t0 jackie'z sweet 16 . . it wus s0 fun - happy sweet 16 jackiee !! .. my ma picked me ^ then i went h0me, changed n went bak 0ut .. we picked ^ jaimie + c0lin n went t0 lauren'z . . me + jaimie kept walkin ar0und cuz we wer b0red . . n0thin rele happened . . i didnt get h0me til 12. . n im fuckin tired as hell !! i w0uld still be sleepin if brian didnt text me n sey g0od m0rnin sweetie .. BLAH ! its n0t a g0od morning . . i feel shitty . . i wana thr0w ^ .. uggh

t0day im pr0lly just g0nna d0 my laundry, clean mi r0om + shit . . n lay 0utside . . i hate sundaiz l0l .. 0o i g0tta make ^ w0rk t0o .. l0l if i d0nt f0rget .. 0o well .. update lata . .

y0u g0t me g0in crazy, tuRn me 0n . . tuRn me 0n

waN my G0ODiiEZ

[12 Jun 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | thug l0ve *' 50cent ` bey0nce ]

haven't updated in awhile ...

okay so heres whats been happenin ..

THURSDAY - i went t0 lacey t0 see my cuz c0linz baseball game . . it wuz c0ol - me n jaimie walked ar0und n saw an0ther game [[ wit 0lder guys ]] n i wus like ooo jaimie l0ok at #22 lma0 n she like " WUT CAiTLYN. . WUT B0UT #22 ?! " n he l0oked at us lma0 ;] n we wer bein idi0tz .. haha i had a sweatshirt 0n; n it wus rele l0ng s0 i wus like real l0ud wen the guyz wer walkin by .. i wuz like " JAiMiE CAN i B0RR0W UR PANTS, i f0rg0t mine" n they kept laughin at us .. lma0 n #13 jaimie - his ass wus .. unporportional .. lma0 0r w.e da fuck u sed.. ahahaha .. well yeaa .. we had fun .. then these girls walked by .. they wer like in 7th gr. n they wer lyk " l0ok theres a c0w in the wind0w " n i wuz like "if ya l0oked in tha mirr0r ud see a c0w t0o " lma0 n jaimie wuz yellin c0wz!!!!!!!! n shit 0mg it wuz funni .. g0tta l0ve jaimie !! <33 0n the way bak t0 jaimiez . . there wuz a "kid" walkin 0n da side 0f the street.. s0 i wuz like MA beep at him ! s0 she beeped, and he turned n it wuz a mexican ! lma0 .. n i waved .. hahaha .. my maz like CAiTLYN thats h0w u start truble .. i wuz like ur tha 0ne that beeped.. shez like i didnt kn0 .. i wuz like ma imma tell dad ur beepin at mexicans .. lma0 it wuz hilarious .. i kept wavin t0 every guy 0n the side 0f the street .. lma0 jaimie th0ught i wuz a crackhed lma0 ...

FRiDAY - sk0ol was sk0ol .. nun special .. 1st per i alwayz rest my head 0n my bag n like sleep .. n all a sudden my bag started vibratin .. n i hadda text s0 i read it n it said " wake up " lma0 i l0oked 0ut da d0or n ali wuz walkin by .. lma0 .. tha made my day . . 2nd + 3rd wuz b0rin .. i miss nic0le !! lma0 .. 4th - was s0 sh0rt !! i wuz s0 happi .. =] .. at 6 me nic0le + nikki went t0 the mall .. we get der + rite 0ff see ali n hiz friends .. then we g0t suntin t0 eat n s0me kid c0mez up t0 us n iz like my friend thinkz ur h0tt .. n wantz ur # .. n we just left.. hahaha .. theyr wuz als0 a deaf ladi selling these crystal duckz 0r suntin .. idk wut they wer l0l .. nic0le b0ught 0ne cuz shes s0 nice !!! .. l0l .. then we went t0 the m0viez.. + wer g0nna see garfield .. but yann0 it started alrede + shit .. we met ^ wit keisha, her sis, edna, her sis, + ann marie . . s0 we jus decided t0 see stedf0rd wivez ?? .. me + nic0le went int0 ali'z m0vie f0r like 10 minz .. it smelt s0 bad in there - it t0ok me + nic0le 10 minz jus t0 walk in there.. aliz like wut t0ok uz s0 l0ng .. lma0 .. cuz they wer watchin us .. hahaa - that m0vie " chr0nicals... 0f somethin or other " wuz s0 WEIRD.. i culdnt even watch it .. it wus hurtin my eyez l0l .. s0 den it wuz 830 n me + nic0le went bak t0 nikki n them n saw 0ur m0vie .. n ali txtd me s0 i t0ld him t0 c0me int0 0urz .. n theyr wuz like n0 seatz cuz it wuz cr0wded + shit .. n he had all these xcusez t0 n0t g0 in .. lma0 " im clastraphobic, itz a chickflick... " blaah l0l .. i tried takin hiz f0ne n g0in in .. but yan0 that didnt w0rk t0 well .. hez like therez a fat white guy eatin p0pc0rn in there giivin me l0okz ... lma0 .. s0o yea .. i culdnt get him t0 g0 in .. n i wanted t0 see da rest 0f the m0vie s0 i went bak in. . lma0 the m0vie wuldnt fuckin end !! .. there wuz these ppl in the fr0nt r0w 0n the far left side.. n tha girl wuz seriously 0n t0p the kid. . n0 lie it l0oked like they wer humpin .. it wuz s0 cr0wded in there - eveyr0ne wuz l0okin .. i guess they didnt care lma0 .. haha then s0me lady c0mez n sits next t0 me.. n she whisperin shit .. n then like grabz the kid infr0nt 0f her that wuz next t0 keisha .. lma0 wut a weird0o .. n itz aliz fault lma0 cuz if he wus sittin der she wuldnt 0f sat der !! lma0 jp . . m0vie wuz 0ver [[ finally ]] lma0 .. nikkiz like bl0ndie ur maken me MAD !! hahaha cuz i wuz like n the m0vie iz 0verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. DAMNIT its n0t .. lma0 the wh0le time ahaha .. i g0t h0me.. went 0nline f0r a lil .. den slept with gum in my m0uth lma0 wen i w0ke ^ it wuz still in there .. lma0 .. jus th0ught i'd share lma0. .

T0DAY - i'm g0in t0 jackie'z party at 1 . . then after im g0in t0 an0ther party.. i w0n't be h0me til late. . well im g0nna g0 .. get finished gettin reaDy + shit . . t0m0rr0w i d0nt think im d0in nethin s0 if ne1 wantz t0 chyll lemme kn0 .. i'll updAte t0m. i guesS ?! xOx

s0me day i'll find a way t0 sh0w ya

just h0w lucky i am t0 kn0w ya*

- wantin him s0 bad -
waN my G0ODiiEZ

haha im s0 effin stupid ! ! [10 Jun 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | tired ! ]
[ music | y0u want it *' ThaRa ]

but i can`t let y0u g0*

--» lma0, it all started this m0rnin - when i g0t t0 my busst0p - me + mike saw the bus c0min, n i started walkin wit my b0okz then they just fell . . lma0 wtf ?? i didnt trip 0r nun - i was s0 tired that they just slid 0ff my handz !! haha . . then i hadda pick em ^ n mike just laughed at me - what a d0rk .. newaiz last nite i g0t n0 sleep [ again ] d0ug + r0bbie called - when i g0t h0me at lyk 10 ? they were bein mean s0 i hung ^ 0n them . . ha ha s0rrie !! ;] .. sk0ol was sk0ol - n0thin rele happened . . 0mg i alrede miss nic0le !! lma0 - i hate my classes n0w - i d0nt even kn0 y i g0 - all i d0 is sleep newaiz l0l . . then i stayed after n r0b asked me t0 drive him h0me - lma0 i wuz lyk n0pe n hez like fine bitch hahaha :] thatz me !! i g0t h0me - n talked t0 nikki 0n the f0ne f0r a bit - then jus talkin 0n the c0mp. n i talked t0 ali 0n the f0ne .. n datz it ! ! im b0red as hell .. itz thursday - thank g0d fri is alm0st here - - im g0in t0 the mall / m0viez ?? n sat i g0t 2 partyz . . h0ot - sunday i aint d0in nun ! ! well thatz all f0r n0w .. lata xOx

y0u say y0u want it,, y0u need it*

waN my G0ODiiEZ

an0ther b0rin day in my life . . . [09 Jun 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | feeL s0 g0od *' mase ]

» aHh !!! i havent g0tten any sleep. . last nite i wuz 0n the f0ne wit nikki - then i g0t 0ff cuz i waz s0 tired . . like 10 minz g0 by + i wuz ab0ut t0 fall asleep + d0ug + r0bbie call me. . lma0 they kept makin fun 0f me the wh0le time - they i hava squeeky v0ice + shit . . lma0 im all c0ngested n i hada s0ar thr0at + they were makin fun 0f me !! grR >:[ . . doug + r0bbie r s0 mean l0l . . well yea . . then i finally went t0 sleep n i w0ke up late s0 my ma dr0ve me t0 sch0ol .. first per. i saw ali - hez s0 fxkin HOTT; blaaah lol newayzzzz .. 2,3, n 4th were n0rmal .. then i stayed after wit mrz c. t0 do sum english .. n yeah !! i have my s0ftball banquet t0nite - dun0 wut im wearin ? ! hmm yeaa .. this week better g0 by fast !! nd im s0 mad - nicole isnt g0in bak t0 sk0ol - nd imma miss her in math+english !!! :[ grrr. . life sux ! well thatz it ! ! lata xOx

i want y0u t0 want me
waN my G0ODiiEZ

an0ther stupid .. b0ring . . day* [08 Jun 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | l0ve iz pain *' amanda perez ]

If I Were:

a month I would be: January, [[ my bday ]]

a day of the week I would be: friday!!

a time of day I would be: idk ? ! at nite th0

a planet I would be: plut0 . . s0 far away

a sea animal I would be: d0lphin

a direction I would be: s0uth ;]

a piece of furniture I would be: waterbed !! lma0 i want 0ne !!

a sin I would be: uhh, weird ? . . idk??

a historical figure I would be: first female prez. haha yea right !

a liquid I would be: alc0h0l . . 0r 0range juice

a tree I would be: paLm tRee

a flower/plant I would be: r0se. .

a kind of weather I would be: sunny

a musical instrument I would be: drumz, s0 damn l0ud lma0

an animal I would be: pitbull

a color I would be: pink, blue, silver ? !

a fruit I would be: strawberry

a sound I would be: bullllly heal geal BHULLLLLLLL - lma0 nic0le

an element I would be: uh. . ??

a car I would be: t0y0ta celica . . 0r h0nda civic

a song I would be: i d0nt wanna kn0w - itz n0t my fav. but it describez me al0t

a movie I would be directed by: n0 idea ?? but the greatest effin dude.

a book I would be written by: idk. . the harry p0tter ladii l0l she g0od

a food I would be: idk; g0od shit! like pizza, 0r 0re0z, 0r mm m0z stix - the list g0es 0n :x

a place I would be: the beach!!

a material I would be: siLk ;]

a taste I would be: idk??

a scent I would be: h0llister, 0r l0ve spell

a word I would be: fuck, l0l naa umm HEARTBR0KEN

an object I would be: cellph0ne

a body part I would be: eyez, i love eyes . .

a facial expression I would be: ;] or a kiss face :-*

a cartoon character I would be: ginger fr0m 'as t0ld by ginger'

a shape I would be (a)n: a br0ken heArt - <|3

a number I would be: 5, 16, or 3

a bird I would be: cardinaL

a holiday i would be: christmas !! or thanksgiving :]

okkaaay so today... was really h0tt .. n0thin really happened . . i need sleep - the 0ther day i went t0 bed at 1:30, n last nite i went t0 bed at 12 .. uggh .. i can't sleep - i just sit there n think 0f shit . . n it made me realize, im really dumb. . i keep likin the same kinda ppl + theyr all playerz. . ugh 0o well . . i dun rele care nem0re . . im n0t g0nna find s0me0ne, everythingz g0nna stay the same - nd ill deal wit it . . t0m0rr0 i think is the s0ftball banquet ? ? i h0pe s0, i miss tha s0ftball girls !! i wish the seas0n wasnt 0ver, but i hated stayin after + crap. . o0 well . . i can't play 0ver the summer cuz 0f my stupid surgery -_- o0 well yan0 ? thatz all f0r n0w . . xOx

*n0one c0uld ever want y0u like i d0*
waN my G0ODiiEZ

- - » i just want t0 be l0ved * [07 Jun 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | l0nely «|3 ]
[ music | 0ver *' ashanti ]

» t0day was ight. sch0ol was b0ring like usual. . me, nic0le + nikki went h0me 0n devinz bus - and g0t 0ff at the st0p next t0 mine l0l. . i made devinz day cause im stupid and deaf n here things that arent right . . lma0, i f0rget what i sed th0 . . 0 well - after we g0t t0 my h0use, we went t0 art pr0, n i g0t mi nailz d0ne, and nikki + nic0le g0t pedz . . then we went t0 bk . . i really need t0 st0p eatin - im gettin fat - mhhm well newaiz thatz it; n0thin else t0 write s0 later xOx «

i`ll never play an0ther day 0f being y0ur f0ol
waN my G0ODiiEZ

uGh i hAtE sundAyz . . [06 Jun 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | b0red, tiRed, bLaHhHhHhHhh !!! ]
[ music | the wAy *' cLay AikEn ]

+ toDayz reLe bOrin, i hAte suNdAyz .. i diDnt dO nuN tOdai - i taLked tO aLi on tha fOne fOr a liL lol . . n den he haDda gO shOweR, sO i juS sat on tha cOmp. lyk i aLwayz dO lOl .. welL iMa tAke a suRvey . . heRe it gOezz

+: MeE :+
Name ::: CaitlyN
Nickname(s) ::: cait; caity; bl0ndie or barbie haha
Age ::: 16
Birthdate ::: jaN 5
Time you were born ::: no fuCkin idea . .
Height ::: 5'3 or 5'4 ? i fOrget
Current hair color ::: bl0nde
Natural hair color ::: light br0wn w/ lil bl0nde
Eye color ::: blue greeN
School ::: JMHS

+: Favorites :+
Color? ::: blue, pink, silver, black + red
Food? ::: mmm . . pizza i gueSs ? ?
Drink? ::: rOotbeEr, bawLz, cReaM s0da
Tv Show? ::: pimp my riDe
Movie? ::: texas chainsaw masacRe
Actor? ::: paul walker !!!!
Actress? ::: jennifeR l0pez
Comedian? ::: adaM saNdLeR
Cartoon? ::: hmm .. as t0ld by gingeR ! r0fl . i neva c dat nem0re
Animal? ::: kangar0oz, d0gz, catz, + h0rsez :]
Place to be? ::: beach !!
Flower? ::: r0se
Game? ::: tha ? gaMe [ lma0 nikki ! ]
Childhood toy? ::: baRbiez !! haha

+: Friends :+
Best friend(s) ::: nikki + nic0le
Funniest ::: DEVIN
Serious ::: idk?
Shyest ::: n0ne 0f us l0l
Outgoing ::: brand0n :]
Nicest ::: sAraH !! + dOm =]
Meanest ::: aLi - even th0 he seyz he jKin lma0
Dorkiest ::: pr0lly me
Has the most blonde moments ::: all 0f us
Trustworthy ::: nikki + nic0le. . .
Weirdest ::: jaimie
Who has the best personality ::: my cuz jen !
Who has the best eyes ::: me? i d0nt kn0? l0l
Who has the best hair ::: uhh .. n0t sure?
Who can always cheer you up no matter what ::: nic0le + nikki
Who do you always seem to argue with ::: rOb - rOfL
Always there ::: nic0le + nikKi
Known the longest ::: britt O + nic0le
Spend the most time with ::: nikki + nic0le

+: Love :+
Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? ::: nO, single f0r 7m0nths =[
If not do you have a Crush? ::: th0ught i did, but whatever.
Why do you like them? ::: pers0nality - funny - gOodloOkin
Have you ever been in love? ::: n0pe.
Who was your first love? ::: havent been in l0ve.. [ 0nly bf - - zaCk ]
If you havent do you think you'll ever fall in love? ::: at the rate im g0in - n0
Whats the farthest you've gone? ::: n0 c0mment =]
Ever been dumped? ::: n0
Ever dumped someone? ::: yeaH
What matters most to you Personality or Looks? ::: b0th
Whats an absolute must? ::: pers0nality, eyes, b0dy'z g0od t0o !
Whats the longest you've ever been with someone? ::: 3 m0nthz [ 0n + 0ff ]
Whats the shortest? ::: 3 dayz

+: Last... :+
Drink consumed? ::: 0range juiCe
Food consumed? ::: maC + chEeSe
Person you talked to? ::: dOm =]
Person you were thinking of? ::: d0m, cuz im talkin t0 him l0l
Crush? ::: maLiek - psh..
Ex? ::: zack
Person you kissed? ::: zack
Person you hugged? ::: zack - yeSterday l0l
Person you got in a fight with? ::: rOb dunO
Phone call? ::: dOm
Dream? ::: d0nt rememeber.
Nightmare? ::: ^ ditt0
Song you listened to? ::: trade it alL
Person you IMed? ::: i have my aM uP, but iM taLkin t0 d0m 0n yah0o
You laughed? ::: earLier bef0re
Time you were nice? ::: d0nt remember.

+: Current... :+
Clothing? ::: black shirt, n grey sh0rtz
Song you're listening to? ::: thr0wback, usher
Person you're talking to? ::: dOm =]
Annoyance? ::: thinkin 0f my singLe-neSs >=[
Thing that made you happy? ::: i`m neva happy =/
Favorite Thing? ::: mi cellf0ne + c0mputer
Favorite Person(s)? ::: eminem, chingy, nikki, nic0le, my cuz', + friendz..
Favorite Song? ::: freek a leek - uh duh !
Favorite Movie? ::: texas chainsaw masacre? l0ve d0nt c0st a thing
Longing? ::: say whAt ?
Obsession? ::: n0thing!
Thing you're thinking of? ::: writing thiz survey

+: Associate these Words with your friends :+
Boo ::: J0EY ! [ ex - friend ]
Woosh ::: nic0le ? i d0nt kn0w why?
Blue ::: my fav c0l0r
Music ::: nikki + me singin haha
Real ::: nikki + nic0le
Dark ::: ? ?
Sing ::: nikki + me
Skateboard ::: stec + edley l0l dunn0 y?
Guitar ::: ? ?
Drums ::: ? ?
Lost ::: ME
Kiss ::: ME !!
Car ::: celicA
Computer ::: me
Video Games ::: my br0ther
Whisper ::: ? ? dun0
Phone ::: celly
Hair ::: i hate mine
Bracelet ::: nic0le'z
Ice ::: maLiek
Sleep ::: i need s0me
Little ::: ? ! ?
Death ::: my step gMa
Knife ::: nikki - but a PEN lmao rem. in 0uterbankz haha
Happy ::: nic0le w/ devin aww
Bounce ::: wit me
Red ::: ? ! ?
Boy ::: crazii
Girl ::: nikki + nic0le
Sock ::: feEt
Picture ::: peRfect
Green ::: weEd
Food ::: ice cream
Contest ::: stAring - l0l nic0le
Short ::: ME
Tall ::: nic0le
White ::: mE

+: Have you ever... :+
Done drugs? ::: n0pe
Smoked? ::: n0
Got drunk? ::: n0 silly, thatz bad f0r y0u
Had sex? ::: MARYs f0r life lma0
Been arrested? ::: alm0st .. jeN the c0pz haha + the fr0g
Been caught doing: alwayz get caught . .
Stole? ::: yea. .
Been afraid to tell someone something then regretted it later? ::: pr0lly .. i f0rget th0
Not liked a band cause it reminded you of someone you didnt like? ::: yeaH .. niCkLebaCk !! haha s0meday
Fallen for you best friend? ::: n0pe
Eaten so much you wanted to puke? ::: yeaH, i aLwayz eAt
Done something completely stupid in front of someone you liked? ::: i aLwayz d0 thAt >=[
Cussed at a teacher? ::: d0nt remember.. d0nt think s0 ?
Cut class? ::: leFt claSs eaRly s0 i c0uld g0t0 nic0le + nikkiz lunch lma0
Lied to your friends just because? ::: n0 . . d0nt think s0
Gone out with someone cause you felt bad for them? ::: n0
TP'd someone's house? ::: pr0lly .. if it waz wit ne0ne it wuLd be jeSsica !
Egged someone's house? ::: jeSsicA ^^ haha if ne0ne .. i dun rememebr
Egged someone? ::: n0o l0l
Got into a fist fight and lost? ::: n0pe
Got into a fist fight and won? ::: n0pe
Wished you were never born? ::: yeS
That you had never met someone? ::: yea, the ciRcLe [ sumtimez ]
Wondered what it'd be like to be one of your friends? ::: yea
Wanted to be one of your friends? ::: yeaH.. but we weR made wh0 we r f0r a res0n =/
Tried to kill youself? ::: n0, wanted t0 - but n0 im n0t a physc0 like j0ey thinkz
Pretended to like or not like something just to be cool? ::: lma0 n0?

+: Randomness :+
Do you think Colin Farrell is hot? ::: wh0 the fuCk is he?
Do you like Penguins? ::: yeah !! they r s0 cute
What kinda pizza do you like? ::: plain
Doesnt pepsi taste weird? ::: yes, c0ke is better - nikki i CAN taste the difference lma0
Do you like pulp in your orange juice? ::: yeA, 0j iz tha beSt
What are your thoughts on Waffles? ::: grEat w. syRup + butteR
Do you like Fresh Choice? ::: wh0, whAt ? lma0
Did you think this was pretty long? ::: yeaH . . but im b0red
Didja like it? ::: yes, 0h s0 much
Are you bored right now? ::: uh dUh
Is your butt numb from sitting for so long? ::: yeah! r0fl
Do you have posters/pictures on your walls? ::: yeS, eMineM - hez s0 g0rge0uz
Of what? ::: EMiNEM !!
Do you like the Deftones? ::: uh ... surE?
Why or why not? ::: i dun0 wut it is. .
Do you use chapstick? ::: yeA
Do you like the color blue? ::: yeSs
Do you think Ozzy is over rated with the whole prince of darkness crap?: d0nt giv a shit
Can you drive? ::: yeaH, perMit
Do you like Tacos? ::: s0ft shelLeD wit chiken+ chEeSe
Do you like taking pictures? ::: yeah
Isnt Yoda (from star wars) Hardcore? ::: uMm .. suRe?
Who do you think is the hottest famous person alive? ::: eMineM, pauL waLkeR, + chiNgy.. oO n luda
Who do you think is the hottest: pauL waLkeR
Have you ever been on a plane? ::: n0h
Do sharks scare you? ::: yes, my biggeSt feAr
What about spiders? ::: yeaH, 2nd biggeSt lma0
What'cha think about Porn? ::: stupid, n s0 is the circLe lma0
Describe your room ::: ugly, stupid, b0ring, small, filled with eminem<3
Describe your friends ::: crazy, c0ol, i l0ve em t0 death<3
Are you tired yet? ::: n0 .. jus b0red
Did you wet the bed when you were little? ::: n0. . .
What about eat paste? ::: wdf n0 ..
Were you the smelly kid in the class? ::: n0 lma0 . .
Or the one that was too busy picking his nose to notice anything? ::: lma0 ew.. n0
Do you like candles? ::: tha 0nez tha smell purdie yeaH
Isnt the Disney Channel the coolest channel ever?! ::: yeaH def. iz
Ever seen Resident Evil? ::: n0pe
What'd you think? ::: dun0
What do you think about eyeliner? ::: i l0ve it, i aLwayz weAr it
Can you skateboard? ::: n0 l0l
Ever play in the snow? ::: yeS !!
Ever pee in the sn0w ::: lma0 n0
Confess one thing right now for everyone to know ::: i HATE guys . . haha
Do you like scary movies? ::: yeaH

w0o thatz the eNd !! finalLy lma0 .. well im b0red, + tiRed s0 peace xOx <3


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waN my G0ODiiEZ

we On fiRe . . [06 Jun 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | siMpLe thiNgS *' UsHeR ]

yeSteRdAy : me + nicOle weNt tO the malL .. it waz hiLaRiOuS .. EVERYONE that paSsed uS weR lOokin at uS, n mE + niCoLe weR geTtiN maD .. lmaO.. we weR waLkin arOund + thiS kiD waS siNgin by uS [ he wuS hOtt ] + hez lyk iMa havE a reCoRd deaL + mE + niCoLe wEr like yeAh ! n hez likE u guyz goNna buy my cD? n we weR like yeAh the 1St oNez!! lmaO, theN we weR like we'R ur faN cLuB ! haHa it waz fuNny .. theN we pasSed alL theSe ppL thAt kePt seyin heeey whatz ur namE?! lmao me + nicOle kept waLkin; we weR so mean !! haha .. then we paSsed 3 blK guyz ; n once thEy paSsed i tuRned tO nicOle + gave heR a face .. lyk cuz they weR scAry loOkin + once i diD thAt the onE guy tuRned.. n i saW n i wuS like o Shit + he wuz like WHATS THAT LOOK FOR.. omg i alMost diEd me N niCole kePt waLkin ROFL .. n we kePt paSsin theM tOo + thEy wEr loOkin at uz fuNni .. theN we kePt waLkin arOund & thiz HUGE grouP of bLk gUyz weR gOin dOwn the eScaLatOr & thEy weR like tO me + nicOle " heeeey whatz ur name " and we just tuRned arOund + nicOle seD they weR calLin me britney spears lmao we gOt oFf the escaLatOr + the 3 guyz thAt i gav tha lOok tO weR theRe.. n i wuz like tO nicOle "that waz ruDe" [ taLkin boUt the b.spearz thing] n the 3 guyz weR like " i kno right " n i wuz like " yeah JEEZ! " it wuz fuNni .. theN we paSsed thiS HOTT group of guyz .. theRe must of beEn 1O of em... + they kePt tellIn uS tO go oveR theRe, n shIt lmaO .. me + nicOle diDnt but it waz fuNni .. wE weR foLlowiN eaCh otheR the whOle tiMe .. + we stoppeD oUtsiDe baNgbaNg, n they weR upstaiRs lOokin dOwn at uS.. lmao nicOle "staRing cOnteSt" n theN nicOle gOes ilL be rite baCk + she weNt intO baNgbaNg N LEFT ME !! n the 3 guys weR comin .. n i wuz scaRed n then sAt on the beNch i wuz sittin On + they weR like HIIIII, n they wer like why u lOok scaRed fOR? n i wuz like IM NOT SCARED lmao it wuz so funny .. then nicOle waLks out + a lil aftr that they left.. n i gOtO nicole U LEFT ME!! n shez like i come out heRe, n ur surrOnded lmao it wuz sO fuNny .. OH MAN we also saw zack .. he changed.. but yea.. ANYWAYS ... otheR stuFf haPpeNeD .. bLaHh i fOrgeT it alL .. buT yeAh .. theN at the eNd we saw siNgin bOy agen .. n taLked tO him .. he waz reLe coOl hiz bdai waz jan 13tH!! hOot ! lmao haha nicOle. . jaN bdAyz r betteR !! lmao. . he wuz reLe nice.. he seD he weNt tO mOn dOn, but waznt that goOd of a student, sO he gOes tO TR nOrth !! we didnt get hiz sn or nethin .. but he wuz coOl ..

shiT .. i wOke up sO late diz mOrnin [ 11 ] usualLy i wakE ^ earLy. . but yeaH .. im stilL tiRed, n huNgRy .. sO iM oUt .. lata

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- - » guess whOz baCk, baCk agen . . [05 Jun 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | bLaHh!!!!!!!!!!! ]
[ music | i neeD a girL pt. 2 *' pDiDdy " baDbOyz ]

damn!!! i juS gOt bLuRty baCk - angeLfiRe waS scRewiN up my bkrOundz, n sHit sO i gOt livejOurnaL - nD my inteRnet is gay sO it never leMme updAte that sHit sO i gOt bluRty agen aNd gOt a diFf sitE tO uplOad pix . . hMm .. sOo where tO stArt . . . iMma suM up everythin thaz beEn happenin . . abOut 3-4 weEkz agO i haD suRgeRy tO havE my apPendix remOved. . tha dOctOr tOld me i wuz luCky + shiT.. i wuz in the hOsp fOr a wEek - i diDnt gOtO skOol fOr lyk 2 wEekz . . then mE n niKki weNt tO nC for lyk 5 dayz ? ! it waz fuNny as helL .. it waz a 8hR drive.. & on tha way down we kept maken fuN of thingz we saw & shiT .. lmao JiTTERBUG!! - yea theRe waS thiz guy holdin a "iM huNgRy siGn" i feLt rele bad.. i think we saw hiM in delewaRe ? ! lmao.. but yea it waS kinda scAry. . we atE at i-hOp . . hMm theN weNt on a briDge thAt waS haLf abOve watEr - haLf unDeR - and it waz ovEr 9 miLez lOng . . lol we finalLy gOt tO tha outer bankz at lyk 11 ? n mE & niKki weNt str8 dowN tO the beaCh .. eWwH n theRe waz a deaD maNarAy - it was HUGE! and it smelt. . lmao newaiz .. they have sandcrabz d0wn theRe that aRe HUGE! and thEy ruN in h0lez.. 0h man itz crEePy haHa.. n they cOme out at nite & shIt n they wer ruNnin everywhere.. lmaO preTty scAry .. well newayz the neXt day we wOke ^ at lyk 11 - aNd ate sOo many pancakez lmao .. then we went tO the beaCh .. oh man i could NEVER live theRe - the guyz ... jeez; they werent that goOdloOkin - but the onez that wer - holy daMn, they weR gOrgeOuz .. lmao .. i caNt reMeMbeR xaCtly whut happEneD eveRyday .. but heRez sOme fuNny thiNgz. . bLOndiE & jOey lmao the suRfeRz thAt cOuldnt suRf haH .. the mexiCanz sayin shiT tO uz wen we weR waLkin oN the beaCh .. gOin shOppin, miLshakez & brOwnie eArthquAkez, "BRU-THRU" - place wheR u can driVe in & gEt nethiN, lOl it wuz hOtt !, dRivin on the beaCh & thoz kidz in the OtheR truCk yelLiN wOoO lol, the dOg thAt kePt coMin uptO me On the beaCh & drOppin the ball on my tuMmy sO i cOuld thrOw it .. rOfL, "MORRRRRRGAN!!" - uM nO? hAhA .. "OH SORRY BOUT THAT .. bITCH" - lmao nikki - oh no they didNt .. gOin tO waLmaRt & suBway - thAt cReEpy guy thAt stuCk hiz heD out Of the truCk - oO man .. the hOtt kiD in waLmArt - nikki: WHERE? haha and he wuz right behiNd heR.. lmaO i thiNk he heArd us .. hahaa.. hiz UGLY car; aNd hiz GMA! hahaaa... seeing alL thOse hOrSe statuez & my ma going " LOOK CAIT " - me: MA I DONT CARE! hahaha .. ageN walkin on the beaCh & thoz dudez fishiN - they wer puttin theyr poles dOwn & wavIng .. lmao nikki wuz like : CAIT ! im not going down theRe!! lmao then we tuRned arOund .. that bitCh that kePt lOokin at us .. n we kept seyin I HATE WEN PPL LOOK AT US .. staring problemz jeeez the lifeguaRd that kept staring .. jeez whats wit ppl dOwn theRe & staRin probz. . the kidz zack & kevin - lmao theyr ma waz like are you flirting with those girls? n zack was like yeah.. n shez like dont u think they r a lil old for u?! n he started laughin .. lmao nikki - they wer so cute. the parents playin that game rofl, ahH i can't remember anything else that happnd! cept on the way home & the thunder stOrm .. nD us makin truckz honk theyR hornz ROFL.. haha good timezzzzzzzzzzz!! i forget everything else.. lmao we def shoulda wrote it down nikki .. lmao

sO that waz nC .. iM back in skOol now - so much make-uP woRk .. this weEkend has bEen goOd sofAr - even thO itz only sAt. lmao .. itz shitty out .. well yeSterdai i went hOme on nikKiz buS, n we chylled theN went tO sum personz' house & toOk pix of mike & hiz friendz fOr pRom. . lmao staring probz nikki! haha .. then we weNt tO the cArnival .. we met wit nicOle fOr a few - but she haDda wOrk sOo .. then we weR wit maRy & heR siS fOr a Lil .. theN taLked tO stevE C, rObbiE, stEc, jeN, deviN, rOn, & otheR peOple.. aT 1O niCole gOt oFf.. sO we chylleD . . it wuz funni .. mE & niKki gOt watErmiLshAkez.. yuCk ! $4 dOwn tha dRaiN lmaO.. me & niCole gOt mOoneD lmao nikki - scarred fOr liFe ! .. lmao & our sneak attaCk on devin diDnt wOrk !! haha .. nd devin didnt find us any sexy guys !! ooooh shit - and seeing hmm .. MRS UGLY; rather not say her name lmao u neva kno whoz readin this shit .. hahaha lmao .. ahhahaa what a night . . .

tOnitE me & niCoLe aRe gOin tO the malL .. nikki can't come cuz her cuz haS a recitaL :[ .. we mitE chylL wit devin & pPl theRe. . but idK yeT ?.. my ma seyz i caNt dO anything tha reSt of the wkeNd unlezz i cLeaN my roOm - rofL .. sOo i guess im gOin tO go dO thAt! lateRr xOx

i need me a love that's gonna make my heart stop now
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