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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
3:20p - Feelin' Low
This is my first entry and I should be feelin' excited! lol But, I don't. I'm not really full of life today. I woke up this mornin' w/ a sore throat and both ears pluged. :( It bites rock! It pretty much has made me feel lazy and tired. I havent done much today besides cruz town. All my friends are workin' and I have no one to hang w/. :( So I feel lonely. This is a bum day! GRRRR....
I do have church tonight! Yay! That aways lifts my Spirit. :D I don't know if I'll be leading Worship or not. Probably not since I dont feel that well.

Man... yesturday I wanted to punch myself in the face! I was jammin' in my room, and I turned to go do something and my guitar hit my door knob and it left a scratch! :( GRRR..... not kewl! I'm such a blonde sometimes though.... Ahhhh! lol Stupid me. I'm a dumb, dumb! So now I have a bad scratch in my guitfiddle. Yuppa, it sucks major air!

Yeah.... Most of my entries are goin' to be mostly rambles, and probably will bore the poo outta ya! :D haha Really I dont care. I really needed to find a way to vent! Get things off my back. :) Yuppa.

Well, I'm gonna jet here. Someday I may write again. lol Probably tonight or the mornin'.

For now my friends..... I'm out!

current mood: lonely
current music: Grits

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