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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

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    The Black Guards are tired
    Jan 13 2011 14:49
    Latter-day sycophants of Bolshevism and 'left communism' should reply to this contribution. But nowadays, like chameleons, they shun 'sectarian' confrontations, to adopt a more convivial and sweet image. ICC racketeers and devotees in particular should post here to comment on these historic events, or return to the thread, where the claim is made that 'left communism' (and thus the Bolsheviks of Lenin-Trotsky) and 'internationalist anarchists' are really comrades-in-arms. A rah-rah boy of this racket even wrote ecstatically: Marxist and anarchist "communists" have been fighting shoulder to shoulder in various small or great class battles for long. This history of comradeship is very crucial and should never be forgotten. (post 4). But much more significant and decisive were these bloodlettings, unleashed by proletarian saviours such as Lenin, Dzerzhinkly, Uritsky, Latsis, Unszlicht, Peters and others, doubling as butchers. Both hats fitted them well.

    To these little experts in 'comradeship', exterminating 'internationalist anarchists' (plus other opponents and huge numbers of 'collaterals') in Russia from 1918 onwards was just another Bolshevik 'mistake', and nothing to do with the growing and murderous malignancy of Bolshevik state capitalism. Battlescarred's above contribution should help set the record straight. It also helps explain why red fascism (Rühle) is the only adequate definition of Bolshevism.

    The term 'red-fascist' was used by a friend of Trotsky's in the early 1920's btw
    Primary Colors
    Obama’s Primary Challengers
    By John Fund
    May 23, 2012 9:37 A.M. Comments16 ( @ NRO's The Corner )
    President Obama is lucky he was able to intimidate any significant Democrat from challenging him in this year’s primaries. As Katrina noted, a collection of nobodies — including the non-person “Uncommitted” — have been giving him a run for his money in several primaries.

    In this month’s West Virginia primary a convicted felon serving time in a Texas prison won over 40 percent of the vote. Last night, in Kentucky’s primary “Uncommitted” won 42 percent of the vote and actually carried a majority of the state’s 120 counties over the incumbent president. Dozens of traditionally Democratic counties — including the coal region around Pikeville — spurned Obama. They obviously included many of the Democratic primary voters who Obama said in 2008 continued to “cling” to guns and religion. They certainly aren’t clinging to their incumbent president this year.

    In Arkansas last night, Obama faced a live, non-felon opponent name John Wolfe Jr. who won 42 percent of the vote. A lawyer from Tennessee, Wolfe is a former Obama supporter who says Obama has been captured by special interests. “I think the president campaigned one way and then he governed another,” Wolfe told ABC News, saying that in handling financial bailouts Obama has “institutionalized failure.” “What he did was he brought in people who caused the crisis and made them his closest advisers: Rahm Emanuel, Bill Daley, Jack Lew,” Wolfe said, making a critique that is completely compatible with mainstream liberal thinking.

    Wolfe has faced Obama before. In Louisiana he won three parishes.

    But no matter how well he does, don’t expect Team Obama to allow him or any other candidate to collect delegates who could become a magnet for media attention at the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

    The party claims that Wolfe failed to fill out some paperwork for submitting delegate slates in Arkansas so his strong showing will not net him any representation at the convention.

    Arkansas Democratic party spokeswoman Candace Martin told the Associated Press that any delegates Wolfe might claim won’t be recognized at the national convention.

    Wolfe says he is being treated unfairly. He told the blog PolicyMic: “I filled out 4 sets of forms. I wrote out a check for $2,500 to be paid to the Arkansas Democratic Party. They cashed it. Nothing was said that day about deadlines missed or forms missing. It gets better, stay tuned for more.”

    Wolfe will next face off against President Obama in the Texas primary, which will be held next Tuesday.

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