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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

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    Welcome back my friends
    To our show that never ends!
    I want it all. I want it all, I want it all. And I want it now. Conditions remain unchanged. Release drug war prisoners, Bradman and Peltier and bring back PAM. Having Wyden re-introduce PAMs would be a nice touch. Now he is a booster for net-power after all these years. PAMs will reduce cultural shock and social dislocation ' future shock' and the refusal to bring them back is beginning to tell. I have offered reasonable terms every year for the last 3 years and so can't be held responsible for any violence in the future.
    Realistically there will be violence of we have seen before in Bologna, Soweto and more recently, Mubareks egypt. The extremely nasty CIA style 'strategy of tension'. I suggest those who suggest such a course be leaked into early retirement. Certainly I will assassinate any I catch on my radar.
    Now the timeline is clearer. Net power is on the march and has three major weapons. 1) the power to rout around, to shun, boycott and occupy without demands. 2) the power to respond to aggression with denial of services. 3) the power to predict the desired future by leveraging net-based markets.
    No force on earth can stand up to all these powers - certainly not the pentagon. The age of command and obey rapidly giving way to anarchy. Don't fear the future - embrace it. In the future days we will make secure, we will rout around the pentagon, we will deny the pentagon services and we will predict the permanent retirement of each and every commander in chief that refuse surrender on our reasonable terms.
    What are these terms?
    Unconditional surrender and with signs of good faith such as those mentioned during the past three years attempts to ward off uncontrollable chaos and violence. Now we are prepared for power to do its worst. don't worry. We will do our best. The future keeps happening and tomorrow belongs to us.
    Book him Dano- murder one
    PUT out an APB on Steven Colbert. He slayed them in the White-House and now he's murdering them near Cape Fear. From a White-House to a Blood House and now a new Fort Sumpter, this man is a stone killer. Approach with caution. Wake in fright.
    The lessons unlearnt? Stiff
    Its hard to make Big Money and Social Cons understand something when there jobs and ideologies depend on them NOT understanding it. Its like trying to talk sense to anarchists. But I'll try anyway. See , here's the thing. There's a new kid in town. And their names 'net-power'. In the GOP the wing best placed to cope with it is the Libertarian wing and in the anarchist movment, the mutualists. Now its increasingly clear that whether you make the necessary adjustments is becoming a moot point. The facts on the ground tell me and many others that many of youse will soon be placed underground. Dead or alive you're going underground.
    He was a serial-killer and good at his job, until one day he testified against other serial-killers; serial-killers gone bad who threatened him and killed his 401-K. Now he prowls the badlands and the panhandle an outlaw, a satirist, a renegade.

    The blurty of books

    RIP Etta James

    From the first bibles to medieval masterpieces like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and from children's stories such as Alice in Wonderland to the beauty of the humble paperback.

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