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[18 Mar 2003|03:38pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | The Ataris-Are we there yet? ]

What a bright sunny day..NOT! I hope it rains soon, im in the mood for a nice, brisk spring-shower walk. In other news, the aching in my stomach surpassed the normal comfort range..Not good..Hopefully, andother excursion to the hospital isnt necessary! I dont think i could handle the idea of another bruise on my arm. Well, thats all for now!

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Homesick? [17 Mar 2003|02:23pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Weezer-Say it aint so ]

Oh! What a day its been today..I didnt go to school today, which was nice, I would rather be outside right now instead of ill and indoors..This weather reminds me of when i was living in Ft. Sheridan. Its warm with a cool breeze like a breeze youd get from living near the water. The wind rudtling through the leaves on the trees remind me of the faint sound of the waves that could be heard near the park there at the Ft.. Its odd how much I hate Edgerton, yet cant help but enjoy it here in the spring/summer. The more im reminded of past memories of places i loved so much, the more i expect them to be taking place sometime later! I guess i could say im homesick, yet i cant figure out for if its for Califormia or Illinois..Though, i know id never want to return to those places and stay there permanently, not yet at least. I crave variety, and if im to go anywhere, id rather not live some place ive already been if the option to live some place new is available.

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I sense a revolution forming! [16 Mar 2003|04:08pm]
Ah, yes..what a wonderful day it is..too bad i can enjoy it! somethings happening and i fear im missing it, faint reminders of last summer are lingering; and the thought of another afternoon endulging in the warmth of the late afternoon sun sounds all too good to be true right now. Fortunately for me, i can say with great enthusiasm that my summer-to-be this year will be excellent (despite my lack of psychic ablility to predit such a thing). I cant wait for the end of school, ill be moving to Amarillo, TX!! Finally, ill be able to get outta this god forsaken state, and onto some place new ive never been before. I love variety, its so nice to have something new to look forward to! Yep, itll be a new begining for me! I could use a change, really.
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