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[26 Sep 2004|10:12pm]
You are most like Spinner. You
are pretty laid back. You don't really have the
brains, but you are good in school. You have a
nice style. You also have a nice personality although your
beliefs and such aren't that good. Be careful
not to lose friends for stupid reasons. You
have very smart ideas now and again. You should
keep it up.

Which Degrassi Character Are You???
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[26 Sep 2004|01:47pm]
[ music | u make wanna - usher ]

T E L L M E :

The color of most of the clothes you own: dark blue, black

The number of pillows you sleep with every night: 1

What will you be doing in 1 hour: sitting on my ass

What room you are in at this very moment: bill's room

What you were doing 12 am last night: sleeping

How old you will be in 10 years: 25

D E S C R I B E :

What your teeth look like: they look ok

What you're wearing: clothes

What you think you'll be doing in 10 years: living some in ny

D E S C R I B E F O R M E Y O U R :

CD player: I dont have on someone stole it at school

Purse: I don't have a purse, and don't plan on ever buying on

Alarm clock: i dont have 1

Hair: Brown

Toothbrush: spiderman crest spinbrush lol

Computer: white it says dell

Bed: its a bed with blue sheets

Notebook: messy

W H A T C O L O R I S / A R E :

Your nails: normal color i dont paint them

Your eyes: green

D O Y O U :

Like riddles: no

Like trampolines: yeah

Burn or tan: tan

Wear braces: no

Check your mail regularly: sometimes

F I R S T :

Real memory of something: someone punching a window...

Job: i dont have 1 stop and shop hasnt called

Screen name: allan909

Piercing/Tattoo: ear

Independent home: i donno

Love: no1

Enemy: no1

Big trip: donno

Play/musical/performance: nothing

L A S T :

Cigarette: never

Good cry: dono

Library book checked out: 5 years ago

Movie seen: soul plane

Book read: gospel about larry

Time you were sick: donno

Person you yelled at: donno

Beverage drank: coke

Crush: donno

TV show watched: degrassi

Shoes worn: My shoes

CD played: some mix cd

Item bought: a soda

Annoyance: some one who called and woke me up

Disappointment: u

Soda drank: coke

Thing written by hand: vocab

Key used: b

Word spoken: what

Ice cream eaten: chocolate

Time showered: yesturday

Time amused: yesturday

Time wanting to die: never

Time in love: never

Time hugged: donno
Time scolded: donno

Time resentful: ummmmmmm

Chair sat in:computer chair

Time danced: ddr

Poster looked at: 2fast2furious

P I C K B E T W E E N :

Pen or pencil: Pen

Coke or Pepsi: coke

Butter or cream cheese: Cream cheese

Leader or follower: leader

Hot or cold: cold

Summer or winter: winter

1 or 2: 1

First or last: last

Top or bottom: bottom

R A N D O M N E S S :

Are you paranoid: no


[24 Sep 2004|11:33am]
You are ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK. You couldn't get
through life without a little fun... or a
a scare. you like scary stories and
really into the show.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
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Hello. [11 Sep 2004|12:52pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Sean Paul - International Affair ]

Im on the phone and im bored. I went to the football game last night it was boring so I left. I never update in this thing. um i had school all week and its ok.


Daytona [24 Aug 2004|07:18pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | slow motion - juvinele ]

Im in daytona and theres two annoying people next to me. I can only be on for a half hour or something. i dont like writing in this so yeah bye


[23 Aug 2004|04:26am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey, its 4am and im going to daytona today. bye


[13 Aug 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Andy dicks assistants - wheels on the bus go round and round ]

i never write in this thing. um i went to six flags a few days ago, it was funny. samantha got her hair stuck on a zipper of kelli's back pack and i couldn't stop laughing. I went on 3 rides, superman, batman, and thunderbult. sam and kelli waited about an hour to go on scream and when they were the next people to go they shut the ride down cuz it was thundering. that sux. samantha made us laugh the whole time doing weird stuff. Im watching the assistant. that shows funny. yeah. bye

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survey thing [08 Aug 2004|01:53pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Jadakiss - U make me wanna ]

10 current songs
1.) I like that - houston
2.) How come - d12
3.) Meant to live - switchfoot
4.) Vindicated - dasboard confessional
5.) Failure's not flattering - new found glory
6.) Rollover dj - jet
7.) Move ya body - nina sky
8.) She will be loved - maroon 5
9.) Same direction - hoobastank
10.) Southside - llyod and ashanti

9 all-time favorite movies
1.) the texas chainsaw massacre - '74
2.) 54
3.) fast times at ridgemont high
4.) Halloween
5.) the fast and the furious
6.) Go
7.) a christmas story
8.) dazed and confused
9.) empire records

8 all-time favorite TV shows
1.) the sopranos
2.) real world chicago and vegas
3.) six feet under
4.) dead like me
5.) absolutely Fabulous
6.) the oc
7.) degrassi
8.) oz

7 current favorite CDs
1.) mix tape gods Vol. 6
2.) jay-z unplugged
3.) black eyed peas - elephunk
4.) too hot for tv - da band
5.) no doubt - the singles
6.) the hits - bad boy's 10th anniversary
7.) some mix cd i have

6 favorite places to go
1.) mall
2.) movies
3.) in my bed to sleep
4.) longfellow
5.) in a phone booth
6.) mrs barbosa's room on the first day of school!!!

5 boys that rock your socks
1.) I Dont
2.) Like
3.) Boys
4.) just
5.) girls

4 things you absolutely can't live without
1.) sleep
2.) computer
3.) iPod
4.) food

3 favorite beverages
1.) coffee coolata
2.) coke
3.) cherry fruit 2o

2 all-time favorite books
1.) i hate
2.) to read

1 item you never leave home without
1.) cant leave the house without close on


Victor [05 Aug 2004|09:47am]
Took a charter flight on a DC-10 to London, landed at Gatwick, took a bus to the center, called a friend from school who was selling hash, but she wasn't in. So I wandered around until it started to rain, then took a subway back to the friend's house and hung out there for four or five days. Saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Ate a grapefruit next to the Thames River, which reminded me a lot of the cover of that Pink Floyd album. Wrote my mom a postcard I never sent. Bought some speed from an Italian guy I bumped into. Smoked a lot of hash that had too much tobacco in it. Took a ferry and then a bus to Dingle, Ireland where I drank too much Guiness Stout after eating spaghetti and threw it all up in front of a movie theater just as people were walking out. Stayed in a hostel but the assholes that worked there made me collect peat moss for the fire so I got a room in a bed-and-breakfast. Went to Dublin. It rained a lot, it was expensive, so I split for Amsterdam. There was someone playing saxophone at Central Station, which was kind of pretty. Stayed with some friends in someone's basement. Smoked a lot of hash in Amsterdam too, but lost most of my stash in some museum. The museums were cool, I guess. Lots of Van Goghs and the Vermeers were intense. Wandered around, bought a lot of pastries, ate some intense waffles. The Dutch all know English so I didn't have to speak any Dutch, which was a relief. Wanted to rent a car but couldn't. The people I was staying with had bikes though, so I went biking one day and I saw a lot of cows and geese and canals. I pulled off to the side of the road, got stoned and fell asleep, woke up, wrote a little, took some acid, made a few drawings, and then went to the red light district in Den Haag, because I heard the whores are cleaner and better looking than the whores in Amsterdam -- which they were. I fucked one so hard that I skinned my knees. Ate lunch at a Burger King, which was better and no more expensive than the States. Stayed in the Amsterdam Youth Hostel where there were some cool German guys who spoke better English than I do. We bought some coke and I cruised the red light district until I found a brunette with big tits that reminds me of KJ. I gave her a hundred Guilders. She worked me up, mounted me, put on a good show, and in the end she pulled me out and I came between her tits -- even though I’m wearing a rubber. Afterward we made small talk about AIDS, her Moroccan pimp, and herself. I wake to the sound of a wino singing. It is eight AM and hot as blazes. Had a beer and then headed South to Paris. Climbed the Eifel Tower with this Canadian guy named Tim for only seven Francs because the ticket machine was broke. Got the hang of the Subways. Told Tim to get lost. Met a French girl who’s going to Camden. I think she gave me mono. Went to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. Never saw one bull but I almost got trampled by the crowd. Dropped acid at the Museo Gala-Dalí, which was a trip. Went to the lamest circus ever, a goat and two guys on unicycles. Went to Nice and ate Mexican food at a place called Calexico -- or Mexicali. Then went to Switzerland where I, ironically, couldn’t find anyone who had the time. Took the Glacier Express to Zermatt, the Matterhorn, and found out that I could ski it, which, when you’re there, you have to do -- but I didn’t have gloves so I used socks instead and froze my hands. It was slushy but fun. Ate some Sourdough bread that tasted like it was made with sour milk. Eurail Pass’d into Italy and accidently slept through Florence. Ended up in Rome which was big and hot and dirty. It was just like L.A., but with ruins. I went to the Vatican but couldn’t get in because I was wearing shorts. I could get into the Sistine Chapel, which now that it’s been cleaned looked fake. At the train station I met two girls from Germany who I drank warm beer with. They’re living for a full year on only nine dollars a day. I wake dirty and tired in Brindisi, which is hot and filthy. I go with the German girls to get a ferry to Greece, but we have to take different boats because I’m on Eurail and they’re on Interail. On the ferry to Corfu I meet three American girls and a guy from Turkey who used the word “nigger” constantly. This offends the American girls and I use it to my advantage. When we get to Corfu the girls and I ditch the Turkish guy and rent a house on the beach together. I dry hump one of the girls, whose name I think was Sue. I wake to Sue’s fat face and go off on my own to get wasted. When I stumble back I make out with Sue for a while until she tells me that I’m being cold to her. So I leave again and get drunk on Ouzo and the waiters break plates onto my head. When I get back that night Sue is asleep and I go skinny dipping with her friend out to some rocks. We sit on the rocks for a while and then she grabs my dick and we start to make out. I leave the next morning before they get up and take the ferry back to Italy. On the train I meet some Dutch guys. We started drinking heavily. The Dutch guys seem like fags to me. I got so drunk I couldn’t see and exchanged my shirt with one of them. In Venice I try to fart and instead shit my pants. That night I dream about a beautiful girl half in water, stretching her lean body. She asks me if I like it and I tell her she could clean fish with it. I wake well rested, masturbate in shower, and check out. I make my way back to London and hang out in Piccadilly Circus at a comic book shop. I meet a cute girl from Amsterdam at a Whimpys while eating a Spicy Bean Burger. She’s an Oreo with a diamond in her front tooth. We get stoned and had sex at her flat to Michael Jackson records and the next morning I wake up talking to myself. I have a big bump on my head from flailing in my sleep. I get my stuff and barely make my plane back to the United States. I no longer know who I am and feel like the ghost of a total stranger. Rules of Attraction

[03 Aug 2004|06:21pm]

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

[01 Aug 2004|10:14pm]

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

[01 Aug 2004|10:03pm]

Who Would Slaughter You in a Horror Movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

[30 Jul 2004|06:55am]
When the term "slacker" was coined, they
must have had Trent in mind. Having graduated
from Lawndale High several years ago, Trent now
spends most of his time playing guitar in, and
writing songs for, his band, Mystik Spiral.
He's turned sleeping into an art form -- no
schedule can hold him down! -- and has attained
a level of laziness that makes the biggest
couch potato on Earth look like a hummingbird
on amphetamines

What Character from Daria are you?
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[25 Jul 2004|08:36pm]

What Freaks and Geeks Character are you?
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Survey [22 Jul 2004|12:11pm]
[ music | meant to live - Switchfoot ]

NAME_ Allan
AGE_ 15
B-DAY_ 3/2/89

1.height? 5'7'' (and 1/2 acording to samantha)
2.fav brand of garbage bags? the blue natick ones
3.fav number? 3
4.fav time-to tha minute? uh 3:01
5.fav color? blue
6.fav band? blink 182 male
8.fav color of m&m? brown color? brown
10.fav clothing brand? dunno
11.fav type of tree? the ones in the woods across from the football field lol
12.color of yer house? blue/grey
13.fav grade? kindegarden u get to sleep
14.fav animal? dog you like hoovervilles? i donno
16.fav food? chinese
17.fav drink? coke
18.fav disney show? thats so raven
19.fav holiday? christmas
20.fav street name? donno
21.fav school mascot? donno
22.what came first-the chicken er the egg? egg
23.fav soda? coke
24.fav magazine? the source
25.fav guy/girl? crazy mexican that works at hagan daz and mcdonalds
26.paint or wallpaper? paint
27.fav pancake mix? donno
28.fav cologne? axe
29.fav perfume? donno
30.fav word? word
31.fav sport? i dont do sports
32.fav coin? quarter
33.fav football team? patriots
34.fav nickname? dont have 1
35.camel or llama? llama you like the proud family? yeah
37.fav guy name? Walter lol
38.fav girl name? Heather lol
39.fav gum? big red
40.what makes you bored the most? doing nothing
41.eye color? blue/green often are yah online? not a lot
43.fav type of weather? sunny
44.fav park? six flags
45.fav dance? DDR dance
46.fav brand of fabric softener sheets? donno you prefer a knife, fork, or spoon? knife
48.which is better-Mr Pibb, Dr Pepper, or a&w? a&w do you make things look old? let it live with an old person for a while
50.mary kate or ashley? ashley corey and tapenga married or jus engaged, or neither? married
52.should kenny's neighbors put christmas lights on their dirt mound in front of their house? yreah
53.plastic or paper bags? plastic
54.fav disney movie? you like to bowl? not with the big balls lol
56.grand canyon, or guy bending over? grand canyon
57.whats yer middle name? john cheerleading a sport? no
59.carpeted or wood floors? carpeted
60.paint or wall paper? paint
61.does duct tape fix everything? yup or regular mail? e
63.sunrise or sunset? sunset
64.lake or ocean? lake
65.waterskiing, or regular skiing? regular, or mini golf? mini golf
67.fav song? move ya body nina sky or computer? phone and white, or colored? color
70.fav vegetable? grapes you have a b/f or g/f? no
72.who do you like? i donno
73.fav kind of flower? donno
74.fav year? 2004
75.fav shoe brand? nb
76.fav type of music? hip/hop
77.know any new words i could start using? yeah
78.fav gemstone? i donno
79.fav dwarf? u you have any piercings? no you have any tatoos? no
82.whats yer fav color of socks? white
83.whats yer fav outfit? t shirt and jeans
84.stripes or plaid? striped you like when the doorbell rings? yeah
86.who put the bop in the bop shoe bop shoe bop? my ass a tomatoe a veggie or a fruit? fruit just like u
88.who are social service people? the people that put krista in a group home
89.fav insect? ant
90.fav class? history
91.fav shape? circle
92.fav laundry detergent? donno
93.fav barbie? african american barbie many people do you have on yer list? what list
95.fav flavor of chapstick? donno
96.fav game? gta
97.fav mouse? my computer mouse
98.fav hair style? short
99.fav actor? donno
100.fav actress? brittany murphy
101.fav car? my moms
102.fav ice cream flavor? strawberry
103.fav place to go on vacation? california
104.fav kind of candy? the cherry things at sweet factory
105.fav computer game? sims
106.fav board game? monopoly
107.fav street sign? the little go sign kelli kicked
108.have you ever jacked a street sign? no
109.fav person to talk to? kelli
110.fav super hero? superman
111.fav cartoon? daria
112.fav christmas character? santa
113.fav fruit? apple
114.chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
115.fav language? spanish, i just can not wait until my first class with my favorite teacher mrs barbosa!!! lol
116.fav athlete? no one
117.fav island? alcatras
118.fav season? fall
119.fav cereal? lucky charms
120.fav article of clothing? uh a shirt
121.fav bird? dariend bird
122.what do you like best: snow, rain, sleet, sun, etc..? rain
123.whos yer closest friend? kelli you have any bro's or sis's? bill
125.motorcycle or crotch rocket? motorcycle
126.fav kind of tooth paste? colgate
127.fav christmas song? jingle bells fire hydrants have their own lil world? yea
129.fav mall? natick
130.fav ride at amusement park? superman you think it would be cool if mail boxes shot lasers at eachother? sure
132.fav game system? PS2
133.fav month? MARCH
134.fav kind of nuts?
135.fav cheer? cheerleaders suck especialy fat ones, the ones with missing teeth and red hair, and thats about it...
136.pc's or mac's? PC's
137.ever driven a car illegaly? wilson parking lot
138.ever skipped school? i went to kellis house and i was the only one who got in trouble.
138.ever skipped somethin else? uh no long did it take ya? donno a while
140.are u happy its ova? yes


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