08:18pm 30/09/2003
mood: sleepy
music: Leisure - Deathtrap
Name: Catriona
Birthdate: May 15th
Birthplace: Arlington, Virginia
Current Location: Snohomish, Washington
Hair Color: Brownish i guess
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Innie or Outtie: Outtie

// series two - describe --
Your heritage: er german? scottish? something like that
The shoes you wore today: My all blue pumas with cool shoe laces
Your hair: Just below my shoulders....have to straighten it every morning
Your Eyes: Green/Yellow/Brown
Your weakness: Shwings
Your fears: Uh...
Your perfect pizza: Cheese and Olives!!!
One thing you'd like to achieve: Dont really know...

// series three - what is
Your most overused phrase on aim: Dude or Man
Your thoughts first waking up: I want to go back to sleep
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Hair
Your best physical feature: Nothing...I dunno?
Your bedtime: Whenever I get tired

// series four - you prefer --
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King: Taco Bell
single or group dates: Single personaly.
Adidas or nike: Adidas
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Yuck I dont like tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Yuck I dont like coffee either
Boxers or briefs: Boxers? I dunno i dotn wear either

//series five - do you --
Smoke: No
Cuss: Yes
Sing well: Sure
Take a shower everyday: Yes
Have a crush(es)?: Yeah
Who are they?: Jestin
Do you think you've been in love: No
Want to go to college: Maybe sometime
Like high school: No i didn't.
Want to get married: Yeah
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: uh?
Think you're attractive: Not really, i dunno, maybe?
Think you're a health freak: No
Get along with your parents: Yes
Play an instrument: Bass + Trumpet

//series six - in the past 3 months, did/have you --
Drank alcohol: Yup
Smoke(d): Yes
Done a drug: Yes
Made Out: Yeah
Go on a date: No?
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Psshhh no
Eaten sushi: No
Been on stage: No
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: No
Made homemade cookies: haha yes
Been in love: No
Gone skinny dipping: Nope
Dyed your hair: Nope
Stolen anything: I dotn think so?

// series seven - have you ever --
Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Oh yes all the time??
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Heh maybe once
Been caught "doing something": Well it depends what that "something" is...everyone at cheyanne's party thought i was doing something naughty but i really wasnt?
Been called a tease: Not that i know of
Gotten beaten up: Haha no
Changed who you were to fit in: Nope, never

// series eight - the future --
Age you hope to be married: Not sure, Preferably before 30
Numbers and Names of Children: If a girl: Alora Lenore. If a boy: Nny Alexan.
How do you want to die: Happy
Where you want to go to college: Maybe ASU
What country would you most like to visit: Iceland

// series nine - opposite sex --
Best eye color? Any color can be the best
Best hair color? Any?
Short or long hair? Dont care
Best height: these are dumb questions....
Best weight: Shit who cares
Best articles of clothing:hrmm i dunno, suprise me?
Best first kiss location: Again, suprise me

// series ten - number of --
Number of drugs taken illegally: 2
Number of friends I could trust with my life: Im not sure but there are a few
Number of CDs that I own: o man i dunno?
Number of piercings: 0
Number of tattoos: none yet
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? 3
Number of scars on my body: 4
Number of things in my past that I regret: Getting caught doing the bad stuff with sean...

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09:06pm 26/09/2003
mood: depressed
music: Shell of a Man - Juliana Theory
so yeah i havent updated in awhile kinda. but yeah tommorow should be a good day. me, courtney and kz are gonna go to the new hockey arena thingy cuz they r gonna have stuff goingon and such. and then after that me, courtney and mothers are going to seattle to see the Thunderbirds in action!!! I'm so excited, i havent been to a hockey game in so0o0o0o long and its seattle vs. Everett so i get to see tyler, dustin, brandon and the whole bunch and then most likely i will see mike (bio class) and i will be like dude i know him. but yeah t-birds are gonna kick everetts ass because seattle is just good like that. its gonna be hard supportin both teams since i got season tickets for silvertips but then again the t-birds are my FAVORITE team and tyler plays for the t-birds and yeah...enough of the hockey talk. school has been ok i guess. the other day in band eli told jestin that i liked him and i wanted to do him, so jestin told joel and the whole friggen time joel was like "hey catriona why dont u have sex with jestin in the band closet" and i was like 0_0. same thing went on today but instead tony was sayin stuff how i should take advantage of jestin and rape him and then again i was like 0_0. but yeah im really starting to HATE volleyball. me and erika think the coach is a total "pain in the butt" and she hates us both (me more). so yeah she just pisses me off because she doesnt see the talent i have because she only plays the girls that kiss her ass and i refuse to do it because i think its gross how people have to suck up tp be played. so whatever, i know im better than ,most of the girls on the team and when they get me in a good enough mood i play great, but the other day i was just pissed and i couldnt do anything because i was so mad....wow that was my rant for the day. anyways things have been kinda weird for me lately and i cant really describe it...i guess ive been just having "family issues" as usual and it makes me depressed. then i try and go to school where i dont get that depressed and then weird things happen and it just makes me feel weird. i cant explain what happens because i dunno i dont want too hahaha but nevermind...i think this is the stupidess post i have ever writin..oh well screw it......

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09:40pm 21/09/2003
  I am PIMP. I know CKy.
Wow, you're as attentive when watching CKy as I am.
That's a good thing. You have developed a
slight obsession, but it's not at all a bad

Think You Know CKy? Pt 1
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I know CKy! Ha Ha!
I know my CKy. I watch it religiously, and I notice
the shit Bam doesn't want me to. Ha ha!

Think You Know CKy? Pt 2
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09:36pm 21/09/2003
  I know my CKy!
Damn Straight! I know my CKy. I'm a true believer
of the CKy Alliance. I stay true to the crew.

How cKy are you?
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The Holy Filament   
03:10pm 22/08/2003
mood: sad
music: Vanity Fair - Mr Bungle
hmm i havent updated in awhile. ive been quite busy with things i guess. i ahvent been home in 2 days. wednesday i spent the night at ayumi's which was quite fun. she made me very yummy noodles and then she gave me this very good butter bread stuff. then yeah the next day we went to the mall and hung out people. and yeah after that me and courtney went home for a little then we went to vanessa's "party". man that was fun, wel watched such funny movies and we played with her kitty cats and such, but like in the morning "goober" was outside and i was like "shit i havent seen this guy forever" and yeah it was kinda weird because i used to like him and stuff...

but yes i am home now but im still gonna have a busy weekend ahead of me. i think im gonna run 2 miles later today because theres like v-ball tryouts monday and we have to run like 2 miles and i ned to like run now so i dont get all sore and stuff monday. im suppose to be in the newspaper either today, saturday or sunday because they wrote like this artcile and stuff about the place i ride at and they were taking pictures of me and archie jumping so that will be kinda cool to see in the paper.....i think im done for now

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05:57pm 13/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Vanity Fair - Mr Bungle
so yeah i just got off the phone with people and yeah tomorow im suppose to go to the mall with helen and lucy so hopefully lucy's mama and papa will let her go. her parents dont like me, they think im a slut/lesbian and its just weird. then yeah after we go to the mall i guess we are gonna go to ray or matts house and watch a movie so that might be fun. but yeah me and helen were disussing the evil classes we have to sign up for tomorow and how its gonna suck and yadda yadda yadda

Classes Im going for:
1 Biology - Sullivan
2 Geometry - Kent
3 French - Who other than Mme Cecile
4 WE - Evans
5 World HistortyThrough Art - King
6 English - Price

so hopefully i can get in those classes and that will make me somewhat happy. but yeah im bored...

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01:15pm 12/08/2003
  Name: Catriona
Age: 15
Birthday: May 15th 1988
School: EHS
Color of eyes: blue/green/brown/grey
Hair: reddish brownish
Height: 5'6"
Brothers/Sisters: nope
When's your bedtime?: whenever

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* been so drunk you blacked out: hrm nope
* missed school/work b/c it was raining: haha yes
* set a body part on fire for amusement: yup
* been in an accident: many times
* been hurt emotionally: yes
* kept a secret from everyone: oh yes
* had an imaginary friend: no
* wanted to hook up with a friend: Yeah
* had a crush on a teacher: buh no
* thought an animated character was hot: hehe yes
* had a New Kids on the Block tape: nope wasn't my time frame.
* cut your hair: um well yeah
* been sarcastic: .......

* Shampoo: St Ives
* Soap: the special kind
* Color: green
* Day/Night: night
* Summer/Winter: winter
* Lace or Satin: Lace
* Cartoon Characters: hmmm
* Ice Cream: smores!
* Subject: French only because my teacher is a nut
* Drink: orange soda
* Sport: golf or volleyball
* Person to talk to online: courtney...ray...claire

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
* Wearing: hmm shoes, no socks, jeans, shirt, sweatshirt and my rings
* Hair is: kinda bacony
* I'm feeling: bored and yeah
* Drinking: ICE
* Thinking about: my super rad soon to be tattoo
* Listening to: MSI
* Watching: nothing
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: yes
* Worn a skirt: no
* Met someone new: yeah
* Cleaned your room: sorta
* Drove a car: yeah

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
* Yourself: no
* Friends: Yes.
* Santa Clause: nope
* Boogie man: Of course, when i was little i used to hide in bushes and some lady called me the boogie man
* Destiny/Fate: not really.
* Angels: No.
* Ghosts: Yea.
* UFO's: Yes.

-----------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
* Who's the loudest: courtney....and me
* Who do you go to for advice: ray i think i dunno
* Who do you cry with: Myself and Mr Buffalo
* What's the best feeling in the world: Being loved.
* Worst Feeling: Being alone.

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bwahahaha sooooo funny   
09:03pm 06/08/2003
mood: amused
music: Coldplay--The Scientist
lol....ok so catriona has these crazy neighbors..i mean the stories she tells about them are hysterical..andi laugh until i piss in my pants when i hear them.

ok so here we go......so i guess when they came home their crazy neighbor was walking around their yard with a shotgun and walking behing a rooster? and then all of a sudden he shot it....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA pure entertainment...im going to have to hang out with their neighbor sometime..
later on in the converstaion which i will paste here
::BungleYourGrind: auntie was puttin laundry in the thingy and since its right by the puter i started wailing in this high pitched opera voice and i was like "yououor giiiiiiiving me a seieieizure'
BungleYourGrind: and then mother told me to shut up
D2R1337: LMAO::

man i love my second family sooooooo funny

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why .....   
11:39am 03/08/2003
  good morning..courtney again...don't know when catriona will get here puter back...i just noticed [rant] that in that aar song they have a guitar solo...and im thinking what in the hell a guitar solo and its not needed...so i think all bands that add in an unecessary guitar solo...shall die.[rant]
im wearing my uber cool canadian shirt...god i <3 i so much now im off to find my pants...

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10:38pm 02/08/2003
mood: accomplished
music: Klea--tic toc
bahahaha catriona is sad because voyager isn't on tonight....what a fun life...

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09:54pm 02/08/2003
mood: crazy
music: ...hrm.....no no...catriona dosen't like that...alright..HIM--your sweet 666
this is courtney...and im taking over catriona's account until she can update her self....

so here we go!!!!!....that sounds like a pop song...who does it......otown???

so she ended her relationship with mike...actually i wouldn;t really call it that...it was more or less....no i don't want to hug you...c'mon give me a hug...NO im not going to hug you..type thing./...like...ewwwww boys have cooties...or..i think you get my drift....YESSS DEATH IN A BOX IS HERE...but anyways ....helen dumped him for her ....on.....thursday......wensday....friday......when did she do it...WHATEVER FUCK IT...ok well anyways bah i keep talking to jesse its so much fun talking with him....but anyways.....where was i..ok well this morning..well i would call it morning because it was before 5...anything before 5 is morning......anyways....catriona told me that she was at la hacienda..probably loading up on beans....the usual....*sigh*...i keep getting distracted and then i lose my train of thought so i will sum it all up here..:


1.dumped mike
2.ate at la hacienda
3.got golf clubs sometime...
5.got a lettermans sweater or something
10.played golf..

my reasoning for skipping numbers::

she might have done stuff between them that i don't want to say..like..got in the car..put on some music...cause thats just silly and pointless crap.....

goodnight all.!

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bah i want....   
09:23pm 23/07/2003
mood: sleepy
music: retrovertigo - mr bungle
tomorow my mission is to get these cds:

Tomahawk - Mit Gas
Clutch - Clutch
Fantomas - The Directors Cut
Mr Bungle - Mr Bungle
Fantomas - Fantomas

but i really dont think the stupid cd store i am going to will have mr bungle or fantomas but they just might have the tomahawks and clutch. so if i get at least 2 of those cds i will be happy....

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03:39pm 23/07/2003
mood: okay
music: cool song from haggard
man i was watching haggard earlier and there is this SUPER cool song on it and i looked on the credits and wrote down all the songs that were in the movie and i couldnt find it. grrrr that makes me mad because it is such a cool song and yeah...

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I cant do this anymore...   
10:15pm 19/07/2003
mood: depressed
music: sweet charity - mr bungle
god i dont know what to do. me and courtney have this similar problem but i just dont know what to do about it without being a bitch yanno? but yeah god friggen shwing today, i mean my god, how more fucking shwing can you get? i wont mention any names hehehe. but yeah i got this SUPER rad mr bugnle cd yesturday and i love it so much, its not like all that other CRAP out in the world that is just blah, but yeah good mr bungle song down there....


Before you advertise
All the fame is implied
With no fortune unseen
Sell the rights
To your blight

While I'm dulled by excess
And a cynic at best
My art imitates crime
Paid for by
The allies
So invest

Now I'm finding truth is a ruin
Nauseous end that nobody is pursuing
Staring into glassy eyes
There's a vintage thirst returning
But I'm sheltered by my channel-surfing
Every famine virtual

A tribute to false memories
With conviction
Cheap imitation
Is it fashion or disease?
Remains a mouth to feed

Sell the rights
To your blight
And you'll eat

See the vintage robot wearied
Then awakened by revision theories
Every famine virtual

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04:14pm 15/07/2003
mood: apathetic
music: drop the bomb
Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Enneagram Test

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09:33pm 14/07/2003
mood: sad
music: disrupter - leisure
I have: a belly button
I wish: i had a canadian
I love: chad
I hate: the 2 lesbians that tried to start a fight with me
I miss: travis
I am: tired/thirsty
I fear: you....
I feel: used0
I hear: disrupter - leisure
I smell: vanilla...
I crave: ...a shwing
I wonder: if i will ever see "b-mac" again
i want: a shwing...
I regret: lots of things...

last time i...

Smiled?: today
Laughed?: this morning
Cried?: last week?
Danced?: HAHAHA last night in tomeka and heathers room
Were sarcastic?: im not sure, today maybe
Watched your favorite movie? 2 weeks
Had a nightmare?: i dont know

A Last time for everything.......

Last book you read: Night...hahaha
Last movie you saw: lady bugs
dvd: ghost ship
Last song you heard: so addicted - leisure
Last thing you had to drink: orange soda
Last time you showered: this morning
Last thing you ate: cheese crispe
Do drugs?: not so much anymore
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yeah
Live in the moment?: ...um....
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yeah...
Play an instrument?: bass and trumpet lol
Believe there is life on other planets?: i dont really think about it
Remember your first love? i wouldnt know
Still love him/her?: um no
Read the newspaper?: only if the t-birds are in it
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yup,a few
Believe in miracles?: no
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? no way
Consider yourself tolerant of others? oh god, sometimes....
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: yeah...
Believe in astrology?: kind of.
Believe in magic?: no
Believe in God?: no
Go to church?: no
Have any secrets?: yes, but im not telling you
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: sometimes
Wear hats?: no
Have any piercings?: no
Have any tattoos?: not yet
Hate yourself?: all the time
Have an obsession?: um yeah, tyler, chad, vern...
Have a best friend?: yeah...wait maybe...i dont know
Like your handwriting?: not really, other people like it though
Care about looks?: yeah
Believe in Satan?: no
Believe in ghosts?: no

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Yay im home!!!   
03:35pm 14/07/2003
mood: happy
music: so addicted - leisure
woo hoo i just got back from volleyball camp! It was so much fun and stuff. God i played to much friggen volleyball i thought i was gonna die. The first day i got little blood clot thingys in my arm. Then like the first night me and erika were so hyper we got no sleep at all. At like midnight we made tents in our room and slept under them but halfway throught the night mine fell down and it sucked. But yeah the next few days all we did was play volleyball and one night me, heather, tomeka, erika, becca, rachel, megan, dusty and rossy ran through the sprinklers at 11 at night. It was so awsome because it was sooooo hot in spokane and it felt all good and stuff running through the sprinklers. Then we had the tournament against all the other teams and we beat them and so we got this special award saying we were the "tournament champions". Then that night we went for a walk along the river and went to azteca for dinner. My god erika had the WORST gas ever it was seriously soooo bad. But yeah when we started walking back to the school we saw these 2 biker guys and we walked by them and they said hi to us and such and kept looking at the rest of the 20 volleyball players that were with us.

but yeah i got packed this morning and we went to the airport. me, heather and becca were the first ones there so we checked our bags and we got to get on the plane before everyone else so we could get the good seats. me and heather sat in the seats that were facing backwards and it felt really funny because like when we took of i was like all leaning forward and stuff. then we got to the airport and mother picked me up and now i am home...

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10:21pm 08/07/2003
music: pretending - HIM
You're a sucker for Michael Moscovich! And who
could blame you? I was really irritated at the
movie because I always saw Michael being this
drop dead gorgeous guy and instead he looks
like my mums boyfriend Junior year *screams*
Anyway, loyal to you to the last this guy is
going to do everything and anything to make you
feel like the princess you are, including
having this big Star Wars date thing and
getting you a vegetarian burger. If you have no
clue as to what Im going on about just read the
series, The Princess Diaries.

Which fictional guy is you hottie? (For the ladies) (Not done)
brought to you by Quizilla

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10:13pm 08/07/2003
mood: sad
music: salt in our wounds - HIM
so i will be leaving tomorow for a week, so0o0o sad. i have to get up at 5:30 and get all my stuff ready then i ahve to be at heathers house by 6:00 so i can pick her up and take her to the airport with me. and then we have to be at the airport by 8:00 and our flight leaves at 10:00. buh i hope its not hot when we get to spokane, i think just to be safe i will wear shorts on the plane so when we get there i wont be all hot and stuff. but yeah i hope people call me at night when i am gone so i will have people to talk to and stuff. but yeah this will be my last post for a while.

my # 425.268.4439

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cool dream   
03:49pm 08/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: flesh into gear - cky
man i had the coolest dream last night. like i was at the cky concert again and it was like before the cocnert started and i was outside and like i saw vern and he was like "wow we are wearing the same shirt" and i said yeah and then he was like "dude we are twins" and yeah. so me and vern kept talking and he took me on the tour bus and chad was on it. so i asked chad to sign my shirt since everyone else had already signed it but he refused to sign it so i kept asking him and he said it was against his religion so instead he took like this old piece of paper and signed it and gave it to me. it made me sad since he wouldnt sign my shirt but vern told me it was alright and we talked on the bus for awhile. so then it was time for the concert to start and vern let me go in with him and me and courtney got like right infrotn of the stage thingy where vern would stand. so we waited for a little bit and then darren from leisure walked by and said hi to us but he looked different from when i saw him last time. but yeah then cky came out on stage and they started playing and after the first song vern pulled me up on stage and was like "THIS IS MY TWIN" and we were really twins because we were wearing the same shirt. then like i woke up and i think that is all that happened lol. what a good dream.

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