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Holly Molly it's me [09 Jan 2008|08:04pm]
Well for once I'm back with avengence...or maybe it's just that I feel like I should post something since it's been like 3 years from a real post.

So my little blurty friend, it's been awhile. How are you? I'm good in case you were wondering. I've been working now for a couple of years trying to improve my career (which I will update more on the next post). I think it's important to say that things written in this thing are not the views or opinions expressed by the Britton Broadcasting Company or any of its affiliates.

That being said...screw you :)

So things are good as I've mentioned and I will explain more later. I just wanted to say hello and I'll be back with more enticing stories of love, life and experience as soon as possible.

Good night for now my old friend. I will see you soon.
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[29 Jan 2006|10:40pm]
I see the pain in all the right places. In the light, in the dark, the people it chases. I feel the love from the people around me. The ones with smiles that don't leave but surround me.
What's left of this place is mine for the taking. Like piles of glass, the hearts that are breaking.
I hear the ticks of the clocks that aren't moving. The beat on the floor from the people still grooving.
But its the books I havent read and the songs I havent heard....that keep me in flight like the wings of a bird.
Though for now it's just me and me just knocks on the door or rings on the phone...
Because the world is still spinning, though I don't affect it. With or without me it seems it's directed.

For now, for me, it's time to remember
The people I've lost and all I've surrendered
My mind is a race of tension-filled thought
My heart is filled with emotions not bought
Tonight it's for you so don't miss a beat
Our passions align like the dance of our feet
Not of it matters though cause you don't exist
An afterthought of dreams not dreamt from the list
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listen closely [23 Oct 2005|05:16pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...lend me your ears!

We all a quiver of nimble curiosity...a legend that lingers like the scent of a woman.

Today is Sunday...the day of rest...or the day of work for those of us still penetrating our intelligence with mindless memorizations. It's been a while since we talked or written or whatever method of communication a human can have with a blog and I've missed you dearly. My friend, my mentor, my inspiration and conscience Bob Johnson has asked me to indulge him with a quip or two for his intermissions between extended dates with books and pencils. So here we go BOB-O...

The past few weeks have been interesting. I've completely checked out mentally from my current institution and am trying to move on to bigger and better things. Though those things rest around the corner I'm approaching quickly to the apex of my young I see it. For example, I just got a job as the head fundraiser for 4 state house Representatives running for re-election in 2006 including the newly nominated speaker of the house candidate. Lovely little election this will be...especially if I pull in the six figures for which I am expected. What a birthday present for me that would be. It seems as though this semester has been filled with papers to write and people to see...well and of course work.

I miss the "old days" but long for the future. I'm stuck in a pergatory of sorts but not in a bad way. I like where I am in life at this point except for my current situation with a certain female. Isn't it always the females that ruin the oasis? Hey that reminds me of that ad with cedric the entertainer about what he would take with him if he were to be stuck on a deserted island. I think I agree with mr. the entertainer on the idea that a dog is much better to have than 3 bitching females. hahaha Except for a few hours here and there of the unimaginable sex with three beautiful women hahaha

Lately I've been reveling at the idea of taking off...somewhere unexpected...somewhere exotic. Though I know if I did so it'd be likely I'd never return; which for me is implausible to say the least.

I'm tired my countrymen...time for naps and dreams my friends...

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Back Once Again for the Renegade Master [19 Sep 2005|12:13am]
Well La Di Da...I'm back baby!

I've decided to come back to old blurty and continue writing once again. I chose you (blurty) because I love you. And I dont know where I would have been without you during much of the greatest times in my short life.

So anyway...whats up? Its midnight on sunday you can read on the timestamp and I'm up just kicking it. I haven't updated any journal in months so I guess the best place to start would update.
Hmm...summer went well, I guess. I made good grades in my classes. Met a really great girl named Megan and got a new job at Seven47. I also have raised something like 80,000 at the Alumni Outreach Program; which is pretty good considering I started back up there in April and havent worked over the last 3 weeks.

I also played as much golf as I could, until I started dating Megan. Which I'm sure has totally ruined my golf game. To date, I'm single. Yes ladies and gentlemen...I am an eligable bachelor again...sort of.
Oh and the most depressing part of this update...OU is 1-2. tear flick

So this weekend was interesting/fun. Thursday Josh (my roomate) and I went to Seven47 for drinks and I got smammerd. We hung out with a bunch of diff folks which I think I made a fool out of myself on multiple occasions and got to know this girl Caroline from my Neg and Selling class. All in all it was a good night. Friday I worked and Josh and Kyle met me up there when I got off for drinks. I laid low that night knowing full well the debauchery I would be participating in the following day. Saturday was another depressing Saturday for the Sooner Nation. Though the offense showed signs of sparks, we turned the ball over too many damned times and hence...lost 41-17 to UCLA at the Rose Bowl. I'm hopeful...just not betting on them again.

Anyway...we drank all day long to drown our sorrows and went out that night with Megan and her friend Haley. This morning we went to brunch at Seven47 (yes I know I practically live there and yes I've asked for a cot to sleep in the back...thanks) The food was of course wonderful and everyone enjoyed it. The rest of my day has consisted of lounging around the house trying to not be hung no avail.

Well as boring as this entry's a start. Hope all is well blurty...i love you again :)

Words of wisdom..."so poor, so black"
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New Journal [11 Aug 2004|12:39pm]
Yo my new journal is so check it out if you want to keep readin about my not so crazy life...though I'm sure it will get much more interesting in a couple of weeks.

take it easy and see you on the flipside
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Good [28 Jul 2004|08:51pm]
[ mood | Happy ]

Ok so because I don't really feel like trying to catch up on three weeks....I'm going to just say that my parents were here, everyone had a great time, and I miss them already.

Then the next week I went to Foxwoods (the biggest casino in the US) with Jill's parents. I lost $100, but that's okay....I expected to. All in the name of entertainment I guess. Then I went to Rhode Island and went fishing with some of Jill's friends. It was awesome because we all caught fish and the scene was just beautiful with the waves crashing on the rocks. I must say that I LOVE Newport, Rhode Island. The next day I went to Plymouth with her parents and saw the was cool.

Ok so that's catching up on the cool stuff...oh yeah and I closed some more deals...that's good.

So my time here is already feeling like it's running out. 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm leaving to go back to OKC.

This summer has been filled with stress, fun, decisions, education, and yet another life changing experience I will never forget.

This weekend I am going to a family reunion with Jill. Then we are meeting up with Phil and his brother to go to the LAST Dispatch concert ever. It's in Boston and it's free so I guess I would be stupid if I missed it. After that I think we are heading to NYC for Sunday just to hang out. I haven't been there in years and I really want to go back. My last few weekends here are going to be packed with excursions because I really want to see what this area of the country is like.

I need to make some more sales while I'm here so I must get going and do some research. I miss all of my friends back home and I can't wait to be back to see OU capture the National Championship this year...oh yeah and go to school. :)

Hope all is well back home!

Words to the wise...the skill of negotiation is something everyone should strive to perfect.

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It's been a while [21 Jul 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | none ]

Well sorry to anyone who has tried to read this over the last few weeks and has left empty handed.
I am here to finally update and I have some interesting things...
First Boston is cool...different and very gay, but cool nonetheless.
Secondly, my job is getting better by the week. I have closed 3 accounts to date and hopefully a few more next week so I've been making some good money finally.
Thirdly, I have some fun things to talk about.

I'll start with the weekend my parents came up to visit (2 weeks ago).
They got here on Thursday evening and I met up with them to eat dinner and Jill came along as well. We went to a great little hole-in-the-wall place in the North End (little Italy) of Boston. After a couple of hours of catching up with them, we finished dinner and went walking through the North End. We stopped and got great pastries at a place called "Mike's Pastries". If any of you are in Boston I strongly recommend you trying it. It's world class to say the least. We walked around Boston to just kind of see the sights and we stopped at the one and only (not really there are 2) Cheers. It really was not that cool. We sat awkwardly for a while sipping on some beers while listening to a crappy band play. With my parents traveling all day and Jill and I working all day, we were all pretty tired and decided we'd hit the sack early. So we went out separate ways only to meet again the following day.
It was a relaxing night of catching up and I really enjoyed it.

The next morning was Friday and Jill had to be at work super early so she left me at like 6am to catch the train back to Worcester. I also had to work that day and ended up near my mom who was shopping near Quincy Market (pretty much the center of Boston's shopping/restaurant area). We hung out for a bit and then I had to continue working so I left her there on the phone with a client.
That night Jill came back from Worcester and we all went to dinner again at King Fish. If you remember...which I doubt you will, I took her there on New Year's Eve this year. It's a great little seafood place in Quincy Market.
Anyway we talked about the upcoming election and to my surprise, my democrat father and independent mother are both voting for G-dub. I was pretty sure that my dad would not take that route but he we chatted along those lines for a bit but Jill and I had to eat and run. We were headed to see Anchorman with two of her friends Missy and Pietro, who I have come to really like since I have been here. We came, we saw, and we went and afterwards I was changed forever...haha no it was a good movie but I'm sure I would have liked it more if I didn't watch all the preview stuff on the internet before the movie. Oh well though...lesson learned.

Saturday came and Jill and I went shopping with my Mom because she needed some clothes to go to the Sox game that night. I know what you are thinking....why did she need clothes for a baseball game? Well it turns out my dad got sweet club seat tickets in the enclosed area with the buffet of mussels, strip steak, salmon and many other non-buffet type items and Jill was already on her way from Worcester when I told her. So she packed regular baseball game stuff instead of the fancy stuff she needed. But it was fun to go shopping with her because she has NO clue on style...haha ;) just messing with ya Jill. No but honestly though, NO CLUE! haha So I helped her pick out a top for that night and another top for another night and I'm pretty sure she loved my choices...either that or she's beginning to get better at lying. Either way I don't really care.
So anyway the game was great, food was awesome, and the Sox came out with a W. So all in all it was an AWESOME day. That night we met up with Philip Gray who was up visiting a friend from NYC where he has his internship with MTV. We shot over to a bar for a little bit near my place and just basically caught up on the last few weeks of being in France. It was a good time and I think Jill got a kick out of our stories and such.
Phil ended up staying the night at my place that night and we got up at around 11 the next day to meet up with his buddies, one of which was a guy that just graduated from UT. I tried to hold it against him but I just couldn't because he was really cool and damn funny. Jill wasn't feeling to well so she stayed at my apartment for a while while the three of us did some sight-seeing in Boston, stopping to make fun of nearly everything possible. "I believe that this statue is hug worthy."
Anyway, Jill met up with us at King Fish again where we sat to have a cup of CHOWDA. Gotta say I love that stuff no matter what time of year it is.
After King Fish we did a bit more sight-seeing before the guys had to go. Then Jill and I headed to meet up with my parents to go CANDLE PIN BOWLING! My new favorite sport. Little ball, skinny pins, much tougher than regular bowling.


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Quick Update [06 Jul 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | none ]

It's been quite some time since I've updated I I'll try to catch up a bit.
I finally closed my first account last Wednesday and man did it feel nice. I thought I was going to close a couple more but circumstances have proven otherwise.

Work has been going well and I've gotten to see Jill and her friends a bunch so that's been great too.
My parents are coming this weekend and I really can't wait to see them. We're going to have a great weekend I'm sure. We get to see Anchorman on Friday, a Sox game on Saturday and we get to go to this really cool restaurant at the top of the Prudential Tower called Top of The Hub. So that's going to be cool. Plus I haven't seen my parents much in like 6 months.

Anyway, this weekend was fun. I went candlepin bowling for the first time in my life. In case anyone is actually reading this and is wondering what candlepin bowling ya go. Regular amount of pins (10), but the pins are really skinny and tall and I think heavier than regular bowling pins, a ball the size of a softball but heavier, and a regular length lane. You get three rolls of the ball per frame, but don't kid's really hard. So anyway that was fun. Jill beat me once which I am still torn up about and I fully intend on redeeming myself soon.

Jill's parents are going nuts over she and I. They think that she's irresponsible (couldn't be more untrue) and that she's going to make some irrational decision because of me. AKA they don't like her spending much time with me. Which SUCKS because it causes Jill a bunch of unwarranted grief because we only have so much time together left. Plus the fact that she is supremely nervous about moving to Texas. I understand that. I remember when I moved to LA and how nervous I was. But everything always works out. It is just always nerve racking before you do. I.E. when I came here.

But anyway...I'm having a great time and I need to get back to work.

Words to the Wise....set one goal for this week and achieve it

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Family of Tumbleweeds [28 Jun 2004|12:00am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's been a great time here in Boston so far.

I finished my first work week and I'm already being approached by my boss to work permanently for the company. Kind of premature if you ask me, but I'll take the compliments nonetheless. Tomorrow is my first day selling on my own and how great it would be to sell an account the first day. Though I don't expect it, I have hope and I think it could happen.

Anyway, things are great here. I get tired now at like 1030 at night which makes me feel like an old man. But at the same time I feel like I am getting more mature and becoming more of the person I want to be "when I grow up". By the way, when does one stop using that phrase, "when I grow up"? I guess I'll probably use it forever...just because I'm a little bit silly in the head like that.
Though I think I should admit that I enjoy being silly like that. I don't ever want to "grow up" and be dull and boring. I think I will try to immulate my father and my best friend Bob's father when I am their ages and keep my senility at bay while I enjoy the fruits of fatherhood and a successful career. Well I can only pray that it all works out that nicely.

So anyway, I just finished reading "The Winds of War". And yes I know it took me forever but cut me some slack...its 885 pages long. Plus I really enjoyed it so I read it slowly to make sure I took it all in. It ends leading into the sequel..."War and Remembrance" which I think I will pick up from the bookstore soon. So far "The Winds of War" has been my most favorite read and Herman Wouk my most favorite author. So I guess that means I should read his other books, don't ya think? I do.

Well on with other Mom and Dad are in Carbondale again. Well I guess my Mom hasn't left my Grandma's side since her surgery but my Dad has had to go on business trips so he's been back and forth. Neither have been back to OK since I left. Which is bizarre for me because it's the first time in my life that I can remember neither parent being home. My Dad always traveled but my Mom was always at home. Anyway, my Dad has some business he has to do in Chicago this week so I think he has to go up there for a few days while my Mom stays in Carbondale and helps my Grandma "get back on her feet again". Even though she's doing a great job of rehabilitating, she still needs help with cooking and all that because she gets tired. Tough ole broad though, no pain medication on open heart surgery...NUTS. But my Mom has been quite the caretaker lately with my Aunt first and then my Grandma. Way to go Mom!

I think both my Mom and Dad are coming to Boston to see me on the 8-10 of July as long as my Grandma's appointment on the 6th turns out all right. I really hope it does both for my Grandma of course and for myself. I have only seen my Mom twice and my Dad three times in the last 6 months. So pray for my Grandma that everything works out well for her. I know I will be.

Well I think I am going to get to bed. I love the feeling I get when I finish a book. I don't know why but even though I'm reading just for pleasure it feels like I have accomplished something. Ha Ha Ha.

Anyway words to the wise and all on yourself once in your life, just to see how it turns out. Then you'll know if you're worth other people's bets.

p.s. Happy Birthday Dad

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Drink Me! [24 Jun 2004|12:54pm]
How to make a Britton Hartman

1 part competitiveness

5 parts courage

5 parts
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness
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Post-it [20 Jun 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Here I am....again.
Well it's a WONDERFUL Sunday afternoon in Cambridge Mass. It's sunny and cool with a light breeze and I'm feeling wonderful. Since Thursday I have been kickin it around Boston and the surrounding areas.
Thursday - arrived at around 4pm in Boston after being on planes since 7am. It was a LONG day and after Jill and I went around Cambridge for a bit I passed out early (like literally 10pm).
Friday - I woke up SUPER early around 8am and I hung around the apartment until about 10am. I ran some errands with Jill and we decided to go see Dodgeball that night with her friends Lo and Paul. We decided that we were going to do a nice dinner and then meet them at the theatre. Well as it turned out Lo and Paul couldn't be there so we (Jill and I) decided to catch the earlier flick. Dodgeball kind of reminded me of Zoolander but in a less funny way. I wonder if I'll think it's more funny later like I did with Zoolander. But who knows. was good...though it cost me a fortune to see it. 10.50 for a friggin movie?? NUTS!! Oh well though I guess that's Beantown. So after the movie Jill and I walked to Cheers (across Boston Common) and had I had a crappy beer and a GREAT cheeseburger.

Just to get something out in the open....Apparently, according to my mom, I only talk about drinking and eating on here so I guess I should expand a bit.

Before the movie Jill and I sat on a bench in Boston Common just people watching. After a while of chatting and me inventing crazy little inventions that I will one day hopefully exploit to my full advantage...a man and his son stumbled upon Jill and I chatting. I saw that they were both wearing Texas Longhorn hats and shirts so I decided to taunt them a bit by shouting a little "boomer sooner" at them and laughing. They grinned and laughed and came and sat down next to us. We chatted about the OU-UT rivalry. It was a good convo and I think Jill was surprised that we weren't at each other's throats about the teams. hahaha I told her it was because we were in Boston (neutral ground) and that if we were in Texas or Oklahoma it would have been much more heated.
So anyway enough of the boring mumbo jumbo of the evening.

After Cheers we tried to get back to my apartment and got lost like whoa. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that on Friday before the movie Jill and I went to Target to get some things and we got SUPER lost on the way back. I must say that Boston's streets SUCK and the street signs are UNBELIEVABLY pitiful. But anyway we made it back.

So we crashed Friday night and Jill got up early to drive back to Worcester. She had to do a bunch of chores that day so I just ran errands on foot around Boston. Plus I finally got to go to my office and do all the "getting acquainted" work that I needed to do. I found out all the bells and whistles of the company and I think this job is going to rock. I have the opportunity to make some good money and I can't wait to get started.

So today I'm just chillin and researching for my job. I start tomorrow. AKA I better be ready.

I also called my Dad to wish him a happy father's day and chat for a bit. Other than that my day has been really boring. I guess I'll be reading a lot this summer because my TV sucks and we don't have cable. But that's good I guess.

Well I'm going to get outta here for a bit...

Words to the wise... L is for the way you look at me....

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"I just want to use your love tonight. I don't want to lose your love tonight." [16 Jun 2004|04:57am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "Josie" (Outfield) ]

Tuesday = the last time I'll see most of my family for another two months.

If I could pick one animal I feel like right now it would be a toad, for a couple of reasons. For one I have been hopping around the world like countries and states were lily pads. In two days I'll be hopping my butt to Boston. I feel like just as soon as I was getting used to being here in Norman (i.e. playing golf and going out with the old buds of mine) I am off to a new place to try and see if I can better myself...again.
And number two...I feel like I have screwed up but that I will turn into the prince that I promised to be...someday soon. Though even the toad needs a kiss to do that. ha ha
JUST kidding...

So anyway...I have been good lately though I have been getting dizzy and light headed lately. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get checked out before I head to beantown. I just hope it's not something serious. Why is it that I always get sick. I think I have been sick more than anyone I know.

But anyway...I played golf yesterday with Chris, Travis, Brian, and Ryan. It was a lot of fun though it was about 100 degrees and humid as hell. It was nice to do that with the guys though. It's really weird. We are all starting to finally grow up I think and we are just enjoying being with each other these days and not really trying to compete or anything like that anymore. We can all laugh at each other and ourselves. It's really a great thing I think. I'm going to miss doing that this summer. I feel like I'm missing out, but at the same time I know I need to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities I have been given so I am taking off for now. But this fall will be unbelievably awesome....Seniors again...I cannot believe it! I feel like college just flew by. I don't want to be done yet. I have loved college. But anyway...I can't wait to be in Boston. Jill and I have been talking more and more everyday and I think that things will turn out all right between us. She's a saint I must say. No one has ever made me feel the way she does and I'm going to make her just as happy as she has made me.

As for now I'm just living every day to it's fullest. That's all I can do.

So I guess my next entry will be from Beantown. I will see ya on the flipside!

Words to the wise....Life's too short...make sure the ones you love know it.

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" You marry him you father will condone you, marry me your father will disown you." [11 Jun 2004|01:20pm]
[ music | Spin Doctors - Two Princes ]

Friday = first day of being single.

Well my time here in OK has been nice and it's less than a week now until I go to Boston. What was going to be an exciting, warm, passionate embrace at the airport will now be filled with empty loneliness. And why you might ask? Well because as most of you could probably guess. I screwed up. Thank you all for telling me before hand that I was going to. It's nice to know that everyone knows me better than I do. So what do I do now? Well for now I guess I will enjoy my last week in OK before I head off for the rest of the summer. Then when I get to Boston I will be working 9-5 so that should keep my occupied enough, I hope. Other than that I think I Chris and Joe are coming in July to the yankees - Red Sox game. I think Phil and one of his buddies are coming too. So that should be a good weekend. I think I will tour around New England on the weekends. I haven't been around there much and I think I'd like to get to know it better. Then maybe a couple of trips to NYC to check that out some too. Who knows...I'll keep ya updated.

To a more present topic.
Today I think I am going to take it easy and eat some healthy food. I have been out in Norman the last two nights and it's starting to wear on me. I am already sick and I have 2 more days I have to go out. So next week should be TONS of fun being sick. haha
My Mom and Dad are in IL with my Grandma. She just had a triple bypass surgery on her heart and apparently it went just as planned. She is already up and walking and she just had the surgery yesterday. Tough old broad I must say. Gotta love those German genes. Anyway I just found out that my Mom is going to stay up there with her for like 4 weeks cause my Grandma can't drive for that long. So it looks like I won't see her until I get back from Boston. They were going to come up to Boston for a weekend to visit sometime this summer but after all this I don't think it's going to happen. Which is cool...I understand that.

My mind is foggy and I really don't have much else to update on so I think I'll leave it at this.

Words to the wise....I'm a freakin idiot.

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Home Again Home Again...oh how I love to be Home Again [06 Jun 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | none ]

Well it's official...I am back in OK and I'm LOVING it. Not that I didn't love's just that home never felt so good.

It's Sunday night and I got back on Thursday night. That leaves me with a little catching up to do.

Thursday morning: Got up early, said my goodbyes to Phil and Sarah, and then headed to the airport where I checked in and waited a sold hour and a half for my flight. I finally left the ground at about 10:45 am headed for NYC. That flight was really long but there were a couple of good movies (Along Came Polly and some other movie I forgot the title of) and it was nice and quiet. The only problem was that I only fell asleep for like 45 mins and that clearly was not enough as you will read about later.
The best part of the flight was when I was looking at the window and recognized Cape Cod right beneath us. I have to say that seeing American soil was a brilliantly exciting experience. My whole body got goose bumps. I arrived in NYC at JFK airport, went through customs, and then hopped my flight to Cincinnati. Yet another flight of no sleeping. Though on this one I sat next to a Professor from NY and he was pretty nice. In Cincinnati I waited for about 30 mins for my flight and then FINALLY got on a TINY plane headed towards OKC. The flight went without a hitch and I arrived to see that my Dad was waiting for me in the terminal. How cool is that.
We chatted for a bit about the flights and stuff as we walked to the car but I was so tired that I didn't have much to say.
We arrived at my parents house at around 7:15pm, meaning that I had officially been traveling for 15 hours and 30 mins. AKA a REALLY long time without sleep. My whole family got to the house within the hour and we had a GREAT steak dinner that I had requested while I was in France. I was SUPER tired however and it was mostly enjoyed by my other family members.
So anyway...that night just consisted of the family and me telling stories of the last 5 months. Good night.
Friday came and went like a blur. I woke up at like 8am after not being able to sleep very well cause I was REALLY jet lagged. I packed up most all of my stuff at my parents house and re-moved into my house in Norman. Most of that day consisted of hanging out with the roommates and talking to Elizabeth about our relationship and my relationship with Jill. Interesting and confidence building to say the least.
Then that night Merk, Cole, Raftery, Will, Bob, Rachel, Ashley and her parents, myself and my parents went to see OU-UCLA in the NCAA Regional Baseball Tournament's first game in Bricktown. It was a lot of fun other than we got killed. We all sat up on the patio of Coach's Restaurant and drank pitchers of cheap beer...something I had been dying for since about two months into being in France.
Then after the game we all headed (minus Ash's parents) to the Varsity where we just reminisced and talked about current events. Also good times....
After that most everyone left with the exception of Bob, Will, Ash, Rachel, and me. We all continued our night at club LIT, pronounced light, where I saw Mark Folger and he told me that even though I'm not with Bonnie anymore he still thinks I am a "great guy". Ha Ha. After LIT I went to Ashley's where apparently I called Jill...but I really don't remember doing it. I hate it when that happens. But I guess it was a good/short conversation so...that's ok.
Saturday I went from Ash's to my parents house where I just basically hung out ALL day. It was a very nice/relaxing day and I got to play with my Mom's new dog, Meg. I gotta say that I love that dog.
Anyway, I picked up some more stuff from my house that I needed and then went back to Norman...oh yeah I almost forgot. Bob owes me 15 bucks because he bought shots on my card at LIT and I left it there and forgot to tab out. ha ha I'm an idiot.
Last night I played DD as Merk and Will drank for Will's b-day. Old man...just turned 22. I cannot believe that I'll be there in just under 4 months. NUTS...I feel girlfriend is only 19...creepy old man I am....creepy creepy creepy.
So we went to the Mont to celebrate some girl's party where I got hit on by this girl that I saw at Wal-Mart earlier in the day...what a great pick up line "hey you're that guy from Wal-Mart aren't you?" ha ha ha
Then it was off to Bison witches...absolutely love that place I must say.
We hung out there and Sarah Hughes and Trician Giffin (soon to be married) met us there. It was great to see them again....I saw Sarah the night before at LIT but I hadn't seen Tricia in years...we had a nice little chat about marriage and about my relationship filled past. Good laughs and good advice I must say.
Then we headed over to Red Dirt...had a couple of beers...and then said our goodbyes to the girls and headed home. I ended up talking to Jill, Elizabeth, and Jessie Boothe (all called me I have to add) until like 3:30 am and I almost fell asleep with Jessie....I would have felt bad! ha ha ha oh well wouldn't have been the first time I guess.
Today I hung out at my house and just unpacked EVERYTHING. I even had to buy a bookshelf to put in my room so that I had somewhere to put my books. I felt very productive though. I just hope I stay this way. I REALLY need to be productive and disciplined from now on. It makes me feel good, I must say.

Well anyway...I have to say again that I LOVE being home and thanks to everyone who has given me a warm welcome. Though I have to admit that I cannot wait to go to Boston either. Now THAT is going to be unreal. A summer internship that I get paid to party and sell stuff, summer school at Harvard, just summer in Boston in general, and most excitingly...summer with my wonderful Jillian.

Words to the wise...Home is where the heart, try and REALLY figure out what that means.

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The Last Nights in Nice [02 Jun 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | sorry ]

Well here it is...My LAST journal entry from Europe. Everyone who has been reading these...I appreciate it and I hope you have enjoyed it.

I cannot believe me time here is over. It has been an experience that I couldn't put into words. I hope that anyone who wants to will have the chance to have this opportunity.

Yesterday was VERY long. I woke up at 10am to study for my final in my British History class. It went all right but it was out of the blue. So school here is over....I still cannot comprehend that. So after the test I went to my bank and closed my account, got a great little sandwich at the little stand near my old place I stayed (the Villa), and then went to my French class that night.
Then the craziness began.....
After I made some dinner we popped the Dal Bello bottle of Champagne that Bob gave us when he was here. We then left to go out of the night. First hitting up McMahan's were Jed and I shared a giraffe and we all talked about our time here and how it is nuts because we are all leaving so soon. Then it was off to O'Neill's for my last time where our favorite bar tenders Bernadette and Rachel. Rachel made me take a flat liner shot when I didn't know that it was a flat liner....that punk. Then everyone bought my drinks for the whole night. It was great! It felt like it was my 21st b-day all over again. I do have to say that it was my favorite night since I have been here. Aside from the fact that I was attacked with kisses by this Swedish girl named Merika. Other than that though it was awesome. We closed out Escalier at 6 am walked home...then I called Jill and I'm sure I was quite the idiot on the phone. ha ha ha

And today I woke up at 3pm and searched around Nice for tape to tape up my box. Finally found it after about an hour of searching. Then I went to the post office and sent it....250 euro later. Unbelievable!!!
Then Jed, John, and I went to get some bottles of wine to take home to our families. We got some local stuff that you can't get anywhere else in the that was cool. Then Jed and I went to Zara and got some last EURO clothes we wanted. I think they are AWESOME. Ha ha....
Anyway...I must get to packing and then my trip here is done. It's been unbelievable and I can't say enough how lucky and fortunate I feel about being able to have done this.
Much love to you all and I hope to see you all soon!
Words to the wise....revenge is a STUPID STUPID thing...I wish there was a rewind button on my vcr of life.

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Mon coeur balance [30 May 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | none ]

So it's been since Tuesday I guess since I have updated this thing. Well here goes...Wednesday I went to class for the last time with my prof Claudie. Tear it was fun and I am going to miss her. She reminds me of someone I know I just can't put my finger on it. I think it's the language difference that's not letting me decide on who it is.
After class I did I have been doing for the most part for the last 3 weeks. I don't really have any money left and I'm trying to save up for my last couple of days. We went to see a movie "The Day After Tomorrow" on Thursday...I think. It was all right....a little over the top for me. But the special effects were cool and I think that's what it was essentially trying to accomplish.
Thursday's class was awful! We had this prof I had never had before and she just grilled us. Corrected us on EVERYTHING we said. Hey lady...I'M NOT FRENCH! My accent is not going to sound French...EVER. ha ha but she even corrected Greg...who IS FRENCH. Not to mention the fact that the guy speaks French almost fluently. Oh worries. I don't have her again.
That's right...its now officially Sunday. Yesterday consisted of the beach, Lord of the Rings 3 with Greg, and then some beers at O'Neill's after that. Plus a nice little convo with my Jillian when I got home. Can't say I can get enough of those.
So today thus far has consisted of me getting to the beach at 11 am like Greg and I agreed on last night only to sit there for 2 hours by myself because he apparently forgot or just chose not to come. But Sarah came out for the last few minutes that I was there and I left cause I felt that I have had enough sun for the day. My LIPS are sun burnt...who does that? Oh well...chap stick here I come.
The rest of my Sunday is going to be filled with errands and just basically picking up my things and arranging them so I am ready to pack to go home.
I can't believe I have only 4 more days in Nice! Greg and I figured out last night that I will have spent exactly 130 days here in Europe when I leave. That means I have been here 126 days as of right now and I only have 4 left. Where did the time go?
I am going to enjoy going home though. I get to be picked up by my Dad in the terminal because he arrives about 30 minutes before me in the same terminal. How cool is that...I can't remember the last time I was picked up in the terminal. Then I get to have a big dinner with my family....couldn't ask for anything more. Well maybe something more...but she'll come soon enough. ha ha :)
So anyway...this will be one of my last entries here in the journal for my semester in Europe. I think we are turning off the cable as Tuesday and I guess I will probably right one more entry on Wednesday at the internet cafe....thank you to all who have read this. It has been an amazing 4 months here and I'm glad you guys got to share a bit of it with me...even if it was just through my writing and pictures. I can't wait to see you all soon!

Words to the wise....the world is not flat! Crazy huh....I promise though, I've been almost all the way around it.

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You won't know unless you give it a try... [25 May 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | "Cupid" 112 ]

Well well, it's Tuesday and I'm done with class and chillin back the apartment before I cook dinner and then go out for Phil's 21st b-day. Should be a good time.

Yesterday was a LONG and mind numbing day. I had to get up early to study for my final in my marketing class that I have been taking for the last two weeks online. It was an EXTREMELY hard test as was the midterm. The entire thing was just answering essay questions over 9 chapters of text. And these questions weren't just simple little "describe the marketing mix and it's elements" they were very in depth and asked for detailed descriptions of what I would do in certain situations. It sucked to say the least.

After studying all day and then finally taking my test I had to go to my French class at 530pm and talk about politics for an hour and a half. I basically used up every once of brainpower I had left just to explain my political position and my prof ended up telling me that I am an "vengeur des hommes" which is basically someone who fights for all of man. She liked me...I guess.
So after frying my brain for the day we started to walk home where we saw two men fighting in the street. Completely blocking the downhill traffic, one Algerian man was chasing after a man swinging a tire iron and a steering wheel. The guy he was chasing had left his car door open while he ran away. It was weird I had this bizarre instinctual feeling that I should run after the guy with the tire iron and tackle him but just as I took my first step the fight got broken up and the guy walked the other way. It was an eerie feeling.
After the events of the day I was ready to just relax at home but instead we were invited to go to Mary Grace's to grill some burgers. We bought some beer and all the other necessities of a BBQ and headed over for the evening. We did the usual BBQ thing, talking about where each of everyone was from and ALL about their states. Good times.
I came home later than everyone else because I missed out on some of the events because I was talking to my parents about going to look at a 2004 BMW in Rome for only 10 grand. They said it was too good to be true and quickly nixed the idea. So I rejoined the group about 45 minutes later and stayed about 45 minutes longer than my current roommates. Everyone seemed to be getting tired so I took my cue and headed home. Soon after I arrived we all hit the hay.
Today I woke and made myself some lunch, wrote some emails, and then went to change my flight at the travel agency.
When I got to the travel agency I learned that I had to change my flight to a Thursday so I am now coming home a bit earlier than expected (June 3rd). So that should be good. I officially have 13 days at home before I start my summer of work/fun in Boston. I really can't wait for this summer. I think this year has been the best year of my life thus far and I think it's only going to get better.
So the rest of today went smoothly, hung out at the apartment, class, and now I'm going to fix some dinner.

I hope all is going well at home and I can't wait to see all of you.

Words to the wise (my new phrase)....the work of a little can negatively or positively affect many many people so make sure that you are doing the work of the whole and not for a small majority.

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And I've Got Those Wings, Oh They Help Me Fly [20 May 2004|03:43am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Travis ]

Well today was interesting to say the least.

I lounged around with Jed (Phil's' friend visiting) in the apartment all day cause he was too sun burnt to go to the beach again. Then I walked to class with Phil.

This next part is going to need some prefacing.
Phil and his friends John and Jed went on a trip last week to Interlaken. On their train back they met this producer from Pasadena who gave them Cuban cigars and talked with them about everything under the sun while they smoked them for over 2 hours. Well during the conversation, Don Ingle (the producer), asked them to come to his premier at the Cannes Film Festival this Thursday and they all agreed they would go. Don called a few times and the last time told us that things had been changed to today so we needed to go. Well he called Sarah's phone, who is in Paris, and Sarah called Greg last night and told him to tell us. Greg tells at 630 in the middle of our French class that the screening was at 8pm. Phil and I jumped up and politely told the prof what was going on and she said we could all leave to go to it. Which is cool cause I already signed in and got credit for the day. So Phil and I run down to our apartment and tell the guys to get ready FAST and then ran up to the train station. We cut in line in front of a nice lady to buy our tickets because we only had 3 minutes till the train left. We finally got the tickets...found Greg looking for us in the station and ran to the train. We BARELY made it. I mean the doors were shutting on our tails as we scooted into the train. What luck...we finally got to Cannes and hopped off the train. Phil said he thought he knew where the film was being shown but it turned out that it wasn't showing there. Damn that Don Ingle. So we looked around for it for a while and couldn't find it. It was getting dark and we decided to go down and just check out the scene of everything. It was AWESOME. Tons of dressed up people and sweet cars and boats. We ended up on a sandy beach...yes SAND, where we sat down to watch a free movie in beach chairs showing on a HUGE movie screen overlooking the ocean. I took pics and I'll put them up soon enough. Behind us those huge lights that they have outside movie theaters were beaming across the sky all along the beachside. Great scene I must say. After a while of watching this awfully crappy Kung Fu movie on the big screen we decided to take our free awesome blankets they gave us and head on out. We didn't know when the last train left for Nice so we figured that we needed to find out as it was getting to be around 10pm. We started walking down the main promenade of Cannes where all the cars and hotels and all that was and we just happened to look into a car and saw Chris Tucker (a famous black comedic actor for all of those who dont know) chillin there. We all said what's up and waved and he smiled, laughed, and waved back saying what's up as well. It was pretty cool experience. Nice guy I must say. So then we walked back to the train station where our train was delayed an hour.
We kicked it and chatted about things from being back home and what meals we want when we get back to people we know that know other people we know. ha ha
Anyway, we finally got back and I've been looking at apartments online in Boston since then. Plus I found this sweet car I want but knowing my luck it wont work out.
Though most other things have worked out lately.
Anyway, I must get going....I'm DEAD tired and I'm going to hit the sack.

Words of wisdom...always know one favorite thing people like so you can always make them happy.

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Excuse me, could you punch me in the mouth as hard as you can? [17 May 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | "I like big butts" it's on tv dont blame me ]

I must say that this thing is getting less and less interesting by the entry. But I'm going to write down my thoughts anyway because I can and I feel like it.

Well it's Monday morning and I just finished my Marketing midterm...aka it was unbelievably hard. I knew it was going to be difficult because it was all writing and just answering essay questions about 9 chapters of concepts and theories in my book and I had to answer 3 of the 4 asked questions. None were easy questions either. It took me the full 2 hours allowed, never happens, and I was sweating by the end of it. But I hope that I did well. I am just going to nail the rest of the quizzes and do as well as I can on the final. After that I have the term paper that I will kill and hopefully with all of that I can end up with an A. Pray to God above! ha ha

I haven't done much since my last entry on Friday because I have been studying the entire time. Well almost the entire time. I have been to the beach for most of the past two afternoons so that has been nice. I am getting pretty dark surprisingly. I haven't been this dark since I was like 6 and I was in the pool all summer long. Man I remember being so burnt back then that I'd have blisters on my shoulders the size of quarters. cancer here I come!

This week will be an entire week of studying...beach...class...studying. I guess it could be worse though. I do get to go to one of the best beaches I have ever seen. So that's a plus. So my next entry will probably talk about studying and the beach. ha ha

I have also been endlessly searching for apartments in Boston and I think I found a pretty good web site for searching. There are a lot of cheap apartments for rent with roommates so that could be interesting/fun. I guess I'll get to meet some cool people...hopefully.

Well I must go....I need to update my pictures as well.

Words of wisdom...procrastination sucks.

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L'amour coultoire [15 May 2004|01:30am]
[ mood | grateful ]

No news is good news...right? Well not when it's for 4 weeks.

So it's Friday again...gotta love those Fridays. Not that I do anything during the week here anyway, but it's still nice to think no one else is doing anything now too. :) ha ha
Well on Wednesday night we found out that we HAVE to take the French class that we got booted out of in order to receive our 12 hours worth of credits. So now we have to pay them 100 euro of our own money that will be reimbursed at a later date. But as of right now I have 0 money. Literally! So I need to talk to the rents soon to see if they can give me some money.
Also, yesterday we found out that our final that was supposed to be on May 24th is actually on June 1st. So that means I will have to be here until June memorial day weekend for me. Boo
But oh well...Nice is great too.
So I guess I'll be coming home on June 6th now. Which only gives me like 10 days at home before I go to Boston. Boo again...

Today I went to the beach and sunned myself for a few hours with Beezy, Carolyn, and Andrea. It was absolutely awesome! It was one oft he warmest days we've had here in Nice with a top out temperature at around 75.
I left the beach at around 3pm to go back to the apartment to finish my paper for my History of art Pre-Raphaelite. I thought it was actually a pretty good paper. Which surprised me because I didn't really try all that hard on it. Oh well that all I have to do is pass the class with a C in order to get credit.
Anyway, I met back up with the girls at 530 for an....interesting dinner at a place called la Mirador. I had an appetizer that consisted of whole minnows fried and topped with four giant calamari. It wasn't really that good and I wouldn't recommend eating the minnows unless you like crunching the skulls of fish in your mouth. ha ha gross
My main meal of tortellini was very good however.
After dinner the girls and I met up with Mary-Grace, Nadja, and Sarah at the Rialto theatre to catch a movie. I must say that my night of having 6 dates was quite nice...ha ha.
We saw Troy and I thought it was actually pretty decent. I'm not too up on my Greek mythology but I liked the movie itself. Some of the acting and scenes were kind of weak, but it made up for that in its style and story.
After the movie I cam back to my apartment to check my e-mail and I received one from my dad.
Just a standard e-mail from him with words of encouragement. He wrote that he was at a convention yesterday and heard a speaker quote a morning prayer of a Jewish person. It said: "Lord, may I rise up like a lion in your service today."
My Dad really liked the prayer but I found it somewhat...uncomfortable for the lack of a better description. I wrote him back saying that instead of praying to "rise up like a lion", and maybe I am misunderstanding the simile, we should pray to stand strong is his service like a sheepdog. I feel that in the world today there is too much violence. And to pray to God and ask him to help you rise up like a vicious animal doesn't seem right to me. I chose sheepdog because it was the most loyal, kind, yet protective animal I could think of. Sheepdogs belong to a flock but are not aggressive. They only attack when they feel that the heard is being threatened. They are trustworthy and responsive. Yet kind and gentle at the same time. Just a thought I guess...who knows. I do appreciate the e-mail though.
Well I must be going, I have too much marketing to do to be sitting here righting about my ever changing world...ha ha
Words of wisdom...pray to God to help you to stand strong and with a sound mind like sheepdog in his service.

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