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    Friday, July 4th, 2003
    6:04 pm
    Lana... "A booger's Life"
    Hi! I'm going to write about a booger's life!!!!!!!!

    One day, a booger called Lana (:D) went in the forest to look for her great granddaughter's medicine because her great granddaughter was sick of scratchanduselesswoundtitis, and the medicine can only be found in ... THE LARGE INTESTINE FOREST, the most dangerous place in Granma Dorka City.....

    Lana passed through the esophagus put weird smelly sour smelling liquid with solid stuff like rice, noodles, carrots, and other stuff and the booger went out the saliva sea and onto a strange thing she never saw called the bathroom floor.

    She HAD TO GET MEDICINE!!!! she went up on the sinkulus then jumped into the nose of Granma Dorka and smelled the fresh smell of the booger and cilia's headquarters. And told her great granddaughter to hang in there to the scratchanduselesswoundtitis.

    She traveled down the esophagus again and into THE LUNG VOLCANO!!!!!!!!... Granma Dorka was breathing to hard that Lana went up and down the Lung Volcano and became full of bad breath... when Granma Dorka fainted because of the breathing, Lana can now continue into the small intestine rope!!!

    She just had to go curvy curvy in the small intestine rope and SHE WAS THERE.. THE LARGE INTESTINE FOREST!!!!!!

    Unfortunately,Granma Dorka had diarrhea so Lana was plopped with soft poopoo and dropped in the toilet then flushed...

    she was in the sewer with the foul smell of her worst enemy THE DIARRHEA, and her other enemy! THE CONSTIPATION and her other enemy!!! THE NORMAL POOPOO!!! they all combined to become THE DIARPATIONPOOPOO!!!!! but they realized they were just poop so they went back in the sewer.

    Luckily, she grabbed a cell from the large intestine forest.

    Now, Lana knew what she had to do... She went to the house traveled 1 cm (1,000,000 miles in booger life) and plopped back into the nose... the headquarters.

    But, alas, Granma Dorka stuck her pinky with 7 feet nails and roamed around in the headquarters, got Lana and flicked her to the floor.

    Determined to let her granddaughter live, she climbed back up and went in again.. but again, how stupid Lana is.. She forgot the cell from the large intestine forest and left it from the 1 cm out the house!

    So she ran again, 1,000,000,000 miles in booger life and got the cell and ran back and went to the bathroom.. She went up, went in the headquarters, then said this,

    "*cough, cough* Dear great granddaughter I got the cell!!! I have traveled over 10,000,000 miles in booger life, and here's your cure!!!"

    "No thanks, Great Granma Lana, I got cured in like a second... Thanks anyway!" :D

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