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Yay! First day! [04 Sep 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | fata- autumns monologue/coldplay- the scientist ]

Yeee yee G.. it was my first dizzle of schizzle my nizzle! Haha.. Yeah I'm pretty gay. In the morning I woke up at 6:00 (it was almost impossible) and I ate, did my makeup & hair and got dressed. I went to Amanda's and Melissa came too. We made up!! =] Then Mel blew dry her hair and we went. We sat in the caf. for a lil with Ryan, Nate, Ray, Pat and we talked to like tons of different people. So then I went to homeroom and got all my papers and stuff. Jenna's locker is next to mine!! =] We have big lockers! Yay! In homeroom I just talked to Jenna, Danny and Mike. Then we started our day..
Italian- We met for like 2 minutes but I sat with Darren, Brianna and Teresa.
Tech- Me, Darren and Maria walked to tech together and I sat with them for about 3 minutes.
Science- I was a little late to science so I had to sit alone. =[ Jenna, Jule, Joe, Greg and I think Marc but idk are in my class. Mrs. Thomson seems alright but I didn't really get to know her.
Math- Yayy! I'm in advanced math with Evan, Darren, Christina, Mike Sar, Quigs and tons of other ppl.
Lunch- At lunch I talked to Lisa and Jenna and I had yougurt and cheese-nips cause I'm a dork!
Gym- Gym was wicked gay.. We played this stupid game about sports (which I hate) but I sat with Sarah, Bree, Teresa, Lilli and Laura. =]
English- Wow, I am madly in love with Mrs. Paglucia.. English is my favorite subject adn she is soo nice.. I'm really excited about this class!! Woahh im gayy.. I sit next to timmy! Kerryn, Katelyn and Kelly are in the class too!
Social Studies- Mr. Chapman is soo cool. We played this thing where we need to tell things about ourselves.. I said that I'm double-jointed in my hip and that I love Kurt Cobain and Marilyn Monroe. He likes The White Stripes and the Vines.. He seems like a pretty cool guy so im psyched about his class too!

After school I brought my sumer reading to Ms. Paglucia and then I visited Ms. Beam.. We really didn't get to talk so she told me to come back after school tomorrow. I love her soo much! Hehe. So then my mom drove Amanda home and I came home and skipped cheering. I got all my stuff ready for tomorrow and talked to Lise and Evan on the phone. I love Lise soo much! She rawks my socks! =] So then I babysat and shit. My maam came home and me and her talked about shit. I love her soo much!! Muahaha.. Comment sexy lady! =]

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