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[30 Jul 2004|11:42pm]
So, what's your name?:Erin
Race/ethnicity?:Black/South African
Do you get why i just said monty?:No.
On relationships...
Anyway...crush?:No one.
Got one?:Nope.
Are you going to tell me their name?:N/A
Are you single?:Yes
Are you taken?:No
Why are you single if you are?:I dumped my ex?
If you're taken, who's the lucky guy/girl?:N/A
Do you think they're lucky to have you?:N/A
How long have you liked said person?:N/A
Are you glad this section is over?:Yes.
On favourites...
What's your favourite song(s)?:Changes - Tupac
Movie?:The Lion King
Survey?:Not sure
Survey maker? *points at self*:Not this person. ;)
Hair color?:Brown
CD album?:Crazy/Sexy/Cool
Band?:The Streets
Program of choice?:For what?
This or that...
Windows or Mac?:Windows
Death or life?:Life
Cheese or porridge?:Oatmeal...porridge - whatta bad word.
Britney or Christina...or neither?:Christina
Lord of the Rings or Harry potter (ONE CHOICE ONLY):HP
Legolas or Aragorn?:Nethier.
Arwen or Eowyn?:Nethier.
Fantasy or Reality?:Reality
Religion or atheism?:Religion
Would you wanna die of...
murder or old age:Old age
drive by or starvation?:Drive by
In your sleep or in a tar pit?:In sleep
What if...
If you could go back in time and change anything, what would you do?:Maybe
The sky was yellow?:No
If you could take up any language what would you learn?:Spanish
you were a movie? What would you be?:Finding Nemo
Lovey dovey stuff..
Are you of age?:No
Did you read the rating?:No
How many years till your legal?:2
Favourite fantasy?:Uh..
Do you dream of your crush?:Nope
Have you had sex yet?:Nope
Did you type Virgin if you haven't? Type it now if you are.:Virgin
Do you lie about your age to people?:Nope
How many partners have you had?:N/A
Been to third base yet?:No
All the way?:Nope
With who?:N/A
Are you going to tell me?:N/A
Tired of this yet?:Yes
First thing you think of...
Alyssa:No clue
Finish the sentence
If it ain't broke:Don't fix it.
The grass is greener:On the other side.
What's love:Got to do with it?
You are what you:think you are.
Battle of the bands (in no particular pairing)
Muse or Modest mousse?:Modest mousse
The cure or Blink 182?:Blink 182
Pink Floyd or Guns and Roses?:Pink Floyd
Avril Lavigne or Hilary Duff (yes you have to choose ONE haha):Avril Lavigne
Alexisonfire or Linkin park?:Linkin Park
Franz Ferdinand or staind?:Fraz Ferdinand
Slipknot or rancid?:Slipknot
Afi or Three days grace?:Three Days Grace
Sugarcult or Hoobastank?:Hoobastank
Dashboard confessional or Story of the year?:Dashboard
Nsync or Backstreet boys?:Nsync
I'm done...happy?:Yes.
Are you sure? BYE!:Bye!

95 questions if you're BORED brought to you by BZOINK!
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CAMPING!! [30 Jul 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Let's get away - T.I. feat. Jazzy Pha ]

CAMPING WAS A BLAST! July 26th-30th, 2004. :D

Day one:

"Tate will fall 19 times, and another person will fall once."
"The mustard is frozen" ... "You didn't take the paper off."
Taking the skinny dippers CLOTHING! Haha
Our friend the skunk.
Paranoid while going to bed... "The guys are out of their tent...they went back in their tent..."
"The girls, they aren't in their tent!!"

Day two:

"What time is it?" .. "11:30am" .. *10 minutes later* ... "Erin, it's actually 8:30am. I think I imagined looking at my watch."
"Erin - where's my breakfest?" ... "Derek, get off of your ass and go make it."
Burring Tate. "CAN HE BREATH?" .. the woman points and looks scared.
Betting on what time Sheila and Manon would come. I SAID 2PM - I WON!!
Manon dissapearing.
The guys streaking in DAYLIGHT.
"I'm blinding by their pale asses."
"Oh boys... *takes off bottoms*"
Ilona and Kevin leaving for a year and a half. Ilona's mom coming into the tent, and asking where Ilona is. *Silence*. Then she was angered. Ilona and Kevin coming back at like 1:30am.
*Let's turn off the light to look like we're sleeping!" - Big oopsie.

Day three:

Nasty ass uncooked/burnt chunky pancakes.
"Curtis has samonela, worms and other parasites from the pancakes and milk" - Green/Gray water-milk.
Ilona's cousins coming over to visit.
Big Water fight ... towel bruise.
Cops and robbers! The girls just sitting on the bench.
"We're taking a break...a long break in the water.*
Skinny dipping.
The guys streaking yet again.
A new country by Curtis: Cantoria.
Intellectual TRUTH until 2:30.

Day 4:

Bacon and eggs...mmm.
Rolls and Inches. = )
Pigging out - Chocolate sauce, marshmallows, bananas, peanut butter, chips, dried fruit, fruit cups and pudding.
"Ooo salsa. I love salsa."
My parents and Ilona's mom "coincidentally" setting up at the beach a meter away.
Ilona's cousins coming back.
*Ilona laughs so hard at Chubby-Bunny that she LETS ONE GO."
FLARTE = Flute + Fart
"I love salsa, I love sleep. I love pastries, I love meat." - Curtis the poet.
"Carson blah blah..." .. "CARSON eh? Yeah Carson. I mean Curtis!"
Biggest regret: "Camping with Carson and Tiffany!" - Derek
"Tiffy-Bush" - Haha!
"Can I sit inbetween you two?" .. "Ah, you're runing our relationship. We can't whisper anymore Tate."
*Curtis shines light in his ear* "Can you see the light!?" .. "No." .. "Wait wait, let's try the OTHER ear."
"I think I just peed a copious amount in my underwear."
"I have a copious amount of vasicous clitorius"
"Do I have TWO complexions?!" ... "Oh complexion is TEARS?"
"What's everyones best *personality* quality?" ... "Sheila's boobs."
"I get to touch my nipples now!" .. "I think I just gave my nipples rug burn."

Day 5:

Stripping Kevin of blankets, matress, and pillow.
Collasping the tent on Kevin.
"Smashie, smashie"
Visit to the farm.
"Ew...I'm going to step in shit with my flip flop"
"Why is that cow going to kill me?"

And finally...a nice long clean shower at home


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