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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

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    Sleep = much needed
    I need sleep bad.................i haven't slept in the past 8 days.............just quick snoozes during class or on the bus...........i can feel the weakness in me increasing. besides that school is being gay. math is fucked up.physics is fucked up even more. its all bull shit that i dont need to deal with but i have to cause i need to be "successful" in life. yea well to bad i hope i grow up to be some bum ass human being who lives in hawaii selling hemp accesories and surfing all day to make a living. yeah that would be nice. they say its easy to be a bum in hawaii. and usually i believe whatever "they" say. architecture is what i am banking for as a career so hopefull that works out. i want to go to the city soon just to get away from this god forsaken place called a Town known as bellport. everyone hear are such close minded bigots that its depressing. the tracks divide us into white half of town and black half of town. i am amazed we haven't put up a wall with turrets just to keep "them" (the black people of north bellport) out of our nice suburban south bellport. fuck it let em do what they want all i know is i am leaving this town as soon as i have the ability to survive on my own

    "stalk the ground"

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