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Saturday, April 9th, 2005
11:28p - well well
It's been a whole month since I last wrote, ok longer than that but whatever. Life is crazy I am no officially and uncle Bret Andrew Brodie (the latest addition to the family. And the even crazier thing is theres anouther on the way. Yep my sister will have her new baby in october.

Hey ash sorry bout lisa, you know I love ya. we should go to the bean and catch up with each other someday!

as far as lisa.. its a hectic relationship. we have probably broke up 100 times this month already. It always seems like we will have a good day just to have a fight. she has done som messed upi things already so I am sure this will probably not last much longer.

I go bowling every thursday at vison lanes so if anyone is bored just come up there around 10
10 bucks all you can bowl its a blast.

anyhow i am out I hope to be writing more for everyone.

current mood: energetic

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