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    Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
    8:45 pm
    i got a live journal!!! if you want the link, ask me!!!! im NOT going to post it on here...

    Current Mood: busy
    Current Music: finale -joseph-
    Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
    10:28 pm
    so despite the fact that i felt like crap last nite and was about to die from my headache, i felt good today, even after my bad feeling dissipated.
    so mike, mac, and kevin came over. and we watched the nightmare before christmas (guys, should we not be watching this, since it's not christmas? lol that cracked me up) and we were like hyper-active jumping around but then eventually we crashed and at one point we were just all laying down and yawning. mac brought over an insanely large tub of...cheese balls...which spurred on humorous comments throughout the day lol. and i showed them my singing plate, and kevin whomped my ass TWICE in the disney racing game ahh!!! my mother made brownies, and got munchkins, so between the soda, the brownies, munchkins, and cheese balls we had enough carbs to keep us hyper for a week lol. then we put on nemo and watched part of that. we bothered my mom for a little, since she taped about a second of josh groban this morning lol. then me, mike, and mac went to the improv rehearsal fashionably late, and kevin called his dad to pick him up. he drove past the house, kevin ran outside flailing to get his attention, then his dad called and is like "is kevin hegmann there" and im like "um hes outside" so then we spent about five minutes downstairs waiting for his dad, and he finally came, and i showed mike and mac the scary bunny movie, THEN we went to rehearsal. and we listened to running with scissors, and it took the entire car ride to listen to albuquerque (or however you spell it lol). and YEAH i can't wait until the shows are over so that we can hang out more in my apartment!!! yay!!!!
    omg and my parents got me josh groban's new cd, closer, and its amazing and i love it!!!
    and rehearsal for the improv show was SO funny and its going to be SO much fun!!!!
    and mike and mac decided to have a 'frangrance fight' in my room, and spray all different products at each other, so my room (and me and them) ended up smelling like a cross between citrus and sugar lol. dammit! hahahaha
    but today was oodles of fun, so YAY to mike, mac, and kevin for coming over and bringing happy to my day!!
    wow some people need to get over themselves and stop with the mellowdrama
    so now im pretty drained...but YEAH!!!

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: never let go -josh groban-
    11:32 am
    black clouds are just everywhere
    why do i have an incredibly bad feeling? like that something is going to go horribly wrong? yeah...i don't like it much. i really need someone to talk to right about now. yeah...

    Current Mood: worried
    Current Music: sex & candy -marcy playground-
    Monday, November 10th, 2003
    5:51 pm
    i smell like orange clean...
    so i have random les mis songs stuck in my head...and i find this line amusing:
    "you play a virgin in the light, but need no urgin' in the night"
    lolol that cracks me up.
    booyah to being a whore! lol
    since tony reads this avidly, perhaps he can give me an answer....
    by the way, enjolras is a VERY cool character
    they better appreciate the fact that i just slaved away for an hour cleaning my bathroom!!!!

    Current Mood: musical!
    Current Music: empty chairs at empty tables-les mis-
    3:47 pm
    yeah, so i just got back from new paltz. not bad. like 3 hr drive going, a little longer coming home bc of traffic and whatnot. listened to the entire show of les mis in the car ride there lol. yeah, and clay. and matchbox 20 (on my discman...the parents were listening to its a wonderful life...ha) and i read like half of beloved lol. i gotta finish it for wednesday. can we say...SLACKER!!
    so anyway, this visit has made me PSYCHED for college. i loved new paltz. the campus is BEAUTIFUL, and the weather got so gorgeous, like it was cold, but not too cold. i was wearing a sweater, jeans, a scarf, and my furry coat, but by the time we left i took my coat off. we walked for like 2 hours or so, it was much fun. i saw the girls' dorm rooms (the 2 student ambassadors took us to their rooms to see what they were) i definitely want to request a suite...ugh i loved it. and one of the girls was telling me and my mom about how great the theater program is, and i saw rachel drummer and shes like yeah its such a great school and im just so psyched. i want to go there so much now. and i said that and of course mary is like "well when you see binghamtom you're going to say the same thing" but i don't think i will. i really felt like new paltz is totally where im going to go. i dont think ill have a problem getting in, the girl in the beginning said that the, average is like 90, and mine is around 97, and SAT scores were like around 1150, and i got 1290, so im pretty confident that ill get in. it would make me so happy. honestly, it was so incredible and i loved it, and theyre like "look at the can go hiking on weekends" bc theres an incredible view of some hawkhead mountain...and im like HA an actress, i dont do the nature/exercise thing lol. so yeah. i really enjoyed myself, and im getting totally excited for college!!!!!
    its like whoa chilly out. i had my blanket in the car, so i was all good.
    wow, i gotta clean tonite. its ok, i gots time.
    out with the crew (maybe??) and then tomorrow chilling with the cap "quadrangle"...and my mom is gonna get me the new josh groban cd tomorrow! im so excited!!
    todays been a nice day :-)
    now if some things would work out w/certain people, that would make my day even brighter :-)

    Current Mood: optimistic
    Current Music: the way -clay aiken-
    12:34 am
    the fish joke...
    thank you to mark callei for the fish joke...

    what do you call a fish with no eyes?

    A FSH!!!!!

    FRANGI [12:27 AM]: you are not right in the head!
    lol isnt it nice to know what directors secretly think about you??

    HnM45 [12:35 AM]: YOU!

    BroadwaysEmoBoy [12:36 AM]: my lobster is losing shape
    lmoa mike caravella

    oh by the way, im wearing 2 pairs of pants, 2 t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and socks. im quite toasty!
    gotta get sleep for my trip to college! lol im suck a dork...yay new paltz!!!!

    Current Mood: nerdy
    Current Music: NONE!!!
    Sunday, November 9th, 2003
    10:44 pm
    ugh honestly some people make me want to smack them!
    i deleted the other post...just bc i now know to keep my mouth shut and save those kind of entries for private things.
    im still debating whether or not i should go for les mis.
    i wonder what part i wouldve gotten in chorus line if i auditioned?
    it was funny...bernie had to fill in for bob the second show bc his voice was totally gone. it was amusing. i heart bernie, he is so very sweet and does a good job. yay for bernie! and alison did lucy tonite...and she was really yay for alison!! and anthony said he could get me a live journal code! guessed it...yay for anthony!
    and awness happened tonite at the cap center. im sorry, but since i have no love of my own, i must live vicariously through those that DO. so yeah...!!!
    OMG...IM NOT HAVING A FUCKING PARTY! GOD! some people just...ugh! it annoys me how things get blown into bigger deals than they really are! haha...i said, moment of immaturity for me!!!
    so yeah...if i exploded at anyone, i apologize...but today was just a really ugh day for me

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: i dreamed a dream -les mis-
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    12:20 am
    look...another update! yeah lol i am pretty dependable when it comes to the updating...which is more than i can say for SOME of my journal-using friends.
    so i had school, then fame (OMG i knew my lines!!!!!) then a lesson w/larry, then jek, and now here i am, exhausted talking to some of my people...
    me and kenny were in very weird moods today. yeah. it was funny lol.
    happy birthday dave...even tho it is technically nov 8th as i type this, but w/ get the point!

    everybody has a someday, so why not me??

    with that, i end this post that has served absolutely no point

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: girls of the night -j&h- im such a dork lol...
    Thursday, November 6th, 2003
    8:30 pm
    random stupid alyson moment i forgot that there was quintet after school lol. so i left after we took the peer leaders pic, and then when i got to rehearsal danielle was like u missed the recording and i was like OH FUCK! so yeah. that is my stupid moment for the day!!

    and some things make me really sad...enough said on that part. theres nothing i can do anyway. boys just...dont see me that way. at least certain ones dont.

    nite kiddies

    Current Mood: rejected
    Current Music: stars -les mis-
    Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
    3:42 pm
    feeling a little bit nauseous...
    yesterday was amusing. me and cat ate WAY too much at applebee's lol, matt levy drove us to rehearsal (after stopping at the costume place and seeing that the jesus robe was sold out...sorry erik!) rehearsal was ok. i really was mad at myself bc i totally knew my lines...but i guess since i hadn't looked at them, plus the stress of everything that's been going on, they just seeped outta my head or something.
    6:45 rolled around, and my dad picked me up bc it was my parents anniversary. truth be told, i wasn't hungry, but how could i refuse a trip to the olive garden? yeah, i thought so. so i had my seafood alfredo, and mike and jeanine were there too, and it was all good. we talked about disney lol. i think mike would cry if i told him i couldn't go. hopefully i can.
    then i got finding nemo, and i of course watched it as i did my music theory and english homework. LOVE it. i mean, i already knew that i loved it, but i loved it even more.
    auditions for les mis are the 18th and 20th...WTF?! i cant go either day...ugh im gonna have to work something out...not like it matters, since im not going to get a part anyway
    yeah so ive felt disgusting all day today. i randomly woke up at 3:30 am to puke...which is something i haven't done since 7th grade. i HATE THROWING UP! mite i say that? bc i DID! i HATE IT more than anything. and if i puke, then my body is really fucked up! its bc i ate so much yesterday....blehhh lol but im a little better now
    i got this thing for an application to be an intern at usdan. first im like wtf but then it says that i would get paid $750 and get a full tuition to be a chorus major. ill have to see. of course, i would still have to audition and shite, and we all know how much i love usdan...hope you got the sarcasm there. but hey, it IS $750...
    alrite. im gonna go lie down.

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: in my life -les mis-
    Monday, November 3rd, 2003
    11:33 pm
    finally home...
    tonite was much fun. yay for amanda mac!!! wow, i wrote that as 2 separate words...weird.
    before i describe the fun evening, i will interject that mike caravella is joseph now, and i get to be both his brother and his seductress. only in the crazy world of church productions would that happen...
    ok, so after chamber my mommy tells me that amandamac called, so i call her back, and then i went to her house, where i hung out with billmac for awhile bc no one came yet and she wasnt ready. so i am sitting in their kitchen with bill watching will & grace, and then mike and kevin came, and we went to the italian place near her house, and allie henkel came. it was so incredibly hysterical. mike caravella randomly decided to like lay on my arm and sing random shit for a large portion of our dinner. and then i started telling a story and i finished it an hour later bc i kept being interrupted lol. so yeah. and omg kevin like bit a tomato and the juice squirted at mike and it was absolutely hysterical...bc we were like WTF was that. and allie was cracking up immensely when i said "high five to you" and she found some duel meaning in it (bc we were talking about our heights) that none of us understood for a good 5 minutes or so lol. we sang donkeys at the door...bc people asked me to laugh and im like dude i cant under pressure...but the donkeys at the door in a 4 part round always makes me chuckle. then there was something about manicotti that i kinda wasn't paying attention to. it had something to do with penis. and kevin was afraid to eat calamari...i laughed at him. and we ate zucchini stick things and i related it to when my brother used to be a security guard and there was a black woman named zucchia. and somehow something or other got related to a story about something else. but i don't remember what it was lol or what it had to do with. so the point of me saying that was? yeah, idk! and yeah.
    then me, mike, and kevin went back to mac's house. we listened to joseph and tick tick boom, and played keep it up with balloon, and talked russian in the car (and amandamac's mom's car has a seat warmer that warms your back and not your made me chuckle). and then we did crazy dances around the house, and i apologize bc i occassionally slipped into a weird mood (bc it was odd feeling every now and then like the 4th wheel. i mean, i know the 3 of them are my good friends, but its like, idk they are so close among themselves and theyre there singing stuff together, and i just really felt so awkward being there, and totally like i shouldn't have been. i honestly slipped into moods where im like maybe i should just go home, bc it felt like i was intruding on mike-amanda-kevin time, bc theyre like such close friends and im not even in their circle hardly. wow this is long for being inside perenthesis. so yeah, in case any of you were wondering what was 'wrong,' that's what it was. and that's why i kept saying maybe i should go home. bc i was feeling like no one wanted me there, and i was kinda just in the way and letting myself in on your closeness. but idk...i got over it eventually) but humping from both the sexy men quickly brought me back to normal lol, plus another re-enactment of the dangerous game dance lol that never fails to bring amusement. yeah so it was fun, and then they left, and i called my dad and me and mac watched her dog spit up and laughed hysterical. and then we were trying to find the bat boy cd so that we could sing our song, but we didn't, and mac was going to play the song that shes singing in class, but then my dad came so she didn't lol.
    and now here i am, and i must start cleaning my room. aka shoving all the clothes that are on my floor into the dirty clothes basket where they belong.
    and i washed kevin's penis off my hand. yeah. if it doesn't make sense to you, don't worry about it.
    and um mike caravella sounded like stitch on puberty...and i stand by it...bc yes, puberty is a new drug.
    and i love amanda mac and she is one of my favorite people in the world. as are the sexies that i was hanging out with tonite. i had so much fun (despite the moods every now and then). its been so long since i hung out with cap people and enjoyed myself!!
    *wait my dream!*
    ok, so we were doing sound of music ypt, and i was automatically cast as maria (of course, since it WAS my dream) and mike caravella wanted so badly to be the mother abess, just bc he "wanted to sing an aria!" so he got it, and he was so happy. then eric was friedrich, and he was about 2 feet taller than he really is and hes like wtf am i going to do? wear ballet slippers? and then it was between kevin and kenny for captain von trapp, so they ended up splitting the part, and kevin was pissed bc he wanted to read for gretl. and bruce was like wtf i wanted kevin to be gretl...and this guy angelo was directing (who doesnt really exist) and angelo was like NO hes a BOY! and bruce was like IT DOESNT MATTER! so yeah and kenny was like wtf i don't want to split von trapp! and karli was liesl and she was pissed that she didnt get to be maria...and katelyn quit cap bc she wanted karli to be maria, but then i got it. and karen yelaney was the music director and megan was playing sister sofia and she kept wanting to hi-five me. it was pretty odd. i didnt actually get up to the opening tho. the last thing i remember was megan yelaney walking around the cap lobby in a nun outfit.
    *end dream*
    i think i should wear fishnets and a red rat outfit as mrs. potiphar. yeah.
    tomorrow i must clean room, then go to applebee's for ash's bday, then rehearsal 3-7
    OMG KEVINS CHAMBER CHOIR THINGIE SANG CHILI CON CARNE!!!! we talked about how friggen horrible that song is...yeah...i hate it lol. good thing i was soprano 2 and didn't actually have to learn anything
    *xena yell*
    time for sleep. nite nite!!!

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    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    11:38 pm
    end of the longest weekend ever...
    ypt tonite...ha ha ha it was funny...
    i have a picture of a penis on my hand right now. my mom was like wtf is that? im like um nothing and started laughing hysterical, then shes like KEVINS PENIS?! i was like MOM! and it was funny bc tony said he heard me and mikes convo about vaginas, and my moms like WHY DO YOU TALK ABOUT THIS STUFF WITH BOYS! im like wtf? like hey hes mike caravella i can talk about anything with him, specifically female body parts. and the penis thing was NOT my fault, i was standing innocently!!
    so yeah. i still have homework. imma go do it now.
    HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY AMANDAMAC!! (even tho its tomorrow, but i prob wont get to update tomorrow!)

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: stuck in my head: confrontation!!! (i can't escape j&h!)
    10:52 am
    i love where i come from
    I scored a 91% on the "Do you represent LONG ISLAND?" Quizie! What about you?

    off to the shower
    12:21 am
    blah why do i try so hard??

    have you ever wondered what would happen if you died tomorrow? like, how would the people around you react? i wonder that sometimes. i know i sound totally stupid. im going to shut my mouth now.
    but its something to wonder about. i wish sometimes that i would die right then, bc then i could see how much of an impact i truly have on people. wow, im sick.
    but im sure there are several people who really wish i would die. yeah

    Current Mood: blank
    Saturday, November 1st, 2003
    11:37 pm
    long ass day
    so im finally done and at home...yay! im exhausted, but i will thrill you all with a rundown in this exciting update of my blurty. sam carr said shes gonna make me a live journal. i personally want a deadjournal. maybe ill get someone to make one for me. hmm...
    so i slept over donna's last nite. it was fun!! we went to the mall, i bought an amazingly cleavage-bearing shirt from wet seal that is an obsene hot pink. its so fun. we watched scream, i fell asleep through part of it, woke up near the end (you know, the whole part when they find out that billy and stu were the killers...blah blah...i slept for about 20 minutes or so) and then im like lets watch the crow! and donna's like wtf you couldn't even stay awake through scream lol so we went to sleep around 12:30ish. woke up, watched shallow hal and that sci-fi channel theater where the robots and the random guy watch movies and comment on it. her mom made us pancakes. it was fun!!
    went home for an extremely brief amount of time, then went to karen's for a voice lesson. worked on my 2 soprano songs. yeah. i got to drive the matrix for the first time. it was like whoa different lol.
    drove to cap and got there around 2:40ish, since call was around 3 and i didn't eat lunch. got some chinese (specifically sweet & sour chicken...yum) and ate with sarah berger and arielle, then brian and liam were there. holy shit i heart liam haha he is so funny. his mom's russian friend was there and i was like omgggg!! ypt opened was alrite, better than we all thought. except for the fact that mike caravella stepped on my skirt thingie when trying to lift me and had problems lolness. oh yeah and tony flipped shits on us for wearing our hats at the engagement party...i was like wtf?! yeah. overall the show was ok. tomorrow should be different...
    then i got some um more chinese (this time it was steamed chicken and veggies) and then went in and hung out with aaron and tara and mike santangelo (my buddy!) bc i didn't feel like changing for mainstage jekyll, bc by then ive had so much jekyll im up to my fucking ears in it lol.
    *xena yell*
    yeah, me and sarah berger definitely found some things humorous
    and yes, i am uber happy that i am going off to college. you're all welcome to come visit me, and you all BETTER write, or call, or email, or whatever. bc some of you cap people i love insane amounts!!!! and you all totally know who you YEAHHHH!
    um me and mac are going to lightyear!!
    mike and jeanine saw jek tonite. OH YEAH and allison suddenly got crazy sick, so brittany had to be nellie, and everyone was like wtf bc she looks like 12 lolol but it was ok.
    thats all kiddies
    have a pleasant evening

    Current Mood: drained
    Current Music: someone like you -jekyll- i couldn't resist...
    Friday, October 31st, 2003
    3:37 pm
    happy halloween & the cap story...
    yeah so the comp was being poo-fully slow, and my padre (who just got back from washtington sometime during the day) unhooked the sony and re-hooked the compaq piece of shit lol. which means that my aol is totally different, and my wallpaper from like back in may is still up. it happens to be a stretched out pic of ruben, clay, and kimberley lol. i remember when i last saw was when i saw chorus line...whoa that was like, what, may? june? yeah, something like that.
    so today is halloween! im quite happy. i enjoy this holiday. i have my singing lesson thingie at 6:30, then im off to donna's to hang out and watch scary movies and sleepover yay! i have a voice lesson at 1:30 with karen tomorrow, should be fun. then i have to be at cap for 3 bc ypt opens. oy. that should be an adventure lol.
    OK the cap story....
    so the other nite i snuck out of rehearsal early. it was the nite when we didnt do anything except bow for about an hour. so i get home and im online and some random person IMs me with this God-awful random screenname composed of a jumble of letters and numbers. so im like who is this and he/she is like im in the ypt j&h and im like oo and he/she is like this is alyson right, and im like yeahh...and he/she is like you're lady beaconsfield right and im like yeah...and he/she says oh its funny...i heard people talking about you the other nite. i was like really who, and he/she said specifically mike, amanda, kevin, sarah, and like one or two other random people. i was like wtf...then i was like what were they saying? and he/she says they were talking about how much they hated me, how i was so annoying, how they wished i would die, i suck, blah blah. ok, first of all these are some of my closest cap friends who wouldnt have anything bad to say about me in the first place. so im like wtf do i believe them? and i told them last nite at rehearsal...just to see what they would say bc i didn't think it was true. idk, i dont think it is. hopefully its not...
    ok, so anyway i made some goody bags for my peer kiddies, and i gave them their candy and they all seemed happy lol.
    i got there late last nite, and i didnt put my costume on lol.\
    i got a 66 out of 90 on the psych test lol. thats like a 73. YAY!!
    oh, i took the rainbow suspenders. and i forgot to bring them back lol. ooops!
    what else do i want to say? oh lol
    random cast members should not have to pick up garbage left by the stupid little kids!!!
    i digress.
    BYE NOW! (and to all the mainstage j&h-ers...HAVE A GOOD SHOW!!!)
    damn im starving!!

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: girls of the night -j&h- one of me & cat's songs!!!
    Thursday, October 30th, 2003
    3:43 pm
    another day
    yeah. so today is another day. i went to school, failed a psych test that i didn't even know we were having (and my being not in psych the past 2 days didn't help much) so yeah. ugh. i have to do a shitload of hw for music theory, and write up an english essay on that fucking tom jones story where the guy finds the baby in his wtf? i have a million and its mom things to do, and loitering online really isnt the thing i should be doing at the moment. i put together bags on candy for my peer ninos. i have to go to rehearsal in like an hour...and im supposed to have act 2
    someone remind me to start my suny apps tonite while i am doing absolutely nothing backstage.
    i really am hating -- right now. just bc i am.
    last rehearsal for ypt jek tonite. thank god. i cant wait till this is over lol...
    la. thats enough for now.

    Current Mood: uncomfortable
    Current Music: no more sad songs -clay-
    Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
    11:29 pm
    night from hell...
    accurately describes my night at the cap center tonight. what the fuck was everyone's problem? i understand that everyone is a bit on edge about the show, the fact that it sucks, and the fact that we open on saturday. but honestly, its getting hard to walk around in the dressing room bc some peoples heads are taking up too much room. im going to write a whole other post about it, but its going to be friends only, so most likely you won't be able to read it!!!
    and i really am hating some people in the cast more than ever.
    rehearsal was so pointless. we got absolutely nothing accomplished except the curtain calls
    i don't give a fuck what the people in this show think about me.
    i stayed home from school today bc i felt like shit and quite frankly i didn't feel like going.
    that was my dad
    oh yeah, im getting a new cell phone when my dad comes back from his washington trip. so now ill have one that was made in this decade.
    why are there so many fucking pop ups?!
    bye now

    Current Mood: stressed
    Current Music: hold me batboy -batboy-
    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    5:55 pm
    yeah so i dont like ~*~ anymore. if you want to know, ask me.
    and im definitely not going to the prom with the aforementioned person (~*~) lol
    so yeah...time to move on! im free again!!

    Current Mood: happy
    2:37 pm
    how come they never showed the nanny's face on muppet babies?
    have you ever wondered that? i mean, all you saw was her white & green socks, and pink & purple dress thing. it was odd. lol.

    so rehearsal was cancelled today, even tho i thought i had a dentist appointment(which i didnt lol its like next week or something) so i wouldn't have been there anyway. we're supposed to have act 2 memorized for tomorrow. haha.
    sarah berger...i better be able to trust you. otherwise consider yourself dead :-)
    i asked if i could be zebulun. just bc that is a hot name. lol. zeb...kinda like zebby's zoo.
    omg that makes me remember zoobilee zoo. with ben vereen....ha ha...
    i had a shitty day yesterday, and the last thing i needed was people acting like a diva and yelling at me at rehearsal. whatever. im just gonna ignore them today. everyones freaking out in this show...the people who actually have shit to do at least.
    once again im starting to really dislike certain people, and it pisses me off.
    it really is a glorious feeling knowing that i can just relax until like 7:15. that gives me like more than 4 hours. yay!
    i hate the fact that people never im me. it pisses me off. they do occassionally, but the times when im waiting for someone to, they never do. wtf is up with that?!
    so i think im going to take a nap soon, then take a shower, eat dinner, whatever. before another useless nite of this show that i serve absolutely no purpose in...

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: i'm falling in love w/someone -tmm-
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