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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
9:07 pm - weee i'm pumped for '04
Holy bageebas..thats all i got to say about New Years Eve. Yes my New Years resolution (revolution) is to cut back on the partying (johnying) Even though you know as well as I do thats not going to last but eh we'll see. I decided to do this stupid blurty thing cuz i am terribly bored tonite cuz my mom's being a dinkface. I couldn't go out because, i slept during the day she thinks i'm sick, and she doesn't want me sick so I have to rest up here...what crap. O well i'm not feeling too hot anyways so I'm over it. So yeah today was interesting. I woke up to a bunch of hangovered kids (then there was joe who was hyper who knows why) and we went to Big Bob's in Bridgewater. So i guess Bob didn't want to go to his own restaurant today, so we went to Friendly's instead. Which i was stoked about cuz i was craving icecream...even though i never got any..go figure. But! We had a bus boy who spoke like a sports announcer ( i found that amusing). Then Brett took me and Jim H. home..just about halfway to the rotary Jim finds that he has misplaced his hat...we drive back and the announcer speaking busboy had it. Afterwards me and Brett watched some Friends and he went to work. I then decided it would be a brilliante idea if i went to bed since the night/morning before i went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 9:30ish. My mom thought i was deathly ill for some reason and decided that i shouldn't do anything i'm here writing to you about my day. O yeah and Allie and the guys went out for icecream tonite..which is all i wanted to do all day..go figure. Whoa for not doing much today that was a mouthfull.. Later sweet cheeks

current mood: drained
current music: Drunk by O*A*R*

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