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7th August 2003

12:22pm: hey
hey i havent written in a couple of days welll today i chilled wit shannon it was fun we went to get jenn but she wasnt home then we went to noco and just sat at the curb we saw matt and mike b so we talked fer a lil while then they left so we went to the park and chilled bob and brandon came we saw mikey and joey bowin the lawn lol it was so funni then we went to noco and sam mike b matt and some other ppl were there then me sam and trica went to rickys house we just chilled then mikey and joey came we got beat up by them lol it sucked we`re gonna get them back lolz well when we were leavin mikey wiped a shoe at my back damn that hurt so much u beta watch out then we went to sam to get her baithing suit sam we`ll go tommarow lol we were gonna go swimin but me and shannon didnt feel like it then we went to vic and steph amy and amanda were there and we just chilled then steph sam and shannon left so me amy and amanda chilled stacey came so we were just talkin then i ledt and now i am here just bored im so sad ash`s bro got an over dose and i dunno what to do nomore wit matt i really like him but idunno he came when shannon said matt ur gurls there lol that was funny soo yea hehe he said we were gonna hook up cuz i gotta prove to him i do care lol im happy about that dam it is hott well im out byez luv ya lotz
*Britt* aka*BB*
Britt was here luvin matt4eva
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4th August 2003

11:35am: hey finally writing agian
hey i havent written in a while cuz i was campin wit alycia it was cool we almost got eaten by the gesse lolz it was so scarey it kept hissy at us we went on paddle boats fer liek an hour lol that was funn but this fish er something kept jumpin out of da water i thought it was gonna eat us lolz but yea i came home today i was happy i missed everyone so much excepically matt i relised how much i liked him when i was campin im so confused dunno what to do well today i chilled wit matt d a lil he came over wit his ma so yea then shannon ninanadeah and amy came over and we just talked and they left then when matt and his ma left i went to find amy and them it was fun i went fer a ride wit steph omg it was so funn i wanna go agian lolz so we just chilled then i left and im just chillin talkin to pplz well im out byez
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30th July 2003

8:45am: hey
hey well today i woke up at like 2:30 wow i kno thats late i was up late tho so yea well later on i went to amys and stacey sasha and ashley were there adn then shannon ninand nadeah came so then we just chilled and stuff i finally took pictures lol hahahahaha i got a pic of u mikey 2 of them lol and ur not gonna breake the camra lol well stacey sasha and ashley left so we just chilled shannon put 2 grabage bags on omg it was so funny then her and amanda went up the street like that i wouldnt stop laughing lol well then i went home and ate and im just sittin here being bored so yea i wanna go swimin matt wanna go lol dont ask im hyper well im out byez luv ya lotz
Current Mood: hyper
Current Music: 21 questions *tearz*

27th July 2003

2:47pm: hey im writtin again
ok ppl listen up dont try to kill ur selves or say u will its so stupid ppl care about u and i do so please dont i hate it when ppl do that i almost cried the one time and i was readdy to flip on ppl cuz they were tryin to help me calm down but ya kno its all good now if u do kill ur self theres somethign wronge wit u er ur just stupid that just really pisses me off ok so dont and im so cofused dont kno what to do nomore i dunno if i like him er what so yea i dunno what ta do well im out ttyl laterz bye bye luv ya lotz
Current Mood: pissed off
Current Music: ashanti
2:39pm: hey bored
hey wudd up nm h just chillinn no 1 is online im bored as hell no1 is online so im writtin in here lets see today i went to canadas wonder lnd and it poored down rain the whole time it sucked i was so wet and cold but it was funny as hell me and my aunt were on this one ride it went really high and went side ways and this one asshole tries to light a cigeret when were were up in ther air it was so funni i wcouldnt stop luaghin so yea then i cam home and went online for a lil bit then went to walmart and target and i got my bookbag and some school supplies so yea it was kinda borein after canada soo yea im really bored now 2 soo im gonna go ttyl luv ys lotz ppl please comment please i like readin what ppl say so yea

26th July 2003

12:30pm: hey
hey wudd up nm h just chillin bein bored today i went to ninas house and shannon came too it was fun we just chilled at her house then we went on a walk and went up a hill and when we were comin down nina told me to run the rest of the way so i did but ya kno me i fell most of the way well actually flew lol i did a flip in the air lol that was so freakin funni but it hurt like hell lol then we just went bac to her house adn just chiled then i went home i was really bored so i cleaned and moved my bed so i have more space so yea i was realy bored lol well now im just chillin thinkin about someone and wat to do so yea well im out byez lyl
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25th July 2003

12:45pm: hey
hey im really bored just talkin to ppl online and watchin tv im really confused dont kno if i like him or not but o well i swear ppl do not try to kill ur selves its so stupid ppl really do care about u u might not think it but they really do ok so ppl dont i care ok well im out bye
Current Mood: confused
Current Music: u got it bad usher
10:39am: hey this is my frist entry
hey today me and shannon went to amys house and chilled for a lil bit then i went home and so did shanon then amy came over later on we kept takin tests lol it was funni amy im a f***in gansta bitch barbie asshole stoner bear lol well now im just sittin here doin nouthin just talkin beng bored like always well im goin to go ttyl lyl
Current Mood: bored
Current Music: breakup 2 makeup
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