06:45pm 03/08/2004
  damn i havent written in here in so fucking long but um yeah i got xanga i have had it for almost a year now lol. the address currently is xanga.com/shadedshine peace ninjas ninjettes juggalos juggalettes thuggalos thuggalettes  
09:34am 22/09/2003
mood: accomplished
music: otep~ saccrilege
ok as always i say im gonna keep up on the journals but i never do ... alot alot alot has happened since i last wrote and now it seems if i write it will be vain and i dont want that so consider this like a divider from last time i wrote.. i promise im gonna start writing again cross my heart x hope to die. for get everything .. this is the new beginning.

xox Love Always
Changes Changes   
10:43am 28/07/2003
mood: accomplished
music: bouncin off the walls- SUGARCULT !!!!!
ok there is no way that i could yet again fill in the blanks for the past couple months that i havent written so much stuff keeps happening so im gonna just write the Vital stuff thats happened. ok june 20th. last day of school. june 21st we leave for ocean city and we stay there for a week. it was me my mom melissa duke and michael. melissa made it hell. she whined, threw up, made me not go places, made my birthday shit. yeah good times. ok so june 23rd was my brithdya and of course i wanted to go out wthat night becas yanno i was turnin 14. so melissa didnt want to. so we just walked the board walk so she started complainin about that. so to piss her off i bought a bright yello balloon and tied it to my wrist. so then i finally see a guy around my age thats worth talkin to and she makes me walk to opposite way. so at that point i was just mad. so i tied the balloon to my hair lol it was up in a pony tail. this brought so much attention to me it wasnt even funny, this one guy tried to smack my balloon and i scream "NOOOOOO my balloon you have to be nice its my birthday you retard.!!" so this guy walkin behind us goes well happy birthday sweetie. he was hot. like 19 but hot. and im like thanks. he goes how old are you now and im like 14 and hes like omg are you serious and im like yup so he goes damn wow. lol so by the way i finally convinced my mom to let me get my belly button pierced ; ). but in ocean city they wont pierce you unless you are 18 even if you have a guardian. so we leave ocean city on june 28th and i get my belly button done. against my dads will. so then the followin tuesday i go over dustins house. when i got home i got online and he asked me out. well after procrastinatin i said sure. then i dumped him 2 weeks later. but on july 11th i went over my dads house and my 2 lil cousins went with me. doralynn aka dL and kendal. well dL saw my belly button and kendal found out and told my dad well he flipped and cussed me out called me city trash a cunt a whore a slut ect ect ect lol well i dont have to go over there any more THANK GOD. denise left him so my brothers went with her and they were the only reason why iwent over there in the first place. well recently i am pissed at melissa for various reasons she moved to west virgina... thank god again lol. i dont have to deal with her any more.oh yeah and on june 7th chris farmer dumped me lol i love him to death tho. even if he is a big ass hole i love him so much lol. ok well um back to recently. dustin came back from maine and asked me back out .. i sed i dunno. then mickey asked me out i was like WTF his best friend DUSTIN really really likes me lol. well when i was online one night that week (last week lol) um mike called and said hey britney im in maryland and i love you. i was like whoa. i signed off and changed my answerin machine message. ok so um this past weekend donna went to new york. on saturday we went to the flea market and i saw my aunt . we talked about my dad. then we went to best buy and i bought sugarcult oh yeah baybe that cd rocks so you should buy it biziotch. ok so sunday we went to whitemarsh mall can you say /YUPPIE VILLE lol so many yuppies. ok so i went in to hot topic and PREPS WORK the store im like WHATTHE HELL omg so weird. so i bought a shirt from sears that says never let a fool kiss you and never let a kiss fool you. its so cute and fits fricken perfectally. omg their dollar store sells GOOD make up lol im so cheap ;x. ok so um i got home and cleaned so my mom would be happy when she got home from new york. i called her today. we are goin to white marsh tomarrow becas they had this store called rue 21that had jeans i liked. one is these jeans that have zippers goin all the way around the top of them like this | | | | | | all the way around they are like 2 inches.. ok um thats all i can think of but i have been babysittin michael like crazy lately so ;X ill ttyl becas i cant think of what else to say and besides i have to change the colors on this blurty so LoVe pEaCe ChiCKeN GrEASe bizzy
11:41pm 26/04/2003
  ok i havent written in almost a month becas my life has been hectic lately but 2 weeks ago chris gave me a hickey and my mom saw it and i have been punished since then and i just got off punishment today but idont have time to write so maybe ill write tomarro if i have time but it dont matter becas im not gonna talk about any thing that has happened in that 1 month gap becas im not sur who reads this journal so if one of my family members comes up in here and reads it then i would be so ashamed so if u really wanna kno what happened in that gap then just ask me..~ but if ur wondering me and chris f. are still together our 1 month was april 16th.... before i was havin second thawtz but now i really think i love him.. ok well im supposed to go over his house on monday but ill write tomarro and fill yaz in on the big plan xox

O n E luv
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handy man   
10:46am 29/03/2003
  ok today is saturday but im gonna tel u wat happened the last couple days since i havent been writing.
wednesday: well at lunch i foundout that matt m. likes me.. a little late ya think?yea any way i had to stay after for art or im gona fail, not like i really care anyway but yanno ya gotta do wat ya gotta do. well i was in ther and i was pissed off becas i cudda been home on the fone wid chris, instead im standin in a stanky ass art room wit a buncha lil kids, so then devin and dustin walk in, i sit in the back wit them cuz they had to stay after 2 make up werk 2. k well we wer talkin about relationships becas i was askin dustin why he said no to gerimae, well devin was sayin how he has had sex wit all of these girls... yea sure. well dustin was like flirtin wit me so bad i just kept bringin up the fact that i hav a boyfriend and he kept flirtin i was like ... ya okay but i didnt flirt back just becas i like chris alot lol. well devin was like id never go wit britney she looks good n everythin but she ma friend so by the time we was gettin ready to leave devin was like yea id tap britney and dustin was like touchin me so i stud up and walked away and he was just talkin about how he hasnt went out wid any one yet this year becas they are bitchy and dont act rite or dont look good and he was just like britney w. is the whole package i was just like WAT EVER i mean this kid dont kno me, im a bitch lol! ok so i completely disregarded the whole convo went home and talked to chris on the fone wen gerimae beeps thru and was like omg britney i was talkin online to dustin and he says that he likes u and he thinks that u like him... im just like WHOA i mean thats strate ignorant to go and tell some one who liked u that much that u like her friend yanno! i dont care tho i wudnt go out wit him even if me and chris werent together i have more respect for my friends than that, bros before hoes!
thursday~ nothin at all happened!
school flew by until spanish i hate that class it seems to drag on forever n always lol. well um i got home and talked to chris as always lol and we decided to go to the mall at 6ish , gerimae wasnt goin now. so i get to the mall me and chris meet up then a few minutes later we see brittany v and melissa. ok so we start walkin around wit them then we loose them and go sum were i forget were we walked to but then we met up wit them and brittany v's b.f mickey and a whole group of his friends...
im not done but ill finsh later i just spilled wax on ma hand lol
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09:25am 25/03/2003
mood: accomplished
music: original prankster~> offspring
ok so um we had 3 hr early dismissal from school i dunno why tho lol but it felt like a regular day, so i get home and melissa calls , they cant get ahold of gerimae who is their ONLY ride lol so im like ok well im gonna go any way becas i will only have a ride at 1 so then about 5 min befor im bout to leave chris calls and i tell him to go to the mall, well melissa n gerimae beep thru and theyre on their way to the mall, so to make a long story short we all eventually met up, it was me , gerimae, chris, dallas,melissa, and brittany v.we had fun lol i didnt leave till 5:30. i think im really really startin to like chris, alot lol. aight im gunna go this is a short entry but i dont have anything to say.
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chris's house   
12:19pm 24/03/2003
mood: okay
music: chop suey!~ .. system of a down
well today is monday and over the weekend i decided that i wud ride the buss home with gerimae then go over chris's house.so ofcourse it was like impossible to consintrate in school lol. well i mean nothing really happened at school. well i really wanted to ride the buss wit gerimae just to see if teresa (chris's ex, ;x we dont get along) would say anything to me becas i am constantly hearing shyt abou her talkin about me... get over it lol. k so she didnt say any thing it was funny becas even dallas said she was unusually quiet... i dun care tho her talkin behind my back just goes to show that she really is jealous.. ok so we get to chris's house and guess wat.. chris isnt home! omg i was mad but dallas talked to him on the fone and told chris that i left already so dallas took me in to chris's room and i sat on his bed until he came home omg he opened his door and i wish i had a camera to get the look on his face again. well i mean not much happened over chris's house we just made out.. alot .. he gave me a hickey that my mom will kill me for lol. but um yea thats just about it , tomarro were goin to the mall idont kno exactally who all is goin but it will fall in to place eventually lol. k buh bye
already a criminal record...   
09:40am 23/03/2003
mood: drained
music: spider webs~>> no doubt
ok so today is sunday iam unbelieveably tired becas last night me and chris were on the fone for 10 hours lol from 8:09 pm until 6:13 am lol it was great tho we talked about any and everything , ok so uhh well friday me, matt, steve, chris, daniel went to the mall on friday and met up with melissa and brittany v. by accident, but alot of people i knew was there ... it was aight, not the best becas matt steve n daniel went to see a movie with out my consent and the movie didnt end until 11 so me and chris walked around the outside f the mall lol. but let me tell u the disturbing events that happened yesterday.. well let me see daniel spent the night on friday, we woke up ,watched 8 mile, then decided to go to the store, well wen we were crossin the road to go to the store daniel goes "oh shyt" and turns around and runs home lol didnt even tell us wat was goin on lol well then me and steve went to advanced auto parts n he stole lights and such so then we went over to the dollar store and steve tried to steal a camera but got caught, they called the cops but the manager didnt press charges thank god but me n him are both banned from the store, i got this on my record now just becas i was with him. daniel got so lucky. iight im gonna go cuz ma hand is startin to hert kk xox
10:53pm 17/03/2003
mood: happy
music: addicted~ by simple plan
~ school sucked! i wanted to go home and talk to chris soo bad damnit! ok so basically nothing happened at school ... i got home and melissa calls as soon as i walk in the door.. apparently amanda showalter told her that bobby was gettin tired of her so he was gettin some chick to go skatin and beat melissa up. yeah.. okay.. we're scared now OOOO lol well melissa was scarred and didnt go skating.. well any wayz i talked to chris on the fone for a while then i got off at 6:30 and duke hollars "brit some boy is at the door for u" so go out and its raff, eric and mike lol so i talked to them for 2 min and they want me to come down on wednesday .. yea ok im sure i will.... not. so any way wen i got to skating it was me brittany v. sam v. chris dallas heather justin roy and amanda. .. well amanda told us that she made all that shyt up about bringin som one to beat missy up she just didnt want her to come. i told amanda off. well she was BITING roy i was like wtf!? lol me and chris just looked at eachother and im like how can u get sexual pleasure out of biting his neck?! lol well any wayz i made fun of amanda and roy like the whole nite but um me and brittany v were talkin alot. well like 15 min before last cuplez skate me and chris were like really close... and rite at the perfect moment ... justin messes everything up lol so we skated over to the consession stand type thingy and heather messed it up .. so then they finally had couples skate but neither one of us can skate backwards for a long time lol.. so he finally rolled up his pants and skated backwards and the perfect moment came and then bam we were makin out on the rink lol but i kind of forgot that we were skating so i came to a stop and so did he lol everything got really really quiet and then i heard a some dude clearing his throat lol i was like oops and me and chris seperated our faces lol well the guy was like wats rong with u 2 becas he was like a floor guard type dude and i go i forgot how to skate lol. that was the shortest time that a boy has waited to french me lol i kinda feel slutty now... geez but i really really like chris .. alot lol. well wen me and chris got off the rink this lil boy ro ro was like ooh baby lets see some more tounge action lol! i was like OMG .. and heather was like omg u guys did the thing with the lips and the tounge and the spit i was like.... brittany v goes A FRENCH HEATHER lol! i was like jeez! well i just thought i would rite tonite becas tomarro im gettin surgery on my ear and i doubt i will b able to write so ill either write wednesday or thursday xox brit
10:19pm 16/03/2003
mood: happy
music: swing swing~ all american rejects
whoaaaa alot happened omg in just a day. ok so i woke up ... cleaned... went to michaels wit my mom and we decided to make a scrap book of my 8th grade year. its gonna be pretty. ok so i came home and chris calld but he didnt evael a message. it was on the caller id. so i did a bunch of stuff .. got on line and talked to gerimae. then i got off and did a tarot reading on my self... but didnt turn out rite becs i wasnt focused .. and wen i almost was focused the fone rang... it was chris f. lol i freaked and didnt answer. so then he called a few more times and i freaked again and didnt answer until i got online again and started talkin to roxanne and i convinced my self to pick up next time lol. ok so um yea ... i signd off and gerimae called so iwas talkin to her bout chris and then he beeped thru.. i didnt answer it in time!! lol so just let me get the facts straite.. chris didnt get expelled for stabbin some one which is wat keith tried to tell me... i knew it wasnt tru becas chris told me that he got expelled for smoking, okay so um yea then me and gerimae had a great conversation lol shes cool then i got another beep .. me and her was freaking out lol so i answered it this time and it was him <3 lol so yea um i forgot to flash back over to geri and tell her id call her back lol so she called me an hour later and i was still on the fone with chris and she was like brit u left me hangin but she was happy about it so it was all good. me and chris look like complete opposites but we like the exact same things.. like im the short blonde haired blue eyed girl with "preppy" clothes... but i dont listen to "preppy" music.. thats why i dont lable people .. but chris dresses in all black , with the chains off the back of his pants and such ... but we like the same music, same stuff, and we both get in to truble easily lol. so after talkin to him for 2 hrs.. he was like hold up i hav a beep.. i was like okay.. he comes back 2 min later and says its my grandmother i have to go but i need to ask u somethin.. im like okay so he goes i wanna kno if ull go out wit me and im like ARE U SERIOUS?!?! lol hes like yea.. i was like YEA! lol but on the fone we wer talkin about how we wer like ment to be becas the day i met him was the first time my dad let me go skating in 8 months lol! and we hit it off like automatically and he was like its kind of like serindipity .. so we were talkin about stuff like that n such .. this boy is so attractive to me is just like damn. i just dont kno out of all the girls, me! ME! little old britney! i cant believe it hes adorable and hes mine! he has goals too and that is a big deal with me i feel like u have to have goals in life and he wants to go to law school. thats great. he makes me feel like i can trust him for some reason i havent felt that in any one EVER i like believe every thing he says becas he seems so honest .. if i was a boy i wud prolly be chris. lol i think im done bragin about my new boyfriend.. . so let me plug the new cold play cd for roxanne lol GO BUY IT DAMNIT!! yea lol becas thats the next cd im gonna get... just becas roxanne wants me too lol. so everyone shud buy it ~! aww roxy dont ya feel speshul! im tired now so im gonna go ill write tomarro.. oh yea i stil havent talked to russell... i dont plan on it either. xox brit
... oddness!   
09:27pm 15/03/2003
mood: confused
music: chevelle~ the red
ok so this mornin i woke up at about 9 ... yea i felt SO shytti lol allergies ! ok so then i get up and get on line at about 10:30 .. talk to gerimae for a lil while... yea for some reason me and her have been gettin alot closer since she got aol lol shes my bud. well i still havent talked to russell. but i was tellin gerimae how i think i mite be startin to like chris f. .. so then i get off at about 11:45 or so becas i had to print this thing out for social studies.. well me and melissa decided to go to the mall at 1 pm so at 12:30 i get a call and its brittany v. and gerimae .. lol they say that samantha (britts lil sister) was talkin to dallas (chris's lil brother and sam's b/f) and chris took the fone from dallas and told sam to give the fone to brittany v. and he told her that he likes me. yay so .. yea wel they gave him my number but he called about 5 min after i left at 1 lol so me and melissa decided we would leave the mall at 5.. well at 4:00 me and melissa was sittin in the rest area outside of jcpenney and guess who walks up.. CHRIS F.! lol well we hung out and melissa got picked up at 5.. my mom never came.. so i called duke becas the house fone was buzy and i told him to tell mom that i wud call wen i wantd to com home.. well i walked around with chris, dallas, and butterball for a while then i saw steve and his friend and guess who he was with ... CHRIS S.! jeez so here i am walkin with chris f. and i see chris s. lol and THEY KNOW EACH OTHER!! lol so .. yea well chris f. and them left at about 8:30 so i stayed with steve and chris s. omg being with chris f. then chris s. bac to back made me realize how pervertd chris s. is and he pressures me in to doin stuff now. so we wer gonna see a movie but i was afraid wat would happen so ileft a 9:30 and i had like a milion things runnin thru my brain my mom kept askin me wat was the matter and i honestly couldnt tell her.. i mean i couldnt tell her why i left the mall becas then she wouldnt let me hang ot with chris s. any more. but at this point im wondering if i should care abut chris s. becas i think that he is well .. immature and we are on different levels. so im re thinkin wat im gonna do. i mean its like as soon as he gets around me its like humping time i mean like get the hell away! lol well i dunno but im gonna go becs i cant write.. ill write tomarro im not goin bowlin so w.e... xox brit
... ditzy?   
11:29pm 14/03/2003
mood: ditzy
music: addicted ~ simple plan
okay so today was flippin great .. come to find out yesterday waz thursday .. thanks alot russell ya asshole .. well after i wrote in my journal me and russell got in to a fight but i dont want to go in to all the details becas its just gay and im pissed off at him... so rodney s. gave me a milk and ceral bar today!! woo i luv him today i told him he is a silent pimp and of course justin s. had to get mad and was like nah rodney aint got skills then they was like verbally killin eachother but rodney didnt even show emotion.. Silent Pimp~ that would make a goodscreen name lol ok well any way uh first period i had ms korona lol she is so flippin ghetto omg we had a test on EMINEM! it kind of sucked tho becaz i got a 8/10 wen i thought i would get like 14/10 lol but she got the questons out of this article. so 3rd pd nothin happened either .. mr green was betting us that he could thro a base ball and hit this huge fan in the back of our class room... our class room is really big since it used to be a shop class thinggy yanno... well he hit the fan and the metal cover fell off .. funny shit rite there lol. k uh nothin else happened in school worth mentioning but russell didnt sit at our lunch table lol i couldnt help but laugh. well uh then at 2:35 we went back to our home rooms to get interms, and guess wat .. this time my interm wasnt 2pages but i did get fails to complete homework in algebra and a hole buncha shyt in art i dun care tho .. my mom was mad about art but she still let me go skatin i am gonna tell u the actually interesting part of the day.

ok well donna was puking so i didnt get there till 7:10 .. brittany v was already in but i had exact change so i went rite in .. sooo many people from school was there kara, brittany v, amy, and like soo many people even k.h ::gags:: and of course chris f. was ther and he is so unbelievably cute i swear and of course amy thought he was cute. me and him just get along soo well i swear we wer like talkin the entire time and kara pushed my head like on his privacy and i almost fell lol but he saved me lol i mean i dont like him but its great to hav some one to flirt with that is magically delishouz lol thats funny becas hes short.. like the leprechaun lol! like any time that i wasnt talkin to him he was like lookin at me skatin on the rink and every one kept sayin like u like britney w. !! i was like hellow i am standin rite here lol! . i think it was alot better with him there becas he kept my mind off of chris s. .. wat is it with me and chris'z?!?! i duno but with chris f. i act really really ditzy i like loose my senses i even told him that lol i was like im not usually this ditzy i am really smart if u get to kno me lol! woo funn well as u can tell i am like overly hyper so i think im gonna go becas me and melissa are goin to the mall tomarro at 1 .. yea funn id tell ya wat we are buying but im pretty sure that i would like to hear wat ur perverted mind thinks we are buying so use the flippin comment buttn!!!! lol peace \\//
oh happy day   
07:37pm 13/03/2003
mood: rushed
music: how u gonna act like that~ tyrese
ok so today is .. thursday? i dunno i guess it is i kind of lost count. well if today is thursday then on tuesday we had a 3 hr early dismissal i got in touch wit steve and i talked to him a bout chris and i think that me and chris kind of want the same thing, steve says that chris told him that he really likes me but he dont kno if he would ask me out becas we wouldnt see eachother + i dont go to the same school. i think i want to fool around with chris and act like he is my boyfriend.. but im not so sure that i want to be tied down by anyone .... i dont kno why i didnt realize this tuesday becas i actually cried over it ... actuall i didnt kno why i was so upset then but i kno now and if ur a girl then u kno why i was cryin at the drop of a hat 2 lol. ok so yesterday i talked to steve again and he just keeps tellin me different stuff about wat chris says so im just gonna wait until the 21st and talk to CHRIS becaz steve is a lil slow... well any way school has sucked pretty bad lately, im stressed over interms commin out and plus "aunt flow" is here + i hav boys constantly on my mind + i have been slackin in school so i havent got like any thing done. tomaro i am prolly goin skatin if my interm is good then on saturday i am hopefully goin to the mall with melissa. i dunno everthin depends on ma interm becaz i kno i got a bad thing from mrs ferrer the art teacher cuz today she told me that i was failing .. she called me to her desk 2 times today . once for playin wit brandon then again for messin wit dj. lol i hate her shes ugly and has funny eye brows lol. ok ill prolly write tomarro pray for a good interm for me becas my navel ring depends on it
*peace shawdi*
day dreamin   
02:46pm 10/03/2003
  today was iight i am like still dazed from the weekend.. ahh i cant believe i let a boy get to me like this WOo0 its crazy.. well nothin happened in homeroom... 1st pd i had Language arts it was aight some people had to leave for pictures so sum kid switched everyones books around... :: rolls eyes :: can u say immature. ok so 2nd i had algebra it was gay i got my seat changed ... actually everyone got their seat changed.. nothin happened... omg melissa was callin me boner girl cuz of chris lol. well the rest of the day (science and art) i was chillin wit brandon. he is prolly one of the cruddiest people i have ever met. lol .. hes funny tho. then i got home and i think tj is pissed off becs he red my journal and he thought that i liked him 2.. but i dont and i told him i just want to keep it at a friends level .. i cant help but be honest and i like chris and thats it... i cant believe it idont like ANYONE else besides chris.. woo this is great. well mike called me a couple times and i didnt answer but now i have to go somewhere so ill try n write tomarro xox  
chris s.   
02:37pm 09/03/2003
mood: naughty
music: dilemma ~ nelly n kelly
aight lets start off with friday and work up to the good parts if u kno wat i mean
friday... school was eazy ... i went home and called ma dad .. as usual i couldnt get a hold of him great parenting skills.. k uh so to make a long story short i wound up goin skatin wit the usual people i dont feel like namin them all but u catch ma drift. so ther was this boy ther named chris f. he is brittany vecchioni's litte sisters boyfriends brother lol yea but any way hes hotness lol well i went home me and steve talked till 1:30 then i kicked him out and went to bed....
9:00 am the frikkn dogs were barkin it was this boy tommy at the door im like do u kno wat time it is ?!? hes lik 9 im like yea ON A SATURDAY lol... so he came back later n me him n steve went to advanced auto parts and they stole madd stuff ... i didnt do any thin since i am really paranoid since i got caught so yanno i only took a couple pens from the dollar store lol. ok so we go home and we wer gonna go get chinese but tommy didnt have any money so he went home then me and steve just went by ourselves to get it but the place was closed so we got chicken n western fries from mars.. went home,ate.. i got on the comp n steve was cleanin his room wen i hear a nock.... steve answers it and i hear earl talkin .. .then tommy so i just walk back up stairs becas i didnt go to the door then steve calls me down stairs and says some one needs to talk to u so i go down and go to the door and who is it ... CHRIS S. of all people well me and chris liked each other over the summer then he told people i asked him out at the skatin rink and he sad hell no.. w*e i have never asked a boy out they ask me out... so he told me his side that david d. sed all that mess... uh yea so he apologized and asked me to come outside but i was like come back later.. so i got in the shower and steve calls upstairs went im bout to get out the shower like hey brit bo is here so come out wen ur done.. bo is 16 really cool he had a crush on me over the summer but my dad would flip if i wen out with him... k so i go out side and it was me steve earl tommy chris s. and bo. i was talkin to chris the most then bo had to go to work so then chris and me was standin next to earls bike and chris takes out the knife that steve gave him and flicks it open like do u feel lucky earl.. and throws the knife at earls back tire.. of course he wound up hittin his shoe but then picked his blade up again and thru it down and all u hear is POP PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lol i started bustin out laughin earl goes u think that shit is fuckin funny but he wasnt talkin to me he was talkin to chris but they almost started fightin then tommy had to say somethin i was like shut the hell up... ok so any way earl wound up leavin so it was me steve chris and tommy and we decided to go to the playground across the street from the house becas we was all standin outside my dads house.. well then we deciede to go to mall but just me chris and steve wound up goin and we went to the movies and i kno wat r dirty mind is thinkin that me and chris got it on in the movie theater.. nope actually more stuff happned after the movies outside of macys in this little rest area.... well i dont want to get in to too much detail becas i dont kno who reads this but we were walkin over to the sittin area and we saw chris's friend andy and he walked over ther wit us and was askin me quesions in my ear like do i like chris ... ect then his cell rang and he left so it was me chris and steve again so then steves cell rings and me n chris r makin fun of him and he starts walkin around so me and chris was by ourselves woo ok so befor i tell u wat happened imma describe chris to yal becas he is like the perfect image of a boy for me.. ok he has dark brown hair almost black that is a little longer on top than it is on the sides.. dark eyelashes deep blue eyes.. a nice tan (even in winter lol!) a little bit of freckles, a really deep voice he dont sound 14... he has an 8 pac sexii yea i kno wipe the drul off ya chin.. and im not sure exactally how tall he is but he is really tall becas wen i stand next to him he can sit his chin on the top of my head. ok so back to the rest area.. we were like play fightin and he grabs my hands and like pulls me on to his lap.. then i hear BRITNEY WAT ARE U DOIN!? i turn around and its my friend danielle lol woo i thought it was my mom. ok so then we got bak towat we were doin and im sittin on his lap but facing him so i am on top of him with him between my legs ... ok so i go chris u gotta fight fair stand up and hes lik no brit i cant im like y hes like becas i got a boner lol so i pulled him up and it hit me in the leg lol! omg i was laughtin but then the security guards came and told us we had to go becas the mall was closed so we went to the food court and called his mom and my dad and they agreed to let him spend the night.. see havin brothers does have benifits lol.. so im not gonna get in to wat happened at my house but the next mornin we did the sittin thing again n we wer callin eachother teases lol so then i get off the bed and go n sit on a pile of clothes right an he comes over and i am like basically lookin at his zipper so i was like chris do u ever get nervous.. and he was like no ... so i unbuckled his belt... woo the suspence lol.. so then i go are u nervous yet he didnt answer.. so then i un buttoned his pants and was like are u nervouse uet he didnt answer.. so then i unzipped the zipper and opened up his pants... well i think thats all imma write lol WOOO dont it JUST KILL YA lol lets just say that i wound up givin him blu balls so bad he couldnt walk literally lol k so ill write tomarro hopefully
06:14pm 28/02/2003
mood: accomplished
music: superman ~ eminem
ok so today melissa calls my house screamin "BRITNEY BRITNEY BRITNEY OH MY GOD" so i am frekin out now becas its 11 am (we didnt hav school cuz of sno. so i am like what melissa wats wrong and she goes I M GONA BE ON THE RADIO! and i was like MELISSA CHIL OUT ITS JUST THE RADIO and she was like well im sorry you cant appreciate me bein on the radio and hung up on me .... WTF!?!??! so i called my step dad and was like if u talk to donna tell her i aint goin skatin becas melissa is bein a jerk so after i called him he came home and we were talkin about my belly button and then i took him to taco bell then we watched queen of the damned in the basement i have seen that movie about 2371 times but i love it oh yea roxanne told me that they hav 21 n under clubs on the boardwalk in ocean city but of course i didnt kno that becaz i havent been to ocean city n stayed since i was 9 lol this year me and melissa can stay out till or so but i aint mad at melissa any more becas i got back at her by not showin up at skatin. ok i am gonna go peace
02:10pm 21/02/2003
mood: bitchy
music: what happened to that boy~ clipse
im goin over my dads house today :: cries :: i dont want 2 go mannn im dyin my hair on sunday so i gotta come home early. i dont like goin over my dads house because i cant never go out because of ugly david. bastad! yea i kno its bastard but bastad is my word.. dont like it? dont read it. lol im in a bitchy mood can you say PMS. i swear one person even looks at me cockeyed today imma hurt them. which is a pretty good way to be when im about to go over my dads house because if not then the boys will walk all over me just like any other day. omg i didnt kno how many of my friends read this thing but yesterday 7 people said somethin about this journal lol keith made fun of me for burnin my boob lol... ok so i mean if yall read this then click were it says comment on this and drop me a line.. russell just imed me :: sigh:: i told keith a lot of stuff yesterday that i feel really stupid about now i mean i kno tha i can trust him but im still skurred. k i tried to talk to eric and gino yesterday but the didnt seem like they wanted to talk to me again so i just x'd out of their im. woo i have been all girly today. lawrdy i got up really early considerin i dont have school today an i got in the shower and then i got out and did my hair and makeup i dont even kno why. :: shrugs :: omg i called mike e. last night and when i went to dial the last number my hand was like SHAKIN seriously then his sis answered and he was already in bed i mean it was like 10:50 but still i really wanted to talk to him... i miss him really bad. ok well i have like nothin to say because i havent been out lately so i just wanted to update befor the weekend xoxo
02:14pm 18/02/2003
mood: dorky
music: girls & boys ~ good charlotte
snow sucks monkey balls ... i have dont basically nothin for the last couples days i havent even been to school since valentines day and i definitally wont go back until at leest thurs. because i have to go somewhere tomarro mornin. im really bored. i was readin some of my past entries today and i realized that my life is basically just a huge boy drama... maybe i shud be a lesbian ... SIKE lol im just playin i luv boys but they do seem to run my life... i havent talked to mike or russell or any one i have blocked everyone except nicole q. and anna because i dont want to talk toany one else and i havent been anserin the fone. well things are startin to look okay again yesterday me and donna looked for a hotel for wen we go to ocean city this summer ... we are goin the week of my birthday ~ we are leavin on june 21st and commin back on the 28th. WOO im takin melissa... yeah its gonna be banqin donna says that we can go any where when ever we want and we are goin out for my birthday ( the 23rd) the hotel we are stayin at is like the sea nymph or some shit COOLNESS?!?! yea i thought so 2 lmao... k im like siked for it. i mite have a party the weekend b4 it so that i can get some spendin money from my friends lmao. ya gotta luv 'em. donna says that me and melissa will prolly need like $200 each lmao well rite now i have $130 still from xmas and i get lunch money from donna that i sav because i dont eat lunch. damn i thought this would be a short entry but i forgot about ocean city. i still have to get summer clothes and bathing suits.... i figure that i will say somethin to donna bout me gettin a navel ring soon.. yeah i no she will say yes this time becaz i have kept my mouth shut , room clean and grades up . k imma go xox pEacErz
07:21pm 15/02/2003
mood: pissed off
music: jigga that n**a ~ JAY- Z
um yeah yesterday i told russell yes. he gave me the bear. panoramic pics went good. i sat between emilee rose and sylvia they r both cool so i got exactally what i thought i would on my report card lol. skatin was really shitty! omg what the hell am i gonna do?!? christ i hate boys. ok so what happend was i came at 7 so melissa nbrittany was goin in wen i was just gettin their so i was standin ther all by my self untill brendan came so i was talkin to him and then russell came in 30 min late.. yea i was pissed. so it was me breanna jasmine jen melissa russell kyle danielle mike d. ian rob g., brendan gerimae brittany v n her lil sis and heather p. well the 2nd couples skate kyle agreed to skate with gerimae but then never went up to her so i got off the rink with russell in th middle of the song and kyle ran in the bathroom to hide... so i went in the boys bathroom to get him lol they was all freakin out i was just like it aint like i aint seen a dik b4 lol. so kyle didnt skate with her and i was ready to get back on the rink and i ws like come on russell lets get back on the rink an he WENT AND GOT A SODA! but i mean i was seein him wit brittany v all nite and me and mike d. got to talkin and i was like mike i dont kno if i want to go out with russell any more n he was like i kno i can tell and thats y i like u but i wouldnt want to go out with u becus we wouldnt b friends after we broke up, i was like but yes we would because me and ian broke up and consider him one of my good friends yanno so mike was like ok so when u and russ break up talk to me aight i was like cools. aight so i went and talked to kyle after he blew off gerimae and he told me " that he was gonna skate with gerimae but it was in the middle of the song so he was gonna wait for the 2nd song but then every one started yellin at him" which i COMPLETELY understand yanno it makes alot of sense. so i was like kyle will u ask her to skate last skate for me and he was like yea but i told him not to tell anyone that i told him to ask her. then when the floor guards made every one clear the rink to get ready for the bounce me and melissa were standin by the first rink entrance an there was a guy that was about 16 and him and 2 of his friends were dressed in tigger suits lol and he goes hey how old are u and im like why and he goes i just wanna no so im like "13" and he hits his forehead with his palm and goes " your hott!" lol so i turn around and look at melissa and she goes at least people think ur hot lol! so the last skate it really wanted to skate with him and he kept skatin around me and russell and the last time he went around us he hit russell up side the head lol!! so when the rink was closin i was the first one to have my skates off so i was walkin out and russell was sittin by the door takin his skates off and just says bye so i roll my eyes and bust the doors open and run to the truck. russel wasjust bein a dick. oh well i will wait a week for it to get better. i want it to work becus i dont want to have to break up with him. i cant say any thing too bad becuse i no he will read this . and nicole thanks alot for talkin to me this mornin i had to let off some steam. i told u i would up date.

but today i talked to melissa and genia on the fone and did somethin i no i shouldnt have. oh well but besides that i didnt do any thing, i straind my legs last nite and hurt my knee seriously so i only cleand my room. oh well ill ttyl damn that was a long ass entry i dont feel like typin any more i need a new key board because i dont like the buttons on this one they dont go down easy .... yeah that didnt sound rite. ok lol
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09:11pm 13/02/2003
im so fuccin tired of tj he is really startin to get on my nerves. so he ims me with hi and i was tryin to do homework for like the first time lol! ok so then he is like oh so now u hav a boyfriend so i guess i will leave u alone.... yah bitch he has a girl ANYWAY. let him read this shit to GO AHEAD. i kno he only want to meet me so that he cud get some any way. i am just tired of this play around stuff. i DONT want him, for some reason i realized this yesterday and i was just waitin for him to slip up and say somethin wrong for me to flip on so BOOM he said that and there we go imma free woman... i dont even want to be friends with him i see his personality when i was thinkin about him last night.i mean if he says this stuff to me while he has girl friend imagine what he would do to me. i wanted russell any ways . i WONT cheat on him either.

so how's it feel biotch ?