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[March 27 2003 || 11:09am]
[ mood || aggravated ]

So, I keep neglecting this thing. I'm sorry. *Shakes my head and looks down* I haven't been doing much at all lately. I haven't been around, either. *sighs* I'm sorry. I'll be around more often.

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[March 21 2003 || 9:29am]
[ mood || depressed ]

*Sighs as I sit infront of the computer, thinking on what to type, and sighs once again*

I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. *Looks down, shaking my head, then look back at my computer* Honestly, I haven't had a reason to be around lately. Maybe I will be around more. Who knows? *Shakes my head*

Yea, I think I'm done with this entry. I know its nothing special, but hey... it will do.

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[March 09 2003 || 8:35am]
[ mood || lonely ]

*Sighs deeply as I sit infront of this huge, bulky computer, thinking of something creative to write about, then grabs a cigarette out of the pack that is sitting next to me, grabs my lighter, lights up the cigarette and blows the smoke out*

I really should quit this nasty habit. *Shakes my head* Mom says its disgusting and kills you faster. *Takes another drag and blows the smoke out, shrugging* Maybe I'll kick this habit. Someday. I don't see myself quitting anytime soon.

Yea, I have nothing creative to write about. *Sighs* I feel lonely.

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[March 08 2003 || 12:45pm]
[ mood || calm ]

*Looks out the window and sighs deeply, bringing a coffee mug filled with hot cocoa to my lips, taking a sip, curses as the liquid burns my tounge and sets it down on the table*

*Walks over to the computer, turns it on and waits for everything to load*

*Signs onto blurty and thinks of what to update about as I click the updae button, after I log in*

I don't have much to write about. Everything has been dull. I haven't even talked to anyone yet. *Laughs softly* I would like to talk to some people, but I'm shy, and I'm waiting for people to IM me first. *Shakes my head* I guess I'll continue waiting for people to talk to me. I'm also waiting for some comments as well. *Shrugs* I've noticed that people aren't into commenting, though.

Oh, and you guys should fill this out too, because you just should:

I ____ Britney.

Britney is ____.

If I were alone in a room with Britney, I would _______.

I think Britney should _____.

Britney needs ______.

I want to _________ Britney.

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[March 06 2003 || 6:32pm]
[ mood || blah ]

*Turns on the computer, waits for everything to load up, hears the telephone ring, checks the caller ID, rolls my eyes when I see Spears, Jamie appear, and listens to the answering machine*

Hey, this is Britney. I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now, but leave your name and a brief message after the beep, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Britney... its your father. Pick up the phone.... *His voice gets louder* Fucking bitch, pick up the phone, now. I know you're home, Britney. Pick up the fucking phone, now. *Hears him sigh, his voice caliming down* Brit.. when you get this... tell your mother I'm sorry... and I miss her.... and tell Bryan and Jamie Lynn that I miss them too.... *Hears him hang up the phone, sighing*

*Sighs deeply and shakes my head, sitting down in the chair, logs onto blurty, clicks the "update" button and starts typing*

Well, I just got a call from my father. He sounded kind of drunk. *Shakes my head and sighs deeply* Ever since him and my mother got a divorce, he's been calling me non-stop, and telling me that I'm a "stupid virginal bitch". *Shakes my head* So what if I'm still a virgin? I don't see anything wrong with being a 21 year old virgin. *Tucks a strand of hair behind my ear* I think he expects me to tell mom about him calling and harassing me. I haven't said anything to my mom about it. I haven't said anything to anyone about it. Maybe I should. *Blinks a few times, trying not to cry, and thinks about the things he's said to me in the past* Honestly, I'm glad he doesn't know where the hell I'm living. I'm also glad he doesn't know where Bryan is staying, and he doesn't know where mom and Jamie Lynn are staying either. I don't know what he would try and do to them, if he saw them. I'm afraid of what he'd try to do to them, if he saw them. He's not allowed near the cafe, which is a good thing. He's also not allowed to pick Jamie Lynn up from school, which is also good.

*Sighs, tries to think of something more happier to write about, looks up at the ceiling, then back at my computer moniter*

I haven't really met anyone, or talked to anyone. *Shrugs my shoulders, slightly* I'm actually kind of shy when it comes to meeting people. If anyone would like to talk to me, feel free to contact me on AIM under baby its britney, or by calling me. I'm sure some of you have to know my number. *Laughs softly, clicks the "update journal" button, then walks into the kitchen and grabs myself a Pepsi out of my fridge*

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[March 05 2003 || 6:43pm]
[ mood || accomplished ]

*Sets my purse down on the apartment floor, shaking my head and re-arranges the faeries that are on a shelf near the fire place in the living room, smiling to myself, turns on my computer and sits down infront of it, and thinks of what to type*

Hi. *Laughs softly* Yea. That sounded kind of lame. *Shakes my head* Anyway, I'm Britney. I'm 21 years old and I've lived in L.A. all my life. I work at a cafe, actually. *Nods* Its a nice little cafe, too. Its a family owned business. Its called "On The Go..." *Smiles* Maybe you've heard of it or have been there. *Smiles brightly and thinks of what else to say* I'm bisexual. *Nods slowly and sighs deeply* I do want a girlfriend. Thats my main goal right now. *Sighs dreamily* A boyfriend would be fine, as well. *Shrugs* Whatever works, I guess.

*Thinks of what else to say, but can't, so clicks the "update journal" button, runs upstairs into the bathroom, turns on the water, strips and gets into the tub*

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