Its a sacred secret

{ Call me Brit. [12 May 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Im glad-JLO ]

{ she sighs softly,contemplating what she's going to say..she starts typing}

Well,at first,I was going to give yall the low down of my new album,and what not.But why?Why when everybody knows?That's just it.Everybody knows. { sighs }
Sometimes I just wish that I was just the girl next door still,but i'm not.Ack,the media sucks sometimes.{eyes lower}

{ Bites her bottom lip,looking over at a picture of Justin and I}Something about his eyes..that I just can't get enough of.Yes,I admit it.I can't get enough of him. {frowns slightly}

I usually write tons of stuff,and longer entries but today..I'll keep it short,and sweet.I love miss him.Ya know how it is.

{she presses update,sitting up,stretches,walks to the bathroom,walks over to her roman tub,turns it on warm water,and watches it fill up,starts to undress slowly,yawning,filling up the tub with bubbly soap,lighting some candles,plays soft music,and dims the lights. Stepping in the tub,relaxing. Sighs contently. Closing her eyes,drifting off to a daze }

{The echoes of Cry Me A River still ring in her head,and eyes fly open,as the phone rings at the same time,answers the phone}

{goes into a conversation with her mother,and sighs,still thinking of the same,blue eyed,now shaved head,man that she's trying to forget}

Don't you wanna dance upon me?

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