08:24pm 09/08/2003
  yeah its saturday and im over at jessies with lexie....jessie went on a bikeride with her mom for a little while. we just got caught by her dad sneeking over to my house b/c my parents are out for the entire night. we saw my two hot neighbors and the younger ones hot friend nick. man i really need to go shopping. i cant believe i hjave spent 70 dollars in the past two days! but i still have like 270 of it. well we have to go call the guys. im out  
10:55am 08/08/2003
  its friday morning and i dont have to work so i am sitting around the house since i cant ride my bike b/c i think its about to rain. i spent the nioght at jessie's last night, im so glad we are friends again. i really want to go shopping today but someone is taking me on monday so i guess i will have to wait till then. man i really wish it wasnt about to rain b/c i need to go to 7-11. i think im working tomorrow but im not sure, if i dont then i think im hanging out wiht liza and jessie and im spending the night at jessie's house sat too. well thats all i can think of. im out  
08:31am 07/08/2003
mood: anxious
music: none
today i have to work until like 3 or 4 and then liza is coming over and picking out of a pile of clothes i dont wear anymore. then jessie is gonna come over and get the stuff i put aside for her. i have $336 so i am going to go shopping for new clothes which is why i needed to get rid of the stuff i dont wear anymore, so i could have more room. well thats today.