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Friday, August 15th, 2003

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    dark days
    wow my brain is being a real bitch these last two days. it refuses to correctly regulate the chemicals in my head that control mood. so in short i've been in a funk for the last three days. its really quite scary i almost cried last night. for what? i know not. and i really didn't even want today to come. and whilst trying to fall asleep last night i kept thinking about the apocalypse and how i was going to die. and which way i would face in the event of nuclear explosion. facing forward with my eyes open or turned around with the fire to my back. why do i think of things like this. and i started blackballing myself from as many social arenas as possilbe. im so on track, so sturdy. in any event yesterdays word of the day on was sine qua non. very cool. todays is cognoscente. cool as well. hey i do like sigur ros and cigarettes and beer right now. so the world is not all bad. Love to all

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