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*First Day of Skool*N*Another Horrible day* [26 Aug 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | jahiem-Put that women first ]

~ Well 2day was our first Day of Skool~

I had a wake up call by my worse thing possible( my second worst thing) my damn alarm clock at 6 am.It kind felt wierd being back in skool and there is soo many more ppl and it takes 4E to get down the damn hall.I got most of classes w/ sum ppl i know..but i have fuckin Monica in all my classes....ya they do that now since were ex-best friends!!Will was high in it was funnie cuz he was tripping out on Stephanie's watch and then he just started talking baout ice My geometery tacher is a man.I swear2 god she is....she has so much hair on her arms more then she does on her own head, she a has a mustache (sp?), and u can tell she shaves her face cuz she has those stubles and shaving bumps its soo fucking gross.After skool my cousin came over and then i talked 2 Charlie....just say were both really sad and i have been upset all just really scared about sumthing and lose sumthing that is the greatest thing 2 me andt hat i love so much for like a month or so.2day is just not my day again.I just wnat everyhting to be okay for once and my whole life it hasnt been ok.ugghhh..this suxs so fuckin bad.Im out *Pe@Ce*

*Im glad me and Lindsay got everyhting starighten out and thanxs laura for cheering me up luv u*

~Last Dasy of Summer~ [25 Aug 2003|07:05pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | cri babiez-Ludicras ]


*2day i have an headache since i woke up and its pissing me off and im pissed at my dad cuz he wont let me do shit! but w/e.I cleaned up my room,bathrooms and i walked up 2 CVS..thats all i have done 2day...yes a very boring day for the last day of the summer.Im sooo hott and i dont know y and hopefully i didnt catch charlie's cold went to Keopsell's ice cream was gay everyhting except the ice cream:)well i guess im a faggot since sum1 doesnt talk 2 me dumb is that..well i have nothing else 2 say cuz im out*pE@Ce*

~Hung out w/ charlie 2day~ [24 Aug 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Whats on my mind-dayton family ]

*2day i woke up and chilled w/ charlie from 2:30 til 8pm..I had fun......we chilled and watch Just just confuse about how he is friends w/ sum1 now when in the beginning of the summer he hated her and said she was a big mistake but say if i said that about my ex-bf he would get upset that i started talking 2 them again and he would 'think" sum is going on but w/e.well we have 1 more day until skool starts......the summer is coming 2 an end:/2morrow i dont know wut im doing yet.....well i guess i had and okay summer not as boring as last year tho and hopefully this skool year will go alot better than freshman year.well im out*pE@Ce* here is a survey thing~ [23 Aug 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | flint town-dayton fmaily ]

A - Age: 15
B - Best Quality: i dunno..wut is my best quality..i guess honest
C - Choice of Meat:steak
D - Dream Date: anywhere w/ charlie
F - Favorite Food: Nachos
G - Greatest Accomplishment: i dont think i have any
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: whenever im w/ charlie or friends
I - Internal Conflicts: all the scars i have lol
J - Jail Time: nope
K - Kool-Aid:strawberrie kiwi
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: few stuff
N - Name: Sharon Nicole Glanert
O - Outfit You Love: all my clothes
P - Pizza Toppings: cheese and pepproni
Q - Question You Want To Ask: 2 many 2 ask
R - Road Trip: sure..but the movie was funnie
S - Sport To Watch: none
T - Television Show:friends and 7th heaven
U - Unique Habit: Dancin
V - Voice: mine sound slike a guy lol
W - Winter:hate it
X - X?: xxx
Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born the Opposite Sex:dont know...
Z - Zodiac Sign:leo:)

~tired~ [23 Aug 2003|06:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | ~damn-youngbloodz~ ]

*2day i didnt do ne thing i just tanned and picked up my just so tired.3 more days until skool starts:/i really have ne hting 2 say so this entry is going 2 be pointless but i have ne thing else 2 do so im updating this hting. o ya.....just want 2 say im sick of ppl being a poser of my shit an dim sick of ppl who think they r my friends who really arnt my friends.well i have ne thing else 2 im out*Pe@Ce*

~Im back from camping~ [22 Aug 2003|12:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | nuthin ]

I havent updated in 3days:

Wed.:Had 2 get up early 2 go 2 orination..i was ok....everybody looks the same except Stephanie taylor has blue hair and thats all i can think who has changed da most.i saw Charlie b4 i left for camping cuz he was at ordination.My dad crashed my mom's mom was upset...left for camping..Got 2 Lakeport..went camping, my dad's spair tire melted,went tanning on the beach, got in a huge fight w/ brad,saw that bryan guy again who is dying of Cancer and he hasnt see his kids for 2 weeks.He has gotten worse:/*6 more days of skool left*

Thurs.:Got up early AGAIN.Went shopping w/ my mom...1 pair of pants and 3 shirts.I drove 2 and back from da mall,went tanning,played a board game w/ brad,then there was this huge storm up there so i staye din the camper for the rest of the nite.*5 more days of skool left*

2day:Got up early again for the THIRD day in a row.Got ready 2 leave, i drove da trailer 2 da dump station!n i did a good job!Now im home bored....i gotta unack and shit .Camping was ok but boring.Well i dunno wut im doing 2day ....N i have ne thing 2 say so im out*pe@ce*

heres my schedule:i have no classes w/ ne one

Academic center
U.S. History
*A* Lunch
Lang. Lit 1
appl.gemertry:yes im dumb in math:
Gen. Bilogy 2A

1"lovez me"|

~Got my hair cut~ [19 Aug 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Ruff Ryderz-DMX ]

*2day i got my hair cut 2 about my shoulders or alittle past it,then i tanned 2day 2...Early 2day we didnt have da internet and i thought it was AIM so i had 2 delete AIM and reinstall was gay.I redid my journal(as u can see)Im proud of it:)2morrow we have skool ordination and i have 2 get up super early and its gogin 2 be gay,then after that were goign 2 go camping at lakeport unitl friday...then b4 we all know it skool is gogin 2 start:/ne thing has been knew..the same old boring stuff i do..well i have nething else 2 say so im out*Pe@Ce*

~A Better Day~ [18 Aug 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | DMX-gonna give 2 ya ]

*2day was a better day than yesturday:).....Yesturday I went ova Charlie's..i had fun!!and i came home around 9 and then i was talking 2 Kari.Were fine now...but it just seems so diff....we use 2 be so close and every since she moved it hasnt been da same but i dunno...Well ne ways...2day i woke up at 1pm and the damn AIM wouldn't work unitl now.,i got ready and then i went and signed up for dance:)I found out my old dance teacher had a brain tumor and cancer and now she is in radation part.Besides that i have been just chillin...Im going cmaping on wed. its going 2 be gay.....well i have ne thing else 2 say...*pE@Ce*

~I wish this day would end~ [17 Aug 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | *frankie j- Don't Want 2 try no more* ]

well the last 2 days hasnt been the greatest days.yesturday i got in fight w/ sum i love alot!N i should of called them but i didnt cuz i gave them space but i think they really needed i fucked up there..then i couldnt go 2 sleep until like 4 or so in the morning.Then the cat puked in my room at 6:28am and smelled so bad.Then i go into a fight w/ kari cuz i told her sumthing that i should of told if we were"best friends" but i found out stuff that i didnt know about her threw Rob and i havent seen kari that upset in along time .SO I FUCKED UP ONCE AGAIN.Cuz i know i hurt her and i hate when my freinds hurt me but i did 2 her and thats not rite.I wnat 2 talk 2 Charlie and i can't get a hold of him.N i wish this day would just end..its jsut been so stressful.well i have ne thign else 2 say*pE@Ce*

3"lovez me"|

~Thankful 2 have power back~ [16 Aug 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

*lol.......lost power for over 24 hours and it kinda sucked but didnt cuz i was w/ steph the hole time.There was no one on da roads at like 8pm and it was just weird...N everyone else knows wut happen so its pointless 2 type about.I slept over Steph's house from Thursday til friday.We walked around,talked,and walked 2 Michelle's and saw Elaina and we chilled for alilttle, me N steph were so baored we played 5 boards,then we were walking around at nite.....but we had fun w/ no power.Charlie should be coming home 2day:)I was supose 2 go shopping 2day but i guess im not going w/ my aunt.11 more days until skool starts.I guess we have assigned lockers in ABC order cuz of the new gay principal.well i have ne htign else 2 say so im out*Pe@Ce*

~Went Shppoing 2day~ [13 Aug 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | ~Watchin tv~ ]

*I woke up at 9:30,got ready and shit, then drove to Birchwood mall in Port Huron:/I got 3 pair of pantz cuz da damn mudd or any other ones i really like dont fit me cuz their too long since im 2 damn,had lunch,I drove back home, talked on the phone w/ Steph,tanned, and been chillin....that is wut i did 2day!N 2morrow steph is coming ova around 3 and my dad is goign 2 be gone at da hosptial cuz my g-pa is going 2 have sugery.Then Saturday im going to da mall w/ my aunt and that is when Charlie should come home:)Well i have ne thing else 2 say but im out*Pe@Ce*

*Charlie Called 2day:)* [12 Aug 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Cold-Stupid Girl ]

~2day i gotten woken up by a phone call from Steph....well wut i found out was the best news in da world...:/All i know is that i wasnt the only one who notices that shit.NE poor kari having a worm on her face at like 6 in the morning and she thought it was her hair N she had a bad day...cheer up:)Well Charlie called me 2day from TN...i miss talking 2 him:/He has 4 more days until he comes home:)We had a nice talk when he called and i was surprise cuz he didnt say he was going 2 call me when he was gone but im glad he did!! Im going shopping 2morrow from sum skool shit..since skool is starting in 14days!I didnt do ne thign 2day except sleep in until 1:30 ,tanned 4 alil,charlie called me ,and thne i have been chillin.Thursday me and Steph r chillin and then my aunt is taking me this weekend 2 go shopping:)well i have ne thing else 2 say so im out*pE@Ce*

~Pop Ups r gay~ [11 Aug 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Ghetto-Dayton Family ]

*I hate pop-ups w/ a passion.The just pop up outt of no where ad slow down my fuckin computer and i just got the "pop up killer thing"..well it doesnt really work!We have 14 more days left unitl skool starts..this summer went by fast.I miss Charlie:(Well me and Stephanie h. r suppose 2 hang out on thrusady and she may go camping w/ me after ordination until like that friday b4 skool starts..but i have 2 see if she can.Well im excited cuz 1 more week unitl i can sign up for dance:)well i didnt get up until like 2 2day and nobody was home 2day so i just chileld and bumemd around da house.WEll i guess Tom is doing alot better!!*Dont worrie laura....he will eb home soon:)*well i have ne thing else 2 say so im out.*Pe@Ce*

2"lovez me"|

~lalaalala~ [10 Aug 2003|07:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Buried myself Alive-The used ]

Im bored outtta of my mind!I clean my room,3 bathrooms, and the car area was gay.Well i have ordination August 20th for da high school...ughh...i do but yet i dont wnat 2 go back 2 skool:XWell we got our new cat Jimmi...he is so cute but he walks like he is on crack cuz they took away his ball sack..poor thing.well here is mine and steph h. convo..its quit funnie if u understand me and here.

Steph:what kind?
Me:all i know there cats and there furrie
Steph: lol

Me:but u still cant say anyhting 2 ur parrots
Me: parents***
Steph:i won't

Steph:rob imed me yesterday
Me: rob who?
Steph: charlies rob

me:what was he saying?
Steph:i can't remember
Steph: the weather
Me:no about rob

*The funnie part is that we understood each other even tho none of our convo made*im gunna bounce cu zi have ne thing else 2 say*pE@Ce*

~Missing Charlie~ [09 Aug 2003|01:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Gangastra party-2pac ]

I haven't updated in 2days :

Thursday:Didnt do ne thing until i went ova Charlie's around 5:30 and I went out 2 eat w/ his family at The Firehouse Lodge (the car ride was funnie)cuz it was his dad's b-day.Then we went 2 da store after that cuz they need stuff b4 they leave for Tennesse:(, we came back and me and charlie chilled for alittle.I came home N my aunt Lisa was watching Brad cuz my parents went to this movie premire and i didnt feel like watching brad.We got a new kitty!We named her Faith and she is 1 years old and she is all white.The after my parenst came home they got into the huge fight w/ each other and my bro.

Friday:I woke up eariler and my dad MADE me came w/ him to pick out a new da time i came back i got ready and My aunt Maryann came at 1 to go 2 da mall cuz of my berfday.I drove to Twelve Oaks mall and me and my aunt were shopping for 6 hours.I got 2 tank opz,2 shirts, and one hoodie thing,candle andme and her went out 2 dinner.I drove back in da was kinda scary at first but then it was alrite.Got home later and then wen ton da computer and i was talking 2 rob.b4 he signed off he say love ya sister well if u said that rob love ya Big Brother:)

Saturday:2day Charlie left for tennesse..Im going 2 miss him alot .he is coming back on Saturday.Were picking up our other new kitty he is 10 months old and his name is Jimmi but we dont know if were going 2 change it or not.Well im going 2 bounce *pE@CE*

2"lovez me"|

~Quizzies~ [06 Aug 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | make over-christina Auguliera ]

Right Here In My Arms

What Song By HIM Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Deep shadows and brilliant highlights-so
cool.Although you're perfect,some people don't
like you.

Which HIM album are you?
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When Love and Death Embrace
When Love and Death Embrace ~ You're very mellow
and are a bit of a romantic. You live to be in
love and wish to die and be with the person you
love forever.

Which HIM video are you?
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You are Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

What Disney Princess are you?
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You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
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~Poor Kittez~ [06 Aug 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | Nelly-Greed,Hate&Envy ]

*2day we drove 2 Dearborn Human Society cuz they have way too many cats and if nobody adopte the cats there going to have 2 put them to sleep:(We went there every cat was soOoO cute ..i wanted 2 take them all home!!But were getting this cat name Powder i think she is 6months old and she is all white.N we were goign 2 get the seimese cat name Diamond but when they put this tag 2 say we r going 2 adopte..well i guess she already was suppose 2 be adopted but no one but there was no tag thingy on there and so i guess were not getting here.I got my gift from kari.THANXS KARI...she got me 2 body washes, 1 bar soap, 1tion from Bath N Body Works, she sent me cookies as a joke lol but there good an di stuff bear.I love my gift from here:)Im bored now...well i guess im going 2 bounce *Pe@Ce*

First grade teacher's name: Mrs.Babitch(no joke)
Last word you said: shut the fuck up
Last song you sang: loving me-nelly
Last song stuck in your head: same as above
Last person who you chatted with: charlie
Last movie you saw: Save The last Dance
What's in your CD player: a mixed cd
What color socks are you wearing: None
What's under your bed: nothing cuz i cant fit ne hting underneath there
What's the weather like: its chillie out
What time did you wake up today: 11:00am
What's playing on your TV: nothing
How many enemies do you have: lol a few

Are you going to college:yah
Where do you want to go: 2 years at Maycomb na dim note sure after that
What is your career going to be: my dreaming is sumthing in the researching
Where are you going to live: ne where but michiagn or nay other state thats cold
How many kids do you want: 2 or 3
Where do you want your honeymoon: sumwhere tropical
What kind of car will you have: dunno
What age are you going to marry: whenever i feel like it

Name: Sharon
Address: if u dont know where i live thats ur problem
Birthday: August 4th,1988
Birthplace: Linkin park,Mi
Parents: Peggie and Chris
Pets: bailey(dog) and jake N bosco(cats)
Hair Color: lite brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Glasses/Contacts: i have glasses but i neva waer them
Height: 5"2
Peircings: 1 in each ear
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: Righty
What's one thing you would change about yourself?: all da scars i have all ova my body
What's your most comfortable piece of clothing?: pj's
Goal in Life: moving out of this house
Song to Describe your life: im ok-Christina Augerliea
Five words to describe yourself: sweet,crazy,weird,cute,down 2 earth

Best Girl Friend: steph or kari
Where can you usually be found?: In my basement
Who would you be with?: steph
Are you the center of attention?: not really
What's your idea of a dream date?: dunno
Are you timely or always late?: timely
Where's the best hangout?: dunno where i feel like hangin out
Do you like being around people or being alone?: both..depends who da crowd is
Which EX now induces the gag reflex?: RONNIE
What's your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?: sum1 who is TOO cocky
Who was your first boy/girlfriend?: umm damn ill keep that to myself
Who was your first kiss?: dont remeber

Have you known the longest?: kari
Do you argue the most with?: dunno
Do you always get along with?:kari,steph,laura
Is the most trustworthy?: kari
Makes you laugh the most?: all my freinds
Has been there through all the hard times?: none of my freinds really
Always has a man/woman?: me and steph
Is the most sensitive?: steph
Biggest loser?: umm they wouldnt be my friends
Most unique?: all of us
Has the coolest car?: none of us has cars lol
Is the most encouraging?:dunno
Is the most blunt?: i dont know
Is the shyest?: kari
Is the most outgoing?: all my friends
Is the most rebellious?: me
Is the horniest?:wtf? i dont know
Is the laziest?: Me
Is most likely to become famous?: kari
Is most likely to become rich?: none of us
Is most likely to end up in jail?: probaly me
Is most likely to have a million kids?: steph
Is most likely never to have kids?: Umm i dont know
Will get a boob job: sry..kari
Will lose their virginity first?: i already did
Always wears a smile?: me
Is the smartest?: kari
Would, without thinking, die for you?:dunno
Complains the most?: dont know
Complains the least?: kari
Is the biggest flirt?: kari
Needs a good man/woman?: everyone
Has the best fashion sense?: steph
Best form of entertainment?: all of them thats why im always with them
Is a bad influence?:no one

Color: Black N Purple
Clothes: anywhere i shop
Animal: catz
Book: Speak
Food: Nachos
TV show: freinds or 7th heaven
TV star: jessica beil
Movie: Save The Last Dance
Movie star: Julia roberts and julia stiles
Song: tangerin sky-Kottonmouth kings
Singer: dunno
Band: kottonmouth kings,bone thugs n harmony,cypress hill
Car: dunno
Holiday:my berfday
Month: august and june
Season: Summer
Girl's name: Riley or Natasha
Guy's name: Kyle Micheal
Vacation: Anyhwere tropical and w/ beaches
School Subject: Phys Science
Teacher: Mrs.Lavendar
Number: 5
Clothing Brand: dunno
Radio Station: 39.1,89x,95.5,105.9,97.9
Soda: dr.pepper
Candy: reece's peanut butter cups
Shampoo: sauve or herbal essances
Outrageous Hair color: bright blonde
Nail polish color: w/e i feel like wearing
Video game: i never play them
Fast food place: Taco Bel
Alcoholic beverage:I dont drink
Foreign language(s): Spanish
Stuffed Animal: The Teddy bear and monkey charlie gave me
Disney movie: wtf?
Odd Make-out spot: i dont know..i makeout whenever i want 2
Midnight snack: dont eatmidnight snacks
Beach::dayton beach
Amusement park: 6 Flags in Gerogia
Lip Gloss flavor: strawberry,cherry or kiwi melon
Shoes:flip-flops and adidas
Thing to do when your bored: umm sit here and do these things
Smell: sweet pea and happy
Concert: dont know
Pick up Line:fuck off

~Mostly a Bad Day~ [05 Aug 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Loving Me 4Me-Christina Auguleria ]

2day started off as a bad day.I thought me and kari friendship was turning into shit eariler cuz of sumthing.....but we worked everyhting out and i didnt know she consider me as a sis and i didnt know she thought about me everyday wishing she was still living across da street from me..i miss that so much.We use 2 do everyhting 2gether ..if u saw me,there was kari next 2 me and same w/ kari...if u saw kari then u would always see me:/I found out that my g-pa needs heart surgery cuz his heart skipz beat so he faints alot because theres not enough of blood going thru his body.2day has been just stressful..ughh.Well i just know 2day i learned from Charlie that not everyhting is my fault an dim not always going 2 be da one who has 2 apologize.My sophmore year im going 2 be more of going 2 dress the way i want 2 be dress and not like everyone else and not trying 2 be a good goodie...well im gogin 2 bounce since i have ne thing else 2 say ttul*Pe@cE*

1"lovez me"|

~2DAY IS MY BERFDAY~ [04 Aug 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | All American Rejects-Swing Swing ]

~!~Well 2day was my berfday!!:)N Stephanie came over and she left around 8:30 pm cuz she had skating in da morning.I got a Best Friend charm from here for this braclet thingy that we both have and i got Sweet Pea lotion,body spray, and body wash from Bath N Body Workz from my bro.Me and steph watch my rectial,watched Saved The Last Dance,went in da hot tub,went out 2 dinner at Applebees.When we were at Applebee's Steph made da ppl who worked there sing me Happy Birtheday and they gave me ice cream and shit.I had a better birthday than last year and the only that would of made it better was seeing Charlie 2day and that me and my bro wouldnt be such an asshole 2 me and get his way and of course it was my fauly but w/e..besides that i hadfun:)Well friday im going out w/ my aunt 2 go out 2 lunch and 2 go shopping for my berfday nad thursday im going 2 have da house 2 myself:)Monica called me 2day and she wished me a Happy Birthday and she was talkigin 2 me like i wa sher friend even tho we were talking for liek only 10 was jsut odd nad she had alot of guts 2 call me2day.well im goign 2 bounce outta of here cuz i have ne thing else 2 say*pE@cE*

~8 months~ [03 Aug 2003|09:11pm]
[ music | 50 cent-Magic Stick ]

*!*2day was my family Berfday party for me!!It was good..Charlie came and met everyone in my family.I got 2 shirts from Express,a Share-Bear Craebear, a necklace,an anklet bracelet,$140 dollars,and the dvd Save The Last Dance and i had a Carebear Cake:)Well im not going 2 have ne thing stop me for having fun 2morrow on my berfday!!Well 2day me and Charlie have been going out for 8months and its been the longest relationship I have been w/ and i dont care wut ppl say about me and Charlie being 2gether cuz im glad we have been 2gether that long and i dont wnat 2 be w/ ne one else but him.Im sore from Stephanie dragging me and stuff lol.Well im going 2 bounce outta of here cuz i have ne thing 2 say.*!*

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