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Saturday, August 30th, 2003

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    ok last time i wrote i was really upset and me and my bf had broken up and we were in like 5 diff fights and everything...not anymore! YAY! we're back toghether (we were only apart for about an hour) and having sooooo much funnnn!!!!!!!lol! we hung out on wednesday and went to the myers park game last nite (even tho we lost :'( sigh) but its cool cuz we had a runnin around campus n tha but we're cool and having the best tiem ever, i think we were both just stresed rom startin new schools and everything but its all good now! his famile juss got a foreign exchange student from germany, richard whos hilarious. he brought all these condoms from german called billy boy's and bran's older bro alex said he's gonna buy a billy boy his family is hilarious...mastication...dont ask u wont get it unless ur an me...but yeah everythings good...except for my english teachers SUCH a fag! oh well...i'll just deal...i've had worse...but otherwise schools our cheerleaders suck tho...sigh...oh well its all good either way...cuz we're MyErS ParK! lol. and my locker is SOOOOOOOOOo far from any of my fair! sigh...(once again). but ya kno ya cant have everything n life and ive got bran and thats a close to everything as ne one could ever get so it's cool...all the homework SUCKS! really it's not necessary to make all do all that stuff...come on...sigh...i guess that's wut IB gets u...into college and stuck n ur room doin homework...i guess its a good trade off...since college is like for the rest of my life and homeworks only for a couple a fast so i guess ill go start on some of that homework...catch ya later! lol

    <3 aLwAyZ
    .:!~*^SaRE LaUR^*!~:.

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