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Saturday, September 6, 2003



god I have no idea when the last tiem i updated was...i've been so busy...i need to email all these people from this summer and last year and stuff and let them know that i havent forgotten them and i juss dont have time! oh well. now its the weekend and i dont have anything major due anytime soon so i can slow down. thank god lol. yesterday i go i had to cut my nails! :'( not good!!!! sigh....oh well atleast now i can see! haha. oOo i cut my hair too...its pretty short...but i think i'm gonna go shorter...i just got so bored with my hair...i wanna grow it out really long but im my gay english teacher assigned us all these essays and projects and crap and im just like omg u cant do this. hes sooo freking anal...oh well. ive had worse...but newayz i hafta shower and clean my room and stuff cuz my bf will b here n a little.

>:~!*^SaRE LaUR^*!~:.

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: al ym life KC and JoJo
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Saturday, August 30, 2003

9:07PM - YaY!

ok last time i wrote i was really upset and me and my bf had broken up and we were in like 5 diff fights and everything...not anymore! YAY! we're back toghether (we were only apart for about an hour) and having sooooo much funnnn!!!!!!!lol! we hung out on wednesday and went to the myers park game last nite (even tho we lost :'( sigh) but its cool cuz we had a runnin around campus n tha but we're cool and having the best tiem ever, i think we were both just stresed rom startin new schools and everything but its all good now! his famile juss got a foreign exchange student from germany, richard whos hilarious. he brought all these condoms from german called billy boy's and bran's older bro alex said he's gonna buy a billy boy his family is hilarious...mastication...dont ask u wont get it unless ur an me...but yeah everythings good...except for my english teachers SUCH a fag! oh well...i'll just deal...i've had worse...but otherwise schools our cheerleaders suck tho...sigh...oh well its all good either way...cuz we're MyErS ParK! lol. and my locker is SOOOOOOOOOo far from any of my fair! sigh...(once again). but ya kno ya cant have everything n life and ive got bran and thats a close to everything as ne one could ever get so it's cool...all the homework SUCKS! really it's not necessary to make all do all that stuff...come on...sigh...i guess that's wut IB gets u...into college and stuck n ur room doin homework...i guess its a good trade off...since college is like for the rest of my life and homeworks only for a couple a fast so i guess ill go start on some of that homework...catch ya later! lol

<3 aLwAyZ
.:!~*^SaRE LaUR^*!~:.

Current mood: content
Current music: so yestrday, hillary duff
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Sunday, August 24, 2003


im really confused...i know i need to tell my bf y i started cryin yesterday @ his house and i kno i need to tell him that the only reason that im a lil ho wit him is bcuz im scared that hes gonna break up wit me if im not and i cut back and hes been so amazing and nice thru the last week but i dunno i feel like i need to tell him that i love him and i really do but im 14...and we need to slow last night i fell asleep in his arms and it was totally amazing. thats wut i love, not making out with him...i just like to be near him and to b able to talk to him...and i dunno i think all he sees in me is blonde hair and a big ass...but that's all anyones ever gonna c me i dont kno y i try to get the grades or to follow my dreams...bcuz i kno n my heart that ill never get there...

Current mood: confused
Current music: everything, stereofuse
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Friday, August 22, 2003


NAME.. SaRe LaUr
1.real name: Sara Lauren Runfola
2.nicknames:Sare, Sare Laur, Laur, Lauren, Sare Bear, Sara bara, Bo bara, ditz, Laurie

STYLE. Pop Rock
2.make up: yup
3.tatoos: noooooo
4.piercings: yah

1.wearing: jeans and a tshirt
2.listening to: me n my babys song
3.thinking of: my bf now lol

1.bought: jewlery
2.ate & drank: skittles, water to kill a mockingbird
4.watched on tv: thats 70s show

EITHER / OR.. or houseparty: house party
2.tea or coffee: Coffee
3.achiever or slacker: depends or cider: cider...beers nasty
5.drinks or shots: drinks
6.cats or dogs: dogs
7.single or taken:*TaKeN*
8.pen or pencil: Pen
9.gloves or mittens: Mitten or candy: candy...i always have sum
11.cassette or cd: CD
12.coke or pepsi: COKE!
13.hard or mild alcohol: mild
14.matches or a lighter: Lighter or mikez: mikez

1.kill: one...
2.get really wasted with: brandon...i kno he'll take care of me
3.look like: ummm someone hotter than me like: natalie p
5.avoid: ellen

1.touched: bran
2. talked to: daddy
3.instant messaged: Sam
4.who broke your heart: hmm...can a best friend break ur heart? then sam...but that was a while ago and we're cool now
5.hugged: bran
6.hadda fite w/: bran
7. laughed w/: bran

WHERE DO YOU.. a table???lol my hose ONLY
3.cry: wit brandon
4.wish you were: out wit bran on his hammock again

1.Dated one of your best friends? far so good
2.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? yup
3.Drank alcohol? yeh rite yep
4.Done drugs? no
5.Broken the law? only srinking under age
6.Ran away? nah
7.Broken a bone? a nose
8.Cheated on a test? nah a quiz tho
9.Skinny dipped? nope
10.Played Truth Or Dare? duh???
11.Flashed someone? yup
12.Mooned Someone? my mommy all tha
13.Kissed someone you didn't know? nope
14.Been on a talk show/game show? nah
15.Been in a fight?yup
16.Ridden in a fire truck? yeppers
17.Been on a plane? yah
18.Come close to dying? yup this summer
19.Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? nope
20.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? yep
21.Eaten a worm/mud pie? EW NO!
22.Swam in the ocean? yup yup ocean lifeguard
23.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? yep yep
24.Been snowboarding: no
25.hadda best friend: Sam n Jen...LUV YAHZ!
26.had sex: nope
27.gotten drunk: once or twice...
28.skipped school: nope
29.snuck out: nope
30.had ur heart walked ova: yup

1.The most embarrassing CD in your collection? mine
2.Your bedroom like? green and blue walls, silver ceiling, ocean bedding, and purple and pink accents
3.Your favorite thing for breakfast? egg mcmuffins
4.Your favorite thing for lunch? ?? uhhh pizza n SO healthy
5.Your favorite thing for dinner?stuffed shells
6.Your favorite Restaurant? Cheesecake Factory

1.A Vegetarian?: hellll no
2.A Good Student?: yah
3.Good At Sports?: not quite
4.A Good Singer?: i think, i hope!
5.good actress? not on stage
6.A deep sleeper?: Hell yah!
7.A Good Dancer?: sure y not
8.Shy?: maybe
9.Outgoing?: Usually
10.A good storyteller?: no??
11.A good kisser: IM brandon and ask him...iluvslinkys
12.A nice girlfriend: im bran and ask him that 2 lol

TA DA!!!! lol luv ya alwayz!!!! COMMENT!!! hehe

~Sare Laur~

Current mood: crazy
Current music: i will be here, clay aiken
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it's been a good day YaY! lol. me and m,y b/f hung out after he got off work...we had dinner and cleaned the fun! lol. now im juss chillin talkin to my gurl Jen and my friend steve-o. poor lil white boy lol. is school. aka GAY! but it wasn't horrible cuz we had assembly for 3 class. WOO HOO! lol im a dumbass...last time i posted me anf my b/f were n a fight but (odviously) it's all cool now...i was @ his house on his hammock yest. afternoon and i have 87 mosquito bites...yes exactly 87 lol jenni. but newayz lemme get back to my gurl so i can laugh some!!!hehe my ass is 2 big...but im not

~SaRe LaUr~


Current mood: bouncy
Current music: Low, Kelly Clarkson
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Sunday, August 17, 2003


im really pissed off bcuz i hafta start high school 2mrw and im like never gonna se my bf sine he works on weekends and all this shit and i dunno my dads pissing me off cuz i was sposta go out with him 2nite and hes not gonna let me and i just cleaned like the entire hosue but hey do i ever get anyhting for all that i do? newayz im waitin for my bf to call me so i can tell him that i cant go and so he'll be pissed off 2 but whatever it doesnt matter cuz this is just how things r gonna b from now on so i dont know why i even worry about it...cuz im a dumbass probabaly, hpefully ill have a good day @ school tomorow even those that place is so fucking gonna get so lost...i guess its not so bad...i wish all the classes were like near each other and not spread out so far...ill definetly get all my exercise in...but i'd do that having gym (stupid stupid class) every other day

OK right after typing stupid stupid class my b/f called so I stopped writing this to talk to him...we got into this really emotional conversation on how i thot he thos i was hi hoe and stuff and he was like no and it turned into him saying all this stuff and me finding out that he had lied to me before. he said that he was sure that he lved me and that he still wanted to go out with me now but we probabaly wouldn't be togheter later....he not only promised , but swore to god that he would never break up with me and that we would get married one day and he would never stop loving me. Now he's not so sure. I dunno I called my best friend who wasn't very helpful, just kind've confused like I was. So now I don't know what to do and if we're still going to go out...I just know that I love him and I'll always love him even if he does break up with me....and it would take a lot to live my life without him...

Brandon~ if you're reading this, I love you. I want you to know that I've never lied to you in this relationship, or even ever. Thank you for being honest with me now. Please don't ever lie to me again, for any reason. If you're scared just know that I'm here for you and that I love you. If you're worried about hurting me...nothing can hurt me more than what you've already done. Just don't keep going. please don't hurt me over and over again, because that's all you'll do...I just want to let you know that our song applies to life...even if we grow up and marry other people and have completly seperate arms and heart are always open to you...because love never dies, no matter what comes between people.

Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear
I will be here
If in the dark we lose sight of love, hold my hand and have no fear,
I will be here

I will be here,
When you feel like being quiet
When you need to speak your mind ,
I will listen

I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin
Through the winning, losing, and trying
We'll be toghether
'cause I will be here

Tomorrow morning if you wake up, and the future is unclear
I will be here
Sure as seasons are made for change, our lifetimes are made for years,
I will be here

I will be here,
You can cry on my shoulder
When the mirror tell us we're older,
I will hold you
And I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin'
Through the winning, losing, and trying
We'll be toghether

I will be true to the promise I have made
To you and to the one who gave you to me

I will be here

Ans just as sure as seasons are made for change,
our lifetimes are made for years,
so I will be here

I will be here
We'll be toghether
and I will be here

...only I'm not sure that you're going to be true to the promise(s) you've made me...

Current mood: sad
Current music: Im not supposed to love you anymore, clay aiken
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Saturday, August 16, 2003

3:10PM - *FaVoRiTeS* ~n~ *OtHeRs*


color: silver
food: cheese
person of the same sex: jen
person of the oppisite sex: i hafta pick 2...bran and sam
school subject: chorus
store: abercrombie and fitch
smell: brandon
eye color: green
hair color: blonde
skin tone: tan
metal tone: silver
brand: tommy hilfiger
mall: south park
shoes: pradas
drink (non-alcoholic): sprite remix
drink (alcoholic): screwdrivers
dessert: uhhh everthing? strawberry sabayon lol bran
state: NC!
city: palm beach
school: mgd
college: UNC!
shirt: my abercrombie definitoin tank top
socks: um these white ones w/ gold zebra stripes
necklace: the one my bf gave me last week
ring: my peridot x ring
bracelet: uh my hemp shel one
earrings: these star hoops
anklet: the new black n silver one i got
snack: cream cheese n chive crackers
place: brandons house
dream: uhh i dont remember my dreams
tv show: american idol
movie: pearl harbor
CD: thankful, kelly clarkson
single: i will be here, clay aiken
music artist: kelly clarkson
actor: ben affleck
actress: mandy moore
model: paris hilton
teacher: mr.robb was pretty cool...if i hafta pick
e-mail address: i guess
screen name: of mine: UNCcHeErbAbY7 of sum1 else: my bfs iluvslinkys is so damn cute!
article of clothing: thongs...theyre so much fun to pick out!
shoe brand: prada
hangbag brand: coach
cologne: abercrombie
hair cut: for a girl down to their boobs and layered for a guy a skater cut
channel: MTV

black or white? white
girl/guy? guys
tall/short? tall
skinny/fat? girls skinny, guys n tha middle
city/country? city girl all the way
phone/IM? phone
publich/private school? public
PDA/no? nooooo
single/taken? taken
blonde/brunette? blonde
freckles/none? some not a lot
pop/rock? n tha middle
jews/christians? christians i guess but i dont have a problem with jews...
slutty/conservative? n the middle towards the slutty side
britney/christina? christina for vocals, britney for looks n style

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Friday, August 15, 2003

10:31PM - ok enogh rite?

so now you know everything about me that there is to know...yep yep...don't worry I'll keep updating cuz I kno u wanna kno so much more about rally pissed @ my parents and my bro cuz didn all this shit 2day and they dont care and my bro is just a fucking yeh ive been in 2 days...i dont get to see my b/f for a im pretty upset...

for those who dont have my IM:KanDiAppLeSwEEti

Current mood: pissed off
Current music: every step i take
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10:13PM - BeAuTiFuL *ME*

You Are Beauty
You are Beauty.

You are beautiful, whether it be on the inside, the
outside, or both. People are drawn to you as
strongly as you are drawn to the beauty in the
world around you.

What Emotion Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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10:06PM - someone PLZ let my guy in on this...

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

see baby?

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10:02PM - can i b tha american idol? PLZ!


The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

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9:58PM - i am in love...

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

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9:55PM - the entry under this was sposta say check this with my

Water Goddess
Water Goddess. You like peace and serenity and are
usually content with life.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

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9:52PM - heck this wit my baby b4 u

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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9:48PM - heres a shocker...

You are Cinderella!

What Disney Princess are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

of course...wut else would i be?

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9:43PM - BuBbLy

bubbly: you are a super nice person and you have
lots of friends. often classed as miss popular,
sometimes your popularity can go to your head
and your hidden bitchiness sometimes shows
itself. apart from that, you are pretty,
stylish and sweet, most girls want to be you
and most boys want to date you. you have a
heart of gold and although you aren't the
smartest person around, you are one of the most

what kind of girl are you?
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9:32PM - ...

i really just wanna b sleepin n my bfs arms rite now...but i cant do that cuz hes at his dads where he doesnt want to i sayy dont we both go to his house where we both wanna be...whatever.

Sophisticated and classy, you're in it for the good time and the free drinks . . .
Congratulations!! You're a colorful and
sophisticated Cosmopolitan!!

What Drink Are You?
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Current mood: sad
Current music: heres to the night, eve 6
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9:07PM - i dont' do extascy

Raver Bear
Raver Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Current mood: anxious
Current music: still the one-clay aiken
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8:58PM - yep yep im still bored...but i herd my baby's voice so it's cool

Name: Sara Lauren
---> Birthdate: August 7
---> Birthplace: Winterhaven, FL
---> Current Location: Charlotte, NC
---> Eye Color: green-brown-gray
---> Hair Color: blonde w/highlights
---> Righty or Lefty: righty
---> Zodiac Sign: leo
---> Innie or Outtie: innie

// series two - describe
---> Your heritage: italian american ish
---> The shoes you wore today: these cute little red slide ons that look like ballet slippers
---> Your hair: a lil past my shoulders, new highlights, naturally curly, half the time blown straight
---> Your eyes: depends on the lighting and what im wearing...and A LOT on my eye makeup...greenish-brown with a gray ring around the outside usually
---> Your weakness?: needing my b/f as much as i do
---> Your fears: being scared
---> Your perfect pizza: cheese, Xtra cheese, and more cheese
---> One thing you'd like to achieve: record a demo

// series three - what is
---> Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: brb
---> Your thoughts first waking up: i go pee!
---> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: eyes and hair
---> Your best physical features: my bf says my eyes, my dad says my hair, my mom says my height, i dunno
---> Your usual bedtime: 10 during school, whenever on the weekends
---> Your greatest accomplishment: winning brandon
---> Your best memory: oh god...bein @ the beach w/ brandon

// series five - do you
---> Smoke: nope
--->Cuss: if im pissed
---> Sing well: i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been told i do
---> Take a shower everyday: yup
---> Want to go to college: yep yep
---> Like high school: ask me in 3 days
---> Want to get married: yep
---> Type with your fingers on the right keys: yah
---> Believe in yourself: generally...if not my best friends believes in me enough for both of us
---> Get motion sickness: depends
---> Think you're attractive: if i were skinnier i guess
---> Think you're a health freak: nah
---> Get along with your parents: yep yep
---> Like thunderstorms: when im wit my b/f
---> Play an instrument: yeppers

// series six - in the past month, did/have you
---> Drank alcohol: nope
---> Smoke(d): nope
---> Done a drug: legal ones
--->Made Out: yep
---> Go on a date: yep
---> Go to the mall?: yep
---> Been on stage: yep
---> Been dumped: never will be! (i hope)
---> Gone skating: nope
---> Made homemade cookies: yup
---> Been in love: yup
---> Gone skinny dipping: nah
---> Dyed your hair: yep
---> Stolen anything: nope

// series seven - have you ever?
---> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: yup
---> If so, was it mixed company: yup
---> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: if i was i wouldnt remember
---> Been caught "doing something": nope
---> Been called a tease: yup
---> Gotten beaten up: nope
---> Shoplifted: nah
---> If so, did you get caught: n/a
---> Changed who you were to fit in: nah

// series eight - the future
---> Age you hope to be married: 25?
---> Numbers and Names of Children: 1 boy-christopher daniel, girl savannah elle
---> Describe your Dream Wedding: in one of those old castles in scotland or ireland on a perfect warm, sunny day
---> What age do you want to die: uhhh 90?
---> What do you want to be when you grow up: recording/performing artist
---> What country would you most like to visit: italy

// series nine - currents
---> Current Clothes: jeans and a cami
---> Current Mood: waitful??? is that a word? im waiting...
---> Current Taste: my diet white grape soda
---> Current Hair: pulled back @ the bottom of my neck
---> Current Annoyance: my brother...thats always current
---> Current Smell: my perfume
---> Current thing you ought to be doing: studying
---> Current Desktop Picture: a girl with headphones and a mic that says leo
---> Current Favorite Groups: good charlotte
---> Current Book: tuesdays w/ morrie
---> Current DVD In Player: still darkness falls maybe
---> Current Worry: is my b/f havin fun with his dad and how are alex and his mom doing
---> Current Crush: my bf??

Current mood: frustrated
Current music: the remedy, whatever his name is
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6:20PM - sTiLl BoReD....

>1. What color are your kitchen plates? white
>2. What book are you reading now? rereading animal farm
>3. What's on your mouse pad? pooh bear
>4. Favorite board game? i hate board games...they should be BORED games
>6. Favorite smell? abercrombie
>7. Least favorite smell? my brothers breath
>8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? go peeeeee!
>9. Favorite color? silver
>10. Least favorite color? uh brown?
>11. How many rings before you answer the phone? depends on wut im doing...whenever i get there
>12. Future child's name: christopher daniel or savannah elle
>13. What is most important in life? people who love me
>14. Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
>15. Do you like to drive fast? no no nope
>16. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yah my BD
>17. Storms - cool or scary? cool until its a tornado
>18. What type was your first car? it'll b a '98 honda accord black
>19. If you could meet one person, who would it be? kelly clarkson
>20. What is your sign and your birthday? aug.7, leo
>21. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? yah
>22. If you could have any job what would it be? recording/performing artist
>23. If you could have any color hair, what would it be? blonde w/ highlights
>24. Half full or half empty? same thing???
>25. Favorite movie? Pearl harbor
>26. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yep
>27. What's under your bed? my keyboard, my viola, and my dog
>28. What is your favorite number? 7
>29. Favorite sport to watch? cheerleading
>30. What is your single biggest fear? being scared
>31. Favorite CD? thankful
>32. Favorite TV show? american idol
>33. Ketchup or Mustard? ew neither
>34. Hamburgers or hot dogs? u kno wuts n hot dogs?
>35. Favorite soft drink? vanilla coke
>36. The best place you have ever been? worth ave.
>37. What screen saver is on your computer right now? Sara is a Pop Star!!
>38. Burger King or McDonalds? MiCkEyDz!
>39. How many years have you been married? eight thousand four hundred and ninety two
>40. Do you sleep with socks on? nope
>41. What is your shoe size? depends on the shoe 7-9
>42. Who is your greatest influence (alive or deceased)? my best friend Sam
>43. What do you believe are the most important factors in a great relationship? speaking ur mind and always being honest
>44. Favorite weather and temperature - light breeze, like 65 or 70 degrees, sunny, then a thunderstorm that night
>45. Pick one or the other, a hot guy/girl next to you who doesn't know you, or a normal looking guy/girl who deeply cares about you next to you? the normal looking guy who cares...i said i was vain...not stupid

Current mood: hopeful
Current music: anytime, kelly clarkson
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