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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
12:15p - Sex and Work?
Okay, so I've gone over this with myself before, and for some reason, I don't seem to have this through my thick skull yet. If I'm going to spend 8 hours in a gas station, then goin at it an hour before my shift starts isn't in the smart category.
What? Moron.
No, seriously. Yesterday afternoon, Dan came and picked me up around 1:45, and we grabbed some Wendy's before going back to his apartment. As luck would have it, his roommate was walking out as we were walking in at 2:03 p.m. It's gotta be nice to choose your own work schedule. Dan took a longish lunch, promising the guy he borrowed the car from that he would put gas in and wash it. Anyhow, we eat, and at 2:10, it's like, all right, I gotta be to work at three... what do you wanna do? The doors lock, blinds come down, air conditioner on... and ta da, clothing is gone and Dan's on his back... and then... rolly rolly scream scream scream... it's 2:35 and cleanup commences. Sit down after putting everything back on, and smoke... ta da, it's off to Mobil, Gwen is wired... till about 52 and Green Bay road... where I realized... I'm going to be standing there for the next eight hours... what the hell was I thinking? Yeah. By 3:30 I was passing out... by 6.. I was comatosed... and ta da, 7 p.m. rolls around and I get a second wind... but yeah, the first half wasn't exactly pleasant.. carnal bull shit throwing off my chi.
I did have a monarch butterfly on my finger for a reduculous stretch of time last night. Found it in the car wash when I went to change the garbage.. and he or she crawled on my finger... and stayed on until I was bright enough to go inside... and then it took off. Caught a few shots of it on the Coors bottles, and it crawled back on my finger next to the Miller Light Neon sign... So the hand shots were pretty cool too. Yeah man, real cool... Shut the hell up before I kick your ass bitch. All right, I'm spent. Maybe I'll get it again before work today... it'll make Blimpies a little more bearable... if I'm not awake.

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