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X-Men 2 and Rant [04 May 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | 4th Avenue Cafe -L'Arc En Ciel ]

Rave: X-Men 2. OH MY GOD! I saw it last night, and I swear t god, it is now probally one of my most favorite movies. It was much better than X-Men 1 CAAUUUSE... NIGHTCRAWLER WAS IN IT! People, Nightcrawler is the COOLEST X-men EEEVVVER! Followed by Gambit and his exploding cards, which I am waiting tobe put in to a catoon at least. Though being in the movie would also be nice. I used to LOVE Gambit. He was sooo cool. But, being I'm older and can uderstand the complexity known as X-men, Nightcrawler is my new favorite. I was ver happy when te movie started off with Nightcrawler being mind controlled to kill the president, which he didn't do. I love the way he went, "My name is Kurt Wagner" in his german accent. And another quite amusing part of the movie was when Bobby (Ice) visited his parents who knew NOTHING about him being a mutant and Logan (Wolverine) is drinking the fathers beer when the walk in, and Bobby runs down the stairs and was his mom was like, "Who's he?" "Umm... that's... Profesor Logan" and then, later, when Bobby's mom was like, "So Mr.Logan, what are you a proffesor of?" "Art." Heh! I also didn't mind when Pyro used his fire MANIPULATING (he can not create it, merely manipulate) powers to kill all those policemen. Ya, anyway, I don't want to give the rest away, so GO SEE IT!!

Rant: moving. Moving SUCKS! I was up till11 on friday moving the remainder of objects out of my house. It sucked. I could not MOVE the next day. I'm still in pain! People, if you've never been to my house, there are two flights of stairs you have to go up and down. It's horrible! ::sigh:: People, NEVER move. Ya, that's it. The end.


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Kasumi and episode 10 of Weiss [02 May 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Kasumi -Dir En Grey ]

Rave: Today I am going to spaz over the Kasumi video. IT IS SO COOL! Except the fact those blue men touching Kyo should be ME But, anyway, it's so cool. I don't mind the looks, 'specially cause we all know Kyo looks so kawai without his makeup on! Sure, he looks kawai IN the makeup, buit he also looks awfully kowai... ^^" anyway, yes, so that is my "Pick Of The Day"

Rant: ...HOW stupid could episode 10 of Weiss Kruez get? "He's... he's my big brother!" MY GOD OMI! No one cares weither or not Hirofumi is your brother or not! Masafumi, sure a little, but Hirofumi sucks!Not to mention that, but Ken like, GASPS when Omi tells him! Yes people, Ken had the right reaction! He was SURPRISED! Aya/Ran just stood theere with the dull look on his face! While Yohji is jsut zooming off with Oka in the car. Haha. Yohji rules. Yes, I kinda dislikeall of Weiss 'cept Yohji. Plus, the episode didn't have ANY of Schwarz in it! Schwarz is the best part of the entire series! Why exclude them? Without Farfie, i don't think I'd even WATCH the show. Sry to all you Weiss fans, i just angered at the show right now. Otherwies I love the series. (excluding a few major characters). I do think Gluhen is worse. Shu looks like he just came out of an 80's hairband and Crawford's already graying ::shudders::

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