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09 Jan 2005|10:22pm
Omg, this is the funny! There's one entry on my friends page! Haha, does anyone come here anymore? ._.

17 Aug 2003|05:26pm
Hello everyone! Botan is here and a little to obsessed w/Jr.
Besides that everything is normal! Kikyo came over today. She drew me a picture of...Oh gee, I'm sure you can guess who! I just played a bunch of tapes of me playing.
I asked her "You know who chaos is right?"
She says"He's the guy with the hair that loves KOS-MOS."
I'm like"The hair likes KOS-MOS?"
She's like"Um...."
And I'm like "o_o;"
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31 Jul 2003|11:54am
Hello to everyone! :D I am off today and in a pretty good mood too I guess. I'm tierd though, I stayed up so late last night...! o_o

I watched Boogiepop Phantom, it was really kew! :)
I hope it comes on again soon! :D

Um, anyways...

Oh! The inspector lady came to KFC last night! I was so nervous about it, but it wasen't bad! :) She was hardly there at all, of course that's just cause it was 100 degrees in there. o_o
There was something wrong there, so we get air conditioning, and... I didn't mess anything up! :D YAY!

Anyways, I guess that's all for right now!

Ja ne!
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30 Jul 2003|11:02am

Yesterday at work was nasty, and people were nasty yesterday too, the were all yelling at me! -_-
How rude I tell you!!

Anyways I really really want These!
I hope that someone will sell them on e-bay! But so far I have no luck!
Oh well, I gotta go for now, byebye!
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20 Jul 2003|07:00pm
OOOO! I love this song! :D Yusuke-kun sings really good!

I'm home as you can tell, We went to IL for my Grandpa's B-day party....I never gots to see Keiko-chan though, so I'm kinda disapointed!

Well, we are having a storm, and the computer keeps shutting down, so I gotta go....

Tommorow then

Oh wait...I work tomorrow...Darnit! >_
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19 Jul 2003|08:41am
Gomen everyone, I'm going on a trip, I'll be back and comment etc, on Sunday night or Monday morning! Ja ne!
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17 Jul 2003|01:16pm
Geee...Work is coming soon, and I don't want it too...
Anyways, I got some stuff in the mail today! I got Galerians:Ash from Ninyouhime! Thank you so much, I love it! I got UNiSON and my Yu Yu Keychains! They are so adorable! I luff Hiei so much! :D
Anyways, I really must thank Hikari again for her present too! Thank you!!! ^____^ It's wonderful and you obviously spent a lot of time on it! Thank you!
Well, I've got to go now, I get to go to Northern Merchandise! lol! :D
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16 Jul 2003|03:20pm
I am home from work now. Today was okay though I guess, it really wasen't busy! :D

My nephew is pretending to be Botan. I hope he didn't turn my PS2 on. I don't think that's YYH that I hear....Is it...?

Well, I am going now. I drew a new Botan picture that I might show later, but it's pretty stupid! >_< Oh well...
Especially after I colored it...I stink at coloring on the computer! o_o
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15 Jul 2003|09:45pm
Sorry for not being around!
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06 Jul 2003|10:28am
Yu Yu! I watched some more this morning! :D
Okay, I think that YYH comes on Saturday nights now, right? Does anyone know what time? I could really never watch it on toonami cause of work, then I couldn't tape it cause my VCR broke, so ya know!
Anyways, yeasterday I rented Resident Evil:Dead Aim. It took me a little while to get use to fighting, I kept thinking that R1 would cancel my attack, but ya know...it attacked. But I think I'm kinda used to it now...I'll play in a little bit. :D
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05 Jul 2003|09:54am
Okay everyone, I'm back!
I'm about ready to go to work, and today I'll be kinda busy too.

04 Jul 2003|04:44pm
Gomen nasai everyone! I will comment and make a post tommorow (I hope! ^^') I'm really busy at the moment! So Gomen, gomen! Sayonara!
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02 Jul 2003|05:46pm
Hello! :)
Today was really cool at work! The Inspecter dude gave me 100% and I got 28 dollars! $_$ FUN!
Tommorow me and Yukina are both off of work, so I might get to do something! The only things I really have been doing are Unison & work! I just love unison so much! :D
I talked to Keiko-chan on the phone a few days ago. ^____^
I love talking to keiko on the phone! I can't really remeber what we talked about though! I know we talked about .hack stuff. And get this, we called each other at the same time! It was kew! :D
Also! Um...I don't know! My B-day's coming up! I wonder what I should ask for....
ByeBye! I'm gonna go quizzy hunting for a while!
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27 Jun 2003|09:37am
No, I didn't die! My mom just hasen't let me come on! ><
Anyways, Yukina let me borrow Unison and she borrowed Infection. Unison is so much fun! :D I've been playing it like crazy! I also got Xenosaga! :D I'll be playing that like crazy once Yukina gets back Unison!
Anyways, I had a lot of stuff to tell before, but now I've forgotten it all. O_o xsighx
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25 Jun 2003|02:28pm
Hi everyone! I went to Yukina's last night! We made cupcakes! YUM!
Well, I'll talk about it later, cause I'm going to work in a few minites!
ByeBye! :D
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23 Jun 2003|12:29pm
Hi to everyone!
This is a start of a really bad day! It's raining, and KFC is just so busy when it rains, ya know!
Oh well! I played Legend of Legaia for a while last night! I love that game, and I haven't played it for forever! i don't think enough people like that game though. (tear)
Hmmmm, I can't think of anything else that happened..So, I'll just end with quizzies!

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22 Jun 2003|01:49pm
Grrrrr! My e-mail is being really poopies! I feel so full of anger right now!

22 Jun 2003|11:59am
Mimiru-chan took a quizzy! :)

You represent... hope.
You represent... hope.
You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless
romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't
mind being alone at times. You have goals, and
know what you want in life... even if they are
a little far fetched.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

20 Jun 2003|12:38pm
Yay! I now have 2 pages on my blurty!
Yay! There's really no point to this entry, but that's 'kay!
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20 Jun 2003|11:32am
Hi Everyone!
My nephew just asked for some pancakes and sausage and my mom was lauging her head off. It was really funny! I'm going to have some too! I don't know why though, I'm not hungry!
Anyway, my nephew is once again watching CoS! AGAIN!I wish He'd wait till 4 since I have to go to work anyway!
Oh yeah! I added some more L'Arc~en~ciel goodies to my wall! My room looks a bit cooler now!
Ooop, I better go. I think someone wants on the computer...or maybe not...I don't know but maybe! lol!
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