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aiiqht it`s tha first one ( 01 Dec 2002  :  12:46am )
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( a lil infO on yOurs truley )

mah name is arissa. most peOple call me risa or elmO. inside stuff. anywayz. i`m from brOoklyn & i`m 18. i`m a cosmotoloqy student & after i qraduate from this i`m qoinq to lequardia colleqe. i`m blacc, italian & rican. so hOlla at the oreO! i`m also bi sexual, if yOu qotta prOblem then dOn`t add me, simple as that kid.

( why this is friendz only )

i wOuldn`t want my mama findinq this shit.
sOme qirlz feel the need to hate upOn peOple, sO i ain`t dealinq with hOez that like tO diss upOn thOse that have mOre than they have.
i`m picky as hell and i`d like tO knOw whO the hell is readinq this :D

( the "rules" sO tO speak )

yOu want comments? cOmment bacc!
i talk abOut shit that qoes on in mah life, and i dOn`t expect ya`ll to understand, and if yOu dO then that`s tyte. but when i talk abOut shit, i`d rather have ya`ll say sOmethinq nice or dOn`t say nothinq @ all. i miqht say shit that sOunds a little off tO the side, but i dOn`t make shit up, and i persOnally don`t find lyinq all that attractive, sO yes. if yOu have a prOblem with my life after awhile just take me off yOur list :)!
dOn`t joqq mah shit! if yOu need help with sOmethinq e-mail me or IM me and lemme know and i`ll help ya!

( comment and add me then i`ll 99.9% add you bacc )

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