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my site
;::my entries

♥ name: sarah
♥ nick-names:surah, hoochie hicks, stoner sarah(roflmao i got this name cuz corey and austin say i always "look high and space out"), GFMS, shoplifter sarah, s.didday, mizz hickz(rofl)
♥ sex: chick
♥ location: texas
♥ age: 16
♥ statz: single

♥ height: 5' 4"
♥ weight: baha no ;x
♥ hair:brown
♥eyes: blue

♥ likes: boys, clothes, shopping, friends, laughing, being stupid, goofing off, taking pictures, yelling, fighting, flirting, and shoes.

♥ dislikes: hoochies(haha i/j), bitches(hypocrite?), racist people, my dad(rofl<3), corn on the cob.., miracle whip(blah), feet, and a few people @ school ;D

my journal is

the layout is by me, my own lil creation :)

I recently returned to blurty, after a very short break. So any of my friends that want to be added back, please comment somewhere :) kthx.
mucho amor everyone