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hmm [23 Jan 2005|09:35pm]
uhm... this is old and i haven't updated this is forever... if you have a lj add me thats where i update now... devilishboo thats my username for lj and if you dont have one.. GET ONE.
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howdy [03 Mar 2004|07:40am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Puddle Of Mudd ]

k uhm blah what to say...

theres one person that i dislike.. and i dont want in my life, ever.
because for one, (lets call the person "it") "it" is a lier, a backstabber, hmnm what else.. someone you can't trust and basically just not the type of person i want to have anything to do with...

now doesn't that make you feel super?..

saying things just makes you feel so much better.

correction... Dislike = Hate

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yay [19 Feb 2004|11:17am]
[ mood | amused ]

wow so yeah we're in texas now and its been good so far.. yeah its been one day but its been good so thats all that matters..

rene went to school today and i'm supposed to pick her up at 4.. i called my cousin cause shes gonna get me a job at the place she works.. and i'm gonna be a security guard.. ha its something for now but what rene and i really want to do is get into real estate.. we saw this program we want to buy and hopefully it'll work out.. well i'm out ttyl and have fun.. oh one more thing it feels good when you prove someone wrong.. but we're doing this for us and us only..

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hmnm [09 Feb 2004|11:43am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Sean Paul ]

k uhm uhm uhm uhm i dunno what to say... I LOVE YOU RENE!

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i'm so amused [06 Feb 2004|04:31pm]
wow its funny how someone starts something and everyone else wants to do it just like them.. lmfao haha anyways...
bye bitch.s
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hi [06 Feb 2004|11:59am]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | Stone Temple Pilots ]

k like we packed yesterday and omg.. we have A LOT of shit... i didn't think we had this much but we do. and today we're gonna go to the cable company place and tell them to take the internet off and to change it under debbie's name again... i also have to get my id soon cause i was freakin out about not having it. and i need it to get on a effing plane. thats so stupid... anyways ugh i dont know what to do about my car.. like it wont make it to texas and rene's mom can't take it there and we need one and i can't just leave it here and no one wants to buy it and UGH..

oh yeah after i found my watch yesterday, i lost it again but rene found it.

k so like i'm supposed to be in charge of packing the clothes and doing the laundry and picking the trash up.. i guess clean the room and rene is gonna pack the other stuff... so yeah.. i'm still not done on my part oh and i have to change the kitty litter.

so like yesterday i was think is sex in a relationship a plus, a pleasure, or a must have...? like are you supposed to have sex or do you have sex cause its something you can do with the person OR do you have sex to express the love you have or something..? anyways so i was thinking about that and i was like =\ cause i dunno i guess your supposed to have sex but at the same time your supposed to have sex to express the love you have.. so its two in one erm k i'm confused.. moving on

i'm retarded and i bet you knew that already but i think of the stupidest things ever and sometimes it gets to rene. like that up there.. about sex, i tried to talk to her about it and shes was like "its supposed to be a pleasure" and i was like "...uhm" but yeah anyways

k i think i'm done. OH random thoughts
my nose is runny
ew i just got it on my finger.
its almost 12
maybe i should play animal crossing
ack i gotta pee.
k i'm gonna go now

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blah [05 Feb 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | The White Stripes "I just dont know what to do with myself" ]

k so like yesterday rene's mom was talking to us saying "well if you stay till your out of highschool rene, i'll take you to texas AND we'll go to the florida keys and stay there for a day or too and i'm willing to do all of that if you stay." and rene and i were laughing... we were fuckn laughing.. wow lmao i think about it and its funny... but what i was trying to get at is that.. shes helped us A LOT more than i ever thought someone would but at the same time she can be a bitch.. but hey everyone can or is at one point.. but like theres constant yelling all the time... constant argueing all the time and everyone smokes here and rene doesn't like it and i quit smoking a while back so its getting to me now and i dunno even tho everyone thinks we shouldn't move to texas its probably the best thing to do... only a few ppl understand. we're still going to go no matter what cause we've already made the arangements so theres nothing anyone can do or say to stop us.

wow i had forgotten how good it felt to acctually put words to how you feel...

k so like when i was sick and shit i was getting these rashes all over and i didn't know what they were from but omg i found out. i'm allergic to Motrin.. its a pain killer for those of you who uhm dont know.. anyways so like it makes my hands and face swell (spelling) up and like itch and its ewy but yeah.. i know not to take motrin but in the bottle that had the tylenol were all the pain killers mixed in and guess what... there was motrin in there?! so yeah i'm still getting the rashes once in a while but not that much.. maybe cause i'm not taking it no more :O. its amazing.
random thoughts.
i gotta call the hospital place.
my knee itches.
...it smells like bacon... (not my knee)
that would be funky if my knee smelled like bacon.
you think i'm a freak right about now.
lmfao k i'm done
BYE bitches

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well well well... [04 Feb 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | stacy's mom ]

i dont give a FYLING FUCK anymore... specially about ppl, you can kiss my ass.


rene and i got a phone yesterday... yay its pretty.. oh and my car died and we had to wait there for the tow truck and i think theyr gonna buy the car.. well i hope they do.

k uhm *vents*

last night i realised that if i didn't make a change everything would be over.. i would willingly give up cause i refuse to live miserable, specialy if its cause of someone else. but wait.. ITS MY FAULT ha. anyways as i was saying... i guess ppl say you can't change in one night but you can, i did... i dont care anymore whatever happens happens i'm going to live fuckn life and enjoy it and NOONE can stop me. i have the best gf in the world and we have plans and we're going to do them and i'm going to the happiest motherfucker in the world cause i'm going to be living with my baby by my side all my life. sounds good huh? yeah well you can't have it! find your own happy life. and that goes to everyone.. if you want to be miserable and sulk on everything all your fuckn life go right ahead.. but your NEVER going to get over shit if you do that and guess what.. you'll wish you had gotten over it.. you'll wish you had what other ppl have... you'll wish all you can but it'll never happen until you move on and realise that you have your fuckn life ahead of you and things to do and ppl to meet. who gives a fuck about things anyways hey if they mess up OH WELL if you get left behind OH WELL if you loose what you had OH WELL... get up, off your ass, and make a change so that it doesn't happen again. unless you like being miserable, felt sorry for, loved in a friendship way, or not even have anything.. wtf kind of person are you? i know i would never want to live that way which is why i've changed. why hate ppl when you can just have them kiss your ass.. its more fun that way anyway... oh i'm hurting, oh i'm crying now, oh i'm gonna go kill myself, oh i'm gonna just die, oh no one loves me, oh i'm gonna be left alone.. you'll only be left alone if you want to be.. and haha theres ppl in this world that live FAR worse than you and have bigger problems than you and they HOPE to live another day.. not die not give up... they dont care who sees them living the way they live.. they just live. and if you do want to kill yourself BE MY GUEST. i didn't put the knife in your hand i didn't give you the thought but think about the ppl around you and how it would affect them.. how different things would be without you how maybe if you would have stayed around for a bit longer you would have found that happyness you wanted.


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forgot one thing.. [30 Jan 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Red Hot Chilli Pepers "Scare Tissue" ]

i'm sorry YOU dont agree with the idea.. and i'm sorry YOU hate the fact that we're in love... and i'm sorry YOU can't get over it BUT i dont care how you feel or if you hate me for it or not... i'm in love and no one can change that.

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bitches [30 Jan 2004|08:55am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Slick Shoes "Once Again" ]

k so rene and i decided to move to texas and start over... like job wise and stuff since i have more than enough jobs there that i can get... and shes going to go to the high school i went too.. which makes me feel good some how like i graduated a "falcon" and my gf is going to graduate a "falcon" i dunno i'm wierd but yeah. i'm scared though cause i dunno i consider ohio home and stuff but then at the same time texas IS home, or was #%&@$ but yeah we talked with my parents and they are willing to help us so i'm glad... i totally thought they would be against the idea but theyr not.. well not anymore =s but anyways.. alot of ppl dont think we should go because THEY think its not going to work between us. haven't we proved you guys wrong so far?! we're going to be together for a LONG ASS TIME! and theres nothing anyone can do about it... heh i guess theres ppl that think they can still "work things out" oh well... hey you can dream :)... so i think us going will prove YOU all wrong.. hopefully they'll (the ppl who are against the idae) will GET OVER IT cause we're gonna go and thats that.

anyways on a lighter note.

i've been feeling better like health wise or whatever... and i think rene and i have worked things out pretty well, we'ver thought about our future together and it looks pretty good now we just need to work our asses off and make things work which we are willing and are going to do.
our relationship has gotten better too.. like when we do have a argument we both end up laughing lmao cause some how the "puppy love" we had, which we've had since we started dating, is like getting stronger? or something but i dunno i love her more than anything and things are just great. no acctually theyr greater than great.. i love her soooooooooooooooo much its crazy... sometimes i'll be sitting there, anywhere and i'll start thinking about how every night we sleep next to each other and hold each other and its the best feeling in the world.. knowing your going to wake up with the person you love most in the world laying next to you... *wow* heh i love you baby, *kisses*

k i've updated enough so ima go bye BITCHES =)
oh and my journal is public now.. i dont give a rats ass who reads it if you dont like it.. why did you read it in the first place =)!

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=( [27 Feb 2003|08:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | er some commercial on the radio ]


(8)would you be my neighbor and thats all i know

kby :)

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